Lying with Lovers Who Retain Childlike Features

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After I went back and re-read both pages that I wrote to Dove .. I noticed on Page One the heading titled » My Experience Lying with Lovers who Retain Childlike Features.

Dove Cameron getting asked if she turned 16 yet

This was really supposed to be the meat of that entry .. but I never did get around to wading into that deep water. I merely teased at it.

(I am such a tease sometimes .. while other times I make sure that I deliver the goods.)

And sometimes I know that there is some very juicy stuff to say about a certain subject, about a certain direction .. but I am not really sure how to approach it.

The approach is always important with tricky topics like that. Ariana seems to have an intuitive knack for providing me with entrée into these areas. Into these realms.

Into these places that normally remain hidden and secret and password-protected. For obvious reasons.

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There is a feeling that comes .. when a path appears before the writer .. which represents a challenging path .. to God knows where. Here is where the writer must ask himself:

"Do I have what it takes to venture down this path, and write about this topic? Am I willing to commit the resources necessary to accomplish such a feat? And do it well enough that I look good doing it?"

(One of the things that I learned from Lance .. who is the most competitive person I have ever met .. is that » it is not enough to merely kick ass .. but that you must also look good doing it .. with style and class and grace.

Growing up with this ever-present thing makes it become a part of your own personal culture .. whether or not you even want it to be.)

I actually enjoy this feeling. Now I admit that I sometimes bite off more than I can chew .. but few will ding my reputation for not trying.

» I Do Not Know for a Fact that My Huevos are Grande Enough

To be honest, I am not really sure that my huevos rancheros are big enough to go there .. where such a path would take me.

Lying with lovers who retained child-like features .. I very much enjoyed these experiences.

A suggestion of innocence is the thing that brings a specialness to these experiences. And that's all that I should probably say right now on this topic.

Sometimes, when I have such a feeling .. I just jump right in .. and see what happens. But I can tell that this is not something that you jump into without careful and deliberate consideration.

» Descendants 3 Teaser

Feb 16, 2018 » Speaking of Dove, and of things done only after careful consideration .. have you seen the new Descendants 3 teaser?

Where Dove's character says a single word » "Dad?"

Dove in the Descendants 3 teaser

She is going to explore her relationship with her dad?

I am just going to pretend like I can't hear all the things that the voices in my head are saying right now. It's a total ruckus.

My imagination is jumping up-n-down.

This is obviously her way of saying, "I love you," for Valentine's day .. and letting me know, "There's more where that came from."

Feb 23rd will be our 1-year anniversary .. so to speak.

March 21, 2018 » I just saw this thing by Nicki Swift. That is the nicest thing that I have ever seen Nicki Swift do. They are usually much nastier.

Behind Dove's photographer

This talks about Dove's real dad. That is a story-and-a-half. Now I am even more curious about her.

I dont see how you can live through and with such things .. and not have it affect you in a rather profound way .. and especially in your intimate relationships.

I think that she and I definitely have some kind of thing going on. It's kind of trippy. A trippy feeling.

Halfway through Page One I was already writing » "Are we resonating already?"

Early, easy, and natural resonance is a good sign. It means that you can more fully be yourself with this person .. and they will better understand you.

I remember being curious about how such a young girl could be saying such mature things. Now I see.

This is the kind of stuff that grows you up faster than you would ordinarily prefer. Dealing with this kind stuff .. well, I can see now where she is coming from.

This is not easy stuff to weather.

» I So Badly Want to Know Your Headspace Here

March 27, 2018 » I just saw this 8-min video of you being interviewed for/by J-14.

At t=6:00 the girl asks » "Is there one aspect of Mal that you really want to see in the third film? Maybe a little more of a certain plot line?"

Here is where you go someplace in your mind.

Dove Cameron Descendants 3 interview J-14 27 March 2018

And then you say, "Well, we know that Mal's dad is going to appear."

Then you look directly into the camera.

Dove Cameron getting in my head

While I was prep'ing and setting this image here .. where you look into the camera ..

.. I caught myself thinking, "This girl is kind of freaking me out a little. It feels like she is getting in my head. What is it about her?"

Are you doing this on purpose?

And then you look at someone behind the camera. More than one person.

I so badly want to know where your head-space is at here. Oh, to be a fly-on-the-wall inside your head-space right here.

Dove goes someplace in her mind

Is it just me .. or are you not feeling this thing? Is there not something going on here?

Does this not feel like the easiest and most natural thing ever? (I can feel the geek in me trying to figure it out.)

I found many of your answers to be thoughtful. And I'm not even going to mention how good you look here.

"This is no sixteen-year-old girl," I thought.

If somebody showed me this image and told me, "This is Hollywood's hottest starlet." .. I would have no reason not to believe them.

You have many little, seemingly effortless gestures that say so much.

"What do they say?" you ask? I dare not say. I am sure that you could not handle it.

I am not trying to like you .. but I just can't seem to help myself.

Sometimes certain people just do it for us .. and we may not even completely understand why.

» Wow

Speaking of people who just seem to do it for us .. uh, I just saw this photo of you.

I so badly want to know your headspace in this image, too.

It's not usually a good thing for girls .. when I get curious about them .. about what makes them tick.

Though they dont seem to really care very much .. that it is not usually a good thing for these girls.

» Sucking Slowly On Sweet Things

I so badly want to crawl around in your soul and do a little exploring. I will be bringing my flashlight. Who knows what things I might find there .. in your soul?

Why am I so curious about you? What is it about you? There is definitely something about you.

This is a remarkable expression that you are throwing here. If I were a casting director, and you were auditioning for me .. I would definitely hire you. The particular role wouldnt even matter.

There was more to this image, but I cropped it down in order to focus on your eyes.

You make so much contact with your eyes. How do you do that? Are you doing this on purpose?

» Difficult Image to Work With

This image was difficult to work with .. maybe the most difficult ever.

It feels like you are looking right into my soul. It feels like you are looking specifically at me.

"That's what crazy people think," I can hear a voice saying.

That's a good trick, Miss Dove. You'll have to show me how to do that sometime.

I like learning cool, new tricks from super-hotties such as yourself. Ariana knows what I am talking about.

It feels like you are hypnotizing me here. This image was very disorienting for me to work with.

"Is she doing that on purpose?" I caught myself wondering.

There is definitely something going on with you. I can feel myself trying to figure it out.

Ariana's thing is a big thing .. from the satanic to the divine. There is nothing that you can't fit between those bookends.

But your thing is a specific thing. At least, it feels that way. I am just not sure what that thing is. But it is going to be fun finding out. Lots of fun. Who knows what we will discover?

» She is Definitely Doing that On Purpose

Look at this image of you here.

Dove with a microphone

This look that you are throwing here .. hidden almost subliminally .. it feels like you are staring deep into my soul.

I can't look at it for very long .. because it kind of freaks me out. I have to be ready for stuff like this.

I can hear a voice saying, "Dude, she is definitely doing that on purpose. You know how young girls are always throwing you those looks that say such nasty things."

I have hurt girls who have thrown me looks like this. You know what I'm talking about.

» Sometimes Certain People Possess Information or Knowledge that We Need

I can feel myself being curious about you. That's usually not a good thing for girls.

I wanna go deep. But we must start slowly and build trust as we go. Why hurry? Enjoy the journey.

I have learned that certain people can sometimes embody an experience that I did not even know existed.

And these people are able to teach us things that we need to know. Or should know.

Really getting to know another soul, intimately .. this one of life's great joys .. is it not? Especially when this soul resides in such a beautiful creature.

(I am actually surprised here that I am writing this stuff. I am looking over both shoulders.)

» Philosophers have Pondered the Nature of the Soul for Centuries

What do you think about Nietzsche's concept of the soul as a labyrinth?

Nietzsche envisions the soul as a labyrinth (at t=5:40)

I see your soul much differently. Would you like to know how I envision your soul? (I bet you would.)

The Greek that Nietzsche is referring to in The Dawn of Day (1881) is probably the philosopher Heraclitus (535-475 BC).

You cannot find the boundaries of the soul says the Greek philosopher Heraclitus (535-475 BC)

Heraclitus says that you will never find the boundaries of the soul. This may be true .. who knows? But with a soul like yours .. what fun it would be to try.

What fun it would be to explore your soul. I will bring my compass with me.

Perhaps someday you will give me a tour of your soul. I would like that. I would like that very much .. probably more than I should.

Do you fancy philosophy?

» Smart Hottie Teens Shacking Up with Mature Writers

What do you think, Dove, about the story of JD Salinger, who wrote Catcher in the Rye (1951) .. what do you think about the 9-month relationship that he had with that 18-year old girl, Joyce Maynard?

This was at a time when Salinger was 53 years old. What do you think of this, Miss Cameron? (Not to put ideas into your head .. or anything like that.)

I got my copy of Catcher in the Rye from Lani, who bought it for a required-reading assignment for high school AP English.

As coincidence might have it .. she was a smart, hottie-teen when she gave me her copy of Catcher in the Rye .. when she was all done with it.

Do you think it might mean something?

She gave me some other books, too .. such as Brave New World. Would you like to know everything that she gave me?

Maybe someday I will go ahead finish that story. That might take some finesse. I dont know if you could handle it.

» Imagining What It Would be Like

Letting my imagination run with the idea .. I imagined myself living with a smart teenage-hottie from Yale who sent me fan mail for my writing.

See .. sometimes a girl can just say things that strike your consciousness in a curious sort of way .. that makes this thing the easiest thing.

This thing between an older writer and a smart, educated, hottie-teen.

I could probably write a whole book on this imaginative tangent. And my ego would like nothing better.

Reality is considered better and greater than imagination .. so we might just have to make some kind of arrangements.

» Aggressive Flirting

This is aggressive flirting for me. Can you feel my aggression? I certainly can. (I can feel the claws starting to come out.)

I am not even going to tell you where I want to slide my writer's hand right now .. my 'nice' writer's hand .. that knows "exactly" how to touch.

You can try to make me tell you .. but it will do you no good.

The panther of aggressive male sexual energy when it sees something that it likes and wants badlySome girls seem to elicit that aggression.

They somehow evoke it.

This sense of aggression is not a conscious decision on my part.

It is much more primal and instinctual and animalistic.

The panther in me thinks, "This girl won't know what hit her."

I should not continue down this path any further.

I see where this is going.

I dont know if you could handle this path.

I mean, you look so fragile. And so easily breakable.

Ooh, la-la, Dove. You're right. I DO like it.

But girls are tougher than they look .. I have learned. Much tougher.

Sometimes they even make guys look like big pussies.

» Why Do We Click Easily and Effortlessly with Some People?

Is it just me .. or, are you not feeling this thing?

Sometimes we just click easily and naturally and effortlessly with some people. I am not sure why such things work so well .. but I know that trust is definitely required.

From some of the things you have said, and from some of the looks you have thrown .. I somehow feel that you are feeling me.

I admit that this is a trippy feeling.

» Sabrina Carpenter is 19

Speaking of hearing secret messages from super-hottie singers .. remind me to ask you about this Sabrina Carpenter girl. I bet you know her.

Notice how she sings this song in the key of "A MINOR". Clever girl. Interesting lyrics .. especially for somebody who just turned 19 in May (2018).

She has released a video to this song (12 July 2018). Do you think that she is trying to provoke me? This is a sexy video.

I might have to grab an image from that.

Check out this new song, Exhale (2 May 2019). I found this a surprisingly mature theme for a such a young girl.

It is not difficult to imagine a young girl in her position to be feeling overwhelmed at times. So her lyrics have a nice, easy, honest feel to them.

Notice how I have resisted grabbing images from her previous videos. I am talking about her videos full of young lovelies, dressed so fashionably.

The end. ■

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