Fuck-Ups at Facebook Jeopardize Democracy Itself

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» Sheryl Sandberg Does Not Have What It Takes to Run Facebook

And speaking of management fuck-ups with obviously fucked up values .. let me be the first to say here that » Sheryl Sandberg is a fuck-up. She has demonstrated unreliability in her capacity as head of Facebook.

Sheryl Sandberg admits to problems with security at Facebook only after problems revealed

Perhaps she knows how to write a good book, but she does not have what it takes to run a company like Facebook. She need to go lean in somewhere else .. where the decisions that she faces are not so difficult for her to get right.

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I know that this seems obvious now .. only too obvious. I bet that Stephanie would agree with me here. And Savannnah, too.

Savannah Guthrie tells Sheryl Sandberg that she is full of shit

If you are only going admit to problems after they have been revealed to the world .. then we can get a twelve-year-old to do that job, who will gladly work for much less.

I bet that Sandy Parakilas would agree with me here.

Sandy Parakilas warned Facebook about these problems back in 2012

You need to be an adult who inspires trust in your users. You need to be transparent about these things .. these important things. Things like democracy itself.

Robert Chain charged with making death threats to the Boston Globe (31 Aug 2018)

Evan Osnos knows what I am talking about. Seth Klarman knows what I am talking about. Sam Wooley knows what I am talking about.

Sam Woolley talks the Cambridge Analytica playbook of psycho-graphic marketing

I have never opened a Facebook account. I might be the only one. Now I am glad that I didnt. Does not her responses make it clear that Facebook cares only about the money?

The values that are expressed by her actions are part of what is wrong with America today. They are so quick to sell their soul. And so eager to sell out those who they value much less than they should.

I wonder what Yuri thinks of that.

Mark Zuckerberg with Yuri Milner with ties to Kremlin money

He probably thinks that young Zuckerberg was played for a sap. Easily played.

I wonder what Aleksandr Kogan thinks of that.

Dr. Aleksandr Kogan responds to Mark Zuckerberg's accusations by saying that Facebook has clearly never cared about the privacy of its user's data (23 April 2018)

At t=8:20 he says,

"There is now a big responsibility for tech companies to turn around and do something about it [ the privacy of their user's data ]. But it's difficult when you've built your (entire) business model, fundamentally, on the idea that we're going to grab as much (user) data as we can and use it for whatever purpose we want because THAT'S THE WAY WE $ELL AD$. So I think that they (Facebook) have a really big challenge ahead of themselves."

I see no social ethics at work here .. at this social networking company. Do you?

How about you, Kara? Thank you for helping our friends there in the Valley. Where have you been all my life?

» We Are All Paying the Price for Fuck-Ups at Facebook

Speaking of a lack of social ethics .. this piece by Kara Swisher titled » The Expensive Education of Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley (2 Aug 2018) presents a fascinating insight into Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.

Kara Swisher, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg at D6 conf in Carlsbad CA 2008

It is subtitled » They have weaponized social media, and we are all paying the price.

» Designed to be Weaponized for the Highest Bidder

She says that »

Malevolent actors continue to game the platforms and there's still no real solution in sight anytime soon, because they were built to work exactly this way.

That is a gigantic statement that she is making. You might need to think about that for minute. Take your time.

I like her style. She pays a compliment where a compliment is due, and she calls bullshit on bullshit. She is remarkably plain-spoken. She is obviously not trying to endear herself to anybody.

I can see why people value her opinion. (Wikipedia.)

I took particular note where she mentions the quirks of various people:

Taking walks was (and still is) his [ Zuckerberg's ] odd signature thing; every tech founder has one. (Jeff Bezos: doors for desks and that laugh; Sergey Brin: yoga pants and weird shoes; Elon Musk: so, so many, and all quite inventive.)

This speaks to me.

» Impressive Priscilla

This is off-topic, yet related » Priscilla Chan is Zuckerberg's wife .. featured in a piece titled » Priscilla Chan is trying to change the fate of an entire generation.

Priscilla Chan says there are a lot of easier things to accomplish for good PR.

I cannot say that I have ever seen her before. But I am totally impressed .. for a number of reasons. That was one of the most remarkable things I have seen in a long time.

It almost makes me want to cut Facebook some slack.

» A Force of Nature

At the very beginning of that video about Priscilla, a guy says, "She is a force of nature," .. which is big thing to say about anybody .. and usually accompanied by some degree of hyperbole.

At the end of the video, I thought, "Wow .. she is a force of nature."

A force of nature is exactly what America needs right now. I bet that Kara would concur. Notice where she writes:

Far too much of the money social media companies are using to host thugs like Mr. Sayoc and Mr. Bowers was paid for by thugs like Prince Mohammed. And, other than some tut-tutting about the horror of it all, there are no signs that the industry that considers itself the most woke on the planet is thinking of giving the money back or talking about not taking it in the future.

» Delay, Deny and Deflect

Didnt I tell you that Sheryl Sandberg doesnt have what it takes to run Facebook? Check out this reporting (14 Nov 2018).

Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook's Leaders Fought through Crisis (14 Nov 2018)

It is even worse than we thought.

Facebook responds to criticisms of covering-up Russian election interference (16 Nov 2018)

I bet that Nick Confessore knows what I am talking about.

Nick Confessore and Leigh Gallagher discuss how Facebook covered-up Russian interference in the 2016 election (15 Nov 2018)

I like him. He is a Princeton dude. He has been looking rather spiffy lately.

I titled a trio of entries based on something he had said.

  1. » Part One (20 Jan 2017)
  2. » Part Two (19 Oct 2017)
  3. » Part Three (12 Dec 2017)

Sometimes other people are able to say things better.

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