More at Stake than Selling Albums

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[ Notice here how I was already in the process of writing to Taylor about her experiences with Kanye .. when Kanye lost his mind and started saying crazy shit.

This is sort of what I mean when I say that I sometimes feel like I am "up in the air already" .. in position to respond to some new, unforeseen development.

When these types of things happen, I somehow feel compelled to respond .. even if I might not really want to. (Writing about stupid shit that Kanye does and says is far from my idea of fun.)

Difficult things suddenly become surprisingly easy and almost effortless. ]

You were telling Kanye to go fuck himself.

What I heard you say was this » "Kanye didnt make me famous. I was already famous when Kanye came around. Kanye did nothing for me but embarrass me on national television, and in front of my peers, and in front of the people I care about most. Go fuck yourself, Kanye. And take your stupid wax figures with you."

I hesitated to mention it back then, but racial animus has become a thing since Trump became president.

Nazi flag and Confederate flag marching together in Charlottesville, VA. August, 2017

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It was certainly a thing before Trump came along .. but he has breathed new life and boldness into the movement.

President Trump identifies with and defends hate groups in America

» When Black Men Take Things Away from White Women

But there are people out there who see bigger, older, stronger black men taking away things from smaller, younger, weaker, white girls ..

Kanye snatches away the mic from Taylor 2009 VMAs

.. and they use these images to validate their feelings of hostility and their beliefs rooted in racial animus.

» Writers are Forged in Injustice

What do you think, Tay .. about what Hemingway said about Dostoevsky? that » "Dostoevsky was MADE by being sent to Siberia. Writers are forged in injustice, as a sword is forged." [ Green Hills of Africa, p 71, 1935 ]

You obviously have the songwriting thing going on. Even people who hate your guts admit as much.

I see that you draw on this sense of injustice when writing some of your songs. This is why I feel that you will be able to relate to this quote by Hemingway.

This tangent has been moved to its own page » Writers are Forged in Injustice (9 June 2018).

» Not Aware of His Environment

Anyway, I was saying how, when Kanye snatched away the microphone from you .. people use these images to validate their feelings of hostility and their beliefs rooted in racial animus.

James Harris Jackson of Baltimore in Manhattan court

When I saw Kanye take away the microphone from you .. I thought that he was not aware of his environment. He was not adequately cognizant of the environment in which he operates. As I am sure that AC Thompson would concur.

Documenting HATE | PBS Frontline ProPublica

Kanye has a blindspot .. a big-ass blindspot .. that everybody can see except him. I bet that Ebro would back me up here.

Ebro talking about Kanye (23 April 2018)

Jung talks about becoming aware of your environment.

Too bad Kanye doesnt read. Perhaps this is why he says such stupid shit sometimes. Such strikingly ignorant shit.

I wonder what Dyson thinks of that.

I find this particularly perplexing .. seeing that it wasnt so very long ago that reading was something his ancestors in America were not allowed to do.

He touts freedom-of-thought, yet refuses to read. What the fuck, Kanye? Can you really not see the flaws in such a position?

The pretty bubble that you live in .. this is very different from the world that 99% of blacks live in.

Reading would help to inform the uninformed parts of his mind. Michelle's book would be a good place for him to start. Someone please send him this book.

Or. better yet, send him the audio-book. I'm sure that he would be able to find a set of headphones.

Ebro says that Kanye got played by Trump.

President-elect Trump and Kanye at Trump Tower (Tues, 13 Dec 2016)

I would agree with him there.

Trump has spent his whole life playing people. He calls it the art of the deal .. but it is really the art of playing people.

Playing them for saps and suckers. He is literally a professional at it. At playing people. And he is proud of it. He is proud of his ability to play people for saps and suckers and chumps.

» How Might My Actions Affect Others?

When I saw Kanye snatch away the mic from you .. I thought that Kanye was not aware of the consequences that his actions might have on less-protected black men.

» Why Didnt Harvey Weinstein Just Hire the World's Finest Hookers?

It is the same thing with Harvey Weinstein .. because crazy people use such things to justify their feelings of animosity toward an entire race of people.

Dylann Roof of Charleston pictured holding both a Confederate flag and a gun

This is why I am surprised that no influential figure from the Jewish community went to Harvey said, "Knock it off .. because your actions reflect upon more than just you. Your actions put us all at risk."

I mean it is not like Harvey can't afford the world's finest hookers. He doesnt have to prey on young, vulnerable actresses .. who are not even going to be as good in bed as the hookers.

Now, if he is only turned on by vulnerable, young women who he can intimidate and manipulate .. then he has serious psycho problems .. that require professional medical attention.

I have heard a number of women say that sexual abuse is not about sex .. that it is really about » power. Control. Domination .. and all the things go along with it.

» Everyday in America

I am not saying that this ascribing-the-behavior of a popular figure to his entire-race-of-people is right. (It's not.)

I am merely saying that this shit happens .. and it happens far more frequently than most Americans would like to believe.

Who will deny that such things happen everyday in America?

Trevor Noah and Roy Wood Jr talk Kanye

This 6-min bit with Roy Wood Jr on Trevor's show is probably the best response to Kanye's absurd statements.

People make fun of such statements .. but these things pertain to serious realities. Deadly serious.

» They Fail to See or Simply Dont Give a Fuck

After spending six years in the military .. this taught me that there are some people who fuck things up for themselves, and then there are others who fuck up things for everybody else ..

.. because they dont give a fuck about anybody but themselves. And because they fail to see how their actions will have a greater effect on the members of their community. On the members of their tribe.

In other words, it goes beyond mere immaturity.

I wonder if Jay, or one of the elders in the industry went to him and said, "Dude, you can't be doing stupid shit like this."

Kanye doesnt seem to understand than there is more at stake here than a stupid award. Much more.

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