Blow Defends Hillary's Illegitimacy

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» I See You, Blow

I see you, Blow. I have seen other things that you've written about Hillary and Bernie. Some of your positions confuse me.

I am not going to criticize any of your positions, because I am so sweet on you. But I am very much feeling Cenk here.

I havent talked to you in like forever. How you been? How're the kids?

I've been flirting with this young, hottie-singer. You might've heard of her. She gets around. We're trying to keep it on the down-low .. so mums the word.

I dont know what it is with these young girls. They are not scared of me .. like the older ones are.

» Come Get You Some of This Type of Blow

In the official video to one of her songs, her friend, Nicki Minaj, reaches down and pets her pussy while rapping, "Come get you some of this type of blow."

Blow, have you ever heard of a girl calling her pussy that before? I certainly havent. And I've heard girls talk about their elixired wares in many splendoured ways.

What do you think of that? What do you think of Nicki petting her pussy and calling it blow?

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This video is only a month old and already has a quarter-billion views. These girls are kicking serious ass and looking good while they are doing it.

Have you heard of these girls before? They come. They see. They kick ass. That's how they roll. That's how they do.

Sure, they act all playful-like, at times. But they are not playing. No, sir. They come to slay and slay they do. Underestimate them at your risk. At your peril. They will throwdown on you.

» Dont Give Hillary a Free Pass Just Because Donald is Worse

I think that you are giving Hillary a free pass on things that she doesnt deserve a free pass on.

Gayle King knows what I am talking about here (at t=0:20).

Hillary clearly enchanted by the DonaldI think you are doing this because you can barely bring yourself to say the name of her alternative.

Because you find that alternative so distasteful.

And this is understandable, to a degree. But I think you are beyond this degree.

Well beyond.

This is where I could talk about how those making the false equivalency argument miss it.

They are comparing Hillary to Donald.

And they make the point successfully that Hillary is not as bad as Donald when it comes to fact-checking their statements.

But when you set the bar so low, and appeal to the lowest common denominator .. you almost dismiss out of hand all the qualities that we would like to see in a normal candidate.

Whenever the dialogue becomes, "Your candidate is even worse than my candidate" .. this is not a good sign for America.

» Please Come Grab My Pussy, Donald

The other side makes this exact same mistake. They say, "Hillary is the devil. So we are going to overlook and ignore and forgive all of the Donald's shortcomings .. because the alternative is so distressing. We will forbear for the Donald. We will gladly forbear. We can make an excuse for pretty much anything that he might do. He can grab all the pussy he wants. He can grab my pussy if he wants. And you can tell him so. Tell him I said so. My pussy is right here waiting for you, Donald. Waiting for you to come grab. With your large, masculine hands. Please come grab my pussy, Donald. I will make a sizable contribution to your campaign if you come grab my pussy before election day."

Women who love Trump the pussy-grabber

This is sort of what the Donald meant when he said that he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any voters. It's because they view the alternative as worse .. no matter how ugly or shocking his actions might appear.

He is obviously joking, but he uses this provocative example to make his point .. that people embrace him so thoroughly that they automatically dismiss any of his negatives .. regardless of how shocking those negatives might appear to others.

I was giving Obama shit .. that W had set the bar so low for him .. that he should set his sights considerably higher. And not be satisfied to make incremental improvements on such a low point of reference.

I dont want Obama to get to the end of 8 years and say, "Our government may still be a steaming pile of shit that works for nobody but the wealthy and the politically connected .. but the smell has definitely dissapated some. So you must admit that I made things better for you-the-people. I know that it still smells pretty bad, but it doesnt stink as bad as it did when I took office .. when the American economy was literally melting down right before our very eyes, and we had to give all those billions and billions of dollars to the banks .. even tho they were the ones who caused the problem. We had to force them to take the money, those billions and billions of dollars .. to save America's economy from imminent financial implosion. Because the regulators were letting the banks regulate themselves. They were in bed with the banks .. because of the revolving door between the banks and the government. Your government."

I sort of make this point by comparing Hillary with Satan. When people are saying, "I'm not as bad as Satan," .. what is this really saying? Because it's not saying good things about America, or for America.

» A Blind Spot or Things We Conveniently Choose to Ignore?

See, one of the reasons why I started writing about political things .. even tho the current state of affairs have become so distasteful and even sickening, at times ..

.. is because I could see a lot of things that the press either isnt seeing, or doesnt want to see. (And really, Blow, what's the difference?)

Human beings can only see a tiny sliver of the entire light spectrum. There is much that humans cant see.

So when I see what appears to be a blind spot .. a blind spot so obvious that it can no longer be ignored .. I speak to this blind spot.

» You Won't be Able to Say I Didnt Tell You So

You can ignore your blind spot and choose not to acknowledge it. But you won't be able to say that I didnt tell you so.

[ After the housing crisis that killed the economy, the government said, "Oh, my .. who would have ever imagined such a thing?"

Well, a lot of people, actually. But nobody wanted to listen to them. Why not? ]

And until our government once again becomes of the people, by the people and for the people .. the people are going to have a problem with their government. And the sooner the government gets the message, the better for America.

And sure, I can wax more plainly here .. if you like. We dont want, for example, this secret government bullshit inserted into our various orifices.

Now maybe there are some things that we do indeed enjoy being inserted here and there from time to time. (Or maybe these girls are simply more persuasive and convincing.) But I can guarantee you that government probes are not one of them.

(I can almost hear Huma saying, "Oh, come now .. it's not that uncomfortable. Stop being such a big pussy, Anthony, you big whiner." )

» The Aura of Cluelessness that Hovers About Her

Hillary and Huma Abedin aboard campaign plane Oct 28, 2016I am not encouraged by Hillary's decision-making paradigm.

Whatever that happens to be.

This is the same thing that concerned me about W.

It's like this aura of cluelessness hovers about them and around them.

(Probably because they are so focused on other things.)

It's a strange time that we live in .. when the American presidential race begins to look like the WWF.

The party of rich, old white guys, as you know .. found themselves the richest, oldest, whitest guy they could find.

» These are Dark Days for America

These are dark days for America, no? Morally dark. Morally ugly. I wonder what these days will look like from 50 years in the future.

After Obama was elected, everybody thought those dark days were finally behind us. Oh, contraire.

I heard Bill Maher say that this election wasnt about Democrat vs Republican, or even about Liberal vs Conservative ..

.. but rather this election is about Reality vs Alternate-Reality, where people believe whatever they want to believe .. regardless of whether or not those beliefs are tethered to any kind of existential reality.

I thought that was a clever way to characterize it. And, in a way, it's a fascinating thing to behold. You are literally seeing something that you did not think possible. Yet there it is. Rub your eyes all you like. It's not going away.

» To What Degree do the Opinions of Clarence Thomas Represent the Black Experience?

Speaking of things that arent going away .. why dont you call out Clarence Thomas? Take up a lamentation against his ass. He is no friend to the black man.

His decisions are not made from the perspective of the black man living in America. He does not represent their opinions. Not hardly. Why does he do that?

His nomination and position on the court is designed to represent those who have the same skin color as he does. But he does not represent them. His decisions do not help the black man in America.

Why does he take these strange positions? Is he too scared to take a position that asserts the black man's value? It would certainly be understandable, giving his formative years .. tho regrettable nonetheless.

Do you think that his nomination to the nation's highest court is because white politicians wanted his color, but they knew he would not stand up for the black man in America?

Thurgood must be rolling over in his grave.

» Carter Making a Run for a Full Century

I see that Carter is still alive .. marching past cancer on his way to a hundred. A full century. Good for him.

Tho it is sad that the same level of health care available to 90-year old white men is not available to 27-year old black women.

Wouldnt you say, Blow?

» Paul Beatty the Only American Badass to Win the British Man Booker

What do you think about Paul Beatty winning the Man Booker? ( For The Sellout ) You read it yet?

I read that this is the first time a book by an American was chosen to receive the British award. That definitely makes it special. The only American ever. That makes him a bad dude. He's 54.

Are you going to kick Cenk's ass now? He's a pretty big fucker, so be careful. (He and Alex already had themselves a battle royal on camera, so Cenk's not afraid to throwdown if/when confronted on or for his positions.)

» Carlos Danger Strikes Again

Oh, Blow .. speaking of throwing down, you gotta see this 5-min clip of John Oliver on Anthony Weiner (Carlos Danger) and the elections .. especially the very end .. where death comes as sweet, sweet relief.

Carlos Danger | Live dangerouslyThe thing that makes John Oliver's clip so funny ..

.. is the strand of truth that he manages to weave through his piece.

I laughed pretty hard. It feels good to laugh hard.

Downright therapeutic.

I dont know what you would call his style of humor there.

But I know that I like it.

It's the kind of humor that heads toward the bizarre, yet remaining true in remarkable ways.

"Bursting out the other side .. startling kangaroos," .. where does he get this shit? These visuals were working me hard .. right in the side.

» Placing your Reader

Notice how he p.l.a.c.e.s you-the-viewer. He places you in the core of the earth, and then he places you in deepest outer space.

Because I do that myself .. with this hottie-singer who makes me crazy. I place her at places .. and then I do things to her. I dont try to do these things to her. It sort happens on its own.

Next thing I know, her hands are up against the seawall in a modified frisk position .. and my hand is heading down into her panties.

And my fingertips are very much enjoying the slide. (You cannot possibly imagine.)

[ Blow, remind me to tell you about the seawall story. That's a good story. That was near the very beginning. Very telling. The way that you see the world during these times .. in hindsight, is kind of remarkable. Large forces come into play and do battle .. taking over control of your life in the process. Overwhelming .. is the word that comes to mind. ]

I cant seem to keep my writer's hand out of her singer's panties .. at least, not for very long.

And she is not complaining. No, sir. Do you hear her complaining, Blow? Because I dont. Oh, contraire. Let me know if you hear anything that sounds like a complaint.

What do you think this might mean, Blow? I would appreciate any insights you could offer. Women are so beyond figuring out.

» People are Inherently Against Things they Do Not Understand

Do you feel that there is an inherent fear that comes with something we cannot understand? (Think about it and we'll talk more later.)

In nuclear power, they taught us that this is why people were against nuclear power .. because they dont understand it.

[ In France, which gets the highest percentage of its power from nuclear energy, more than any other nation, they bus in school kids to nuclear plants in order to familiarize them with how they work and the people who operate these plants .. splitting atoms and turning matter into energy. You know. The kids set their own feet on those very same diamond deck plates that I have been mentioning. ]

» I Cant Get Over Your Name Becoming a Euphemism for the Finest of Elixired Wares

I still cant get over that they are using your name as a euphemism of sorts for super-fine pussy. This here is the kind of blow I like.

The kind of blow I like

(I might have to get me some of that .. even tho she is too young for me. I might have to light that up and throw that down. And have at it .. right there on the deck plates. Those diamond deck plates. I know my way around this type of deck plate. And I know it well. Industrial-grade deck plates .. I have spent much time on deck plates just like this. A good chunk of my life, actually. These are the kind of deck plates that I stood on when I helped split atoms and turned matter into energy. It may sound cool, but it's actually boring as shit. You dont want any excitement around an operating reactor. Particularly not when you are starting at a place where you are already sunk. You start playing with one strike against you.)

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» We Wake to President Trump with Republican Majorities in Congress

Update Nov 9, 2016 » Oh, Blow .. we wake to President Trump this morning. With Republican majorities in congress, no less.

I bet that you wish you hadnt been pushing Hillary so vigorously now .. pushing her on your readers .. seeing that all those polls showed Bernie matching up much more favorably against the Donald.

Polls show that Bernie would make a better candidate against Donald than Hillary

This is one of the reasons why your positions confused me.

Did you get 'talked to,' Blow? Please tell me that this is not who you are.

I recall that you gave Hillary shit that one time .. and then you said nothing more against her, but rather started bashing Bernie like crazy. Coincidence?

Donna Brazile says Hillary bought the DNC and expected loyalty

Everybody knows that this is who Hillary is:

Donna Brazile found solid proof that Hillary rigged the primary nomination process against Bernie (t=2:50)

Why am I suddenly thinking about that verse in Isaiah that talks about vindication? Curious. I wonder how Bernie feels about this news.

Is Donna Brazile not the queen of equivocation? She is actually worse than Hillary.

This is why people dislike politicians. They are so shifty, trying to cover every possible base, that they ooze political slime from every pore with each acrobatic sentence.

Meanwhile, Bernie has been saying the same fucking thing for 30 years. Probably even longer. Notice any differences?

» Effects of Money and Influence at the Times?

What do you think, Blow, about what Sharon Waxman said here? .. regarding the nature of the far-reaching influence that power and money seem to be having there at the NY Times?

It seems like they sold out so many women to a decade's worth of abuse. (More than a decade, actually.)

Hopefully you will see my theme here start to emerge. I can't help but wonder what Cornel West thinks.

Trump meets with Obama at the White House on Nov 10, 2016

Here is a photo of Obama with the Anti-Obama. I bet that you are downright lamenting that right about now.

I dont know if you know .. but people really hate Hillary. I dont mean that in the figurative sense. I mean that they really hate her guts. With genuine hate. (I know that it might seem hard to believe.)

I know that hate is a strong word, but it is an accurate description of what many republicans feel for Hillary. And hate is a powerful motivator.

Motivation » Why Do People Do the Things They Do?

[ I know a little something about the nature of motivation myself.

I studied the subject because I needed to understand how people are motivated, and I like to be a student of what I do.

For example, I learned that different people are motivated by different things.

It is a common, rookie mistake to project our own motivations onto others. For example, just because Hillary is motivated primarily by money, she assumes that everyone else is, also.

She assumes wrongly. (I bet that Anna would concur.) ]

This is why Bernie made such a better candidate .. because, even if Hillary did get elected, they would still stonewall her. Because they literally hate her guts.

She is the devil to them, and must be fought at all costs .. and by any means necessary .. lie (lie), cheat, steal. To the death, if necessary.

Something tells me that that Glenn Greenwald would agree.

Well, perhaps I should clarify myself. Bernie made a better candidate if you were interested in a democrat being elected, and in that elected democrat actually getting shit done that would help us-the-people.

Rad note » this section where I talk about waking up to President Trump this morning has been moved to its own page .. see here » We Wake to President Trump with Republican Majorities in Congress.

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