Obama Goes to Jail

(That title is bound to make many a Republican feel vindicated.)

Obama in a Jail CellCheck this out. That gives me a total boner.

Obama is going to be the first sitting president to visit a federal prison?

You gotta be shittin' me. You run a country that sends more of its citizens to prison than any other nation on the planet ..

.. and you presidents never pay a visit?

Not even the Russians and the Chinese together send as many of their citizens to prison.

Are we really the land of the free? Doesnt look that way.

I guess this would be a good time to start. Bring your over-night bag, dawg. If you really wanna get a good feel for what it's like to live in the Land of the Free for millions of Americans.

And take Hillary with you. This way she'll be able to experience first-hand what effect the policies that she and her husband have wrought on millions of Americans. You know, those "super-predators" that she talks about.

(You look a lot like a super-predator yourself, dawg. Criminal justice .. Clinton style.)

Dude, John Oliver has a nice intro to prisons posted here. You should check it out. And also this one about Bail. And this one about Municipal Violations. And this one on Public Defenders. There are more that you need to see, but those will get you started in the right direction.

[ John Oliver is on fire. Wow. I am impressed. That is the biggest penis I have ever seen. And I have seen some big ones. Let me tell you. ]

Say hi to bubba for me.

» How Far Will Obama's Pebble of Zen Justice Ripple Out into the Pond of American History?

Obama addresses the press at El Reno Prison in Oklahoma on July 16, 2015Update July 19, 2015 » I am impressed. That Obama went to jail.

And I am not the only one.

I am actually wowwed.

I was impressed before, but I was wowwed when I read the following passage (near the end of this column by Peter Baker) »

Like Mrs. Clinton on Robben Island, Mr. Obama was shown a cramped cell and briefed by officials.

Then he came over to a group of us, kept in place by yellow police tape, to talk about overhauling the criminal justice system. It was basically a recitation of the same policy points he had made in a speech a couple of days earliers.

But when he started to walk away, my colleague Darlene Superville of the Associated Press, called after him, asking what struck him about the prison.

He paused, almost as if considering whether to actually say what he was thinking. Then he turned to come back. What struck him, he said, was that it could have been him in one of those cells.

Pope Francis shakes the hand of a heavily tattooed inmate on Sept 27, 2015 at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in PhiladelphiaHe, too, had made mistakes, he said.

And were it not for the advantages of life that he had - advantages the El Reno residents did not have -

he might have been a prisoner and not a president. "There but for the grace of God," he said.

It was a strikingly personal observation, one that would be hard to imagine any other president making, even if any of them had taken the time to go to a federal prison.

This is the kind of shit that makes me proud to be an American. Not torturing little, skinny, innocent taxi drivers to death, no. Not pouring a slurry of raisins and walnuts up people's asses.

That kind of shit does not make me proud to be an American, George.

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Obama enters prison door at El Reno in Oklahoma on July 16, 2015Even Maureen is impressed.

I can feel myself giving Obama and his place in history a full step forward .. maybe even two.

Depending on how far the repercussions of this play out. How far the ripples of this particular pebble reach into the future.

But dude, they are shooting unarmed black teens in the head at point-blank range .. with multiple rounds.

For jaywalking.

And they are choking-to-death unarmed black men.

For selling single cigarettes.

Boys and men who have the same color skin as you. You have to do something.

When you see white authority figures, armed with deadly force, killing black men for seemingly insignificant bullshit ..

.. does it ever make you feel like they are taking out their anger and resentment and hostility and frustration that they feel for you (toward having a black president) on these defenseless souls? (who happen to have the same color skin.)

(I bet you do.)

Why didnt you go to Rikers? Right into the belly of the beast. Light the fuse.

Look at my audacity here .. you boldly go where no president has gone before and already people are asking why you didnt go further. The ingrates.

» Scoring the Historical Multiplier

Remind me to tell you about Angelina's grandpa, who is now 84 or 85. Tho going strong. (He credits his longevity to his Sicilian genes.)

He used to be a pilot in the Air Force. Retired after 25 years or so. Grew up on a farm in the mid-West.

Sometimes we take the kids to the library, where they can play games and compete with one another.

And grandpa plays a game there called » Flight. And nobody can beat him. None of the kids can. His record is 38 days. (Lower is better.) Maybe it is his years of piloting. But he kicks ass at this game.

In this particular game, you excel by » scoring MULTIPLIERS .. which make your planes fly farther and faster and use less fuel.

Obama listens to prisoners at El Reno in Oklahoma on July 16, 2015And that is the feeling I had when I read Peter Baker's column ..

.. that you managed to score one of these multipliers in Oklahoma. A historical multiplier.

Tho I will say, in the game, it seems as if the multipliers are scored thru pure luck. I mean, they come up so quickly that you dont have time to react.

But clearly there must be more of a skill element to it, or grandpa (the retired Air Force pilot who loved to fly) wouldnt be able to dominate so consistently. No?

Tho I would be lying if I said he never expressed any regret about not being there enough for his daughter. And maybe how that might have affected her negatively.

I normally see grandpa, but I spent a Halloween with the mom and the kids one night when we took them house to house trick-or-treating one year. She was easy to get along with and I had lots of fun that night .. tho it seemed to go by so fast.

Watching kids collect bags full of free candy .. does life get any better? One house actually had built a pirate ship in the front yard. Amazing.

This little girl is so cute. His granddaughter. Downright adorable. And I feel for her .. cuz her dad .. is not there right now. Breaks my heart.

Obama leaves El Reno Prison in Oklahoma but the prisoners stayYou are also gonna get a nice multiplier effect from the Charleston speech. I already talked about that above. I waited a week to let things form. There was a lot there.

I was impressed by your comparison of the Hebrews dying without receiving the promise with the tragedy of the worshipers in Charleston.

I caugh myself wondering if you wrote that yourself (because you are a black man) or whether you had a speech writer write it for you.

My guess is speech writer. That was just too good for you to come up with. That is even good for a speech writer to come up with.

You dont sing half-bad. Definitely better than me.

I would be lying if I said that I wouldnt interested in your response to the Coates book. That would definitely move along the national conversation nicely. If anybody could respond, the first black president would be that man.

I will talk to my friends at the Times and get you some op-ed space.

But maybe you couldnt say what you really thought.

You know what David thinks. Mr. Privilege.

Update August 12, 2015 » Ooh, dawg .. look at you » writing in to the Times yourself .. to let me know that you dont need me to function as a go-between. Good for you. You nailed the topic, too. Hammer » nail » ka-blammo. Nice.

When I saw first the article, I am like » "Look at Obama .. getting all ninja-like at the New York Times .. working the Press .. putting the Press to work for him."

I was impressed at your skill here at steering the conversation in the right direction. Because you obviously cant be writing in to the Times every week.

I gave you points for identifying a topic of crucial importance and also points for timing and method (technique). That is how the ninjas do it, bro.

Speaking of scoring historical points .. you are going to get nice points for this. You made it look like a minor comment, but it was really a big thing. You know.

I had a strange experience when you gave your Newtown speech. It seemed like the universe w.a.n.t.e.d my son to be sitting on my lap during your speech.

Tho I am not sure why. But there were too many things that had to line up for this to happen .. for me to dismiss it as mere coincidence. I still think about it .. and what it might mean.

Of all the strange stuff that happens to me, that was definitely way up there, and maybe even #1 in hair-raisability.

» Psychill

Dude, I am listening to this relaxing music right now. It is very relaxing. Let me tell you. All of that Psychill stuff is. This one takes you the deepest. Tho I like the flute music, too. Here's one you will like. Or are you more into stuff like this? Where do they get these pictures?

My cousin says that I need to listen to some every day .. "even if it's just 5 minutes." Therapy.

You should check it out. Maybe send a link to Putin. We wanna keep you red button-pushers nice-n-mellow. When was the last time you had a massage?

Update » I found your groove. Monk on Acid. Check out his Trip to Pluto at t=1:20. That is a groove for no-drama Obama if I ever did hear one.

Monk cranks up the distortion later on and I could not take it. The treatment lowers your threshold of tolerance .. for a lot of things.

Obama at the Door of No Return on June 27, 2013, Dakar, Senegal (Goree Island)If I were king .. uh, I mean » prez .. jetting here and there ..

.. meeting with this world leader and that ..

.. I would have some Monk on my iPod.

When I write, sometimes I will try to find some music (no words, which are distracting) that complements the mood I am in or that I am looking for.

Not as easy as it sounds. But nice when you get it right. (Soo nice.)

Speaking of Monk's trip to Pluto and things of a planetary nature .. remind me to tell you about my recent trip to Mars. (Tho, truth be told, I actually felt closer to Jupiter.)

<end update finding Obama's no-drama presidential groove on Monk's trip to Pluto>

» Bad Historical Precedent Setting Juju

But this is good that you have scored this historical multiplier that has everybody so impressed. Because you lost big points when you sent that missile at Anwar and blew him to smithereens.

Anwar al-Awlaki (1971-2011)The Constitutional scholar should've known better.

Ye are without excuse, O man.

George could claim ignorance and people would have believed him.

But you are the Constitutional scholar.

And now there is bad precedent juju .. surrounding how you handled Anwar.

Bad historical-precedent-setting juju.

I have written before that you were going to burn in Constitutional hell for that.

But I will not say that here. Cuz I am feeling so sweet on you right now.

Maybe you can redeem yourself.

Maybe I will have to go back and delete that sentence.

That would be no problem on my end.

Americans need to be able to cry out and call bullshit on unrighteous bullshit .. without the threat of getting a missile shot up their asses. And it was bullshit.

Key word in that sentence » Americans. Because I am an American. And no American wants a missile shot up his ass. None that I know, anyway.

And American citizens need to know that their citizenship means a shit .. to our government. Cuz sometimes it seems like you guys dont give much of a fuck about average citizens. Too often, really. Much of the time it seems as tho you only care what the wealthy think and want.

Killing American Citizens » the Slippery Slope to Killing Your Own People

Remind me to tell you about what one of my Jordanian drivers said on our way down to the Moores Cancer Center when I asked him what he thought of Bashar al-Assad. "Is he good or not good?"

I mean, these people grew up right next door to Syria. They have been to Syria many times. They have family back in Jordan, which they fly back to visit from time to time.

So they are going to give me a citizen's view, a citizen-on-the-ground perspective .. of the man and the situation there.

And he responded by saying, "This man kills his own people." 

That was his answer. What else can you say about someone who kills his own people?

Hopefully then, you can see the slippery slope represented by the killing of Anwar.

You can almost hear the next president saying, "Heck, Obama killed Anwar .. and he was a US citizen. I wanna kill some citizens myself .. citizens that I dont like. I bet John Woo would be willing to write me a memo saying it's Constitutionally okay."

Do you remember the line in Apocalypse Now where Colonel Willard says, "But this time it was an American. That wasnt supposed to matter .. but it did."

It matters. Or at least it should.

» An Academy Award-Winning Story of International Orwellian Intrigue

Speaking of scoring historical multipliers and correcting national injustices and calling bullshit on clear-n-present Orwellian bullshit ..

Citizenfour | Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary at the 2015 Oscars.. remind me to talk to you about my friend Edward Snowden .. the Oscar winner.

He is kind of a hybrid .. foreign filmmaker and an American filmmaker all wrapped in one.

It's a long and complicated story of international intrigue. But a good one. An Academy Award winning one.

You might know him.

I have this thing for him because he is like a brother.

Speaking of Edward Snowden .. have you ever read the account of how a "messenger of Satan" was given to Paul .. following the "surpassing greatness of the revelations" (unquote).

Do you see any patterns that match between you and Edward Snowden and the surpassing greatness of his revelations? as compared to Satan and Paul.

That would be with you playing the part of Satan, sending a messenger to torment my friend, young Edward, with the century-old Espionage Act.

Unfortunately, We-the-People sometimes need to spell things out for our elected leaders .. or they just dont seem to get the gist what we're saying.

At least, not as well as they do compared to those that come with a campaign contribution.

Which is certainly understandable .. because they dont live in our world. Rather they live in a world of Great Privilege.

Which is expen$ive to maintain. Sure, we get it. Yo comprendo, hombre.

I feel like I should tell you this, in detail .. because Scripture details what happens to those who fuck with God's people.

And it goes from bad to worse .. rather quickly.

For what it's worth, dawg. [ cue exit music ]

I was reading earlier today how the Old Testament prophets were often not appreciated.

And I caught myself wondering what you think of the story of Hanani the prophet.

If a prophet said stuff that you didnt like .. perhaps stuff that was uncomfortably true .. would you throw his ass in prison and oppress his people?

How do you feel about what Sonia said .. about the tacit approval of India's government to the murders of writers there?

Think about it and we'll talk later. (Key word » Hanani.)

How are plans going for the mark? It looks like you have the NSA on the job.

You need them, however, to pick up the pace .. cuz we're fixin' to wrap up this badboy. Out with the old .. in with the new.

Welcome to the twenty-first century, dawg.

Anyway, we should go check out his next movie together .. coming out Christmas. You ever been to the Big Newport?

Oliver Stone .. he definitely has a thing for presidents. I heard he was thinking of doing one called 'Obama' next. (I'm just fuckin with you, dawg.)

Did you see that the Guardian, in a review by Peter Bradshaw, calls the new James Bond flick (Spectre, to be released Oct 26, 2015) » "sexily pro-Snowden".

Dude, we have James Fucking Bond on our side .. that means » all your bases are lost.

From the Brits, we'll take James Bond and John Oliver and Russell Brand. You can have Tony Blair and all his apologies.

Speaking of the Brits .. did you see that the EU Parliament voted to protect Edward Snowden from you? Nothing like a vote of confidence from your economic partners across the pond.

Speaking of Edward Snowden .. did you hear that Lawrence Lessig is thinking of running for prez? Your thoughts? He has an IQ of about 8,000. He has enough brains for 6 or 7 average people.

Ooh, I saw some of his videos .. he is bringing the thunder. And he is not playing around. He obviously gets it.

I was totally impressed. He gets RIGHT TO it » "The CORE problem in America's democracy is..."

To be honest, I am actually surprised that a person can article the vision so well. So concisely, and offer a fix.

Tho yes, it took someone with an IQ of 8,000. And he probably has a whole crew of smart Ivy League dudes working with him.

So I know it shouldnt surprise me .. but it does.

Cuz that means we are there. And that means that it's just a matter of time now.

My ego wants me to call this the Hitchcock vision. Tho I actually got it from Habakkuk, and God only knows where he got it.

Speaking of politics .. did you see the Republican debate? .. where Trump turned to Jeb and said (something very close to) "Your brother is reason Obama is president."

When I heard him say that, my ego jumped up and said, "Dude! Trump is totally reading your shit."

I said, "Come sit here beside me .. I like you." 

That fucker has balls .. you must agree. Cojones gigantikos. Dragging on the ground behind him.

New York boys know how to throwdown on the street.

I'm surprised he didnt whip out his dick and piss on Jeb's feet .. right there in front of a record-setting audience .. tuning in to see what crazy-but-sometimes-true shit he'll say next.

Megyn Kelly asks the Donald an uncomfortable question at the Republican Presidential candidate debate on August 6, 2015I found the exchange with Megyn to be charged with sexual power dynamics.

She is an attractive, intelligent, sexy, educated, articulate, powerful woman ..

(and I bet she smells good, too)

.. and she clearly had the advantage in that particular configuration.

She was probably imagining the Donald standing up there under the lights wearing nothing but his underwear.

And he didnt like it. I feel he intentionally injected theatrics as the Donald is famous for doing. But he is not used to being in that type of situation, and the Donald was just being himself. Responding by threatening her and such.

It would be like if someone were writing about me .. and the tables were suddenly turned. The horror.

The blood comment was interesting because he threw it out there and then played the plausible deniability card saying that anybody who thought such a thing is a degenerate. Trump judo in action.

Megyn Kelly whispers into the ear of Chris Wallace during Republican presidential debate in Cleveland on August 6, 2015But does that not make Megyn seem more sexy?

More powerful? Stronger? More capable? More confrontational. (She can confront me any day she likes, dawg.)

[ I am just flirting with you, Megyn .. playfully & innocently. I do not, of course, mean that literally.

In other words, I dont want you showing up on my doorstep, saying, "But dude .. you said any day." ]

Would I ever like to be a fly on the wall inside her bedroom that night. The conversation.

Mr. Kelly » "Do you want me to kick his ass, honey? Have his legs broken?"

If I were working at the NSA, I would use the hack that turns on the listening capabilities of her smart phone and eavesdrop.

Later, as I thought about their exchanges over the following days .. the voice in my head began to put words into Megyn's mouth .. and also into the Donald's.

Perhaps later I will share. Funny stuff.

Update March 3, 2016 » Speaking of sexual power dynamics .. did you see Megyn Kelly spank the Donald at the Fox News debate in Detroit ( video here, at t=1:45 ) ?

She took him to task and made him look bad in front of many people.

If I were to put words into her mouth, I might say something like, "Now Donald, you have been a naughty money-grabbing boy. And you need to be properly punished."

That was the flavor that I came away with.

If anybody can save the Republican party from itself .. that would be Megyn Kelly.

<end update March 3, Megyn spanks the Donald for being a naughty boy>

Tho really, it's hard to beat the Donald's own words. Cuz he says it quite nicely, himself.

Do you hear how loudly the audience cheers whenever he tells someone to "Go fuck yourself. I'm Donald Trump. You're lucky to be on the same stage as me. Bow dow or I will make a deal with your boss and have your low-energy ass fired."

So to speak.

» Capital in the Twenty-First Century is Merely an Accounting Construct

Speaking of the Donald and cojones gigantikos, do me a flavor and ask Jack what he thinks about Bethany's assertion ..

Floating Treethat » capital is an accounting construct (.. something that exists » ony in the mind).

Because, with our historic, record-setting inequality ..

.. dont you think he should be putting more of it in the mind's of the poor and the destitute?

.. than EVEN MORE of it into the minds of those who already have more than they could possibly think to use in a thousand lifetimes?

Food-for-thought, bro.

Oh, here she is at YF .. God, I like her.

[ Speaking of food-for-thought and accounting constructs and record-setting inequality .. this might be a good place to share some citizen-level thoughts.

History will have more to say about your successes and your failures .. but I feel that the way your administration bailed out all the people who were fucking up on such a grand scale ..

.. and the way that you did not have the balls to prosecute them .. that is going to preclude you from the presidential hall-of-fame. So to speak.

You and Holder and Lanny all try to make it sould like the reason you refrained from summoning the architects of the financial collapse for their just-deserved perp-walks was because doing so might jeopardize the economy.

But really, everybody knows in their heart of hearts that it was because you thought they would owe you.

You had too much respect for their money. Which is quite understandable, yet regrettable nonetheless.

You expected a form of reciprocal treatment from the greedy fucks on Wall Street ( "You scratch my back with a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card and I'll scratch yours with Generous Campaign Donations." )

And sure, this has benefitted you .. but it all but ensures more reckless behavior from Wall Street. By failing prosecute bold-faced fraud you have sewn the seeds of the next financial collapse.

Why are the super-wealthy the only ones in America who are benefitting from your decade-old Fed-induced "recovery"? (That's a rhetorical question, bro.)

From a pragmatic perspective .. this only encourages their greedy asses to do it again. To do more of the same. It classically conditions them to.

Your actions here speak louder than your words. Much louder.

I could get off on such a tangent right now. But my point is .. you shouldnt be surprised when the same shit (or worse) arises again.

Because it's your own fault. You have encouraged this type of behavior. Strongly encouraged it. Thanks a lot, dawg.

It's like a parent saying to their son, "You shouldnt shit on the neighbors' sidewalk like that Billy .. but here's two sugar cookies for you."

What do you think will happen if the American economy again comes to a place where richest again need to be bailed out (or the Economy itself will implode)?

Along the lines of big, important things imploding and exploding .. you should probably send a link of this article to Jack. (I need to read that again, more carefully.)

Think about it and we'll talk later. ]

And speaking of Bethany, who has a new book coming out soon .. could you ask the NSA to find where my girlfriend went?

She is no longer at Yahoo Finance and even the Google doesnt know. And she took Aaron the Taskmaster with her. God only knows what kind of crazy shit they're up to. Oh, the debaucheries.

Between you and me, bro .. my sources tell me that the reason she went to Yahoo Finance in the first place .. was cuz she knew I was a fan.

She figured, "I will get on YF and razzle-dazzle his ass .. his nuclear-grade ass. I will show him what real quantum entanglement looks like. He aint seen nuthin' yet." [ And she was right. ]

» Outta My League

[ Update » I found her .. up in Hollywood .. covering the Star Wars premiere for ABC. It has been unusually cold here on the Left coast. So I feel for her.

Here she is ABC World News .. that girl certainly gets around. Wow .. that is very spit-n-polished. She makes them look good. She's obviously outta my league now.

"Welcome to World News." You make it look so easy.

Good for you .. congrats and kudos and champagne. Your folks must be so proud of you.

Say hi to George for me.

I thought of you, recently, while watching the fascinating documentary » Best of Enemies .. because the groundbreaking debates were broadcast on ABC. ]

I was thinking recently about the power and influence .. that comes from being acquainted with such a large number of influential business people.

I mean, that is their job .. to talk to these people. Interview them. Ask them meaningful questions.

The ability to say (at a party, for example) "I know a guy. I can't make you any promises, but let me give him a call and I'll get back to you next week."

This seems the essence of power-wielding, no? Especially if you know that the guy who you're planning to call likes you. And would do most anything for you.

Enough about beautiful, intelligent, powerful, educated, sexy girls .. wielding their beauty and their intelligence and their power and .. well, you know.

Maybe after the Snowden show we can go for a walk down at the Big Corona. I will bring some of the kine, bra. Grown special just for you. And with the easily concealable launch box, no one will ever know.

Truth be told, I am kinda jealous .. that you grew up in Hawaii. What a sweet place. Paradise.

Remind me to tell you what the Dog said to me about living in Hawaii one Friday afternoon .. right before we went for a 4-mile run around the Ala Wai canal. A true statement.

Speaking of jealousy .. has Walter contacted you yet about doing your bio? I also thought about letting Coates write it? That might be a nice gesture. Your thoughts?

But most of all, remind me to tell you about the exchanges that I had with a cousin who I hadnt talked to in many years. When you get diagnosed, people call and send emails, you know. Some who you havent heard from for many years.

» Sometimes You Cant See the Most Obvious Stuff on Clear Display Right in Front of You

And the cousin, who is actually my mom's first cousin (big, Catholic families on both sides) is telling me about how mom confided in her about this affair she had with her boss. This man who had been to college. He was actually a great guy. Really.

He wore those sport jackets with the pads at the elbows. I liked him a lot. Funny guy. Well educated.

Tho this is not really what I want to talk to you about. Rather, I want to talk to you about .. how something can be right in front of your face on the most obvious of display .. yet we somehow cant see.

Cuz I discussed the thing with my brother and he said the same thing .. like, "Wow, I cant believe I didnt see that .. it was so glaringly obvious in hindsight."

Because I clearly remember the first time that she introduced me to her boss .. I drove down to her office at lunchtime and we were gonna go downstairs to the ice cream parlor there.

And yes, I remember how the sexuality was flairing off of her .. and the awkward feelings that this brought. But I was happy for her, too. What son is not happy to see his mom walking around (parading in) her boss's gorgeous corner office with a spring in her step?

I mean, she is walking around her boss's office like she owned it and he is being very nice saying, "Your mom runs this whole organization by herself." [ They had some 60 or 65 employees. ]

"She wont let me do anything. I just sit here all day and drink coffee."

I could see that they had a close working relationship, but really I thought nothing of it. Mom is like, "Oh, stop exaggerating." But clearly she is loving the praise that he is showering upon her.

And he says, "Well, she lets me sit in on a meeting once in a while. Sure, I exaggerate .. but not as much as you might think."

And there was totally this intimate flirting going on back-n-forth .. which you just automatically write off because it does not compute.

I know that you know about flirting, dawg.

So there was definitely an element of confusion to this whole brief scenario (mere minutes) and you could feel the electricity in the air, but I did not assign any mental resources to try to figure it out. Because who hasnt figured out their mom by age 24?

You figure, "Hey, they work together closely every day for years so they naturally are very familiar with one another .. so that they can make little semi-private jokes with one another."

My brother has great stories, too.

And she is just so happy .. and she is kinda showing me off to all her girlfriends down at the ice cream parlor .. home fresh from the Navy .. turning matter into energy. Finessing reactors. And she is talking about everything and nothing in particular. And just a real joy to be around.

But the thought of her actually having an affair with her boss .. that never even crossed my mind. It did not even enter my solar system.

Tho my geek mindset wants to know how and why .. such a thing can be. Is this simply because we DONT WANT TO see such things? I had an old boss who said, "People hear what they want to hear."

» Things We Dont Want to See

Speaking of the solar system and things we dont want to see .. I just got this stuff called Mars OG. Serious pain meds.

And many of these strains have very colorful names .. such as » Alaskan Thunder Fuck and » Wet Dream.

But this one that I just got .. a sample to try .. Mars OG, I thought » "That is a good name for this stuff." (Truth be told, tho, I actually feel closer to Jupiter.)

You make a call and 30 minutes later a BMW pulls up, driven by a very nice middle-aged gentleman wearing a collared shirt and shoes. And the front seat is full of other orders that he is going to deliver. Most impressive operation. Very professional.

His wife takes and fills the order and helps you with any questions you might have while he drives around and delivers them.

He shakes your hands and wishes you well before driving off. Better than even Amazon Prime.

She does not really recommend anything, per se. Or dispense with advice. Rather she tells you about her own preferences and experiences with the various strains. And I have found her comments (with her own experience) very helpful.

And with the Mars OG, she says, cuz I tell her about the effects of treatment .. "Here's the thing with these heavy-hitting indicas .. is that you cant really *do* anything on them."

And I couldnt help but laugh, because I thought it was just me. I thought it was a result of my physically weakened state .. post treatment recovery. The reason why this thing was hitting me so hard.

I mean, it would not be a bad idea to have your pajamas on first. But yes, everything does indeed feel very relaxed. At what point can you be too relaxed? Ever? Let me know if you get there.

I used to never like that type of high. The body thing. Rather, I wanted to be out running on the beach or something active like that. But now .. well, I'll tell ya later, dawg.

» Help Designing George's Next World

Because the thing that I really want to talk to you about .. pertains to my ode to George, your predecessor, #43 .. which I am putting the final touches on ..

.. is that I am trying to imagine what kind of world you would design .. if all of the misery and suffering that George caused ..

.. were to be repaid back to him in the next world. Being a president yourself, I intuitively feel that you would have a better idea of what something like that might look like ..

.. so that all the pain and suffering and misery that he caused and was morally responsible for .. were to be repaid in *exactly* the same measure.

Because I do not know what such a world would be like .. but I imagine it would be a world of hurt .. and one of pain and anguish and sorrow and fear and injustice and oppression and hostility and intimidation ..

.. and one of receiving your daily bread thru a funnel inserted up your ass while you are unnaturally bent over in an accommodating fashion .. to receive your daily sustenance. "Open wide, Mohamed."

One thing that we know for sure is that he would not be getting very much sleep in that world. So he should probably work on getting well rested .. while he can.

And we know that, at least some of the time .. it is gonna be pretty fucking cold. Cold and naked. Something about concrete.

But I'm interested to hear what you think. So give it some thought and I'll catch up with you and pick your brain at Big Corona.

If it were up to me .. George would be getting a raisin-and-walnut enema every day .. for the rest of eternity. And that would be the best part of his day.

Another presidential-type question I have .. do you think that George thinks .. that everything can be justified .. if you can just get a lawyer to sign off on it?

Justified here meaning every other way comes with the lawyer's signature .. including morally. As tho the lawyer's signature trumps all other considerations.

I mean, this seems like fanciful thinking to me .. but is this not what the actions of the previous administration suggest and imply? Rather obviously so now that we have the hindsight and illumination of 6+ years.

Because it seems like an inherently immoral mindset. Does it not?

And remind me to ask you about the Danish hottie at Mandela's funeral. How much trouble did you get in? I heard that the photo was nominated for Photo of the Decade.

I pretend that I know what I'm talking about .. but it is obvious that you are the real master when it comes to flirting. I have never flirted with leaders of nations.

What is that like? How does it feel? Looks like a lot of fun and laughing.

Long live gonzo journalism.

And here is something else that I want to ask you about.

To be cont'd ...

Or maybe not. Who knows anymore?

But make sure we talk about this. That is very bad shit for any president .. to send men into harms way and then let them languish when they return.

We expect that kind of one-side fucking from George, but you need to do better .. much better.

Oh, dude .. I see you have real president-shit to do. So I leave you to it.

Say hi to Putin for me. Tell Putin to tell Edward Snowden that we're working for a deal on him.

Perhaps you might gift him with a copy of a Russian translation of Walter's book on Einstein and tell him that it illustrates the connection between freedom and innovative creativity.

Please dont play tough-guy cowboy with a faux swagger like George and get us into any more wars. Cuz wars suck .. very badly.

Have you seen that movie Book of Eli with Denzel?

» Gnarly Shit Near Armageddon & Watchstanding Etiquette

Update Oct 8, 2015 » Oh, dude .. this is gnarly shit. I mean, we have the Russians shooting missiles into Syria and dropping in Iran.

I was looking on Google Maps and Armageddon is a mere 20 or 25-mile bike-ride from Syria. Perhaps you should make a note of it. Because things do look rather torchy over there.

I was just gonna mention how you have about one year left .. and you want to leave your replacement, your relief, a "good turnover" as we say aboard a nuclear submarine.

Where we stand 6-hour watches .. and during the final hour, you clean up and take care of any chemistry samples that might be due shortly after your relief arrives.

In other words, you dont want your replacement to have to jump thru lots of hoops soon as they arrive .. like the way George did with you.

That would be considered poor "watchstanding etiquette".

In other words, you want to leave things in such a way, in such a configuration .. that you SET UP YOUR RELIEF FOR SUCCESS.

And if they fuck it up, at least you left them a turnover that was good .. like the way Bill left a nice budgetary surplus for George.

[ Who squandered the nation's wealth (blood and treasure) on riotous living in order to try to compensate for his insecure cowboy ego. ]

And you are approaching your last year. Dont be like George and leave an unfolding disaster for your relief to be forced to handle as soon as s/he arrives. (Did he even apologize to you? I doubt it.)

Is not the very definition of a bad president one who receives the nation when it is doing well and leaves it a mess?

You will excuse George if he never heard of the adage that you should always leave things in a better condition than you find them.

<end update Oct 8, 2015 gnarly shit near armageddon and watch-standing etiquette>

This is big negative points.

Guantanamo » Our Embarrassing Reminder of Where America Went Wrong

Nov 4, 2015 » Feinstein wants to help you close Guantanamo. She impresses me.

Get everybody on record .. who wants to close the nasty symbol of America Gone Wrong .. and who wants to perpetuate yet another reminder of the Bush legacy sitting there 24 hours a day at Guantanamo. I'm sure that such a list will come in handy come Judgment day. Care to wager?

You would think that Republicans would tripping over themselves .. trying to be done with that thing. Yet another reminder of W's ineptitude .. that just wont go away.

Here is John Oliver tackling the difficult subject for you (.. because you are too big of a pussy to do it yourself). He is kicking ass all over the place.

While those people there dont even know when or if they'll ever get out. Because America can put you into prison far better than they can get you out. The Land of the Free?

You should call George Bush and tell him that.

Speaking of Bush, did you see that elder Papa Bush called both Cheney & Numbsfeld names? I'm sure you did. Those fuckers must live in some parallel universe.

There is a photo here of Rumsfeld in focus in the background .. with W in the foreground, but out-of-focus. Is that not an outstanding photo?

Sometimes I search Google images for representative images .. to drop into my entries .. to help give them a visual cue of authenticy ..

.. and I have actually gone and done this several times .. for Abu Ghraib .. and I now even know the images that I want ..

.. but the whole experience of simply looking at those photos bums me out so badly that I am never able to actually do my thing with these photos .. which involves resizing them and whatnot.

And it makes you feel like shit as a citizen because you think, "This is my country. What the fuck has it come to?"

Thanks for those images, George. I am going to get some of them from Abu Ghraib and include them in the little memorial I wrote for you.

You didnt think I was going to forget those photos of Abu Ghraib, did you?

But they will have to wait .. beause every time I try to get them, I keep throwing up.

December 8, 2015 » Here is a photo of George and Five-Deferment Cheney .. at an event where a marble bust of Cheney was being unveiled.

A marble bust? You must be shittin' me.

I thought that both Cheney and GWB looked like shit there. Perhaps it was just the lighting.

George attended this ceremony a month after his father publically called Cheney a worthless piece of shit (.. or words to that effect).

So, this image here of George .. pledging his undying love to Cheney, who held more sway over his decisions than anyone else ..

.. it says to me that George is giving his dad a big middle finger.

"Go fuck yourself, dad. Cheney has been more of a dad to me than you ever were. My offer to go mano-y-mano with your ass still stands. Dont make me run over your stupid garbage cans again. How could you say that publicly about my presidency? .. especially after I wrote that nice tribute book for you. It felt like you stabbed me in the back." 

I can't help but wonder if Jeb agrees with his dad or with his brother. (Somebody should ask him.) 

Speaking of George and Five-Deferment Cheney .. I saw where Seinfeld came and picked you up in a Corvette to get coffee. Where I saw your Dick Cheney joke .. which is actually a thinly-veiled dig on George.

"I thought Dick Cheney was the worse president of my life-time." Nice. I would have been proud to come up with that.

Did you think of it yourself? Or pay a joke-writer? (I would guess that somebody else came up with it.)

That was the most fang I've ever seen you show. A display of snarling fang.

I noticed that the car had Connecticut plates. Did he drive that thing from Connecticut down to DC?

"When you drive a Saturn V at work, you can't get out of that and into a Country Squire." That is such a good line that I almost felt jealous.

Remind me to tell you the story of how, when I was a punk teenager, my boss at the gas station said (on a Friday afternoon in the middle of summer), "You can use the vet this weekend if you wash it before you bring it back."

That was the easiest deal I've ever made. It was a '62 red vet with red leather interior, all nicely restore. Brand new tranny. A total chick magnet.

He wanted me to buy it. Which was too expensive for me. If only I had known then that the price would continue to climb steadily. (I wonder how much Seinfeld's car cost.)

» Eliminate the Inertia to Resolving the National Embarrassment at Guantanamo

Dude, this article says that it is YOU .. who is dragging your feet. If you are unable, for whatever reason, to follow thru on your promises and commitments .. you need to appoint and anoint someone .. who you trust.

This will be a nasty black-mark if you fail. [ Think » "Read my lips." and "I'm not a crook." and "Brownie, you're doin' a heck of a job." As if George would ever know what a good job actually was. ] And it could also be a feather in your cap if you succeed.

Sure, some bad guys may end up back on the battlefield. But then you can deal with them in a more American manner.

But this thing you currently have down there at Guantanamo is an embarrassment .. to all civilized peoples.

Would you like for me to list the names of regimes that lock people away for decades without ever charging them with a crime? It's not a list that you want your name included on .. trust me.

Imagine it is Judgment Day .. and you are standing there in the que .. and you can't really see what is going on way up there .. but you can see the lake of fire bubbling there off to the side ..

.. and you think, "Dang, it's kinda warm in here. I wish somebody would turn on the a/c."

And right about that time, you see a couple of big angels fly over the lake and drop a few people into it. And they make a sizzling sound when they hit. A small puff of steam rises and quickly vanishes, along with their screams.

Then you hear a thunderous voice saying, "Next I wanna see Stalin and Hitler and George W Bush and Obama."

And the person in front of you turns around and says, "Oh, dude .. that can't be good."

And now you are throttling access to these people at Guantanamo .. the optics are horribly embarrassing. Or, at least, they should be.

Have you even been to Guantanamo?

This article says that the Pentagon is thwarting you. Dude, they work for you. You dont work for them.

Perhaps you need to go back and review basic government. If they are not up to the task, then find somebody who is.

Whatever the case, you need to take responsibility for George's fuck-ups (because he obviously won't) and own this mess.

Grow whatever cojones you need to grow, because it's a national stench that stinks to high heaven. A nasty national stench.

Feb 23, 2016 » Dude, Ben Carson is saying you aint black. From the perspective of a white dude .. that seems a little strange.

You were raised white, sure, but your skin is still black. So you are naturally going to receive some of the racism associated with that.

Tho, I am not sure about the level of racism in Hawaii that existed during your childhood years. I doubt it was as bad as it was living in the South. But I am far from an expert on the black experience in America.

It is torquing my cranium nicely .. that Ben Carson is calling into question your bona fides as a black man. Does that not strike you as odd?

[ Especially considering the way Kentucky Mitch and the Republican congress is saying, "We're not even going to acknowledge Obama's existence," regarding your Supreme court nominee to replace dead Scalia. "Fuck what the Constitution says. Constitution schmonstitution. I got your Constitution right here in my toilet bowl. Watch me flush this bitch." ]

And Ben is always so soft spoken. It's not unheard of that a black man is going to say you're not black enough .. but rather that the black man saying this is Ben Carson.

And they select a photo of Ben looking narrowly in your direction, which seems to say, "I could kick Obama's ass. He aint even really black."

And they select a photo of you looking over your shoulder, as if to say, "I better watch out .. Ben Carson might kick my ass. He's straight outta the 'hood. Gangsta straight outta Compton." 

March 9, 2016 » Dude, I was thinking .. regarding the thing on CNN that occurred on March 1st, where Van Jones pleads with Jeffrey Lord about Donald playing winky-winky with the KKK ..

.. which has obviously done nothing to dent the gold-plated bumbers of the Donald's campaign.

I was thinking that .. this gives you a bit of recognition .. in the sense that the racism in America is not as subdued as the more enlightened had hoped.

So that, by definition, makes your job more difficult and more challenging. It makes your climb steeper. Your presidential climb. Your historic climb.

Heck, any white dude can be president .. George proved that.

Regardless of the ugliness that this reveals, it's always good when such things come to light.

<end update March 9 Trump's standing reveals the prevalence of racism>

Speaking of black men who say the darnedest things .. did I ever tell you about my black roommate, who I went to XO's mast with .. when he left pot seeds in the ashtray?

I grew up with blacks .. so I am comfortable with them. And I learned that they are like any other people .. where some of them are good, and some are not.

I am going to tell you this story now .. now that you have less than a year left in office and are almost done with 44. But, on the night of your first election .. the night of the nation's first black president (a historic event) ..

.. on that night, I went over to this friend's house in Costa Mesa, which is right next door to Newport Beach. And there were a lot of people there. Some I knew and some I didnt.

And some are crying for happiness .. but others were crying for different reasons. It was really something.

And the dude whose house this is .. he is from Kentucky. And I am no expert, but Kentucky is hard South, no?

Anyway, I forget how the conversation came about .. but I remember him saying that he didnt expect you to make it beyond year #5 .. if indeed you were reelected.

And the reason I remember it was because it struck me. I mean, I was studying his eyes closely (which look a lot like Stephen Colbert's eyes) .. to see how serious he was. And he was definitely serious.

I mean, he did not come right out and say this, no. Rather, it was only after I asked a pointed question. Because some of the other things that he said suggested that this was how he felt. 

I never mentioned this before, because I didnt want any paranoid people bothering me or bothering him. But now that you are so close to being done .. I feel that it's worth mentioning.

Nothing like a black man who exceeds expectations .. congrats.

Did you notice, by the way, that Trump was seen proudly proclaiming the virtues of torture?

That gets laid to your charge. Because you didnt have the huevos rancheros to call for an inquiry into the war criminal shit that the Bush/Cheney team obviously did.

I dont think that anyone is surprised that you didnt go there. Yet it's disappointing, nonetheless .. for us-the-people. Because your actions say that you condone the death of innocent people. And no, that's not okay .. because it encourages more of the same.

Just because they have lost their way .. doesnt mean you have to go with them.

You should know, that every person who gets tortured in the future has you to thank for it .. including all the innocent ones.

» Obama's Refusal to Prosecute Rampant Financial Fraud of 2008 Responsible for the Rise of Donald Trump

Speaking of things that we-the-people have you-our-leaders to thank for .. did you notice how Maureen said at the very end of this column (dated Feb 21, 2016):

The country is now aflame with anger and disgust about politicians and bankers who conned trusting Americans and never got punished for it. That fury has led to the rise of wildly improbable candidates in both parties. As the Bush dynasty falls, it must watch in horror knowing that it is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump.

She lays the blame for that at the feet of Bush & Co. But you were really the one who should have sent those fraudsters to jail. So this whole mess is really your fault .. in a way. In an important way. In a very important way.

No need to fret about it, tho.. the oligarchs will take good care of you after your time in office.

Here's the way the deal works » you go talk to a room of these people for an hour or so and tell them all the things that they want to hear and they will give you more money than most Americans make in a few years of back-breaking work. Dont you just love the way the system works?

I know this sounds too good to be true, but it's all true! Isnt America grand?

And dont let anybody give you shit .. because you have earned this money .. by not sending their asses to jail. Your well-earned rewards.

Again, the American people will be left holding the bag .. and having to deal with the effects of our corrupt government.

» Beware the Perils of the Short-Timer's Attitude

Dude, dont be like me .. and get a short-timer's attitude .. thinking, "I got less than a year left, so I'm just gonna start telling people what I really think. Fuck them assholes. And the horse they rode in on."

This is how you get in trouble. Sometimes you have to bite your tongue.

I only did 6 years, but you did 8. So, you are gonna be even more eager to be done with that mess. So you will have an even bigger short-timer's attitude.

Bite your tongue and tell them, "You can be sure that you will have a chapter in my book."

What are you smoking here? You look totally lit.

So you have come out on the side of the government in the Apple encryption case. This is to be expected.

But wait until your ass gets out here in the private sector .. and the NSA starts eavesdropping on your calls .. then you will come over to our side .. just like they all do .. eventually.

» Serious Cranial Torque

What do you think about Peggy saying that we are witnessing the end of the GOP?

What do you think about Glenn Beck seeing some of Hitler in Trump?

That's gotta blow your mind. That's gotta apply serious cranial torque to your coconut. No?

The thing that I'm still trying to wrap my head around .. is the day when the Pope inferred that the Donald was 'Not Christian'.

And the Donald basically tells the Pope to go fuck himself. Until somebody musta told Trump, "You cant tell His Holiness the Pope to go fuck himself."

And Donald says (something like) "Okay .. tell the Pope that it was all a misunderstanding. Peace. Send him a bottle of that liquor made by Benedictine monks as a gesture of good will. And throw in a Trump ball cap, too."

I mean, I kinda feel like I'm about to wake up at any moment and go, "Wow .. that was certainly a most bizarre dream. I better lay off the spicy foods at night."

Or is it just me?

Guantanamo » A Festering Reminder of Where America Went Wrong

This says that you are fucked up on Guantanamo. You probably want to apply serious consideration to unfucking that up.

So you dont leave a nasty mess for your relief. You know .. watchstanding etiquette. Presidential-grade shit.

And the clock is ticking .. so you need to get busy.

First, you need to get rid of all the people who have already been approved for release. Because that looks very bad .. that you cant even release people who have been okayed for release .. for y.e.a.r.s, in many cases.

That looks like ineptitude .. like incompetence. Embarrassingly so. It reminds me of the Keystone Cops .. who cannot get out of their own ways.

George figured out a way to get them in there .. and now you need to figure out a way to get them out. Make shit happen. Maybe hire a problem-solving geek-engineer, who will craft an algorithm for you, such as:

  1. insert key.
  2. open door.
  3. say "good-bye, mohamed. sorry this took so long."

Jean Edward Smith | Author of 'Bush' documentary published July, 2016Do your best to finish cleaning up George's worst messes before you leave office. 

Speaking of messes .. what do you think of this, dawg?

If I were Prez, I would feel like a big failure.

People have to get to a place beyond desperation and despair in order to go there.

Our nation's people are killing themselves at historically high and ever increasing rates ..

.. and the only thing that our government seems to be interested in

.. is catering to the super-wealthy and making sure their every whim is satisfied in spades.

I know you will say that this is not the case .. but most Americans will tell you that it certainly feels that way .. from our perspective. From our admittedly humble perspective.

How do you think these people, and people like them, feel about the current state of the American dream? (Go ahead .. take a guess. Be bold. Be brave. I dare you.)

May 15, 2016 » You are really good at speeches. And no, that is not an insult. You are very comfortable in that role. You seem to enjoy it. Even savor it.

When I saw the guy drape the thing over you, I imagined you saying, "Dude, save that for later. Put it in a bag for me. Dont you know it makes black people uncomfortable when white people try to wrap things around their neck?"

This is good shit .. you are finally hitting your stride.

May 26, 2016 » Here's something you need to read. It is one of the reasons why our government is so fucked up.

I have more of these types of articles if you are having trouble extracting the essence of the message. (It reads pretty clear to me.)

If you guys cant do you jobs without violating the Constitution left-n-right .. then at least stop throwing so many people in prison for such piddly bullshit.

It's like you are saying, "We can do whatever the fuck we want, and when we get caught breaking the law, we will arrest the person who catches us, but not the people who are actually breaking the law."

Can you not see how your actions are saying this?

This shit does not work. I am trying to help unfuck up our government .. because you obviously need help.

Dont make me sick my Illuminati Ninja Princess on your ass. You will not like that .. I guarantee it.

» Parting Words from Protector-Lord Cromwell

I want to leave you with Cromwell's 1653 speech to the Rump Parliament .. see if it reminds you of anybody »

It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice.

Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government.

Ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess?

Ye have no more religion than my horse. Gold is your God. Which of you have not bartered your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

Ye sordid prostitutes, have you not defiled this sacred place, and turned the Lord's temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices?

Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation. You were deputed here by the people to get grievances redressed, are yourselves become the greatest grievance.

Your country therefore calls upon me to cleanse this Augean stable, by putting a final period to your iniquitous proceedings in this House; and which by God's help, and the strength he has given me, I am now come to do.

I command ye therefore, upon the peril of your lives, to depart immediately out of this place.

Go, get you out! Make haste! Ye venal slaves be gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.

In the name of God, go!

The end. ■

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