The Hippie and Kerpa (from High School Days)

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» The Hippie

Lance & Egan were the jock crew in high school. But I was working at this gas station 7 days a week.

So my friends just naturally began to revolve around the guys who worked at the station .. which were a 23-year old mechanic (Julio) ..

.. the Italian boy, who all the really hot chicks were hot for. Many stories, yes.

And their friends became my friends. But one of these friends was a dude from my high school class, who we all called "The Hippie" .. (cuz of his long hair).

I loved the Hippie. We actually came together because he was also a good friend of Julio (Bob).

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The Hippie was beyond his years in maturity, both physically and otherwise. I was more boy compared to the Hippie, who was more man. Deep voice, big chest, you know.

So this is why it was natural for him to hang with this older guy. (23 is much older when you are 17 or 18.)

The Hippie did not work at the station. But he would come down at closing time. And we would all go out. Wherever. Bar. Strip-club, fishing for blues up in New London off the Mijoy at 4AM with no sleep. Dancing. Endless stories.

I was not nearly as 'seasoned' as the Hippie, being far more sheltered, but the Hippie and crew were working on me.

In Health Ed class in high school, he was asking questions about things that clearly showed that he was thinking very sexually. Tho that was before we became friends.

The Hippie actually had a girl living with him in high school. Talk about living on the edge.

I could get so off-topic here, because I love the Hippie. But this is really an entry about Lance & Egan.

But the Hippie was more my speed. Sometimes the older dudes (other mechanics) would gang up, so to speak, on us "young shits."

"You young shits think you're hot shit, dont you?"

And the Hippie turns calmly to me and says, "What do you think? I feel like pretty hot shit, myself, sure, if anybody is asking. How about you?"

And many times, we just wound up on the same side, on the same team, so to speak, because we were the only two high schoolers hanging out with these older dudes. These mechanics who worked at the garage. And their friends.

I mean, one time, when the Hippie wasnt there .. these guys literally dumped me unside-down into the trash can .. a 55-gallon drum.


» The Legend of Joe Getty

The owner, too, would often join us. He was 28 or 29. And he had lots of sex with the hottest hotties you've ever seen. But I was sworn to secrecy ..

.. cuz of his wife. Who drove a new Corvette. When she wasnt driving the Caddy.

He was an Italian boy, too. Very Italian. Which is probably why he hired Julio. Who was even more Italian.

But the boss was a blond Italian .. and the ladies went ape-shit over him.

He says to me once, "If anybody calls, I'm out on road-test with a customer. I'll be right back."

And he kick-starts the Harley chopper that he kept there at the station as a toy to ride on occasions such as these and this girl in heels and a dress climbs on back.

And she is done up nicely .. eye-catchingly nice. Bright colors.

And off they go on a "road-test". Her dress is blowing up in the breeze. And she has nice legs. Very nice. Nice everything.

They were gone a while. And she looked more than just wind-blown .. when they returned.

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So this is one of the reasons why I loved the Hippie. We were like a team against all these older, more experienced guys.

Especially when they would try to show us how much older and how much more experienced than us they were.

Me and the Hippie. We played well together. We held our own. We made a good team.

» Kerpa

And Kerpa. Kerpa is so excellent that I remember feeling bummed that I became his friend so late in high school.

I think he had also worked at the same gas station .. tho before me. He was a real mechanic. I just pumped gas and checked oil and told people when they needed a new water pump.

He had the coolest shack out in his backyard .. just for kids. That thing totally rocked. Like a small one-room guest house.

Kerpa .. he felt like a soul-mate.

I knew the Hippie better, way better. Cuz I spent more time with him. But I resonated even more naturally with Kerpa. I dont know if that even makes sense, but that's how it felt.

Kerpa had a sparkle in his eyes. (Not a glint, like Egan.)

After I quit work at the gas station, I had more time, and would stop by his place, sometimes.

But I am more of a one-on-one type-of-guy and Kerpa always had lots of friends around .. because he had that bitchin' hangout.

I dont know of anyone else who had their own hang-out like that. I dont know if he kept girls there overnight, but I would be surprised if he didnt.

Everybody loved Kerpa .. including me. Because he was downright lovable. He was always in such a happy, laughing, joking mood. I admired his social skills.

After our high-school graduation, he took me to a party .."Come on, I know where there's a great party with great people."

.. tho I forget where or who's house. Lots of people.

(That night is another story. That Kerpa is a fast runner .. let me tell you. Surprisingly fast.)

We ran in very different circles .. mainly because we lived at opposite ends of the town.

Kerpa too, like the Hippie, was also mature for his age .. more like an adult than a kid .. like me.

But since we have the gas station in common, it was easy to connect with him.

He was just the nicest guy to me. And I would have to imagine that he was like that with everybody.

Kerpa had advanced social skills. He could make himself comfortable no matter which group he might find himself among.

He knew how to make you feel good. (Not unlike the Dog.)

They say that you can tell alot about somebody by the people they hang out with. And that's true, you can.

These are the people who, in high school, I enjoyed hanging out with.

The end. ■

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