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» Can You Feel It Coming?

On the subject of change .. have you seen Jared's video » Walk on Water (Nov 8, 2017) ?

We are all related

Because the lyrics scream » "Times. Are. Changing."

Times are always changing. This is nothing new.

Sometimes times change more slowly, and sometimes (like now) they change fast. But times are always changing.

Speaking of times changing .. here is probably where I should welcome you to the New Age.

» Seemingly Separate Things are Actually Different Parts of the Same Thing

Speaking of the New Age .. did you know that .. as physicists learn more and more about the nature of our (physical) universe ..

.. they have discovered that what was once seen as being two separate things .. are actually different parts of the same thing? Such as is the case with » spacetime.

In other words, the more we come to know, the more we can see that things are more connected than we thought.

This is why I chose this particular image taken at 2:48 PM in South Dakota .. because this person says, "We are all related."

Certainly we are all part of the same species » homo sapiens (thinking man, wise man, and sometimes devious man).

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» Guys Wearing Pink Hats

Did you happen to notice that he was wearing one of those pink hats from the historic Women's march? They are being called "pussy hats".

Jared Leto pink hat

Notice the sign sitting here in this image that poses the personal question » What does America mean to you?

Semiotics » Giving Meaning to Things

This question gets over into the area of » semiotics, which is the study of meaning .. of giving meaning to things.

I will confess that this kind of thing gives me a total boner. I play with meaning myself. I experiment with it. I fuck around with it.

I intentionally give meaning to things in an unconventional way .. in order to see if it strikes a cord in somebody who might be feeling me.

Poetry is never far from semiotics .. from the place where you assign meaning to things. Or suggest meaning.

» The Danger in Giving Meaning to Things

This is actually dangerous territory .. assigning meaning to things. (Egan knows what I am talking about.)

I have gotten into trouble for assigning meaning to things that I should have left unassigned.

Everybody knows what I am talking about because everybody has made this mistake.

I have made this type of mistake more than once. More than twice. Hopefully not a lot more than twice, but definitely more than twice.

This is why I am so attuned to the concept behind semiotics .. because, from a prophetic sense .. the prophet is required to be honest and accurate with his vision.

» Kierkegaard Knows What I Am Talking About

Notice what it says about Kierkegaard here » He leaves the task of discovering the meaning of his works to the reader, because "the task must be made difficult, for only the difficult inspires the noble-hearted. <end quote>

Søren Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher, father of Existentialism (1813-1855)

I found interesting that passage, and the idea behind the reason for Kierkegaard's stated practice. I found this a thought-provoking statement .. for a number of reasons.

When I am reading something that tends to be on the more-esoteric side, I sometimes find myself wishing that the author would spell out a little more clearly exactly what they are trying to say. Not often, but sometimes.

» Write the Vision .. Make it Plain

As a writer, we might suspect that others are aware of the subtleties camouflaged of our text. But sometimes I feel the need to break it down in more detail.

So myself, I tend to be more willing to break things down in a clear sort of way. If I am intentionally trying to be vague, I will usually note this.

The Lord said to Habakkuk the prophet » "Write the vision .. make it plain."

Kierkegaard is saying that he is intentionally writing his vision in a way that is designed to be anything but plain.

» Maren Morris Knows What I Am Talking About

If I had a nickel for every time that I had the thought "What can I say here, and what can't I say here?" .. I would have a lot of nickels. I would be sitting on a big-ass pile of nickels.

I'd be rich. I bet that Maren Morris knows exactly what I am talking about here (at t=1:15).

Right now I am asking myself this very question. But anything that you practice long enough .. you develop a feel for. No? An intuitive feel.

» Am I Flexing Here?

[ I can hear a voice in the back of my head saying, "Dude, you are flexing here."

Do you think I am flexing? I am genuinely curious. Sometimes these crazy voices actually make sense.

In thinking more about this voice, I think it is the voice of my conscience saying this to the writer in me.

There is a part of me that evaluates writing, and what is being said in that writing, and how it is being said. And this part of me seems to be separate from the part that does the actual writing.

Because the independent writing evaluator will sometimes be impressed by what he reads.

And he is not easily impressed. ]

And naturally, this being honest with the vision will require him to be honest with himself.

This here is not as easy as it might sound. No, sir. Not hardly. Not even close. Not by a long shot. Go ahead and give it a try .. and you'll see what I mean.

So, while I may experiment extravagantly .. I am nonetheless deliberate in this area. And yes, there are boundaries and limits and places that I won't go. (Unless provoked, of course.)

And this is exactly where our country is having such an identity crisis right now .. because Americans are saying such different things .. about what America means to them.

Sometimes I will call attention to the meaning that others give to things .. and show how they compare-n-contrast with the meaning that others have given to the same things.

Or I will compare how the meaning given to things by others contrasts with the meaning given by the scriptures and by the prophets.

(Roland Barthes was very much into semiotics.)

» Pass Me Another Red Bull, Will Ya?

Red Bull canThat project on the Fourth of July must have been such a blast to work on.

I bet that they drank more than a few Red Bulls.

That thing kicked much ass.

You actually have to watch it few times .. because they crammed so much into it.

The juicy-juice.

I bet that they had a shitload of cool footage to work with.

They should do that every year.

The Fourth is my favorite holiday.

This video does a good job of revealing why I feel that way.

Call me Mr. Patriotic.

» Directly to Me

Maybe this is why I felt like he was talking directly to me at the very end, when Jared is walking away, and he calls out, "Happy Fourth of July."

That's a good trick .. how he did that.

I noticed that Marshall also has a new song out titled Walk on Water, which he performed on SNL with Skylar, and which was released on almost exactly the same day as Jared's Walk on Water. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

» Do the Math

Also on the subject of change .. like I was telling Ben Sasse » The average age of the Fox News viewer is 70. The life expectancy of a white American male is 80.

Results of 2016 Democratic primaries and caucuses among voters under 30 (at t=4:30)

You can do the math yourself. Or maybe Sean could help you crunch the numbers.

I wonder what Ronan Farrow thinks of that. Because he is 29.

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