Are We Really in Love? .. or Does it Just Feel Like It?

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» What a Groove

Speaking of hearing things in your voice .. this here is very cool.

Ariana singing Break Free in Sydney Sept 9, 2017

Look at your arm here. Your fully extended arm. Whenever you fully extend your arm like this, this is your way of saying, "You might wanna look around for something sturdy to grab hold of .. because I'm fixin' to bring the thunder."

» Deliberate

As someone who likes to put things into words .. the word that I would use to describe the way you did this arm-thing here .. would be » deliberate.

First you extend you arm forward. Then you sweep it back to the pictured image here. A very deliberate motion.

<ignore this intentional body-text marker>

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The term deliberate is defined as:

  1. Done with or marked by full consciousness of the nature and effects; intentional.
  2. Arising from or marked by careful consideration.
  3. Unhurried in action, movement, or manner.

Would you say, lover-girl, that I chose a good adjective to describe your arm-motion here?

I dont know why these things speak to me .. but they do. They clearly do. And the things that they are saying .. oh, my.

» Welcome to My World

Valentine Michael Smith | Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein (1961)Wow .. I confess that that makes me want to light you up.

In the worst way.

(I'm not trying to feel this way.)

I can feel you feeling it.

I can feel your ease .. the comfort that you have there.

The relaxed comfort.

I know that place.

It's not an easy place to get to.

Not at all easy.

Ease of mastery.

» More Woman, Less Girl

That's a good place to make love from.

If you really must know.

I mean, why hurry?

You are a dazzling creature.

I am so glad that we will always be in love forever.

» Flaws-n-All

There is nothing like knowing and being known by, truly known by, a beautiful creature .. with your flaws and all.

I bet that Tolstoy would agree with me here.

One loves the whole person just as they are

When you really love someone, then you accept them, flaws-n-all.

» Show Me the Man

This thing that you do at t=1:57 .. oh, my. That fucks me up.

It reminds me of the roller coaster thing that you do .. but this is definitely different.

I feel more maturity here from you. More woman, less girl. A fearless confidence.

Where does such wailing come from? I want to visit that place. This is exactly why I like singers. This is why I find you irresistible. Who can resist this kind of thing? Show me the man.

» You are Flexing Here

Oh, here it is at t=59:45. You are amazing. From this vantage point, you can see better this thing that you do with your arm. No pro football player ever did a better straight-arm. Flawless poetic perfection.

Ariana straight-arm Break Free Sydney Sept 9, 2017 t=1:01:34

You are flexing here. You are flexing your muscles. You are flexing your girly, singing, international popstar muscles.

When you go into that wailing thing that you do there .. you are flexing your skill set. Your impressive skill set.

I see you flexing, girly. Dont think that I missed that. I am very observant with girls like you.

And I am obviously impressed. You inspire me. I am going to have to think of something really good .. to pay you back for this.

» Does that Not Feel Like We are Making Love?

Is it just me .. or does that not feel like we are making love there?

I confess that a part of me is surprised that I am able to write such a thing and be totally serious about it .. because it really does feel that way.

I dont know what this means .. but I know that I like it.

» Making Love while In Love

Until now, I felt like I was in love with you .. but now I feel like I am making love with you.

I am not saying that it makes sense .. because it doesnt. But it probably wouldnt be a bad idea if you swing by Rite Aid on the way home and pick up one of those pregnancy test kits.

Girls tell me things like, "I have never felt anything like that before."

» The Writer's Search for Insights

And yes, my ego loves hearing shit like this .. sure. But it actually frustrates me, in a way, because I always operate on the other side of the fence. The gender fence.

So I really have nothing to compare her statement with.

And as a writer writing a love story to his lover .. he is naturally going to want to learn her perspective as to how he should put into words exactly what she means when she says, "I have never felt anything like that before."

Julia Michaels knows what I am talking about here. Notice where she says at t=1:45 »

"You basically learn about all these super-intense things that are happening in people's lives. And because they are trusting you to HELP THEM get all THEIR WORDS into a perfect puzzle piece .. there's just this beautiful connection that happens."

I was struck by the way she articulated that obviously intimate interaction .. by saying that the lyrics are really the singer's words, and not their own. And that she is just a helper for the singer to get their own words right.

And surely you can see how such an intimate, extended dialogue would make for fascinating conversation. No?

Girly, a part of me is freaking out right now that I am actually writing this stuff to you.

I can feel myself using you (and girls like you) as a mirror of sorts .. to try and see into you. I can feel myself studying you .. trying to glean things from you. Insights are things that the writer is always on the look-out for.

» Insights from a Woman's Perspective Played a Role in Writing the Greatest Novel Ever

Some people feel that Tolstoy is considered the author of the single greatest novel ever written .. in any language .. because of Sophia, his wife.

She would copy his writing every day and say things like, "Tatiana would never say such a thing, you silly man."

See .. men have limited vision into womanly things. Men simply do not get women .. certainly not on an intuitive basis.

I am not sure whether Tolstoy was actively seeking this advice from his wife .. but it is clear that she was providing him with it.

» The #1 Best Female Insight I Ever Got from a Super-Hottie

Remind me to tell you the #1 single best insight that I ever got from a super-hottie such as yourself. (Yes, I am teasing you here. Because I know you want to know what it is.)

It was very much a lightbulb moment and things improved markedly for me from then on. Almost in a dramatic sort-of-way.

The next thing you know .. super-hotties are walking up to me at gas stations at midnight and writing their numbers on the palm of my hand and telling me to call them.

Banktellers suddenly started telling me how much they enjoyed thumb-sucking as a child, and they assured me that such proclivities had elevated the craft to an art-form .. as might be expected with many years of diligent practice.

She was remarkably persistence. I wouldnt say 'relentless,' but definitely heading in that direction.

I could feel her reeling me in .. wearing me down .. my resistance .. a little more each week.

From a subtext point-of-view, it was like, each week, I was saying, "You're too young for me, girly." And she kept saying, "No I'm not."

And eventually she convinced me. She took me from "Not a chance" to "Why didnt I do this sooner?"

I could go on here, and my ego would like nothing better, I can assure you .. but you feel me.

I can tell you, however .. that when I heard her say this thing to me .. about how girls view guys .. this other girl, who gave me the #1 best insight into the female perspective of males ..

.. when I heard her say this thing, I thought, "You gotta be shittin' me .. you girls are making it too easy for me."

I was talking to Taylor about one of her lyrics that says, "Some boys are trying too hard."

It's not the same thing, but there are enough parallels with it to warrant mentioning that conversion here.

» Is It a Part of Me or Is It Separate?

When this writing thing takes over .. like it is now .. I can feel when that thing takes over. And yes, it is a very cool feeling.

I can feel myself wondering right now, "Is this writing thing a part of me, or is it a separate thing?"

I normally felt like it was a part of me .. but now it feels like something separate. This topic would make for an interesting discussion .. between all the voices in my head. This dialogue is very trippy.

» Feeling Comfortable Being Intimate with a Beautiful Creature

This means that I feel comfortable with you, girly. I also think that it means that I like you. Didnt I tell you that I have a thing for singers?

And didnt I tell you that I am cautious with girls like you? I am pretty sure that I did. (Because I am.)

Intimacy can be a terrifying thing .. because of the vulnerable aspect to it.

Sometimes when you are playing around at the thing .. particularly a thing that you really like .. sometimes you suddenly find yourself in an unexpected place that you never even knew existed.

This is where you tend to freak out .. because you lose the feeling of being in control of your life.

Here is where a person can either run back to the security of his comfort zone .. away from terrifying intimacy .. or he can look around a little and begin to explore his new (intimate) surroundings.

And perhaps someday he will be in a position where he can speak to such things. Because they are scintillating places.

» The Wait is Finally Over

I know that it took me a while .. but I like to go for the organic thing. That is what works for me.

I bet that Prince Harry and Meghan know exactly (at t=4:15) what I am talking about here.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle being authentic and organic

They are so in love. Making it work in an authentic and organic sort of way means that you have a better chance of weathering together the storms of life than come to us all. They do indeed seem to be vibing easily and effortlessly.

While we were making organic love there, girly .. I could almost hear you saying, "I've been waiting all year for this."

See, Ariana .. this is the problem with becoming interested in a girl. I mean, a guy may be genuinely and honestly interested with and by the soul of a beautiful creature .. but somehow, they always seem to end up in bed together.

If the universe wants you together .. then it's better to ride the universe's currents .. instead of trying to create your own. No?

I have found, girly .. and it has been my experience .. that, when the universe puts you with someone .. it is always better than what you could have ever done on your own. Much better. Waay better.

This is why you just want to be yourself .. as much as possible .. so that you get paired with someone or a group that is perfect for you.

This is also why I always try to catch the currents of the universe whenever they blow my way. What say ye regarding my life experiences?

After a session of vigorous love-making, I normally feel extremely relaxed. Perhaps this is why I am now finding it difficult to maintain consciousness.

I think that I am going to take a nap now.

» A Mind of Its Own

Tho I admit that my writer's hand was down inside your singer's panties way back on Page Three.

I remember writing, "Girly, I dont know how this keeps happening. What do you think it might mean?"

It's like my writer's hand had a mind of its own, at times. I was even telling Blow about it. And sometimes you provoke me.

» A Function of Being in the Right Place at the Right Time?

Dont you feel, sometimes, that these most improbable of things seem to be very much a function of » being in the right place at the right time?

» The Eddie Glenn Story

Remind me, girly, to tell you the Eddie Glenn story .. which is a story about being in the exact-right place at the exact-right time.

The Eddie Glenn story actually ties into what I was telling Selena .. how you need to keep doing the work .. toward personal growth .. even when it is difficult.

And even when you can't see any immediate advantage to doing so.

Rad note that this section here has been off-loaded to its own page, titled » The Place where Imagination becomes Reality. [ « Now there's a title that you dont see everyday. ]

At the end of that page, I have set a link that will return you right here.

» The Feeling of Being in Love

I once described the feeling of being in love as the feeling of » being exactly where you should be .. and that nothing else in the universe matters.

Human nature tends to want more of those things that bring pleasure .. and less of those things that bring pain. (Unless, of course, pain happens to bring you pleasure.)

» Away We Go

That soul-wailing thing that you do there takes me away to someplace far. Very far. Distant galaxies. Another universe entirely. And I'm not the only one feeling the love.

That's a good trick, girly. You'll have to show me how you do that sometime.

I like learning cool new tricks from super-hotties such as yourself. Many of my favorite tricks are ones that I have learned from girls like you.

You inspire me. You challenge me. You know what they say » "To whom much is given..."

» A New Day for Us

It's a new day. Doesnt it feel like a new day? You can't say that I didnt try to warn you.

I know what you were thinking, girly. You were thinking, "I should probably just go ahead and have sex with this guy and get it over with .. and get it out of my system .. so that I can finally get over this craziness and get my life back to normal again."

But this is not how it works. I tried to tell you.

Because now you know how incredibly good and satisfying it is .. how deeply satisfying. On a level that you did not even know existed.

So overwhelmingly satisfying that you did not even know it was possible to be so completely satisfied. It feels like this thing pervades the furthest reaches of your soul.

And fuck if you dont find yourself thinking about it .. recalling it, reliving it .. every now-n-then.

» Like I was Telling Fassbender

Girly, like I was telling Fassbender .. my wise, old weathered Texan-friend told me .. after 72 years of living hard and learning lots of shit about life ..

.. he summed up the total of his life-experience with the opposite sex by saying » "You want to find a young one and take good care of her. Because, after they've been fucked over a few times, they get bitter."

» That Unseen Irresistible Force

If two people are destined to be together by the fates, by the universe, by that unseen irresistible force .. do you feel that they will always end up together in the end?

Do you feel as tho they can try all they like go their separate ways, but in the end the universe will (somehow) conspire with the fates to bring them back together?

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Think about it and we'll talk more later.

Eureka » I Figured It Out

I figured it out, girly. I figured out why I feel like I am in love with you.

This actually came from a thing that I was pondering with Taylor about a new Spielberg movie ..

Ready Player One trailer | Can you feel that? t=0:55

.. which blurs the line between reality and the imaginary.

The reason(s) why I feel like I am in love with you [.. how's that for a way to start a sentence, girly?] is because I react to you. I respond to you. (It's not a sterile thing.)

And I react and I respond to you in an honest and heartfelt way. This is what lovers do.

I can see this now.

Honesty breeds trust. Trust breeds intimacy. Intimacy breeds all kinds of things that I am sure we will have much fun exploring together .. from the satanic to the divine.

Heh yourself, girly.

Notice how the beginning of this PBS video says that » "The fundamental nature of reality might not be physical at all."

The end. ■

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