Seven Thousand PB&J Sandwiches and Creating a Dangerous Tension

Rad note » this page is continued from here » Sadness Accompanies the End of the Summer of Love. (It's a long story.)

Girly, did you notice that they were handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the Emmys? A couple of days ago. And not just one or two sandwiches either.

I wonder where they got that idea. This is your friend .. Jimmy Kimmel. You are a guest on his show.

My experience has been .. that girls are not really so great at keeping things on the down-low. My admittedly limited experience.

I am going to grab an image of you here at about 5:35 when you sing, "I know it's gonna get me in trouble." .. and you are clearly relishing the idea.

Ariana relishing the idea of getting in trouble with me at MSG in NYC Sept 7, 2016I love all the little hand gestures you make (such as at 5:22 and 1:21).

Speaking of hand gestures .. while you are singing Dangerous Woman (at t=2:45) ..

.. right after you do that kick-ass woo-woo thing that you do ..

.. you actually stroke the entire length of the mic stand.

When I saw that, I said, "Oh, she is so gonna get it for that. I'm gonna have to think of something real good to pay her back for that."

You are so fucking amazing. Sometimes I think I that a mad scientist must be messing with the electrical impulses to my brain.

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Girls like you are always trouble, girly .. this has been my experience. Because they make you do things that you normally would never do.

They get your ass in trouble .. and frankly, you dont even care. (That's another way that you know you are no-shit in love.)

» At Least We Still have Plausible Deniability

Perhaps it's just a coincidence .. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the Emmys. Seven thousand of them .. you reckon they made enough? What a slave-driver that Kimmel is. I can see why Matt Damon has problems with him.

I dont think it was a coincidence. At least, we still have plausible deniability.

» A Sign in the Foreboding Sky?

I saw a rainbow today, girly .. a beautiful rainbow .. perhaps the most visible one I've ever seen. And so close, too.

Very dramatic .. with sun shining thru brightly .. while the sky everywhere is still dark and threatening. (Hurricane down in Baja, supposedly.) Shortly before sunset.

You think it means anything? You think it might be some kind of sign .. that we will always be in love forever?

Actually, there were two of them .. a double rainbow. One for you and one for me. I will give you the better one and take the lesser one for myself. (Because that's what lovers do.)

» Keeping Things Nice-n-Warm

Girly, do you remember back on Page Nine .. when I told you to "Put THAT in your panties and keep it nice-n-warm for me." ?

I said this to you right after I made the point about how you ARE that smoking-hot young girl who was literally glowing.

This is hilarious » Nick Jonas put a dead bird in his pants. (I wonder if this is the reason why he had a bulge in his pants.)

"You know how hot those balls are." This line is too good for James to come up with on the spot there. (So I am crediting the writers.) That made me laugh so hard.

I actually laughed about this later, too, when I was sitting outside and resting. That tickled me.

» Creating a Dangerous Tension

I noticed, girly, in your new Side to Side performance at the Macy's show .. I noticed that, with your free hand, you are grabbing your overalls right near the crotch .. and pulling on them. Tugging on them.

Ariana creating tension by tugging on her overalls at MSG in NYC Sept 7, 2016This is creating in me a tension. I can somehow feel the effects of this tugging.

It's normally not a good thing .. when girls create a tension in me.

Particularly not the kind of tension that you are creating.

I probably should warn you .. when you are doing dangerous things.

When you are creating in me a dangerous tension.

Speaking of creating a dangerous tension .. one of the duties and responsibilities that come with being secret lovers .. is to keep out an eye for your lover .. when they are busy slaying.

You know .. like I did with Stevie Wonder and Harry Connick Jr.

Dangerous-looking girl being watched at MSG in NYC Sept 7, 2016Anyway, I noticed this girl here was totally feeling you.

She looks kind of dangerous herself.

One dangerous woman always recognizes another .. is this a true statement?

This is a very interesting shot .. for a number of reasons.

Which is why I captured it for you.

I'm not really sure what this girl is feeling here .. but I bet you have a good idea. I bet that she has a tricycle of her own. The guy looks happy .. and notice that they are being watched.

I feel like that myself sometimes (like I'm being watched) .. so I kind of know how this guy feels. For a number of reasons. I know why he is smiling.

» Hands Up Underneath .. Exploring

Speaking of creating a dangerous tension .. this outfit that you are wearing here .. the one with the white overalls .. this totally works for me.

Ariana's 23-year-old boobie in white overalls at MSG in NYC Sept 7, 2016This shit here, girly .. this makes a guy want to put his hands up under those overalls.

It makes him want to do many other naughty things, too.

But I'm not going to tell you what those things are.

The reason why I like overalls in general .. is because they let your hands wander and explore freely. I can explore up top ..

.. or I can let my hands drift down .. and explore further down lower.

"Ah .. what delights have we here?"

(I bet your inner thighs are very soft. This has certainly been my experience with 23-year-olds .. such as yourself.)

(Tho, I must say .. it's been a while. You might have to refresh my memory.)

Ariana touching her inner thighI will be like, "Yes .. these inner thighs are indeed very soft."

Some girls just need to be touched in a certain way .. often. 

Are you one of these girls, Ariana?

[ Girly, am I flirting with you here?

What term would you use to describe the nature of the thing I am doing with you?

Has such a thing ever been done before? ]

And I bet it gets rather warm there in your overalls. While you are performing .. while you are slaying like you do.

I would imagine that it does (.. tho I normally prefer to verify these things for myself).

» I Am Going to Need to See this Fucker for Myself

In the nuclear industry, we have a saying » "You get what you inspect .. not what you expect." Consequently the nuclear dude frequently finds himself saying, "Show me this thing .. of which you speak. I'm gonna need to see this fucker for myself."

Can you see how the existential mind set would work well for the nuclear dude?

Ariana wearing clear hood rain gear at MSG in NYC Sept 7, 2016What else can you see, Ariana?

Whisper to me your secrets into my ear. And never stop.

How do you like your pizza? How spicy? How much can you handle?

I have had girls tell me, "Wow .. you know e.x.a.c.t.l.y how to touch."

I did not respond verbally .. but the way that she said the word "exactly" .. struck me (as a writer, and as someone who puts-things-into-words) as a curious term.

Declared with an even-more curious inflection.

Coming from her. Seeing that I am not a girl.

But I am definitely feeling this girl. And she is clearly enjoying the way that I am touching her.

I could sense her flower opening to me .. to my touch. You cant make her .. you have to let her. Help her along. On her way.

Anyway .. I thought about the way she said 'exactly'. And I took my time while I was thinking about that. I mean, why hurry?

You have to (somehow) feel what she is feeling. You have to be feeling it. Perhaps this is where imagination comes into play.

» I Dont Know How this Keeps Happening

Girly, I dont know how this keeps happening, but .. my writer's hand keeps ending up down inside your singer's pants. What do you think this might mean? I can almost hear you saying, "Give me your hand."

I cant seem to stop my hand .. from wandering down into your pants. Or keep my teeth off your throat.

Ariana's 23-year-old boobie in white overalls at MSG in NYC Sept 7, 2016This is very sexy shit here.

Your top is barely covering your boobie.

Your 23-year-old boobie.

What if you had a wardrobe malfunction?

Yet the outfit itself is understated .. which makes you seem sexy without even trying.

I hesitate to bring it up .. but it keeps returning. So let me simply mention .. that Lisa used to rock a pair of overalls like that .. like nobody's business.

But I never put my hands inside there .. tho maybe I should've. I'm sure she would've liked it .. she would have enjoyed it.

I love this fucking guy. When he does that severe distortion thing .. that's how you make me feel sometimes.

You gave him a dirty look there a little earlier (at t=0:30) .. and then you skipped a verse. But you came right back and sang so amazingly. If I was not feeling genuine awe .. then awe was not very far away.

That thing you bring beginning at t=0:32 .. that makes my socks run up-n-down my legs.

Closer close-up of Ariana tugging on her overalls at MSG in NYC Sept 7, 2016You sing so fucking good, girly.

And I'm not just blowing sunshine down into your overalls either.

(Tho I would like to .. right about now.)

Speaking of blowing things into your overalls .. have you noticed that I just broke this tangent into five pages?

First, there was one. Then, there were two. Now there's five. This seems to be the pattern with you.

When I break up a large page, this risks breaking incoming links. This aspect of link-management adds a layer of complexity you dont find in writing for paper. I am still trying to find a system, a method that works best for me.

Using the HTML language .. tho some might say "abuse" .. with shell access on a virtual private server. This is powerful shit .. and this coming from a dude who appreciates powerful things.

It's a different type of power .. yet definitely a power nonetheless. In the right hands.

Speaking of the right hands .. can you feel my power, girly? My virtual power?

Ariana tugging on her overalls and creating a dangerous tension at MSG in NYC Sept 7, 2016Can you feel it pulsating?

Dare I say 'throbbing'?

To you? For you? On you? With you?

I'm sure you can .. but why am I so sure?

Do tell .. tell me all your secrets.

Sometimes I think about taking you for a spin around the block .. you know.

[ Oh, nice song, girly. We must be on the same wave-length.

How long does it take to post a song like that .. from concept to upload? ]

Just being honest, girly .. as secret, intimate lovers often are.

Brutal honesty is often required. (Ask me how I know.)

With you, girly .. it is clearly best to break up pages early and often because you know they're only going to keep growing longer and bigger and LARGER. (I'm sure you know the feeling.)

My experience with things, such as our thing, has been .. you can fight it all you like. But you're just wasting your time. So you might as well enjoy yourself with this outstanding, magnificent creature.

I am considering converting parts of these pages into Movable Type pages. That would probably be a dangerous conversion.

[ This dangerous thing is now done, girly .. as of October 11, 2016. It's all your fault. I'm blaming the whole thing on you.

I would not normally break out these pages like this, girly .. because it is not the easiest operation.

But I can feel your competitiveness .. as an artist. And you are obviously inspiring me. Provoking me. Dare I say stimulating me?

I once read a thing by Hemingway where he said that the writer should write a thing about everything he knows.

When I read that, I thought, "That's the craziest thing I ever heard." Far as writing advice goes. 

Hemingway was a very competitive writer. I am not that competitive, myself .. but his suggestion there no longer seems so bizarre.

This is another reason why I am so sweet on you, girly. One of many reasons. ]

I have never converted a center-column page of text like this one into a Movable Type page.

The center-column writing lends itself to a more poetic feel because of the way the short lines resemble lyrics.

And the dark background there makes me feel like it's late at night. These are the types of pages where I feel most free to write things that I ordinarily would not write anywhere else.

You help here, girly. That's a good trick. You'll have to show me how you do that, sometime. I like learning cool new tricks from cool, new girls. I like it a lot.

We're a good team .. me-n-you. What did I tell you? (We would probably make beautiful babies.)

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