Sadness Accompanies the End of the Summer of Love

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Girly, I was feeling kind of sad earlier today .. that tomorrow is the last (full) day of summer. The summer of love.

Autumn begins on Thursday the 22nd at 7:21 AM PDT.

Thank you for making my summer so cool .. so much fun. How can I ever adequately express my gratitude?

» The End of Love?

Did you notice that Brad and Angelina announced their split today? Maybe that's why I was feeling sad. Even Dr. Drew says that it's going to be ugly.

Do you find it at all curious .. that they announced their break-up at the end of the summer of love? Mere coincidence?

I saw at least one headline that read » The End of Love

If they would've waited until tomorrow, then news would have came on the very last day of summer.

I like them both .. and have for a long time. I respect them both. Let's wish them both the best (.. for the kids' sake).

I think that they made it much l.o.n.g.e.r than anybody ever expected.

Dont you find it interesting, however .. that Ang just wrote a script for a movie where she kicks Brad out of bed?

Kind of prophetic, no? (You can feel these coming .. and going.)

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Of the two, I think that most people consider Angelina the superior soul. Dare I say the more noble soul? And that she was a big part of the reason why Brad was kicking such ass professionally.

Sure, I could be wrong. But that was certainly my impression. She has an otherwordly aspect to her .. does she not?

» Selena Involved?

What do you think of the rumor .. that Selena is somehow involved in this break-up? Boy, I could really hold forth there .. on the dynamics of such a thing.

When that animal magnetism grabs hold of you .. you just try to hold on best you can. Hold on for dear life.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This image here will no doubt save me much writing. It's obvious they are feeling each other .. I can see why Ang would be upset.

Chemistry between Brad and Selena at the 2016 Golden Globes January 10I am catching the love-buzz just looking at this photo.

My experience has been .. that girls are not so good at keeping things on the down-low.

My admittedly limited experience.

Certainly anyone with a pulse could see how such mutual-attraction could be activated here.

Between Brad and Selena.

This does not require much imagination.

You can certainly try to fight it .. but sometimes, when the chemistry is right, it is simply stronger than you are.

[ We have been talking about precisely such attraction for many pages now.

Particularly how young girls, such as yourself, come with a certain sex-appeal .. that is no small thing to deal with.

It's not so easy to fight against mother nature as you might imagine. Not hardly.

Dangerous is definitely the word I would use. ]

» Able to Refuse?

Do you think that Selena would be able to refuse an invitation from Brad? Do I think that Brad would be able to refuse an invitation from Selena? (Do you really want to know the answer to that question?)

Didnt I just tell her that she can have any guy she wants? (Tho I wasnt thinking about married dads.)

Brad and Selena together againThis picture here will probably save me another thousand words.

They are well on their way to la-la land .. no?

[ Update Nov 3, 2016 » Speaking of la-la land .. check this out.

Emma Stone plays an aspiring actress.

I couldnt help but notice that Ryan Gosling, who co-stars with Emma here, was also in that movie with Brad and Selena .. the Big Short. Small world, no?

What chemistry they have .. singing and dancing. I was totally enchanted.

Speaking of chemistry .. we should go see this movie together when it comes out. (Bring spare panties with you.) People are already talking Best Picture Oscar.

Also today, did Jennifer Aniston really pay Selena a visit at her Tennessee rehab? Of all the people to visit her .. Jennifer Aniston? (Brad's ex)

Do you find that at all curious? (I noticed that Angelina didnt pay her a visit.)

What secret things do you think Jenn told Selena? Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

< end update Nov 3, 2016 chemistry in La La Land and Jenn pays Selena a visit > ]

Selena has the look that says » "You had me at 'hello'."

She made a nice, little cameo in The Big Short (Dec. 2015, highly rated), which Brad was also in.

Brad not only appeared in this award-winning film, but he also helped produce it. (I loved that film. I could kiss everybody who helped make it.)

So I wonder if he was responsible for casting her.

And I couldnt help but notice that a producer is one of the things that Selena specifically mentions .. as what she is looking for in a guy that she would be "so stoked" to be with.

I bet.

It didnt raise an eyebrow back when I first read that. But it does now. As the pieces of the puzzle begin to come togther.

Just the mere rumor of having a thing with Brad Pitt .. what does this do to a girl's sense of self-esteem?

Older married men falling for younger sexy girls .. this is nothing new. Old as time itself. Well, the time of homo sapiens .. the ultimate carbon-based life-form here in the twenty-first century.

And these singers come with that dazzle factor. They get out there on stage and dazzle audiences .. no matter how big or small. Like it's nothing.

That definitely works a guy. No doubt about it. I dont care who you are. You will be feeling the effects of her force field.

And God help you if you if you have a thing for singers.

Selena fully reclined on the bed in pink-n-black Vogue Australia September 2016With his years of experience as a monster advantage ..

.. Brad would be able to completely dazzle her.

If he wanted to.

(Very much like what I am doing with you right now, girly.)

We'll talk more about this later .. I'm very much interested in hearing your thoughts.

Your insights on the subject.

» Keep a Private Journal of Your Fascinating Lives and Experiences

I have been telling you girls .. that you need to keep an active journal of this cool shit you are living. (Or you can just call me every night. .. and I will write it all down for you. Or you can just drop by yourself.)

Then, during a lull in your schedule, you can sit down with a gifted, talented, handsome writer.

Who can put his thing to your enchanted lives. Or maybe we'll call Mary for help. (Probably not Naya, tho.)

I can almost see one of Selena's entries:

"Dear Journal, today Brad Pitt stopped by after the show. To say hi and grab a photo. He left me with a smile on my face. A big smile. For many reasons. Many wonderful reasons. Too wonderful for words. Which is why I cant stop smiling. I really couldnt help myself."

The quote I found most telling was » "Angie blew a gasket when she saw Selena's Instagram, and heard through friends about how Brad and Selena flirted so shamelessly."

Notice in particular the word » shamelessly. Maybe I'll return to comment on that. Because it speaks to me .. tho I am not yet ready to tell you what it says.

But that quote there does indeed make the story more believable for me. (I know you want to know why.) What were they accused of doing so shamelessly, Ariana?

» Ignoring the Obvious

I wont even delve into the obvious .. that Angelina is 41 and Selena is 24. But I could. And really, she was only 23 in that photo of her with Brad .. because she just had a birthday a couple of months ago.

Nor will I delve into the fact that he's old enough to be her father. But again, I could.

Nor will I delve into the fact that children are involved and Brad is accused of doing horrible things. I was never accused of doing drugs or drinking, tho. (One of the few things that I was not accused of.) All the years that I was with her, I never did any drugs. Not even once. For years.

For me, recreational drugs are usually a function of the girl I am with. If she does, then I will join her; if she doesnt, then I dont. And I've never been much of a drinker .. one and done.

Speaking of not being much of a drinker or a smoker ...

» A Swarm of Powerful Emotions .. Not Far Beneath the Surface

I saw my radiation oncologist today. He is so fucking smart .. I feel smarter just hanging around him. He has a new nurse .. she's from Chicago. (You know Chicago.) She is lots of fun. I like her.

Moores Cancer Center in La Jolla | Main Lobby

She actually came out to the waiting room and got me herself, and even took my vitals. They normally have a less qualified person do this.

When she said, "You probably know so-n-so .. I'm her replacement." .. I was instantly interested.

These nurses have many impressive certifications.

She is a contractor .. not a permanent employee. Contracting involves a number of pros and cons. I am very much familiar with contracting myself .. so we hit it right off.

[ Contracting requires, among other things, that you have confidence in your skill set, in your ability to wield those skills, and particularly in the marketability of your skills.

I was very surprised to hear that they hired her without even talking to him. (My radiation oncologist.)

Why would they ever do that? Especially when they are going to be spending so much time together.

Some of the people who work for him are a little scared of him. But I wont get into details.

She even told me (when I asked) how much per diem they pay her. Living expenses. Because I was per diem whore myself .. for many years.

They pay her well. When she told me how much they pay her, I wanted to say, "You suck." But I didnt yet know her well enough.

If you want to woo the best talent, you have to pay them well. And treat them well .. and let them know that you appreciate their skill set. ]

She is living the life .. living life large. If I were living down there, I would probably live in MIssion Beach, too.

Catamaran Resort on Mission Bay in San Diego near Seaworld

She hooked up with a bunch of friends from back home .. and has her own, little Kardashian thing going on. (Without the cameras, of course.)

I like people who know wtf they're doing. We all need to educate ourselves .. by becoming students of what we do. (« You can reread that last sentence .. if you so desire.)

I did not flirt with her, tho. (I never flirt when I am already in love. I mean, what's the point?)

My oncologist said that I look great. I am on a 6-month check-up schedule with him. When this guy examines you .. you know you have been examined.

It's kind trippy .. not having been there for six months. This is the longest I have been away since treatment. I used to go every day .. for months. Like a home away from home.

I could feel a whole host of powerful emotions swarming not far beneath the surface. Nice to be back under these circumstances. .. where I am now 20 months out.

While I was there, I saw them wheel in a number of people who were clearly not so fortunate.

» Riding the Hormone Roller Coaster

A few days ago, I ran out of this new thyroid hormone that I have been taking. I thought that they would give me enough pills for the next check-up. But I was wrong.

So I started taking this synthetic hormone for a month, and then I stopped for a few days (ran out). And now today I'm back on 'em (refill, baby). I could feel this emotional roller coaster working me hard down there at Moores.

I think this is why I was riding an emotional roller coaster the whole day. (I wont even get into how the pharmacy fucked up my dosage.)

Selena and James Corden on a roller coasterThe cancer survivor feels like these oncologists helped save his life. So he naturally feels much appreciation for them.

The clinical trials girl stopped by, too, to say hi. She is my favorite person at Moores. When I was in deep, dark places .. she was there. And she knew how to help. In a way that worked for me.

She said that the number of people handling clinical trials there at Moores has more than doubled (from 30 to 70) since she and I started working together.

Each one handles about 20 different trials. Each trial with two or three patients. That'll keep you hopping.

Speaking of things that work for me ...

Did you see the full moon .. a few days ago? The last full moon of the summer? The summer of love.

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