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I missed you, too, lovergirl. You dropped off the radar there for a while. (Good for you.)

More than once I caught myself thinking, "I wonder what she's up to. I wonder where she is right now."

Dove has been keeping me company .. while you were away. She said that you said it would be totally cool.

From a lusciously reclined position she patted the mattress beside her and said, "Why dont you come lie down here and tell me all about your experiences with lovers who retain childlike features?"

This is when I thought, "Now I know how Justin Bieber must feel."

She was just saying the other night how proud of you she is.

» Ooh La La on the Rooftop

Welcome back, girly. The time off has obviously done wonders for you.

Oh la la on the rooftop

Ooh la la. You are turning into a grown-ass woman right before our very eyes. It is an awesome thing to behold.

When I was working with this image of you here on the rooftop, the voice in my head said to me, "You are not worthy."

"I'm not gonna let that stop me," I thought.

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» You Will Never Get to the End of this Girl

I saw you on Jimmy Fallon yesterday. About halfway through your performance, I hit the space bar to pause you.

As I was studying you, the voice in my head said, "You will never get to the end of this girl. I dont know why you keep looking."

Girls who continually grow and develop and expand their skill-set .. these types of girls force the guy to grow himself.

If the guy does not grow along with such a girl .. he will be left behind.

» St Vincent Waxes Rhetorical

( What do you think of the lyrics in the song by St Vincent » Los Ageless, where she repeatedly poses the question » "How can anybody have you and lose you and not lose their mind too?" Here is a recent interview with her. )

It is more difficult and challenging to deal with and adapt to an ever-evolving woman.

If it doesnt challenge you, it doesnt change you (at t=3:36)

Guys sometimes want to limit and suppress and emotionally encapsulate a woman.

The fighter pictured practicing in this image here is TJ Dillashaw. He might very well be the best UFC bantam weight fighter ever.

TJ Dillashaw UFC 227 Staples Ctr Los Angeles 4 Aug 2018

Key word » ever. He is a bad motherfucker. And he knows it. What a feeling this must be.

I actually used that particular image for the statement posted on the wall there » If it doesnt challenge you, it doesnt change you.

This statement encapsulates a mindset that I am familiar with. I could write untold volumes on the mindset behind this statement.

But suffice to say that I can feel you challenging me in such a way. In such a fashion. In a transformative sort of way.

Heh yourself, girly. I know how you want it. Dont make me take off this jacket. The last time that a girl made me take off my jacket .. uh, I should not finish this sentence. I should not incriminate myself like that.

» A Sense of Satisfaction that Permeates Even the Furthest Reaches of Your Soul

Ideally, a man will say, "I want you to grow and develop and become everything that will fulfill your deepest heart's desire .. so as to satisfy the furthest reaches of your soul in ways that you did not even know were possible."

The Wizard and I | NBC's A Very Wicked Halloween (29 Oct 2018)

But in practice, the man sometimes feels like he wants to get a handle on this woman. Or, something that feels like a handle .. that is not continually morphing into an ever-more complex and powerful thing.

Certainly insecurities would precipitate such feelings faster .. but I feel that even secure men are subject to such things.

I could go in a million different directions from here .. but I am too smart for that.

» Men Trying to Understand Women

I remember when I was first getting to know the wow girl .. how I had the feeling, "This girl is a wild animal. You will not be able to domesticate her. Just try to get to know her .. because she is a fascinating creature."

I bet that Maggie and her girlfriends know what I am talking about here.

Maggie Gyllenhjaal talks women's sexuality with THR (24 May 2018)

This is a fascinating conversation. As a man, I almost feel like I am not supposed to be hearing this .. like I am a fly on the wall.

She actually reminds me of the Dog here .. how he is able to go ahead and say things that are incredibly vulnerable and personal .. like it's nothing.

That's not easy to do. Go ahead and give it a try and you'll see what I mean.

I could write a whole page on the things that she is saying here. I noticed how she begins by saying, "It is impossible for a man to entirely understand the feminine experience."

I thought of how Tolstoy's wife (Sophia) helped guide him in his understanding of the feminine psyche .. while he was writing what many consider to be the greatest novel ever written .. in any language.

Maggie is obviously very comfortable in her sexuality.

» I Saw the Little Girl in Her Rise to the Surface

When I flirt with and tease about the idea of sharing my experiences lying with lovers who retain childlike features .. there are a number of girls who fall into this category.

But the wow girl is chief among them.

Sometimes, late at night .. after a day of fun and whatnot .. I would see, there in the candlelight, I would see the little girl in her rise to the surface .. so to speak.

It was such a remarkable thing that I am not even sure that I can put it into words. Which is probably why I have been dragging my writer's feet.

When I wrote about the wow girl » "More than other women I have known, she seemed to bleed-through .. her soul to her skin" .. this is part of what I was talking about there. A good part.

It was very much a remarkable and awesome thing to behold.

» When Bad Things Happen to Beautiful Creatures

I took the dark path there .. after I wrote this sentence about how her soul seemed to bleed through to her skin. But there was also the other side .. when she was happy. When she very happy.

I remember thinking, "I feel like I've died and gone to heaven." There were a number of times when I felt like that.

Amber Heard descending spiral stairs in London Fields (June 2018)

It felt like I was living in a different universe .. a universe that I didnt even know existed. And I knew that I liked it there in that universe. I liked living there. I liked it a lot.

How to put this into words? How to put into words what it was like to live in this universe? The thought of it makes me feel sad .. for some reason.

I felt a similar sense of sadness near the end of this trailer for the new Whitney Houston biopic.

Whitney Houston (1963-2012)

When bad things happen to beautiful creatures .. especially those who deserve them least .. this is a sad thing. Very sad.

We should go see this movie together. I'll buy the popcorn. I would be very interested to hear your opinions. (All of them)

I know this cool candlelit Cuban joint where we could go afterwards and find a quiet corner to converse. They make the best mojito.

We'll blow out the candle on the table .. so no one will be able to recognize us.

» Watching Madonna Sing Like a Prayer at the Met Gala

Speaking of beholding remarkable things right before your very eyes .. girly, I know that you saw Madonna sing Like-a-Prayer at the Met Gala.

Madonna at the Met Gala (7 May 2018)

That had to be very cool. I see that Madonna can be a sneaky little shit herself sometimes.

It must have been a very cool experience .. because I am mentioning it right here .. next to this other very cool experience.

That had to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience .. with the chapel-like stone acoustics there at the Met.

Madonna singing Like a Prayer at the Met Gala (7 May 2018)

Tell me that this was not one of the coolest things you have ever seen.

[ I know you are sweet on Madonna. She didnt have to give you that banana, you know.

She is a Detroit girl. My experience with Detroit girls .. uh, not the best. Not even second-best.

If you get in a fight, you want a Detroit girl on your side. Because they know how to fight dirty. (Ask me how I know.) ]

I was struck by the quality of her vocals. I had the idea that, as people age, their vocal cords are less capable than those of a younger person.

But Madonna sounded so good in parts that her performance surprised me and arrested my attention.

» When a Certain Song Becomes Forever Associated with a Season in Your Life

I specifically referenced this song by Madonna .. as being one that is associated with a distinctive part of my life.

When I hear that song, I think back to this period in my life. The memories are still vivid.

(Sneaking out of her room at the crack of dawn and creeping quietly down the hallway .. after she first verified that the coast was clear. A pat on the butt as I headed out the door .. as if to say, "Good job last night." They had put her up at this really nice, resort-like place.)

It was during this period when I experienced some remarkable things during a brief, but intimate relationship with a powerful woman.

» I Did Not Know that Girls Like This Even Existed

I remember thinking, "I did not know that girls like this even existed."

I was not ready for a girl like that. It was like she was able to go further than me in both directions. She kind of made me feel inadequate, at times.

I said to Nana one time, "Nana, what did you think about that girl I brought by here last time?"

Nana was wearing her oven mitts and pulling a yummy casserole out of the oven .. when she said, "She's too good for you."

Then she said, "Oh, honey .. this thing is done. Put down a couple potholders on the counter there for me." .. like it wasnt a difficult question that she had to think about very hard.

Nana is a good cook. And she makes it look easy.

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