You are a Dazzling Creature

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» Such a Sneaky Little Shit Surprises Coachella Big-Time

I saw you at Coachella, too. You can be such a sneaky little shit sometimes. (I like that about you. You should give lessons to Paul Manafort.)

Nobody had a clue. How fun to surprise them like that. I hope you said hi to Mr. Kygo for me.

I often listen to his remix of Sexual Healing. It is a good writing vibe.

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» You are a Dazzling Creature

What does that feel like .. when you stroll out onto the stage .. into that blinding zillion-watt light, and you hear the Friday-nite crowd scream like that?

Ariana Coachella surprise (21 April 2018)

What does that feel like? I can only imagine. I think that this must feel pretty fucking cool.

Do you think that young girls live vicariously through you? To a degree?

You are a dazzling creature. I must really have a thing for singers. I mean, who doesnt? Who can resist this kind of thing?

Ariana looking ghost-like while singing No Tears Left to Cry at Coachella (Friday, 20 April 2018)

Show me the man.

» I Dont Know If I Can Put This Into Words

You sang Sexual Healing live at Coachella.

Ariana singing Sexual Healing live with Kygo at Coachella | Friday, 20 April 2018

There is no end to your huevos rancheros. What am I going to do with you?

The effect that this had on me .. hearing your voice on a song that I have heard so many times before ..

.. uh, this was very trippy. I mean, Marvin's voice is still there.

I dont know if I am able to put this into words .. but I know that I like it.

That is beyond a doorstop delivery. That gets close. Very close.

I see how you work, girly. I see your tricks. You are full of surprises.

» Sing Me a Song and I'll Tell You a Story

While I was listening to this version of the song which contains no video .. which causes the listener to focus more on the voice .. I heard something inside say to you, "Sing me song .. and I'll tell you a story."

You sang this song in the desert. I would be lyin' if I said that I never got any sexual healing in the desert. And there are people who know that I would be lyin'.

There is definitely a therapeutic aspect to the desert .. wouldnt you say?

» Vibing Easily and Naturally with Marvin

I like Marvin Gaye. I like the Marvin Gaye vibe. I vibe with the Marvin Gaye energy.

Marvin Gaye | I Want You

I was raised Catholic. I went to public schools, not Catholic grade school, like Lance & Egan did. Or like both my parents did.

But after church on Sunday, I had to go to an hour of Sunday school .. in order to be indoctrinated. For years I went to these classes.

Catholics view sex as something to feel guilty and dirty about. They do not see sex as the beautiful thing it is.

It actually took me some time and effort in order to move beyond the negative programming about sex. Diligent effort.

This is probably where I resonate with Marvin Gaye most .. where he views sex as the beautiful, therapeutic thing that it is.

Here is the official video for Sexual Healing.

Although I like many of his other songs, too .. such as Trouble Man and What's Going On? and Make Me Wanna Holler.

And especially » Let's Get It On. I should probably not mention » Distant Lover .. for obvious reasons.

He sings really good, too. His personal life was also interesting.

I have already written a little about Marvin Gaye in a page titled » Do You Want Mommy to Find You a New Daddy? (« Now there's a title you dont hear everyday.)

His dad shot him in the chest with a shotgun .. and then walked up and shot him again at point-blank range.

What kind of dad would do something like this? .. to his own son? .. to his own flesh-n-blood?

I bet that Marvin's dad was the type to harbor grudges. Festering grudges.

» I Am So Glad that We Will Always be in Love Forever

Why do I feel like I can most easily be myself with a singer? I know that it certainly feels this way .. but I am not sure that I really understand the mechanics behind it.

You know how geeks are always trying to figure out shit.

Anyway .. after I get done trying to wrap my head around you (this ever-expanding thing that you are) ..

Ariana singing No Tears Left to Cry in vertical video (4 May 2018)

.. I always think, "I am so glad that we will always be in love forever."

Girly, you are so cute sometimes that I can hardly stand it.

I want to climb inside your head here .. in this image of you that I captured from the vertical video. I want to climb inside your head in the worst way.

(Dove knows what I am talking about here.)

Sometimes the voice in my head says to me, "I think you really like this girl."

To which I say, "Ya think?"

You know .. this is the kind of thing that people do when they are in love.

You are so gonna get us in trouble.

Remind me to tell you about this place I know .. where it feels like you're exactly where you should be .. and that nothing else in the universe matters.

» Feeling Love vs Feeling IN Love

On the subject of being in love .. have you seen this new video (24 May 2018) by Azealia Banks, titled » Anna Wintour?

Azealia Banks feels in love in Anna Wintour (24 May 2018)

Where the lyrics in her chorus are » "Now I feel in love, babe."

Notice that she doesnt say, "I feel love." Rather she says the she feels IN love.

There is a big difference between feeling love and feeling IN love.

When you feel love, you feel like you HAVE love. But when you feel IN love .. it feels like love HAS YOU.


I have described the feeling of being IN love as being where it » feels like every cell in your body is happy.

Does not Azealia seem like every cell in her body is happy .. here in this video? 

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