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» Feeding the Artist's Soul

Witnessing and experiencing art at a high level of accomplishment and skill .. this feeds the artist's soul. Does it not?

I heard you tell Liza that Vera Wang was your date for the evening. I hope you said hi for me. And to Anna, too. Nuclear Wintour. (That's not just any date .. to the Met Gala.)

Oh, here is Azealia Banks with a song titled » Anna Wintour (24 May 2018). Catchy tune. Healthy woman. She's got some serious high-beams. Good dancer.

» We Must be Vibing with the Renaissance

Speaking of Vera Wang. I saw your dress, too. I should probably not say what I thought of .. when I saw you wearing Michelangelo (1475-1564).

We must be vibing, lovergirl, with the Renaissance .. because I just got this bio on Leonardo (1452-1519) by Walter Isaacson.

Something tells me that Jay-Z & Beyonce are vibing with us.

Beyonce and Jay-Z taking in Leonardo's Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Apeshit (16 June 2018)

(If I am caught vibing with you and the Carters .. people might think that I am part of the Illuminati. This is why it is going to be hard to keep secret this next level.

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» The Volcano Effect

The longer you keep it secret, the more spectacular the effect when you no longer can. I call this the 'volcano effect.' Mona Lisa was painted 1503-1506.)

They released an entire collab album, including this Apeshit video, completely unannounced and unexpected .. on the Father's day weekend, no less.

The video feels muscular to me .. artistically muscular. Gorgeous images everywhere you look. This is what feeds the artist's soul and breathes new life into him.

» Colorful Vernacular Used Among Friends

Apeshit is a colorful word. I have used it myself .. but it only for a very specific types of things. "Going apeshit."

Oh, you can actually hear a girl speak this word aloud here. I didnt think that it was a real dictionary word. I thought that it was just a private word for those in the know.

Apeshit is a real dictionary word .. that cracks me up.

(Remind me to tell you the story about how Mark Monday and I got in trouble in sixth grade science class for a word that we used in the report that we were assigned to write on the reproductive process of wolves. The teacher was so fucking mad at us. He was yelling at us .. and we honestly couldnt understand why he was so mad. In retrospect, it's a funny story.)

They define the term as (North American vulgar slang) »

  1. express wild excitement or anger
  2. out of control due to anger or excitement
  3. awesome

I used it to describe the way that the ladies went for Joe Getty, who was my boss when I worked at a gas station in high school.

I might have to think about it .. but apeshit is a word that you only use around close friends. Your homies.

In this way, it is like the phrase "You gotta be shittin' me." In that it has a very narrow, specific use.

There may be slight variations on a theme, but the phrase "You gotta be shittin' me." basically means » "This seems too good to be true .. so therefore, somebody must be shittin' me .. fucking with me."

They use this phrase in the movie The Martian when they find out that Matt Damon's character is still alive (on Mars).

My sense is that you dont choose to use this phrase .. but rather, it comes naturally and spontaneously.

It is a phrase that tries to express the sense of seeming disbelief .. where it is difficult to believe what you are actually seeing.

» How is He Making that Sparkly Stuff Fall Down on You?

Anyway .. this book on Leonardo is so good that it feels like sparkly stuff is raining down on me while I am reading it.

It feels like I have to grow as a person in order to receive this thing full strength. Leonardo .. his eyes follow me around the room.

It is a surprisingly heavy book. I think that they used some extra-nice paper. Speaking of the paper used .. I really like that this book falls open nicely, similar to the way that a Moleskine does .. even tho it is 600 pages.

Walter is an impressive motherfucker. He has got some kind of super-powers operating. He is spooky .. in a good sort of way.

I remember reading beautiful passages in his book on Einstein and thinking, "This is flawless writing."

» Crafting Sentences with Loving Care

In the technical world, you need to say things more precisely. Your statements must be crafted with more care.

My background gives me some insights into the technical world that Einstein was describing. And I remember being struck by how perfectly these sentences were crafted.

He was describing technical things while continuing to weave an evocative narrative .. the best of both worlds, so to speak.

This was the area where I was starting to feel jealous.

I remember wondering, "Is he writing this himself .. or is he getting someone to write it for him? If he is writing this himself, then I would feel jealous."

Did you happen to notice, girly, that Leonardo is older than Michelangelo?

When people continue to appreciate your art several centuries later .. this is a special type of artist.

Do you think that Michelangelo knew, while he was creating his art .. do you think he knew that it would live on for so many centuries? Do you think his intuition sensed it?

I didnt think my respect for Walter Isaacson could possibly grow any bigger. "How is he making that sparkly stuff fall down on you when you read?" I wondered.

» Dont Make Me Create Another Universe Right Before Your Very Eyes

Leonardo is very much about » creativity. This kind of thing gives me a total boner. An artistic boner .. so to speak.

I mean .. if I am really going to up my game .. and take this thing to the next level .. then, I will need to create another universe right before your very eyes .. that you did not even know existed.

» You Might Want to Step Back

You might want to step back, girly. I dont want anything to happen to you when I create this next universe.

Belly knows what I am talking about here .. when he raps » "I'm not what you need, can't front .. Back up, baby, I got what you want."

Belly What You Want (30 May 2018) Back up, baby I got what you want

(These are real, no-shit word skills that he is displaying here. I like this song. It makes me feel good.)

» Perfect and Complete, Lacking Nothing

On the subject of wanting .. James talks about getting to a place where you are » "perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."

Girly, have you ever been with a guy who was "perfect and complete, lacking in nothing" ? It is unlikely that you would forget such a thing .. ever.

Dostoevsky made a big deal about wanting.

Anyway .. you might want to put on these here thermonuclear-grade sunglasses. (The flash can get pretty bright.)

Something tells me that this is going to be fucking spectacular. So you might want to look around and find something sturdy to grab hold of.

Dont say I didnt try to warn you.

You are going to think, "I knew this was gonna be good .. but, I didnt know it would be this good."

On the subject of demonstrating creativity in order to impress super-hotties .. remind me to talk about this 20-min video titled » The science of improving your brain's creativity.

This is an interesting video .. for a number of reasons. He talks about things that I have been experimenting with myself.

He talks about them from what feels like 'the other side'. See .. these are things that you must actually do and perform in order to grasp what he is actually saying.

I could write a whole page on that video .. very easily. I am surprised that I have never seen it before.

There is actually a difference between discussing pure creativity and optimizing the brain for creativity.

And some of these things I was just doing intuitively. I could feel something in me leading in these directions that I didnt even know existed.

I remember thinking, while I was watching certain parts of that video, "If I hadnt been doing what I've been doing, I would have no clue as to what he is talking about."

See, it sounds like one thing (to the ear) .. but in practice, it is a very different thing.

I will elaborate more later, and probably even lift out this section .. but I want to mention this video on enhancing the brain's creativity here where I talk about Leonardo's creativity. Because they go hand-in-hand (.. just like we do).

» Defining Creativity in Terms of Value

But notice how he actually defines the term creativity. He gives it his own definition .. which involves the term » value.

I am all about the term value. One of the unseen structures in my writing is a contrasting of values. I play with this contrast.

» The Last Judgment

Speaking of creating another universe right before your very eyes .. uh, have you noticed, girly, that I didnt even mention what part of Michelangelo you were wearing?

Ariana at the Met Gala wearing a dress with imagery from Michelangelo's The Last Judgment (7 May 2018)

I would be lying if I said that I didnt find it a curious thing .. that you were wearing the Last Judgment.

I bet that this was Vera Wang's idea. I mean, she is the designer, right? This is what she does.

Vera Wang and Ariana at the Met Gala (7 May 2018)

I hope that you said 'Hi' for me.

» Your Balls are Not Big Enough for That

The idea of you wearing the Last Judgment .. to the Met Gala .. I dont know if I can put this into words.

Or maybe I just dont want to. Maybe I am being a big pussy.

Maybe my huevos rancheros are not grande enough. I can definitely feel the challenge.

There are certainly voices back there saying things like, "Your balls are not big enough for that. Dont even think about it."

» It's All in the Design

But if I were to say, "Fuck it," to the crazy voices, as I have been known to do, and do it anyway.

Then I might begin by saying that the song One Love by the Rastafarian .. which shares a title with your benefit in Manchester.

This song is about .. well, let me grab for you a direct quote. This quote is from the 'About' section of the genius page for this song.

"There is a deeper meaning behind the song than a simple call for unity. Some of the lyrics are about oppression and how sinners will pay for their evil deeds in the end. For many listeners, the deeper message is lost in the overwhelming chorus."

That's judgment. With judgment comes justice. Justice is part of his signature. One of the cooler parts. Never showy, but always impressive. Gets your attention. Gets your respect.

This is a haunting song .. with the Photek remix. I'm listening to it right now, as I write this section. (Authenticity is important.)

In verse 2 he asks » "There is one question I'd really love to ask » Is there a place for the hopeless sinner .. who has hurt all mankind just to save his own beliefs?"

I would be lyin' if I said that I didnt have that same question myself.

The song feels like a prayer .. does it not?

And your dress at the Met Gala contains imagery of Michelangelo's The Last Judgment.

» Let My People Go

Girly, is it just me .. or does it not seem like the subject of judgment keeps coming up?

I am not trying to do this. Not consciously.

Scripture teaches that when the oppressed cry out to the Lord .. he hears their cries.

There is an account in scripture where God is recorded as saying to Moses (paraphrasing), "I want you to tell the ruler of the most powerful nation on earth .. to let my people go. Tell him that, if he refuses, I will light this bitch up."

This was the back in Old Testament days.

I could go in many directions from here .. but suffice to say that God does not think the way that people think.

They won't be able to say that I didnt try to warn them. You can lead a horse to water...

» Their Vindication is From Me

Speaking of judgment .. I want to mention this quote by Pennsylvania representative Mark Rozzi (at t=0:30).

Pennsylvania Rep Mark Rozzi describes the feeling of vindication

He is describing what vindication feels like.

"It was like, for the first time in your life, you're being heard by somebody who actually cares about what happened to you. We have reached out to the diocese before. They didnt really want to hear anything. They didnt want to listen. And the last thing that they wanted you to do was contact law enforcement. So, for the first time in your life, you actually have 23 grand jurors listening to you intently, and caring about what you're saying. It's part of that validation, and being vindicated that, hey » the truth is finally going to come out."

This is a remarkable statement .. for a number of reasons. Perhaps later I will return to speak to some of these remarkable reasons.

Because love rejoices when right and truth prevail.

» It Always Surprises Me When Something Really Does It For Me

There is something in the parallel's there that I find irresistible. It feels like a magnet at a deep level.

The feeling behind this irresistible magnet is, "Oh, I want this girl .. I want her bad."

(You probably get this a lot.)

Why does this parallel, pattern-matching thing do it for me? We can't deny when something really does it for us .. can we?

I obviously can't.

» I Normally Dont Like to Share What Really Does It For Me

The parallels I see between your dress and the lyrics in the song which shares a title with your benefit in Manchester .. why do these matching patterns do it for me and have this effect on me?

I normally dont like to share these things .. that really do it for me .. because I can see how a lover could take advantage of me.

I have teased you numerous times already .. when I have come to one of these things that really do it for me.

This tells me that I must really trust you.

» Who Can Blame Him?

This song is listed first in a playlist. The next song in this playlist just so happens to be » Waiting in Vain .. where he repeatedly tells the object of his affection » "I dont want to wait in vain for your love."

Who can blame him?

Next Up » A Good Song to Make Love To .. How Convenient

After that comes » Stir It Up. That's a nice groove .. I'm sure you would agree.

I think that this would be a good song to make love to .. if you really must know the truth of it.

After that comes » Could You be Loved? .. and we already know the answer to that.

Bruno Mars sang this song at a tribute with Rihanna and the Marley brothers a few years ago. A beautiful thing for the ages.

Whoever put together this playlist for One Love .. they did a good job.

» Astronomical Artistic Cool Factor for the Ages

But here you are wearing Michelangelo's The Last Judgment scene from the Sistine Chapel (video) at the Met Gala with Vera Wang as a date and where you watch Madonna sing Like a Prayer.

The sheer cool factor here is astronomical. Artistic cool factor. "Off-scale," as we say in the nuclear industry.

If I did not already know you before you became this international thing that you have become ..

.. I would never have had the huevos rancheros to write such sassy shit .. sliding my writer's hand down into your singer's panties and whatnot.

This would never happen today.

» Seeing What No One Else Can See

What do you think of the quote from Schopenhauer, who is the artist's philosopher, when he says that » "Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see." ?

Some things just feel right .. even if they dont always make sense.

Schopenhauer was kind of like Nietzsche's daddy. His philosophical daddy.

Do you ever lie down late at night after an evening like this and write in your journal, "This shit cannot possibly be real. There must be a mad scientist somewhere playing with the electrical impulses to my brain." ?

I think you are giving me a case of Stendhal's syndrome right now .. because I am starting to feel lightheaded.

» Generations, Centuries, Millennia

The Catholic theme goes back centuries, millennia. These things are embedded deep into the culture.

Both my parents went to Catholic grade school. And mom went to a Catholic high school. Both Lance and Egan went to Catholic grade school.

(They went wild when they got out of there. Repression is not good. Remind me to tell you the story about the time when the cops threw Egan into the back of a cop car.)

» Learning Cool New Tricks from Super-Hotties

How are you doing this upside-down text? [ ʎɹɔ oʇ ʇɟǝl sɹɐǝʇ ou ] I did not even know that such a thing was possible.

I like learning cool, new tricks from super-hotties. Many of my favorite tricks I have learned from super-hotties such as yourself.

» Jimmy Fallon Speaks to You Briefly Re Manchester

I liked what Jimmy Fallon said to you and about you regarding the Manchester tragedy. That was a very nice thing to put into words.

Brief, but well-said.

This is the end of this page. ■

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