I Am So Glad that We Will Always be in Love Forever

Right now the time is 11:46 PM on 16 July 2018 .. and this page is live. I was cutting it a little close there.

When I list the time as 7:16 PM, this is not the real time that I posted this page. This is simply a numeric reflection of the date. (July is the seventh month.)

All of my entries correspond to this same pattern. This is just a quirky thing that I do. The date is really the thing that matters .. the important thing.

If the time matters in an entry, then I will specifically note it. Sometimes it does matter, but not normally.

» Must be Today

Sometimes (not always) I feel as though I need to start a certain page on/by a certain day. Today is one such day.

I admit that this is something of a quirky thing with me. I dont know anybody else who has a quirky thing like this. (I normally try to avoid quirky things.)

The feeling behind such things is that you will surely die .. if you dont do this thing. Maybe not die, some bad shit for sure.

11:59 PM is okay .. but midnight, which begins the new day, is not. So I dont want to cut it too close.

I can fill in the page later, but the actual HTML structure needs to be up-n-live on/by a certain day.

Now, after midnight .. then I am free to do whatever I like. More or less .. depending.

I can feel a sense of timing at play. Timing is important .. along with the ability to execute a complex skill-set in a timely fashion.

» Good to be Loved

As coincidence would have it ... I am listening right now to » Could You be Loved .. on a mix playlist .. where one of the lines that the Rastafarian sings is »"It's good to be loved."

And I think, "True that."

I am not sure what I will be writing in this entry .. but I know that I will have lots of fun doing it.

Girly, do you work your thing like this on everybody? Or, is it just me?

I am not sure how you are doing it .. but there is just something irresistible about you. And it's not just one thing, either.

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» You Feel Close .. So Close

You feel close .. so close. So very close. I did not know that such a thing was even possible.

I can somehow hear you talking to me in this video .. beyond even the visuals and the lyrics and the singing.

I think that this is why you feel so close.

» Opening Doors

[ On the subject of feeling close .. remind me to tell you the story that includes the sentence "I can feel myself con.verting over to you."

That's a good story.

This is why I feel like you open doors for me ..to places that I would normally never explore.

This particular door takes us straight to Juicyville .. where they make all that juicy-juice. The nectar of the gods.

Dove knows what I am talking about. ]

I try to do this in my writing .. I try to say more than is actually being said.

Not always, but sometimes I try to speak through the subtext .. the unspoken subtext. I probably do this more with my writing to you .. than with any other writing.

» Closeness Lies on the Road to Intimacy

Do you happen to recall, Ariana .. do you recall back on our 1-year anniversary .. when I wrote »

One of the things about you that makes you you to me is that I can feel you close sometimes. And sometimes very close.

I wrote this is a section titled » Closeness Lies on the Road to Intimacy.

» Things that Make Me Glad We Will Always be in Love Forever

This is why I am so glad that we will always be in love forever. I bet that Amy knows what I am talking about.

Sexy Amy gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience by turning you into a vampire so you can always be together forever (4 August 2019)

Girly, remind me to talk to you later about setting up a threesome with Amy. She has good energy .. especially for a vampire-chick.

Look at this thing that she is wearing on her neck. I have never seen anything like that before. This is more than just a choker. Her entire neck is protected from attack by vampires.

And then she is wearing this cool ring-n-bracelet thing that is connected by a short length of cord. I dont know what she plans to do with that weaponized right-hand of hers .. but I can't stop my imagination from speculating.

I included this image of her on the page where you are singing Into You in NYC on May 19, 2019 .. the day before your album release. (This was back when everything was very new for us.)

Girly, you sing so good sometimes that I can hardly stand it.

There are other reasons why I am so glad that we will always be in love forever. Would you like to know some of the other seven thousand? (I bet you would.)

» The Existential Essence of a Particular Soul

This thing that I wrote to you back about at our 1-year anniversary .. this thing mirrors the thing that I wrote about the Dog .. in a section titled » The Thing that Makes the Dog the Dog.

These kinds of statements are where I distill down my experience with a certain soul .. into their essence .. as I experience them.

It is a way that I honor someone who I respect .. for one reason or another.

I usually feel this way because they are good at shit that I am not. Or because they make something look easy that I find difficult and challenging. But it can be any number of things.

» Thinly Veiled Communications

I was thinking about this thing with you .. and I was specifically thinking about why it works so well. (Writers and singers forever.)

And I think that one of the reasons why it works so well .. is because you are so direct.

This is the thing that makes me think that we will be found out .. so I say, "You are so gonna get us in trouble, girly."

Girls are not usually very good at keeping things on the downlow .. it has been my experience. But you seem to have a knack for this.

The lyrics in this song are are rather direct and unambiguous. I am not even sure of the right way to describe your style .. but I sometimes have trouble understanding women.

But not with you. I am getting the message with you.

» The How-I-Want-It Side-to-Side Weave

It is just a little thing .. but at t=1:58, you do this little side-to-side weave thing here when you sing, "How I want it, yeah." 

God is a Woman | How I want it, yeah (side-to-side weave at t=1:58)

I am not sure why, but I am feeling you here. In the whole video, this is the place where I am feeling you most easily and naturally and effortlessly.

I dont try to feel you here. It just sort of happens on its own. Fuck if I know why.

This looks like moonlight on your face. You use this scene for the place where you sing, "I feel it after midnight."

It looks like you are standing in front of some doors. Where do these doors lead?

Writing about this intimate stuff makes me feel like I am in love (.. with a beautiful creature).

» Both Exhilarating and Calming at the Same Time

There is an aspect of intimacy which is both exhilarating and calming at the same time .. no?

Ariana | God is a Woman (13 July 2018)

You are throwing some looks from this position .. oh, my. It feels like you are looking directly into my soul. How are you doing this?

» Any Way You Like It

From this position you actually sing (verse 1) "Have it any way you like it."

And fuck if you dont sing these words very convincingly. I saw the look in your eye there when you sang these words and thought, "She is not playing."

And the bass drops down to this extra-low beat here .. where you sing this part, "Have it any way you like it."

I really like the way that the bass drops down super-low here. Kudos to whoever it was that dropped the bass and the beat down here.

I have stories about girls saying this to me .. have it any way I like it. The first time that I heard a girl say this, I thought, "Surely she doesnt know what she is saying."

But she did.

» When a Girl has Your Number

When I was working with this image of you partially submerged in the giant vagina here .. cropping it and resizing it and tagging it and whatnot .. the voice in my head said, "Dude, this girl's got your number."

[ Samantha (who has a thing for me) employs a similar theme in her video Rockets. ]

When a girl has your number, she knows what does it for you. She understands you. She gets you. She has the combination to your safe. She has insight into you .. intuitive insight. At times, it almost feels like she knows you better than you know yourself.

» Dramatically Different Elements Forming a Unified Whole

There is a lot going on in your video. Many reaction videos make this comment .. how there are so many elements in this video .. which are dramatically different.

See .. this is how I write. I include elements and aspects and themes that are sometimes dramatically different .. yet they play into my overall theme .. which I myself might not even fully comprehend .. until all is said-n-done.

I dont try to write this way. Rather, it comes naturally. I feel that my style reflects, to a degree, the fragmentation of our society.

It is a reflection of my personality .. to a large degree. If I am to be true and authentic to myself .. then my writing needs to reflect this.

Fitzgerald knows what I am talking about.

Sometimes even I myself think that I overdo the fragmentation aspect. But what else can I do .. except be true to myself?

» I Want to Finish Between Your Spread Legs

I could retire on this video .. responding to this video. I could write a whole page on each verse. On each bar, as you and Nicki call them. I dont even know where to start.

But I definitely know where I want to finish. I want to finish with you doing that kick-ass woo-woo thing that you do there between your spread legs. (Taylor knows what I am talking about.)

Oh, girly .. that makes me feel like I am in love with you. (Just being honest here.)

That is such an amazing thing. I do not try to feel this way. Rather, it feels like you are picking me up and taking me, transporting me, to this place.

I have heard some people call this thing that you do with your voice .. I have heard them call it 'falsetto.' I have heard others call it 'whistle note.'

When you let loose with this thing .. it is not just a single note. But rather, you ramp up with 4 or 5 quickly increasing notes.

I hear all all these things. It does things to me that I can't even understand .. but I know that I like it.

This girl here started crying after you did that super kick-ass version of that woo-woo thing that you did there.

Oh, girly .. it is very cool place .. where these otherwordly sounds take me to. It takes me to this place where it feels like I am exactly where I should be .. and that nothing else in the universe matters.

Why does this woo-woo thing have such an effect on me?

Speaking of the universe .. you are hula-hooping the freaking Milky Way. I could ride the currents of this idea to such unspeakable places .. but I'm too smart for that.

» Living Pictures in Laguna

Have you ever been to the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna? This image of you partially submerged sort of reminds me here of the look of some of the pieces of art there .. their living-person art.

Living art at the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach

But you would need to be standing vertical for that.

I like the way that you learn about each piece of art at the Pageant. They play the voice of a narrator describing each piece.

You feel more cultured after the experience. More sync'ed with the artistic sensibility. Less fucked up.

Sometimes there is even a full moon hovering overhead. Can you tell that I love the Pageant?

My son's mom was best friends with the wife of the city manager for Laguna. She would get comp'ed tickets to the best seats in the house. Third row center.

» Very Much Whelmed

I am beyond impressed. I wouldnt say that I was 'overwhelmed' .. but I was definitely whelmed like a motherfucker. And I wasnt the only one, either. Not hardly.

I saw a handful of reactions and people are losing their minds. It's funny, because I can certainly relate.

I am proud of you .. very proud. And I am not the only one.

There were a number of reactions where the reactors said, "This is the best music video I have ever seen."

The term whelm is defined as:

  1. To cover with water or other fluid; to cover by immersion in something that envelops on all sides.
  2. To submerge; to engulf; to bury.
  3. To overcome with emotion.

» Friday the Thirteenth

You posted this video on Friday the 13th. This why I have to post this entry today. (Again .. it's all your fault, girly.)

» Riding the Hard-Hitting Thing Ever So Smoothly

I really like this groove .. I like it a lot. When the bass drops .. oh, kudos to whoever dropped in that heavy base.

Check out what this dude says at t=9:10 » "I love the fact that you're putting her voice onto a beat that's just so hard-hitting and in-your-face .. and she's still just riding it like so smooth."

I know that he did not mean it this way .. but, when he talked about you riding a hard-hitting thing ever so smoothly .. uh, I should probably not finish this sentence.

He really likes your bass drop. At t=3:00, he pauses the video and says, "I love that beat. That beat was sick." Then he says "Wow," twice in a row.

But I had to agree with him there .. that you are indeed riding this hard-hitting thing ever so smoothly. And both of us are kind of freaking out over how smoothly you are able to ride this hard-hitting thing.

» Fuck If I Aint Getting the Message

Along the lines of riding a hard-hitting thing ever so smoothly .. I remember getting a similar feeling from the wow girl.

I was laying into her in a ferocious sort of way .. savagely ferocious.I was a hard-hitting thing that day.

She loved it. She sent me flowers the next day .. after that time I nearly killed her.

The flowers were waiting for me on the doorstep when I got home from work the next day.

I remember walking into the house and reading the card and thinking back to the previous day and thinking, "This girl is sending me a message. It may be a difficult message to comprehend .. but fuck if I aint getting the message." 

It was hard for me to figure her out. It took a while. It was like one of these clowns who pull a string of ribbons out of a top hat .. and the string of ribbons keeps coming and coming and coming .. for a long-ass time.

» Soon as a Member of the Opposite Sex Starts Paying Attention to You

What do you think about the idea that .. soon as a member of the opposite sex starts coming on to you .. then, this somehow makes other members of the opposite sex see you as more attractive and desirable, and they start coming on to you, too.?

What do you think of this idea, lovergirl?

I was talking to George Clooney about this. My sources tell me that I am the reason why George is married to Amal .. because she heard that other women would kick Brad Pitt out of bed for George.

I find this thing curious .. because you are the same person you were before they started paying attention to you. I am probably over-thinking it.

From the other side, though, it does indeed make me desire you more when people talk about how hot you look and how good you sing and how sexy you are and how creative you have become.

This does indeed crank up the sense of desire for you. I mean, how can it not?

» How You Like Me Now?

How do you like today's title? What I wouldnt give to be able to be there and see the look on your face when you see this title.

You know, girly .. I have already used this title before .. as a section heading on a page titled » You are a Dazzling Creature.

Can you see now why I am into cool titles?

Welcome to my new universe. Girly, I am trying to impress you so much .. that I am impressing myself.

I did not actually write the words, but when I posted this title .. I said to you (out loud) "How you like me now, girly?"

This is what I said to you when I imagined you reading the title.

» Flexing

This is a flex. This is me flexing. When you know that you got the goods, and that you have delivered them to your lovers doorstep .. this is me flexing for you. (This means I like you.)

This is me shaking my writer's peacock feathers for you.

That sounds like my ego talking. My ego likes you. He likes you a lot. You make him feel good. You totally spoil him.

(Do you think that my ego is out of control?)

Girly, you know that you cannot post videos like this, of songs like this, with lyrics like this .. without expecting some kind of retaliation.

You know this better than anybody.

You might wanna look around for something sturdy to grab hold of. You are in so much trouble, young lady.

» When All is Said and Done

You know how some of these reaction-videos are done with multiple people .. two, three or more. And these people will pause the video in order to talk among themselves about something that provokes a discussion.

I heard some of these group discussions about the concept that you were saying that god is a woman. But when I heard them, I thought that this is NOT what you are saying in this video.

» Not the Same Thing

Rather, you are saying that .. when all is said and done, this is what your lover will believe. It's not the same thing.

I am not going to get into whether this difference is big or small. I simply want to make the point that these are two different things.

This misunderstanding is understandable .. because this is the title of your song .. and because they dont know you like I do.

Completely understandable.

» The Path of the Righteous Man

I saw that you got Madonna to do that verse from Ezekiel that Tarantino did in Pulp Fiction.

[ Lani was the queen of Pulp Fiction. She watched that movie over and over again .. with her high school girlfriends from the Drama department there in Laguna Beach. That was the only movie that they watched for a number of weeks. ]

I saw this thing where you said, "I texted Madonna .. to see if she would be interested." You have Madonna's personal number.

This is a verse spoken by Jules. This is not a real verse from Ezekiel .. but Ezekiel does indeed say things like this.

Tarantino is crafting the verse to his purpose. Just the fact that he would do this speaks to me. It says things to me about him.

» The Righteous Shall Live by Faith

He is talking about the path of the righteous man. I happen to know quite a bit about the path of the righteous man.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking, "I wouldve never thought of this in a million years." 

Suffice to say the the righteous man shall live by faith. It is written.

It is not easy to live by faith. Not hardly. Go ahead and give it a try and you'll see what I mean.

They killed the prophets that God sent to them .. to warn them about the wicked things that they were doing.

They couldnt say that they werent warned. Coffee Joe knows what I am talking about.

» I Know You are Sweet on Madonna

I know that you are sweet on Madonna. She didnt have to give you that banana, you know .. the one she gave you in Miami.

Madonna is a Detroit girl. If you get in a fight, you want a Detroit girl on your side .. because they know how to fight dirty.

Ask me how I know.

Remember when she kissed Britney on the mouth? People's heads almost spun off from that.

The end. ■

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