Are We Really Doing This? - Part A

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See, I am just writing this thing .. this dangerous thing .. this crazy thing, this dangerously crazy thing .. as it comes.

And sometimes I will say to the writer in me, "Are we really doing this? I see where you are going with this thing. How far are you planning to take this? You really fixin' to wrap this rodeo? You're right .. I never wouldve believed such a thing. Not in a million years. This is indeed a fearful thing. You werent joking."

Maybe it means nothing. Maybe this is not really the end of all things. Let's hope. Let's hope he's bluffing. Let's hope I'm wrong.

North Korea warns that thermonuclear war could break out at any minute

Because my experience has been that he doesnt bluff. He's not a bluffer .. like the Donald. Sung-Yoon would agree.

Isaiah knows what I'm talking about. And it sounds like Mueller does too.

Mueller isnt bluffing

Can't you almost hear Mueller thinking, "How you like me now, bitch? And there's more where that came from. You should not have fired the FBI director to protect Michael Flynn. It must be true what thay say .. that fools rush in where angels fear to tread." [ Mueller is no chickenshit. He is not spineless. ]

Peter says that we can "hasten the day." I wonder how we do that.

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» I Wonder What Others Think

[ Mika is clearly losing hope. Hayden is not far behind her. And Andrew Sullivan is totally freaked out. Michael Moore is convinced that it's going to be worse than you could ever possibly imagine. I wonder what Nicholas Kristof thinks. Bill McKibben says that the planet might never recover. Is it really going to be a crisis without equal on earth? Where is Nietzsche when you really need him? I wonder what Trump thinks. I wonder what Trump really thinks. I wonder what Pankaj thinks. I wonder what the Pope thinks. I wonder what Jon Meacham thinks. I wonder what Andrew Sullivan really thinks. I wonder if Glenn Beck really thinks that we are "driving a stake into the heart of the republic." I wonder what Susan Chira thinks. I wonder what Bob Corker thinks. I wonder what James Clapper thinks. I wonder what Dan Rather thinks. I wonder what Michelle Goldberg thinks. I wonder what David Brooks thinks. I wonder what Nicholas Kristof really thinks. I wonder what George Will thinks. I wonder what Joe Scarborough thinks. I cant help but wonder what Dan Rather really thinks. I wonder what Sergei Lavrov thinks. I wonder what the people of Guam think. I wonder what Bob Corker really thinks. I wonder what Arnold thinks. I'm always interested in what Peter Wehner thinks. I wonder what Brian Stelter thinks. I wonder what Bannon thinks. I wonder what Don Lemon thinks. I wonder what Mitch thinks. I wonder what Brennan Gilmore thinks. I wonder what Choe thinks. I wonder what Nikki Haley thinks. Somebody ask George Will what he really thinks. I wonder what Kim Jong-Un thinks. I wonder what Katy Tur thinks. I wonder what Bandy Lee thinks. I wonder what Robert Jay Lifton thinks. Dont tell anybody, but I even wonder what Bret Stephenson thinks. Heck, I even wonder what Jimmy Kimmel thinks. Because Britt Peterson feels that this is nothing to joke about. And we already know what the President of Mexico thinks. Calling all artists. Oh, here they are. Here is the work of artists from similar things in the past.]

» North Korea has a Nuclear-Tipped Boner for America

Hwasong-14 North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile

Isaac Newton (1642-1726/7), who is certainly one of the greatest mathematicians ever, calculated the date of the end of the world based on scriptural references to be » 2060.

Bannon quote about arrogant fools blundering into a nuclear exchange

The year 2060 is another 43 years away. Newton made his prediction some 300 years ago.

(Here is a video titled » How NASA averted the 2060 apocalypse.)

Perhaps it won't take that long. I wonder what Senator Corker thinks about that. He seems rather level-headed, no?

Trump could put the nation on the path to WWIII says Sen Corker

Are we really slouching toward war with a nuclear-armed nation?

Kim Jong Un says the entire US is within range of its nuclear weapons

A new movie by Spielberg about life in the year 2044 is coming out in 2018 .. based on the dystopian novel. Looks interesting, no?

North Korea threatens United States with a nuclear weapons strike

Let no one say that we didnt see it coming .. from a long ways off. Let no one try to use the excuse that they used during the financial crisis .. "How could we have possibly known that such a black swan event would ever occur?"

Donald Trump tweets about having a bigger and more powerful nuclear button on Jan 2, 2018

I find this tweet here particularly concerning .. because these grown men act like third-graders sometimes.

And when one third-grader taunts another third-grader that his prize thing doesnt work .. then the other third-grader feels compelled to show exactly how well his thing does indeed work.

Let's try to be a good generation and leave a world to our children that is not radioactive. That has not been made a wilderness.

The situation is concerning enough that even John Yoo is worried. John fucking Yoo .. Mr Torture-is-Perfectly-Legal himself. Mr I'll-Sign-Whatever-You-Want-Me-to-Sign. Just give me the job and I'll be your boy.

» Go Fuck Yourself, John Yoo

George Bush at Trump's inauguration Jan 20, 2017Somebody should waterboard John Yoo 83 times.

And then ask him that question again.

< begin sidebar about the shape of George's mouth after talking to Hillary at Trump's inauguration >

» George's Mouth

George, what are you doing with your face here?

I have tried to do this in the mirror, but I am not able.

I am not able to make my mouth do this thing that you are doing here.

How do you do that?

And I am not even going to mention your madly furrowed brow or your wildly flared nostrils.

Why would I ever do something like that? Why would I call attention to your facial features here at Trump's inauguration?

What did Hillary say to you that made the corners of your mouth turn down so sharply here?

Hillary and Dubya share a moment at Trump's inauguration Jan 20, 2017

You are clearly not happy about what she said to you.

Rad note » this section here on the shape of George's mouth after he talked to Hillary at Trump's inauguration grew so large that I had to move it to its own page .. see here » Establishing the Pre-Conditions Necessary for a Trump to Rise (dated January 20, 2017).

I bet John Yoo will have a different response for you. Much different. I would be willing to wager. And he'll have his different answer before #83. Well before.

Make sure that you have a bunch of soft, dry towels handy for him. So he can dry off nicely between each waterboarding session.

If he's still having trouble figuring it out, then they should slam his head against the wall a few hundred times.

That should clear things up nicely for him.

Prisoner Abuse Scandal of April, 2004 under the leadership of George W Bush made possible by papers signed by John YooThat should loosen the cobwebs in his brain.

Give him a taste of his own medicine.

And see how he likes it.

Go fuck yourself, John Yoo .. you paper-pushing pussy.

Dipshit-fuckheads like George can always find a lackey-lawyer like Yoo to write and sign pieces of paper for them.

Everybody knows that such shit must surely come .. but woe unto the man.

If John Yoo said, "No," then they would simply fire his ass.

And find somebody who would say, "Yes, of course torture is perfectly legal. How quickly would you like me to draft a legal memo with my signature on it?"

» Any Military Experience?

Did you ever serve in the military, John Yoo? Why do I doubt it?

Tolstoy says that wars are hatched by governments and are always pernicious to the people

Tolstoy fought in the Crimean War (1853-1856) as a second lieutenant. Here is a video to help refresh your memory.

Or you might want to read Tolstoy's Sevastopol Sketches (1855) .. that is, if it doesnt give you nightmares.

All of you pussies would run home crying to your mommies if you ever had to fight in a real war like Tolstoy did.

It is so easy to send poor kids into harm's way while sitting in your air conditioned offices.

» Walking with Five-Deferment Cheney

All these fuckers who like to act tough and walk with a swagger ..

Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld trying to walk with a tough-guy swagger at Bush's ranch Aug 23, 2004

.. always line up for endless deferments themselves when their own time to serve comes up. Fucking pussies. Actions speak louder. I bet that John McCain agrees with me here.

» You Ever Witnessed Firsthand any of the Torture Techniques You Approved?

Have you ever witnessed firsthand any of the torture techniques that you signed off on, John  Yoo? Uh, I meant to say, "enhanced interrogation techniques." I doubt it.

You are too big of a pussy to see such things for yourself .. you and that worthless fucknuts, Numbsfeld. All you can do is sign pieces of paper from your air conditioned offices.

But you should, John Yoo. You should be required to observe, firsthand, a representative sampling of the all the "enhanced interrogation techniques" that you so eagerly signed off on.

Do you have the stomach for such things, John Yoo? I doubt it. All you pussies who like to talk tough have no stomach for the actual things that your tough talk addresses. You would probably run home crying to your mommy.

» Thanks for the Memories, You Spineless Pussies

Say hi to Five Deferment Cheney for me. And George, too. Tell them I said, "Thanks for the memories, fuckheads." Fucking sadists. They are everywhere.

Do you hear me expressing my outrage? Can you hear my simple, plain language? That's going to come in handy for me some day. Wish I could say the same for you. (But I can't.)

Let us make a gentleman's wager right here and now, John Yoo.

As a citizen (born and raised in New Haven county) who actually tries to exercise some moral influence in my perspective .. can you see how I might have a problem with my government torturing innocent, skinny taxi drivers to death?

Hopefully you can see this, John Yoo. For your sake. Hopefully you can see how your eagerness to write lackey-letters helped weaken the moral standing of the republic.

» Six Thousand Pages Worth of Torture?

What do you think of the Torture Report that Feinstein and the Senate Intelligence committee did? Over six thousand pages .. that sounds like an awful lot of torture to me.

» The Moral Agent and the Gnat's Ass

Do you feel that the cosmos is inhabited by a supremely and ultimately Moral Agent?

Memento moriDo you hear that sound, John Yoo?

When I heard about the way that some members of Congress were trying to bury the report,

(because it contains so much damning evidence)

I thought, "These fuckers dont get it."

Just because you bury the report doesnt mean that you wont be held accountable

(pause for effect)

for the things contained in the report.

You'll see what I mean .. sooner or later.

Woe unto you fuckers.

See .. even if everything in the report was brought into the light of day and discussed intelligently ..

.. and the responsible culprits (such as yourself) were 'brought to justice' for their crimes ..

.. this still doesnt make the torture go away that was already done. These people will still be dead and their blood will still be on somebody's hands

You fuckers are going to pay every last penny .. right down to the gnat's ass. Dont say you werent warned, John Yoo.

It's the gnat's ass for you. You will see what I mean .. sooner or later. It's inevitable. Just a matter of time now. Tickedy-tock. Enjoy it, Mr Yoo, while it lasts. Because it goes so fast.

Somebody is going to be signing some things with your name on it. And then you are going to see how it feels. 

This decree will say that John Yoo the Torture-Loving Fuckhead will hereby pay such-n-such an amount .. right down to the gnat's ass .. for his part in the torture that he helped push through.

Without partiality, of course. Only what you deserve. Nothing personal. Just the Moral Agent doing his job.

» I would be in Denial, Too

I know that you are in denial about this. Heck, I would be in denial, too .. if I were you. Because it's such an enormous sum that it will take you the rest of eternity to pay it off.

And this particular thing that you did .. this is particularly nasty shit. Wait until you are on the receiving end of your signed papers. Then you will be able to see more clearly what I am talking about.

I can almost hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth now.

» The Consequences of Obama Pussing Out

I felt that Obama shouldve prosecuted you fuckers for all that torture .. or, at least, made a thing about it .. in order to dissuade future presidential fuckheads from being encouraged from doing the same.

But he was too big of a pussy. He did not possess the huevos rancheros for such a thing. (I'm sure that his skin color had something to do with this.)

And this is why Trump now seems so emboldened to proudly declare that torture is greatest thing since sliced bread.

If you go back and read my love letter to Obama .. you will find that I warned him about this exact thing. I actually went into some detail .. in order to drive home my point. So he wouldnt fuck it up.

I spelled things out for him in capital fucking letters. This was obviously a waste of my time and effort. (Yet again.) But you cant say that I didnt try.

» John Yoo Helped Enable Torture

So I ask you, John Yoo, being such a fancy-ass lawyer and whatnot .. and as someone who deals with such issues as part of your chosen career .. what moral responsibility does Obama bear in all the tortures (including the torture of innocents) that will follow as a result of Trump's perspective on torture?

How would you judge his moral culpability .. if you were the judge of the living and the dead?

Tell me, John Yoo .. and dont be a big pussy about it either. Man up, motherfucker. Isnt it about time that you come to grips with the moral consequences of your actions?

Dont be hiding behind, George. He's not going to be able to save you.

My point here is actually directed toward Obama. I want to tell him, "If you're not willing or able to make the hard decisions, then you shouldnt run for president."

Anybody can make the easy, fun decisions. Heck, even George could do that.

» Now Obama is Encouraging Others Not to be a Big Pussy

Of course, now that Obama is out of office, and beyond the point where he could have actually done some good in this area .. if he had the balls .. if he wasnt such a big pussy about it .. now he is cheering others on to not be such big pussies.

I probably shouldnt say what I think of this. But it begins with feeling disgusted .. and goes from there. I bet that Caroline knows what I am talking about.

I mean, he is a significant part of the reason why we are where we are. I am sure that Seth Meyers would agree.

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