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» The Nuclear Keys .. Now in Donald's Oft-Belittled Hands

I am not sure of the date for the scheduled transfer of power. It's normally sometime in mid-January. But this will be the day when Donald Trump gets the nuclear keys.

A nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarine launches its missiles

Mark it down, Blow .. mark down that date. Whatever day it happens to be. Because you helped make that date possible.

You put a lot of effort into that, Blow. I couldnt help but notice all the effort that you put into it. Again, this is one of the reasons why your positions confused me.

And now, with majorities in both congress and the senate, he can do whatever he likes. He is unrestrained. Soon he will have a majority in the Supreme court, too. You know. Get ready for the "law and order" that is soon coming to America.

"There will be cracking of skulls until I am satisfied that law and order has been restored."

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» Does Donald Really Resonate with the Spirit Behind Mein Kampf?

[ Does Donald really read passages from Mein Kampf every night before bed? .. as a sort of inspiration? (Like the bible is to some people.) .. and because he feels sympatico with the spirit of the book?

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)I'm sure that the book contains some interesting lessons for us today.

The parallels are downright remarkable.

Isnt Donald's heritage German?

Maybe we should all read that book now ..

.. in order to gain a better understanding our new leader. Der Führer.

Hitler fired a lot of people, too .. didnt he?

Whenever anybody looks back at the horrors of Nazi Germany, they all ask the same question »

» "How could the German people be so easily duped by someone who was saying such God-awful things about minorities .. and by someone who was never taken seriously by educated people of the day? They thought he was a joke .. a bad joke."

I bet that you'll find that the German people were feeling desperate.

Judge not lest ye be judged.

[ It is unrelated, but it would be a writer's sin to not mention Karl Ove Knausgård here in this section where I mention Mein Kampf.

What a grizzled dude. That's how writers should look. Like somebody just kicked the shit out of them.

Some people refer to him as our generation's Proust. I have a book by Proust sitting right here .. within arm's reach.

Like Adolf, Karl Ove also wrote a book titled My Struggle. ]

Okay, I googled this and learned that it's not Mein Kampf that Donald kept by his bedside, but rather a copy of Hitler's collected speeches titled My New Order.

» Did the Divided States of America Just Become a Failed State?

Nazi Flag with SwastikaDid we just become a failed state?

It's certainly a valid question, no?

The Un-united States of America?

Donald knows more than a little about failed businesses.

You can almost hear the gears of justice clicking around this way.

Listen closely and you'll hear. The clicking of the gears of moral justice.

It can be difficult to hear above all the weeping and gnashing of teeth. ]

I could certainly understand your position, Blow .. you and all the older people of color, for being so sweet on Hillary. But I couldnt help but feel that you were missing the obvious. You and all the older people of color who dismissed Bernie, whose ideas seemed too far out for you.

See, desperate people do desperate things. Electing Donald Trump is a desperate act of desperate people.

There is nothing desperate about electing Hillary Clinton. Hillary is same-ol', same-ol' .. a continuing of the status quo. Perhaps these are things that you genuinely cannot see. I dunno.

I try being subtle, I try being plain. I try to say things in multiple ways. It doesnt seem to be doing very much good, no matter how I might happen to say it. But I try, anyway. Give me points for effort.

» What Does it Say About America that Donald Trump was Elected President?

This was my thought when I got up this morning to headlines saying » Trump Triumphs. I thought that the American people are more desperate than I had imagined.

And I knew that there was plenty of desperation out there. (Which is why I linked the alarmingly high veteran suicide rates to Hillary's cluelessness. Lack-of-foresight is simply a nice way to say 'clueless'.)

I grew up in New Haven county .. about an hour north of New York city. New Haven feels very much the influence of New York city. The big apple. (My bother went to Yale there in New Haven.)

» I Know New York City Boys

I know the type of person that the Donald represents. I worked at the Indian Point nuclear plant there in Peekskill (Buchanan) for a year. I get along with these people because I know them so well.

I even pitched for their softball team one summer .. one excellent summer. And I cracked a stand-up RBI-triple, in the play-offs, off that engineer pitcher who threw junk underhand.

( "How ya like me now, Mr. Fancy-Ass Engineer Pitcher?" They still beat us in the play-offs, tho. They were a very polished team that had obviously been playing together for years. )

I hit that sucker so far .. you shoulda seen their little asses scurrying after it. I could've homered if I ran faster.

Sometimes the ConEd boys from Brooklyn would come up to help out at Indian Point. They had well-developed people skills.

» Trump's Presidency is Personal Payback for Obama Publicly Humiliating Him

The 2-hour PBS Frontline special tiled » The Choice 2016 (Sept 27, 2016) says that the idea for a Trump presidency came from the White House Correspondents dinner ..

.. where Obama publicly humiliated Donald. Most seem to agree that Obama went too far, and for too long.

This page calls Trump (like Nixon) a "political hemophiliac" .. someone who never stops bleeding, once wounded.

I find it interesting that Donald never laughs .. as tho something happened to damage his sense of humor.

If someone's laugh mechanism is broken, where do all those jokes go that were made at the Donald's expense?

I will not speak to that, but I will note that this has been my experience with NYC boys. If they feel genuinely disrespected .. they will come after your ass. And you will see their NYC skills go to work. Up close and personal.

» Hell-Bent on Personally Serving Justice

I honestly dont even understand how they do it. (I am just a Connecticut boy myself.) But I have seen the results of it. Impressive shit. You can fuck around with them, but dont cross them.

You dont want to get into a pissing contest with these guys. Because they can take certain things personally. And they dont care how high up you might be.

I am definitely seeing parallels between my experience with NYC boys, and Trump with Obama. I cant say that I understand these parallels, yet I can easily recognize them.

See, I think there is something dysfunctional about this aspect of NYC boys that I am referring to. It struck me as dysfunctional then, and it strikes me as dysfunctional now.

I mean, I think that paying back Obama is a dysfunctional reason to run for president. Yet he won nonetheless.

It's like they get this wild hair up their ass, and they are hell-bent on serving personal justice on the object of their wrath .. no matter how irrational that wrath might seem.

What do you think about the notion that Donald Trump used his candidacy more as a way of retaliating against Obama's humiliation of him .. than as a platform for actually becoming president?

Nobody really expected Donald to become president. Not even Donald himself. He probably caught himself saying, "Oh, shit .. I might actually win this thing. I really just wanted to give Obama a big middle finger."

» Personally Offended by Someone Who Infers that They are a Better Human Being than You

See .. I do not know the exact circumstances surrounding my NYC friend. And I did not really want to know, to be honest.

I mean, I could have asked him about it, and I'm sure he would have told me all the gory details.

But my intuition here was that he felt personally offended .. as tho his very person had been degraded. This was my sense. And it seems obvious from a certain perspective.

You could give my friend shit. But there is a line you cross when you personally attack another person in such a way as to infer that you are a better human being than them.

Well, being a better human being .. this means different things to different people. But Karen talks about the danger that comes with the dehumanizing aspects of such contempt.

This tangent here is a bottomless rabbit hole. There are so many nuances involved. But we are too smart to fall for that.

My point here is to say that I do indeed feel that Obama's public humiliation of Donald was such an attack. Sure, I coukd be wrong. But this is my honest opinion.

» The Obama Era to be Followed by the Anti-Obama Era

In light of Donald's candidacy and subsequent presidency as a response to his public humiliation by Obama ..

.. what do you say to the notion that, while the last eight years have been the Obama years, the next four years will be the anti-Obama years?

The foundation of Trump's presidency is the negation of Obama's legacy

This article says that "Trump is neutering the Obama administration."

» Needing to Vent Off Their Ever-Burning Hate-Furnace on a Regular Basis

I am very much interested in people .. all kinds of people, both good and bad people, because they are so interesting. Downright fascinating at times.

Why do people do the seemingly irrational things that they sometimes do?

You must be cautious here, when you are exploring the motivations of people, and why they do the things they do .. particularly the seemingly hypocritical things they do .. when their actions seem to contradict the things that they say.

I could write a whole entry on this topic. [ Hi David. ] What motivates them to do the perplexing, seemingly crazy things they do?

I particularly enjoyed exploring these things with my 89-year-old walk-in-the-park friend because he was from an earlier generation and he did plenty of things that struck me as odd. (He died a week before his 90th birthday.)

But I simply want to note here my observation .. that some people seem to have a small furnace of hate burning inside of them.

I cant say that I really understand all the nuances involved, but some people seem to need to vent their hate from their ever-burning hate-furnace on a regular basis.

Trump needs to blow off steam regularly or he will explode like a pressure cooker

The longer that they go without venting their hate, the larger the vent when it finally comes .. as tho this hate ("toxic sludge") continues to build up inside them, constantly.

» Consider Carefully What Things You Listen To

The scriptures instruct the believer to "Take care what you listen to," and to "Consider carefully what you hear." [ Not my words. ]

Some so called believers do not seem very interested in hearing the truth. And they seem to care even less about meditating on that truth in order to get it down in their hearts, where it can actually do them some real good.

[ This is more difficult to do than it seems. Much more. Go ahead and give it a try and you'll see what I mean. ]

Rather, they seem more interested in hearing angry hate-filled messages. They seem more interested in feeding on angry hate-filled words. Angry hate-filled speech.

If you keep filling your heart with angry hate-filled rhetoric, then it should not surprise anyone when this anger and this hate finally creates a angry hate-burning furnace in your belly.

People who diligently plant angry hate-filled seeds in their hearts should not be surprised when an angry hate-filled crop grows up out of them.

Seems obvious, no? Intuitively obvious .. to even to the most casual of observer. Gardening 101. 

How can they not see this obvious thing?

Some so called christians have spent the last eight years filling their hearts with anger and with hate .. instead of with thanksgiving, as the scriptures instruct the believer to do.

That cant be a good thing. (For them.)

» Oozing Emotional Toxic Sludge

I have heard other people express this concept that I am referring to here, tho they couched it in different terms. (What I refer to here as 'angry hate' was described as "emotional toxic sludge".)

I have many observations that I could share here, but it is worth noting, perhaps, that this hate-venting is not personal with them. Rather, they vent their hate onto everybody.

I do not know the Donald well enough to know if he is one of these people with a ever-burning hate-furnace inside of him.

But the idea that Trump's reason for running for president was a result of his seething anger at Obama .. this could help explain his motivations and how he is motivated.

My experience with these toxic sludge emitters has been that they experience traumatic wounds in childhood that somehow never healed. These open wounds continue to ooze toxic emotional sludge that must be periodically emitted.

» Helping Friends and Lovers Heal Their Oozing Toxic Wounds

It is another topic entirely, but I have experience with healing these traumatic childhood wounds. I so very much appreciate the people who helped me through this stuff.

After you get beyond it, it no longer looks so bad. But while you are all up in it .. it can seem overwhelming. Because these wounds were suffered at an age when kids are simply not equipped to handle and deal with such trauma.

So when I see someone struggling with certain things, I naturally want to help .. as my way of paying back the universe for these people who helped me. These loving people. These amazingly loving people. Lovely people.

But some people do not want to heal their open wounds. And if you propose to help them .. they will get offended. Angry, even.

I've said enough already. Probably too much. But you cannot have an intimate relationship with someone who is oozing toxic sludge. It will be dysfunctional at best.

Because intimate relationships are based on trust. And if your lover is periodically spewing their emotional toxic sludge onto you .. how can you possibly trust them? (You cant.)

You can still have a decent sexual relationship with them. Maybe even a very decent one. But only if you are able to find satisfaction in a purely physical sense. (Not me.)

» A Living Hell

Do you own research (I have) and I am convinced that you will find .. that these types of people are never happy .. no matter what you do for them.

No matter how much you give them. No matter how well you might try to love them. (They must not even be looking for love.)

No matter how many blessings life has bestowed upon them. No matter how high their pile of blessings is stacked. It's never enough.

I know that this sounds unbelievable (.. I did not believe it myself). But go ahead and do your own research and I'm confident that you'll concur. They can always manage to find something that they dont like.

And it won't take them very long, either .. to find something in their charmed lives that they dont like.

It's sad. It's very sad. What kind of hell it must be .. to live a life where you can only see the negative. A living hell.

Now you might be thinking, "I am such a bad motherfucker, and I am the greatest lover who ever lived .. and I like to challenge myself by taking on difficult projects .. by taking on projects that many would consider impossible .. and I will simply love the shit out of this person .. to the point that I deliver them from their living hell .. so that they will no longer be tormented by being able to see only the negative things in their life."

You may indeed be tempted to think such a thing. This is surely a noble thought, is it not?

But you will be thinking wrong. If a person does not want to be delivered from their life of living hell .. you cannot make them.

Sure, you could go ahead and love the shit out of them, and they will probably even appreciate it to a degree.

But not to the degree that they want to exit their life of living hell and come live with you in your life where you can actually see life's blessings.

"Look, there's another one."

And you could go live with them in their life of living hell .. where they can see only the negative things .. sure, you could do this. But why would anybody ever want to?

I mean, if you have already lived this life .. and been delivered from it yourself, thanks to some good friends .. why would anybody ever want to go back? (That's a classic rhetorical question.)

You can tell when they dont want to exit their life of living hell .. when they start attacking you .. for trying to help them. Their actions say to you, "Dont help me like that. I dont want you to help me like that."

When people are appreciating your help, they let you know. They express their appreciation to you. Likewise, when they dont appreciate your help, they will also let you know.

Am I saying anything that has not already become intuitively obvious to everybody?

» Obama's Public Humiliation of the Donald Provides Trump with the Fuel He Needed

But returning to Donald .. because he is what got me thinking along these lines. If someone has one of these hate-furnaces ever-burning in their belly .. and they receive the fuel that they 'need' in order to really stoke their furnace ..

.. well, this would supply this hateful person with enough 'fuel' to .. to become president. I can see that. Particularly with these NYC boys, who possess these political that I have seen them wield, yet I cant really say that I understand how they do it.

I could really get carried away on this topic. It is much too big to merely mention in passing .. like I am doing here. But Donald Trump is fucking president .. is he not? He is sort of making my point for me .. without even trying to.

Geeks are very much about trying to figure shit out. This here is just my crazy paradigm that I have concocted from my own personal experience of trying to make sense of otherwise crazy shit.

It might not be the most textbook polished thing you have ever seen .. but go ahead and take 'er for a spin around the block .. and I'm confident you'll find that she holds up nicely and responds surprisingly well to even the most vigorous applications.

If you watch the movie Max (2002, trailer), which is a fictional account of a young, humanized Adolf Hitler .. you'll find that it employs themes similar to my paradigm here. If not this exact theme. (Either way, it is a good, engaging flick.)

Stephen Holden calls the film "a fascinating and psychologically credible interpretation of events that may have been crucial to that monster's formation." Note the phrase "psychologically credible."

(I was telling George Bush that I think that Hitler was a better painter than he is.) My favorite Hitler movie is Downfall. (Trailer.) That was simply outstanding. I saw that at the Lido theater there in Newport Beach.

» There's Something About You, Blow

Blow, I am going to have to lift out this section (again) where I am writing here to you. I find it curious how you seem to get me writing. (A lot.) What does this mean?

[ This is now done .. as of Nov 10, 2016. This page is already bigger than my Clueless Hillary page. See what I mean?

You now have two pages, Blow. And the other one is beyond humongous.

» Six Pages in One

I just checked out of curiosity. That page is 250-KB HTML, and 1.2-MB total (with images and scripts).

I try to keep my pages at 30-50 KB HTML. This means I could make 6 full-sized pages (40-KB HTML each) out of that page.

And that doesnt even count the 10-KB of page formatting overhead that Movable Type adds, which would make each page 50-KB.

I could actually bust up that single page into 10 separate pages, no problem.

I really need to break that sucker up. But then, that would break important incoming links.

Many times I wanted to go there and write little secret nothings to you .. but I knew that it was already way too big.

People liked my Blow page so much that they are waving their pussies at me.

The Pussy Pleaser strikes again

Nicki says that I am real pussy pleaser. (If anybody would know ...) It's all your fault, Blow. I'm blaming the whole thing on you. The whole pussy-pleasing thing.

(I cant say that I really understand it, but I know that girls like it when you write about them. They like it a lot. Ferocious little fuckers they can be .. when they really want something that you have. I'll tell you more about it later.)

» Want Me to Hook You Up?

What do you think of Nicki? Want me to hook you up? For an intro, maybe? I bet she could educated your ass .. in more ways than one.

She likes guys on their knees. You into that kinky shit? Erotic power dynamics? Dangerous stuff.

You're definitely going to want a safe word with Nicki .. something you can recall no matter how much stress you might be under.

You into singers, Blow? Singers are the best. Because they sing from their hearts.

Singers ruin you for all other women. They sing these songs for you and you just lose your mind. And you dont even care.

Jewel and Tori Kelly singing You Were Meant for MeEven a girl wearing nothing but a t-shirt and jeans,

sitting on a stool in the corner of a coffee shop,

on a Saturday night,

playing her guitar and singing her songs ..

.. what guy is going to refuse such a girl? (Not me.)

And then you have these girls that enchant entire stadiums .. these girls can have any guy they want.

They can have any five guys .. that they want. ]

I would rather, to be honest, be writing to the hottie-singer lying there on those deck plates .. those diamond deck plates. You know the ones that I am talking about. (You might be handsome, Blow .. but you aint that handsome.)

I like her .. she makes me feel good. I'm going to write a nice, little story for her. Or maybe I'll write a nice, big story. You never know. Where the locomotives goes. The writing locomotive. Not with girls like this. She does something to me.

Sometimes I write things and I dont even know why I am writing them. I can feel something in me trying to figure out why I am writing what I am writing.

It's definitely a trippy thing. Sometimes I run with it .. to see where it is taking me. To see where it wants to go. Because I am curious. Tho sometimes you dont have much of a choice in the matter.

"What are you doing here?" I ask the writer in me, "You sound like a nut-case. I'm just going to blame it on the chemo, if you dont mind."

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