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» Kanye Says the Black Man Chose the Shackles of Slavery for 400 Years

Just when you think you've heard it all .. you hear a black man say that 400 years of slavery "sounds like a choice" to him.

Kanye says that 400 years of slavery sounds like a choice to him (01 May 2018)

Kanye is smiling here .. but he is the only one. Harvey looks concerned. Nobody is able to see the humor that Kanye does. Nobody else feels his sense of levity. His strange sense.

Is this not a strikingly ignorant thing to say? .. that 400 years of slavery "sounds like a choice" ?

» Embarrassing

Don Lemon and his panel of blacks say that Kanye's comment is "embarrassing"

Don Lemon and a panel of blacks say that Kanye's comment that 400 years of slavery 'sounds like a choice' is embarrassing (1 May 2018)

Do you think that Kanye is capable of feeling embarrassed? I dont think so .. or he wouldnt be saying such obviously stupid shit.

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I can't help but wonder what Dyson thinks.

If Kanye had lived a hundred years ago, I bet that he would have a different opinion of slavery.

John Hartfield will be lynched by Ellisville mob at 5 o'clock this afternoon

Much different. I bet that Mamie Kirkland would concur.

Somebody please share this video with Kanye.

Here is another from James Baldwin, called the Pin Drop speech, that he should familiarize himself with. (Does Kanye even know who James Baldwin was?)

» Candace Makes Me Feel Sad for the Black Man in America

Speaking of black people who say strikingly ignorant things .. check out Candace Owens here.

RMU takes Candace Owens to school for being wildly uniformed and saying strikingly ignorant things (10 April 2019)

The all-black, well-educated panel here at Roland Martin Unfiltered (RMU) addresses Candace's comments. 

Her comments make me feel sad for the black man. As if they dont already have enough obstacles to overcome .. without one of their own turning against them.

Note that this section on comments made by Candace Owens has been lifted and moved to its own page .. see here » Candace Owens Makes Me Feel Sad for the Black Man in America (14 Sept 2019).

» Why Does Clarence Thomas Adopt Such a Hostile Posture Toward the Weak and the Poor and the Helpless?

Speaking of people who make me feel sad for the black man in America .. Clarence Thomas.

Clarence Thomas vs the Evidence, by David Leonhardt (3 July 2019)

I admit that Clarence never said that slavery was a choice .. but in many ways, his views and opinions have been much more detrimental to the black-skinned man in America.

Thurgood Marshall (1908-1993) must be rolling over in his grave.

I dont know why Blow doesnt take up a lamentation against Clarence Thomas every time he delivers a vote that sides with the rich and the powerful against the weak and the poor and the helpless .. against the oppressed.

Should not this black man represent the black experience in America? How closely do you feel his opinions reflect the experiences of the black man in America?

How closely do you feel his opinions parallel those of Thurgood Marshall? (On a scale of 0-to-10.)

I can't help but wonder what Anita Hill thinks.

» The History of "Choices" that the Black Man Made for Many Years in America

Anyway .. somebody should take Kanye and Candace for a visit to the lynching memorial down in Montgomery ..

Lynching memorial Montgomery, Alabama

.. to better educate them about the history of "choices" that blacks made every day in America for many years.

Scourged back of escaped Louisiana slave Gordon (1863)

Or perhaps somebody will accompany Kanye to the Whitney plantation outside New Orleans. This would help to correct his ignorance on this important subject.

Perhaps Van would volunteer for such a learning excursion.

Van at TMZ is not happy with what Kanye said about slavery

This guy right here is the real hero of the whole mess. Who was not impressed that he was able to articulate such things so well .. and under such circumstances?

That was an impressive thing. I bet that Ebro would agree.

Maybe a tour of Sugar Land, Texas would help Kanye to see the light. He obviously needs to educate himself.

» Intellectual Laziness

I feel that Kanye's stated views on slavery represent an intellectual laziness .. just as slavery itself involves a type of physical laziness .. where people didnt want to do the physical labor associated with life in early America.

But rather, they want others to do the hard work for them .. while they sip sweet tea from the shady breezes of their plantation porch.

Both Kanye and Trump claim to never read books. This is one of the reasons why they both share the same value-structure .. because they are both intellectually lazy.

I can't help but wonder what Gordon and David think about that.

» Why Not Simply Start an Exercise Program and Skip the Opioids?

Speaking of physical laziness .. Kanye's comments on the nature of slavery in America are so bizarre that I am not even going to mention how he said that he got liposuction for others.

No .. he got the liposuction for himself. But he is somehow blaming his decision on others. That is lame.

» People Who Blame Others for Their Own Shortcomings

Notice how both Kanye and Trump like to blame their shortcomings on others. (Labye blames 400 years of slavery on choices slaves made.) They both fail to take responsibility for their actions.

Is it any wonder why they both share so many of the same values and characteristics? (Didnt Kanye also say that he wanted to run for president?)

They both make outlandish claims about their own importance.

Kanye could have simply started an exercise routine .. like everybody else does when they want to lose weight and get in shape so that they look good (.. for their own sense of self-esteem and for their lover).

I have seen Dennis Rodman in the gym there at 24-Hour Fitness on 19th street in Costa Mesa. Numerous times I saw him there, working out.

(Rodman is hard to miss. And there was sometimes a sweet Asian-chick trying to put the move on him. Abel knows what I am talking about.)

Pablo never got the extra fat sucked out of his ass .. Kanye should know this. And opioids are the thing that killed Prince.

Speaking of Pablo .. did you know that both Matisse and Picasso are said to have remarked that Cézanne is "the father of us all."

I became familiar with Cezanne through Hemingway. Hemingway wrote cryptic shit about how he was styling his writing after the way that Cezanne painted. It certainly sounds impressive enough.

» A Man In Crisis and Beyond Help?

Sheryl says that Kanye looks like a man in crisis .. and she is concerned that he is beyond help.

She also says that his comments validate racism, validate lynchings, validate slavery.

I am not familiar enough with Kanye or his work to know if he is beyond help .. but clearly, there is something very wrong with him .. with his mind. With his thoughts. With his ideas.

We humans dont like to believe that anyone is beyond help.

This minimizing and dismissing of the incomprehensible suffering and agony of so many innocent slaves .. it is a heartbreaking thing. It seems so cold and callous.

The part of me that empathizes with the plight of the black man in America feels hurt by Kanye's betrayal. But I think that I actually feel more sad for him .. than I feel hurt by the betrayal.

Famous musicians imploding .. this scenario is far from rare.

On the subject of betrayal, Jesus had Judas .. who sold out the son of God for money. Thirty pieces of silver .. for the source of eternal salvation himself. This is what I would call a bad deal.

If Kanye simply focused on making music .. and avoided the pimping .. I think that he would do better. Because, he is only good at one of these.

Let the art speak for itself.

» Did Not Properly Grieve the Loss of His Mother?

I have heard some speculate that Kanye's crisis is a consequence of him not properly grieving the death of his mother.

Kanye and his mom

Oh, this is a great shot of them. Look how happy he looks. Beautiful smiles. This even makes me feel sad .. and I didnt even know her.

The loss of a mother is a gigantic loss. It takes years under the best of circumstances.

This is the woman who birthed you. I dont care who you are .. the loss of the woman who birthed you .. this is a world-rocking loss.

His mother died back in 2009. So it seems like a long time has passed for those issues to still be plaguing him.

It says here that his mom died, in part, due to "as a consequence of liposuction."

I know that it's hard to believe that Kanye would opt for the very thing that helped kill his mom, but you can go ahead and read it for yourself.

» Physical Manifestations of Unresolved Grief

Tell Kanye to check out t=10:25 in this TEDx Talk by Max Strom in Cape May.

Max Strom TEDx Talk Cape May (posted 7 Dec 2015)

This is how unresolved grief and trauma can express itself. (Does this guy not have the most soothing voice?)

» Going Fishing at Night on a Charter Boat Out of Cape May with Mike and JD

I have a good story from Cape May. Remind me to tell you that story .. about going fishing out on a charter boat there .. with Mike and JD. That was a lot of fun.

It was a night fishing excursion. JD was starting to get tired and falling asleep .. but he couldnt stop catching fish. And these fish were fighters.

I was living in Pennsylvania at the time.

» More Strikingly Ignorant Things to Say

Speaking of strikingly ignorant things to say .. check out Kanye's absurd perspective on the #MeToo movement.

Kanye's absurd #MeToo perspective with Letterman (31 May 2019)

That was a very stupid thing to say.

Note that this section on Kanye's comments to Letterman regarding the #MeToo movement have been lifted and moved to its own page .. see here » More Strikingly Ignorant Things to Say (31 May 2019).

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