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Girly, speaking of threesomes (« I always wanted to start an entry that way) ..

.. I know that you know this Dove Cameron girl. You were in Hairspray Live! with her (Dec 7, 2016).

She is very much a girly-girl, like yourself. Look how fragile and easily-breakable she looks.

Dove Cameron sipping from a cup for the Feb 2017 issue of Galore

When I saw this image of her here, sipping from a colorful girly-cup .. I thought about that girl at the coffee shop.

Look at her eyes .. that is exactly the look. I could go into great detail about what these eyes are saying.

"How do you like the way that baby-making machine felt?"

I remember thinking, "These girls are freaking me out .. they are fucking with me."

But notice in particular how she seems to be looking past you, or through you. That was the thing that struck me about this girl. She seemed to be looking right through me.

Like it wasnt me, per se, that she fancied .. but rather something about me. Like she was projecting something onto me.

What was it that she was projecting onto me? Fuck if I know. Who can figure out these girls? These young, smoking-hotties.

This is why they freak me out a little sometimes.

» Only with Girls that I Really Like

I like her. I have already gone back to Page Six, where I talk about the juicy-juice .. and added an image of her there with a quote from her Feb, 2017 article in Galore. (I only do that with girls that I really like.)

Perhaps I should lift out this section on Miss Dove and transfer it to its own page .. because she is prompting very different dialogue. Whatever title would I give to such a page?

[ This is now done, with an entry dated Feb 23, 2017. This could be very dangerous. ]

» Is She Really Hollywood's Hottest Starlet?

It's interesting how different girls evoke such different things in me. Is she really Hollywood's hottest starlet?

Dove Cameron | Hollywood's hottest starlet

I cant help but wonder what it's like .. to lie with Hollywood's hottest starlet. Can you blame me? It's a valid question, no?

Artist of the Year + Hollywood's Hottest Starlet + the Most Gifted Writer of his Generation .. I can only imagine what kind of criticl mass such a thing would produce.

A very creative experience, I'm sure .. when such creative DNA gets together. Anything could happen. Anything would be possible.

Say hi for me .. the next time you talk to her. Ask her what she's sipping there. Or, is the cup just a colorful design prop?

» Talking in Hushed Girly Tones?

Girly, you know that you're supposed to be keeping our thing a secret, right? Did you say anything to this girl? She is speaking my language.

Hairspray Live cast

The voices in my head are all convinced that you were indeed talking to her .. no doubt in hushed girly tones while sitting in some dimly lit corner somewhere.

And my ego is absolutely certain. "There's no question," he insists.

» Difficult for Me to Resist

She is talking about being comfortable with intimacy. It's difficult for me to resist responding to such a topic .. coming from such a young, sexy girl like this. (Dont think I havent tried.)

She just turned 21 last month. You can see her experimenting with her sexuality. She certainly caught my attention right away.

Dove Cameron | Ways to be Wicked, Descendants 2

[ I see you winking at me, Miss Dove. I see you winking at me with your purple hair. I have never been with a girl with purple hair before. In case you were wondering. I'm pretty sure that I would've remembered something like that .. particularly if this purple hair was attached to Hollywood's hottest starlet. I mean, how could a guy forget something like that? ]

» Such Mature Things Coming from Such a Young Girl

She says some very mature things for a 21 year old. I dont really see how you can have a 21 year old girl saying such mature things like she is saying.

This is why I sometimes feel that you super-hottie singers must be getting professional help .. crafting your message.

» The Sound of an Interesting Voice Saying Interesting Things

Have you ever been at a party, where you are talking to someone, or with a group of people .. and you suddenly hear the sound of an interesting voice .. that is saying the most interesting things?

Christina Ricci as Zelda Sayre

And something about her voice, and something even more about those things that she is saying (behind you) .. is clearly affecting you.

Dare you turn and see who it is saying these things that speak to your soul? Surely standing behind me is the soul that I have been searching for all my life.

And you simply can't help yourself. She is standing in a circle with three guys, holding forth. But she is looking at you .. from the moment you turn. And you realize » it *is* her.

[ Have you ever met someone, Dove, where you feel like you somehow know this person .. yet where this would be impossible?

Have you ever had this kind of feeling? Is this because they remind you of someone else?

But what what if they dont remind you of anyone else? What if you have never met anyone like this person before?

Do you know this feeling? ]

Heck, you might even be there at this party with a remarkable creature yourself. So, how is such a thing even possible?

» An Offensive Posture

So I can feel myself becoming curious with her. That's not usually a good thing for girls .. when I become curious about them .. curious about what makes them tick. (You know what I'm talking about.)

I can feel myself approaching her from an offensive posture. Not quite predatory .. but definitely heading in that direction. (It's all your fault.)

I am more in-your-face when I am taking an offensive posture. You will know that I like you. There will be no guesswork about that.

You will feel me tickling your ovaries. I will charm your panties right off.

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» Sucking Slowly on Sweet Things

Speaking of charming your panties right off ..

Hi Dove. (Rhymes with love.)

As coincidence would have it, I am sucking on, right now, a bite-sized piece of Dove chocolate.

Dove chocolate mini squares

This particular one that I am sucking on is a 'white and dark chocolate swirl'. I actually prefer the caramel filled ones, but they are all gone .. because I ate them all already.

You make me think of interesting things .. yes, even when I am not sucking on sweet things from Dove.

» Write What Only You Can Write

There is a bit of writing advice out there that says the writer should write what he and only he can write. And I feel that you somehow trigger such things.

» Finding the Effortless Zen Focus

There is a concept in Zen that says you cannot make yourself concentrate on anything but that which most interests you at the time.

Zen garden

I was walking around outside earlier today, not really trying to think about anything in particular. And I caught myself thinking about some of the things you had said .. because they are things that struck cords already familiar to me. (Intimately familiar.)

» Resonating Already?

What do you think this might mean? Are we resonating already?

When I realized what I was doing, and what I was thinking bout, I thought, "How is this young girl making me think about these things?"

Speaking of resonating already .. I caught myself wondering how it is that you are speaking to me in such a way.

Did Ariana school you on me .. and are you flashing me something that you know will speak to me .. on an erotic level?

Or is this really who you are .. behind the child-like features that you have brought with you into adulthood?

The first option strokes my ego nicely. But the second would suggest a natural resonance, no? (That's the best kind .. where it works effortlessly.)

» Responding to Provocative Vocalists

Then I wondered, "Am I going to have to write about her?"

I am normally reluctant to write about hottie-singers such as yourself .. because, once I get started, I sometimes cant stop myself. The thing seems to take on a life of its own.

When the writer finds himself thinking about a thing in great detail, and in great depth .. then it becomes difficult not to write about this thing that is occupying his thoughts.

» Sketching Out Some Sentences and Seeing What Happens

The writer somehow feels obligated to sketch out some words, some text, some sentences .. in order to see how such things appear on paper, appear in print.

You can never really be sure what you have until you actually go ahead and commit your thoughts to paper, to text.

Perhaps it is not really as cool as you had first supposed .. or maybe it is. There's really only one way to be sure.

Notice how I am able to take this narrative here that I am writing to you .. I am able to take this narrative deeper faster because of the things that I have already written with and for Ariana.

This is how I work as a writer .. I build on things that I have already written. So I am curious where this thing with you will go.

» Sweet Sixteen

For example, I noticed where you said that you keep getting asked if you've turned 16 yet. And that you didnt know what that meant.

Dove Cameron getting asked if she turned 16 yet

I can tell you exactly what that means .. soon as you put down the banana.

» Retaining Child-like Features as an Adult

A week or two ago I was reading something at the Times, and I came across a word that I was not familiar with. I forget the word, but I recall that its definition was » retaining child-like features as an adult.

Dove Cameron with child-like features

I thought of that definition when I read this comment from you. I only wish I could remember the word.

» Hollywood has a Thing for Youthful Beauty

Hollywood has a thing for youthful beauty. So I am sure that you will have an interesting career.

No doubt you will be pitched roles that feature beauties that retain some of their child-like features.

Speaking of being pitched interesting roles .. have you noticed, Miss Dove .. have you noticed how people that I like tend to win awards?

Emma Stone reads her mean tweet on the 2017 Oscars Feb 26 Dolby Theater Hollywood

I cant say that I really understand it .. but I find the phenomena curious nonetheless.

Is it just my fine, discriminating sense of taste? My artistic insights perhaps? Or is it something more? I'm curious about your opinion.

» My Experience Lying with Lovers who Retain Childlike Features

But before we get into that topic .. that dangerous topic .. of what it is like to lie with women who retain child-like features beyond the point where they enter adulthood ..

Because this is something that I happen to have some experience with. Some valuable experience. This is an area with which I am familiar. This is actually the thing that makes my writing here with you so lunar landscapish. My experience in this area.

I know that you want to know all about my experiences along these lines .. because my experiences will apply very much to you .. since you match that particular pattern so well. So very well.

And then, while you are feasting your eyes on my wondrous sentences about you .. you will not be able to stop yourself from falling into the role of the person that I will be talking about.

And this will feel like we are making love .. or, at least, teasing around it very erotically.

So let me first mention this other thing .. the first thing, in fact, that you said that struck me (.. paying artistic tribute to chronology, and heightening the sense of anticipation).

» Intimacy and Sex with Intelligent Women

Dove Cameron in Galore Feb, 2017

This quote made me think about the element of intelligence in a relationship .. because I have found that I need a certain amount of intelligence in a relationship.

It is a very satisfying thing when you can discuss a wide array of subjects with an educated, intelligent woman. It feels like you can go deeper with her.

But when a girl is as strikingly beautiful as you are, Miss Cameron, and who can be as sexy as you can obviously be (.. I have indeed perused your instagram page up-n-down) ..

Ooh, la-la, Dove. You're right. I DO like it.

.. I think that it will be difficult for many men to get beyond that beauty. That sexy beauty.

What has your experience been .. along these lines? Your barely-21 experience.

I have explored some of these things with Ariana. I mean, it was difficult not to.

She keeps opening one door after another. And who can say 'No' to Ariana .. when she opens a door for you? Show me the man.

Some girls seem to have a remarkable intuition.

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