Eddie's Honest Look at Racism in America and Revisiting the Nature of Nietzsche's Prophetic Chops

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» Eddie Glaude Speaks Bluntly on Racism in America

One of the things that made me feel happy .. was this statement made by Eddie Glaude. He is a professor of African American Studies at Princeton.

The mere fact that a a black man is speaking aloud these words on television .. this a big deal.

Eddie Glaude says America likes to tell itself myths and fables about our inherent goodness in order to hide our dark secrets so we can maintain a willful ignorance that protects our innocence. (7 Aug 2019)

You almost can't believe what your ears are hearing. In the grand scheme of things, this is a big deal.

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So cool what he was saying that I transcribed the first part of his words here:

America is not unique in its sins as a country.
We're not unique in our evils, to be honest.
Where we may be singular is in our refusal to acknowledge them,
and in the legends and myths we like to tell ourselves about our inherent, you know, "goodness,"
in order to hide and cover and conceal
so that we can maintain a kind of willful ignorance that protects our innocence.

He is talking about » self deception .. is he not?

We are better at deceiving ourselves than others (at t=1:10)

The second part is where he talks about the key factors driving such things.

He says that social scientists knew back in 2009 that the Tea Party was really about anxieties over demographic shifts, and not about economic populism.

Eddie Glaude says social scientists knew back in 2009 that the Tea Party was really about demographic shifts, and not about economic populism (7 Aug 2019)

Keep it up, Eddie. Promising words.

Hopefully the nation won't have to fight the Civil War all over again. That would suck. Would it ruinous?

» The Black Man Will Naturally be Able to Speak to Issues of Racism with Maximum Authenticity

I have always felt that a black man or woman is going to know best about racism. This is why I wanted Obama to talk more about it.

I mean, blacks are right in the middle racism, so they will naturally know better the current state of racism in America .. which is now at crisis levels.

I normally defer to people of color when conversations on such topics arise. I am more interested in their opinions and their experiences.

» Bryan Stevenson, Equal Justice Initiative

Speaking of the black man and the authenticity that he brings to the table of justice ..

Of all the things I have seen on approaches toward bringing justice to racist injustice .. these ideas promoted by Bryan Stevenson struck me as the best plan. See what you think. He has an HBO special or documentary or a docu-series.

Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative says the U.S. should face racism like Germany faces the Holocaust (14 July 2019)

I mean, if we really want to stop fucking around and pretending like racism is a figment of the our national imagination.

» Chronicling the End of the World Isnt as Easy as I thought it Would Be

Speaking of things looking like the end of the word .. it is no easy thing to chronicle the end of the world, my friend.

It is not as easy as I thought it would be. Not nearly.

The reason why it is not easy to chronicle the end of the world .. is because of all the nasty shit going on.

And some of this nasty shit is downright heartbreaking.

Some people must not have a soul. Because, if they did, then they wouldnt permit such cruelty to little children.

This is a very dark moral stain on the nation. Trump is obviously very proud of his policies.

Things that most Americans never thought they would see here in modern Third-Millennium America.

This why I periodically feel like taking a break from chronicling that and come over here to your world and flirt with you .. and help forward this story to wherever it is that we are headed.

» Experience in Advance the Fate of a Coming Generation

I would be lyin' here if I said that I hadnt been thinking about that section where I wrote about Nietzsche's prophetic chops.

In a page titled A Crisis Without Equal on Earth Over the Revaluation of All Values (9 Feb 2018).

Now there's a title that you dont hear everyday.

Anytime you find yourself grappling with Nietzsche and his ideas, with his assertions, with his philosophy, you know then that you left the kiddie pool.

Nothing but deep water ahead of you .. for far as the eye can see.

» The Thing that Gave Nietzsche his Prophetic Chops

Notice particularly the last part of that passage .. where Walter Kaufmann says that the thing that gave Nietzsche his prophetic chops, so to speak ..

.. was that he » felt the agony, the suffering, and the misery so intensely .. and that he was able to EXPERIENCE IN ADVANCE the fate of a coming generation.

Now there's another statement that you dont hear every day. Have you ever read another sentence like that?

This makes two sentences you have never heard in a single section.

I would be lyin' if I said here that Kaufmann's statement didnt make me think of what David wrote in the Psalms here.

Particularly with the phrase » experience in advance, as previously applied to Nietzsche.

This is a subtle point here. If you get what I am saying, then you pay attention well. You should be commended. I am raining down praise on you right now.

» Power is Perfected in Weakness

Speaking of the thing that gave Nietzsche his prophetic chops .. which was » the agony, the suffering, and the misery he felt so intensely.

What do you think of this 3-verse passage where Paul is telling about the time he was suffering from satanic oppression.

This satanic oppression came so that Paul wouldnt get the big head. ".. to keep him from "getting conceited" and to "keep me from exalting myself."

» Satanic Oppression Keeps Paul from Getting the Big Head

God doesnt want Paul flex'ing .. thinking he is hot shit .. because of all the cool stuff he is getting.

God was giving him revelations that were of "extraordinary nature" and of "surpassing greatness."

So he asked God three times to get rid of the satanic oppression for him.

» You Can Handle It

And God said something like "Dude, chill out. I gave you more than enough favor to handle that. I dont want you getting the big head. And besides, my power works best when you just let it work without interfering."

What do you you think of that passage, girly?

It sounds like God let the devil torment him and pester him and harass him .. to keep his ego in check. To keep him from getting the big head.

I think about that sometimes.

» My Ego has been Out of Control

Perhaps one of the reasons why I have been thinking about such things .. is because my ego has been out of control at times.

I have written this countless times. (And I always blame you for it, girly. If we get in trouble, I'm blaming the whole thing on you.)

I have always had a healthy ego. I have been at parties where I was talking to a girl who had read a sampling of my writing.

And she is telling me how much she enjoyed it and the parts that she enjoyed most.

And my girlfriend says to her, "Please dont stroke his ego any more. It's already out of control."

And I would say, "Dont listen to her. Stroke away."

I have many funny stories along these lines.

» These Psycho-Erotic Hypno-Chicks Use Many of the Same Principles that You Find in Scripture

It's remarkable how these psycho-erotic chicks say a very similar thing. Lots of things they say can be pointed to passages you find in scripture.

I find that interesting.

This is the end of this page. ■

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