Don't Make Me Get All Nietzsche on You

It probably means nothing to anybody but me, but I have posted this page live on the 10th of October ..

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.. even though I post-dated it for the 19th (19 Oct 2021) which is still a week away.

The full moon arrives the next day on the 20th.

Somebody should ask Jimmy Carter how he is feeling.

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» Replacing An Old Dysfunctional Value-Structure with a Newly Updated One Designed to Work for Those of Us Living in the Third Millennium

For me, Nietzsche is very much about » a crisis without equal on Earth.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)Nietzsche says that the values we were living with in the past ..

.. will no longer work for those living in the future.

He predicted that this societal reorientation of our value-structure,

of our moral operating algorithm, if you will,

to something that works better, that functions better,

for those of us living in the future ..

.. Nietzsche says that this "revaluation of all values" will be the thing that triggers this coming crisis of epic proportions here on planet Earth.

The values of the Second Millennium will clash with the values of the Third Millennium.

» The Warped, Dysfunctional Values of the Outgoing Generation Do Not Work for Those of Us Living in the Third Millennium

The value-structure of the outgoing generation will not work for those living in the incoming generation.

The outgoing generation will try to get the incoming generation to keep its current value-structure .. because this is all they know.

And they simply cannot see how life could ever continue without operating according to their values.

But the incoming generation will say, "Go fuck yourself .. and dont forget to take your shitty, dysfunctional values with you."

Nietzsche says that this is the thing that will precipitate a "crisis without equal" on earth.

MAGA flag and Jolly Roger waving beside makeshift gallows, complete with hangman's noose and stairs leading up to the hanging platform, during the sacking and plunder of US Capitol by Trump supporters on 6 Jan 2021

He says, "You'll see what I mean."

» Our Current Political Anomaly

Much of the current distress that our society is experiencing today is a result of this political anomaly that we have right now .. where the older generation is going to such great lengths to cling to power.

When they should have retired long ago.

Please go the fuck home, and make way for leaders who actually have a vision for the future .. one that does not include a small number of hyper-rich people continuing to make such disastrous decisions for the rest of us.

Mad Max Fury Road

Because they only care about the money. I am not saying anything that everybody doesnt already know.

Imagine where the nation might be right now .. if Hillary and her supporters hadnt stolen the nomination from Bernie back in 2016.

It is a morally repugnant thing that our government has constructed in the form of a socioeconomic algorithm that is designed to funnel ever more wealth to these fuckheads ..

.. thereby allowing their financial sponsors to accumulate more wealth than they could ever possibly use in a thousand lifetimes ..

.. while simultaneously forcing millions of citizens to endure a starvation existence as they are bled dry daily. This is why their asses feel like they are being ground down into the pavement and that they just can't take it anymore.

Ask me how I know.

Before we funnel even more billions to those who already have more money than they could ever possibly use in a million lifetimes .. we should first make sure that all of our citizens have enough resources to be able to live their one-n-only life with dignity.

This doesnt seem like an extreme position to me, or like a wildly controversial proposition. Not by any stretch of the imagination. The moral imagination.

The only thing that has become extreme in the last 40 years .. is the level of inequality in our society.

» The Term Moderate Does Not Apply to Manchin and/or Sinema

This is why the term » moderate, as defined .. does not apply to Manchin and/or Simema. So using this term to describe them would be » deceptive.

Calling Manchin and Sinema 'moderates' .. this is a form of political talk, of political speech .. which is designed to deceive.

George Orwell breaks down the nature of political speech better than anybody I have ever read.

This is why we need to return to the same levels that we-the-people had back in the 50's and the 60's and the 70's and the 80's.

Ah, the good ol' days.

» More Grossly Deceptive Political Speech that Conveniently Goes Unchallenged

Speaking of blatant lies coming from political personalities that are designed to deceive ..

.. check out this obviously gross falsehood being spewed from the likes of none other than Meghan McCain.

Quinnipiac poll says Americans overwhelmingly support $3.5 trillion spending bill on social programs

She is someone to whom I would gladly give head-of-the-line privileges .. to kiss my progressive ass.

Why did this obvious deception go unchallenged? Guess we might never know, folks.

Some things are harder to figure out than Chinese arithmetic.

A part of me feels sorry for Meghan McCain. (Admittedly a small part.)

» I Have Been to Quinnipiac

One of the reasons why I mention this clip, which serves up this particular poll .. is because I have been to Quinnipiac college. It is right there in Hamden, which is close to where I grew up. Beautiful country there.

I was in sixth grade at the time, which was the first year of middle school .. where they put me in this special program for kids who were good in math.

I have always been good at math. Without even trying I am good at math. It comes naturally and effortlessly. (For the most part.)

On Tues and Thurs afternoons, they bused a group of us here-n-there .. to check out cool stuff that involved math in some way or other.

At Quinnipiac we got to check out one of the first computer terminals. Is wasnt the actual computer, I dont think. But rather it had a terminal that allowed you to log into the actual computer.

We didnt actually get to play with the thing, but they spent a few hours explaining how things worked. (This kind of stuff gives the geek in me a total boner.)

I mean, this was the very early days of computing, when even small amounts of processing power cost a fortune. I am talking about back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

» Girls Started Being Very Nice to Me and Guys Wanted to Kick My Ass

Girls there in middle school starting liking me more after I started going to these twice-a-week trips.

I mean, I was gone from all classes for the entire afternoon from 11 AM onward.

Guys started wanting to kick my ass there in middle school .. when the girls started to fancy my academic credentials.

I could continue along these lines for many more miles .. but, when I saw the images of Quinnipiac, it triggered these memories. These cool memories.

These were folks from all three middle school grades » sixth, seventh & eighth. (Ninth was high school.)

Rubbing elbows with these older, smarter kids twice a week on these bus-rides to wherever .. this was very good for me. Iron sharpens iron.

This is also where I first exposed to kids who smoked cannabis. Which was crap back in the day. But it made you feel cool.

One of these eighth graders on this bud for smart kids was the first kid, I think, who gave me my first joint. (For free.) If he wasnt the first, then he was definitely one of the first.

» I Havent Laughed Like That in a Long Time

Anyway, somebody please give my regards to the Sanders' team who assembled this video.

Bernie's team assembles a video to call bullshit on the unchallenged political lies of Meghan McCain (4 Oct 2021)

I havent laughed like that in a long time. "But here on planet earth ..."

And then, when the sun comes up over planet earth as viewed from space .. I lost it.

That tickled me in such a good way. I can appreciate this sense of humor.

The last time I laughed that hard was when I saw Nathan dragging an empty shopping cart across the vast -n- desolate plains of Iceland.

I admit that my sense of humor is a little different than what you might be ordinarily be accustomed to.

Thank-you for putting that together. You got to have a sense of humor .. or this crazy shit will drive you nuts.

» They Paint Extreme Positions as Normal and They Paint Normal Positions as Extreme

But this is exactly where I have a beef with these media types. They know who they are. I have already called out a number of them.

I have called them out because they paint extreme things as normal, and they paint normal things as extreme.

I could cite for you untold examples. But I went off my anti-depressants completely this month. So I want to avoid engaging with depressing things.

My point here is that they are doing America a disservice. They are part of the reason why America is so fucked up right now. And not a little part, either.

» How Many More Plagues and Catastrophes Do We-the-People have to Endure?

How many more plagues and catastrophes will America have to endure .. before we-the-people break the hold that Mammon currently has on our government?

The evil, corrupt hold that Mammon has over our government.

I guess we'll find out. Buckle up. This is going to be so much fun. Because some people just refuse to admit that they have ever made a mistake. A blunder. A fuck-up.

» He Hardens Whomever He Decides to Harden

Scripture says, you know, that God "hardens whoever he wants to harden."

Some folks flat refuse to ever admit that their plan is flawed. Flawed with a fatal flaw that simply will not work. That cannot possibly work .. not in a million years.

I bet that the folks at Boeing know exactly what I am talking about.

Boeing's Fatal Flaw documentary by Frontline on 737 Max PBS (14 Sept 2021)

It is a fascinating thing to behold, if you ask me. People are fascinating creatures. Why they do the crazy shit they do.

Do you remember back in 2016, when somebody asked Trump if he had changed his mind about the full-page ad that he had put in the paper calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five?

Now that the real killer has confessed and his confession was validated. And he would not even concede that obviously wrong position.

He would not say that he had made a mistake .. not even in that case.

This speaks things about Trump. Does it not? Things that are not pretty. You can call it racism, or whatever you like. But it is not a pretty thing.

Would you characterize this behavior as 'unreasonable'?

He hardens whom he hardens.

» The Fate of the Man Who Cannot Admit to an Obvious Mistake

It is never very fun when you must admit that you made a mistake. But making mistakes comes with being a human being.

I mean, you sort of feel like a piece-of-shit when you fuck up badly, no? Or when the voice-in-your-head says, "That was a stupid idea."

I have so many great stories that I could share right here.

You cannot possibly imagine the number of times I thought, "I know that heading down this path here will get me my ass kicked. I will get in trouble for this. But, fuck it .. I'm going anyway. I'll take the ass-whupping and the chastising and the punishment, but I'm going anyway. I cannot resist things like this."

I may be dramatizing things a bit, but you feel me. My point is that .. you learn a lot of shit this way, with this attitude.

Now some of these ventures will actually prove useful and fruitful and cool and fun and worthwhile. And you might even run into other cool, like-minded souls. You know .. members of your tribe..

But when you make a genuinely stupid decision, or an obvious mistake .. then you need to man up here.

And sometimes you might even have to go back to the drawing board of life .. and start over from scratch. With new values and priorities and attitides that actually work for you, and with which you can live.

Remind me talk about the fate of the man who cannot admit to a mistake. You know, the signature attribute of the human race. "Homo sapiens R us. Come see our mistakes."

» The 19th has Arrived » 19 Oct 2021

Ah, here we are. The 19th has arrived. I knew it would.

Timestamp Worldclock Tuesday 19 October 2021 at 10:19 am San Diego time

Have you seen the moon?

This is the end of this page. ■

To be cont'd.

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