Nancy Pelosi, Sydney Ember, Neera Tanden and the Entire DNC Clan Can All Kiss My Progressive Ass

Today is actually the 13th of September, but I want to get a week's worth of a running headstart on 20 Sept 2020 .. because I have a few things I want to say. And this could take a while.

You cannot possibly imagine how much I enjoyed writing today's title. There is just something about telling assholes to go fuck themselves .. that I find so wonderfully therapeutic. Cathartic, even.

John Oliver knows what I am talking about.

John Oliver blows up 2016

Everybody knows that repression plays a major role in a number of psychological disorders and mental illnesses.

Maybe this is why I am feeling so psychologically healthy right now. Heck, I might even skip my anti-depressants today .. I am feeling so happy right now.

I am going to have so much fun writing this that I can hardly stand it. I wouldve done this long ago .. had I known it was going to feel this good. Live-n-learn.

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» Let the Kissing Commence

Kiss my progressive ass, Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi responds testily to a question about AOC's victory over Joe Crowley

You and the DNC have waged war on progressives and on the progressive movement. On the progressive agenda.

An agenda that includes things like a sustainably inhabitable planet (Green New Deal) and health care for all citizens (Medicare-for-All) during this ongoing deadly global pandemic that appears to be growing worse by the week.

Daily new confirmed CoVid-19 cases in the United States continues to grow, topping 120-K (7 Nov 2020)

The youth shouldnt need to battle with the Older Generation for things like an inhabitable planet. If they do, then something is wrong. Something is very wrong.

(Uh, that would be you, Madame Speaker. You can sit down now. You've done enough damage. Thank-you for your service.)

A comfortable percentage of Americans say they support progressive values, such as Medicare-for-All and eliminating the corrupting effects of money in politics.

Rising support for Medicare-for-All single-payer health care

And that was before the pandemic hit. Now, these numbers are only bound to grow.

As truckload after truckload of validation and vindication continue to roll into the Sanders Camp.

Speaking of waging war on progressive values .. what do you think about what these intelligent, educated people are saying .. that they are worried about another civil war breaking out after the election?

It is a valid question, no?

» These are the Kinds of Things that Sworn Enemies Do and Say

Dear Nancy Pelosi, You have assumed the role of an Enemy, and taken up the position of an Adversary, to all things progressive. You suck.

You will come to regret this foolishness .. attacking the future of America .. especially when you will have no place in it.

You had your time in the sun, Nanc. You had your opportunity to make America a better place for We-the-People.

But instead you chose to make America a better place for the wealthiest of the wealthy .. for those who need help the least. For those who already have way more than they need or know what to do with.

Inequality has returned to the extremes of the Gilded Age

What do you think of this graph, titled » Back to a Gilded Age ?

» Nancy Pelosi is All About the Money

Nobody is really very surprised, though. Because everybody knows you are all about the money.

I bet that all your wealthy donors are tickled pink with the way things have turned out so well for them ..

Graph showing how CAPITAL was taxed less than INCOME in 2018 for the first time in modern U.S. history. [Source: The Triumph of Injustice by Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, pub 15 Oct 2019.]

.. financially speaking, under your leadership and guidance and influence. The wealthy have their own separate economy from the one that the rest of us live in.

» You Suck

You know what I mean.

Income inequality in America has become extreme

Robert Reich knows what I mean.

Socialism for the Rich; harsh Capitalism for the Rest, by Robert Reich (8 April 2019)

Ray Dalio knows what I am talking about.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio says the FACTS show that capitalism isnt working (8 April 2019)

I could cite a thousand more references .. because everybody knows what I am talking about.

» The Real Issue is Tax Avoidance

I wonder what Dutch historian, Rutger Bregman thinks.

Dutch historian Rutger Bregman says that the real issue is tax avoidance (21 Feb 2019)

He says that the real issue is tax avoidance. He says the wealthy dont want to pay their fair share.

» Not Even Allowed to Speak the Words Suggesting that Tax Avoidance by the Wealthy is the Real Problem at Play

He says that wealthy Elites get all bent out of shape when you dare speak aloud such economic blasphemies .. as them paying their fair share.

Rutger Bregman notes how angry the rich can get whenever anybody dare bring up the corrupting influence of money in politics (21 Feb 2019)

He's got a point there. A valid point. Did you hear Tucker telling him to go fuck himself?

» Nothing Brings Out the Real Asshole in Some Folks Like ..

It always surprises me the degree of hostility and even viciousness .. that some folks have when it comes to money.

Close family members will go to war and battle to the death .. over relatively insignificant sums. Especially after the lawyers take their cuts.

Such folks dont even take such hostile positions against assaults on their manhood, on their broken moral compass, or even on their very humanity.

None of these things brings out the real asshole in some folks .. as suggesting that they might have more than they should .. because they are avoiding paying their fair share.

And this is always at the expense of the most vulnerable. Exploiting the weak and the poor. It reeks of many things, and all immoral.

Now who would want to be labeled forever in history as someone with that kind of moral profile?

And who has no problem embracing such a stance .. moral factors be damned?.

» I Cannot Relate to the Mindset Necessary to Embrace Such a Warped Value-Structure

I have always had my professional services sought after .. enough that I was always able to earn large amounts of broccoli.

If you work six days a week, twelve hours a day, for a whole year .. from right after New Years until right before Xmas .. you are going to make lots of broccoli, and you will have no time to spend it. Try as you might.

» The Ultimate in Job Security

One time, they wouldnt let me leave a nuclear plant .. where I was working as a rent-a-tech. I wanted to go up to Diablo Canyon with KJ and the boys for their upcoming refueling outage.

Once you have worked at least once a plant, then you become a 'returnee.' Such status comes with benefits .. such as preferential treatment in approval for future outages.

It's fun going to a new plant .. and seeing how they do business there. Seeing how they do the same things, but differently.

Some ways of doing things are better than others .. I have found.

But the coordinator said, "You aint going nowhere. I put a block on your ass. I told the home office you can't leave. Not without my prior approval. Your commitment is here, and if you leave, you will be fucked for life. More-or-less. Have a nice day. Are you still seeing that girl?"

I walked away from that talking-to thinking, "This is the ultimate in job-security .. you can't leave." At least, not without being fucked forever.

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