A Reputation Built on the Ability to Funnel Large Sums of Money into Politics

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» You Are a Fund-Raiser

You are a fund-raiser, Nancy Pelosi. That is your thing. Money is your thing. You are literally about the money .. certainly much more than your colleagues are.

Nobody puts money into politics like Nancy "Cha-Ching" Pelosi. That is her claim to fame. Her claim to political fame. It is her ability to funnel money into politics like nobody else.

This is why they made you Speaker. This is why they wanted you as their Leader. Because you are about the money.

Unfortunately there is a problem with this paradigm .. this Pelosi paradigm. A big problem. Russ Feingold knows what I am talking about.

Russ Feingold says that money in politics corrupts the decision-making process of the people's representatives

We-the-People want a government that responds to our needs. But it is designed now to respond only to the whims of the wealthy.

And nothing else. JLaw will be more than happy to break it down for you.

Public support means nothing .. because money is the only thing that matters to members of congress | RepresentUs (27 Feb 2019)

I am no Constitutional scholar, but I feel confident that this is not what the Framers had in mind.

Because this is not a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Not even a little. Krystal knows what I am talking about.

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» The Economy, Our Democracy, and Even Our Planet, Appear to be Crumbling Right Before Our Very Eyes

And now you and your generation are leaving to the next generation of leaders ..

Sandcastle at the beach with the tide coming in.

.. a barely-functioning democracy that is deteriorating by the week and whose future now looks questionable.

I wonder what Sen. Chris Murphy thinks.

Senator Chris Murphy is worried we're seeing Democracy's Last Stand by David Marchese (24 Aug 2020)

He has a valid concern, no?

I wonder what Rex Tillerson thinks.

I bet that James Risen knows what I am talking about.

James Risen the Intercept We're Not a Democracy (21 October 2020)

Wow .. that was some outstanding writing there. I felt my respect for him climb two full steps while I was reading that.

Writing kudos to Mr. Risen.

I already know what JLaw thinks.

Witnessing a total political system failure in America | RepresentUs (27 Feb 2019)

We are witnessing a total political system failure in America.

Don't mince your words, Jenn. Speak what's on your mind.

» An Inhabitable Planet is Not High on the List of Priorities for the Older Generation

If that wasnt bad enough, you are also leaving a planet that might not even be inhabitable. Kurzgesagt knows what I am talking about.

Bobcat fire spreads to 91K acres two weeks after erupting in the San Gabriel mtns ABC7 (20 Sep 2020)

Dear Nancy Pelosi, this is why we needed the Green New Whatever about 25 or 30 years ago.

What have you been doing for the last 30 years?

Graph of the rise in climate temps tracking alongside a graph of the rise in the release of greenhouse gasses (29 Sep 2020)

That would be from roughly the time you turned 50. Do you remember turning 50? Do you remember your 50th birthday?

The planet was doing much better back then. What have you been doing since?

» The Existential Threat to Humanity It Now Clearly Is

I bet that Farhad knows what I am talking about.

The existential threat to humanity that global warming now plainly is by Farhad Manjoo (28 Oct 2020)

"The existential threat to humanity that it now plainly is."

Generally speaking, existential threats to humanity are not good things. Humans should try to avoid any and all existential threats as best they can.

All those dollars that oil companies make arent going to mean squat when your kids are confronting the existential threat that you left for them to deal with.

I bet that Sen. Markey knows what I am talking about.

Sen. Ed Markey of Mass unveils Green New Deal alongside AOC last year. This week he became first person to ever defeat a Kennedy in Mass.

Hey, look .. isnt that AOC there? .. standing at the senator's right hand.

» AOC Helps Senator Markey Summit Mt. Kennedy for the First Time Ever in a Massachusetts Election

Did you know that Markey is the only person ever to defeat a Kennedy in a Massachusetts election?

It's an eyebrow-raising story (4 Sept 2020) where AOC and her Sunrise Movement laid down some serious political smack.

That was impressive political maneuvering. They are scared of her now. The establishment is scared of AOC.

Have you noticed how everybody who fucks with AOC comes away from the encounter with a boot-print on their ass?

Or whatever type of shoes she happens to be wearing that day.

» AOC Reminds Me of Ryan the Wizard Hall

When I heard about AOC and her gang taking out the Kennedy in a Massachusetts election for the first time ever ..

.. it reminded me of the similar sense of ease that Ryan "the Wizard" Hall displayed .. when he submitted BJ Penn, who had never been submitted before.

Ryan the Wizard Hall makes it look easy submitting BJ Penn via heel hook at UFC 232 Inglewood (29_dec_2018)

Ryan's expression after the fight was over was like, "What happened? Did I win? It seemed like his foot just fell right into my grasp .. and the next thing I knew he was tapping. I'll have to review the tape to see what actually happened."

This is why nobody wants to fight Ryan Hall. Can't really blame them.

» Our New Policy is that it is Wrong for Democrats to Primary an Incumbent, But It's Okay if We Do It

Anyway, this is why AOC fights with her own party .. about trying to get real shit done .. like the Green New Deal.

AOC calls out Nancy Pelosi for her establishment hypocrisy regarding their position on primary challenges (20 Aug 2020)

Oh, look at AOC calling out Pelosi and the entire DCCC. She is fearless.

The DCCC .. hey, that's my girl, Cheri Bustnuts .. the smug one herself. The two hundred million dollar girl. She is DCCC.

» Stop, Children .. What's that Sound?

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi and her clueless hypocrisy .. remind me later to talk about what scripture says about hypocrites.

Hypocrisy is basically fault-finding and criticizing others for doing the very same things that you yourself do.

In other words, a hypocrite has one set of standards for others (a higher set) .. but they have a different set of standards for themselves (a lower set). Much lower standard for themselves.

» King of the Hypocrites

Lindsey Graham knows what I am talking about. The spineless one knows what I am talking about.

Lindsey Graham calls Trump a kook and a race-baiting xenophobic religious bigot (CNN Dec 2015).

Lindsey Graham is the poster boy for the Hypocrites camp. I hear from my sources that they plan to make him mayor someday.

Who does hypocrisy like Lindsey Graham? Nobody.

Not even Mike Pence, try as he might, can challenge Lindsey's claim to the throne as the King-of-the-Hypocrites.

Mike Pence the hypocrite speaks to Bill Clinton's moral failures

And you must admit that Mike Pence is trying very hard to catch Lindsey.

But Lindsey just makes it look so easy. He makes hypocrisy look like an effortless thing. He elevates hypocrisy to an art-form on a regular basis.

Stop, children .. what's that sound?

Jesus called the religious leaders of his day hypocrites. He said that the Pharisees load others with heavy burdens to bear .. but they themselves won't even lift a finger.

Everybody knows people like this.

» Send His Sorry Ass Off to Serve Time at the Hypocrites' Camp

Scripture says that the evil, wicked person, as punishment for their evil, wicked deeds, will be » "assigned a place with the hypocrites; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

In other words, you want to stay away from hypocrites .. unless you enjoy the sound of weeping and gnashing of teeth. Then, have at it.

"What's that sound?" you ask? That's the sound of weeping and gnashing of teeth .. coming from the camp of the Hypocrites.

(Do you know why the Hypocrites' camp is the destination for the evil, wicked person?)

» Establishment Priorities Suck Because They Lack Vision

How much is a sustainably inhabitable planet worth to you? How much would you pay to leave to your kids a planet that supports human life? It's a valid question, no?

If we keep letting the establishment proceed as they have been, they will continue to wreck our economy, kill our democracy, and trash our planet so badly that it will no longer support life above the cockroach level.

This is because they have no vision for the future. They are living in the past. They are stuck in the past. They have no clue about the future. And it appears that they could care less about the future .. beyond their own reelection.

"What's that you say? The planet is on an eco-trajectory to reach temperatures that will no longer support human life? Fuck it .. let the next generation worry about that shit. There is just too much money to be made by trashing the planet."

This is what the actions of the outgoing generation say to the youth and to the incoming generation.

The ancient ones are completely baffled and perplexed by how to approach the future. They have no vision for the future here on planet earth .. because they have no future here on planet earth.

Not much of a future, anyway. (I feel like I am simply stating the obvious.)

» A Generation Comes and a Generation Goes

The writing is on the wall. And it couldnt be clearer. It is saying » A generation comes and a generation goes.

It would be nice if the outgoing generation would leave to their kids a planet that will be sustainably inhabitable .. like the one they received from their parents' generation.

But it doesnt look like that will be the case. Sorry 'bout that, kids.

Thanks for nothing, Nanc. Enjoy your ultra-wide freezer full of expensive gourmet ice cream. Mad Max, here we come.

Mad Max Fury Road

You were focusing on the wrong thing, Nanc. You were focusing on the money.

This is because you have no vision for the future .. beyond fattening your own already-fabulous portfolio.

This is the end of this page. ■

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