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Kiss my progressive ass, Sydney Ember.

Katie Halper's article on Sydney Ember, the Times' Senior Anti-Bernie Correspondent (2 July 2019 at Jacobin)

It's just a figure of speech, you know. I dont really want your nasty lips on my ass.

I want to ask Ms Ember what she thinks about how the 2016 Democratic nomination process was rigged in favor of Hillary, and against Bernie?

Donna Brazile found solid proof that Hillary rigged the primary nomination process against Bernie (t=2:50)

Bernie would be president right now if the nomination process hadnt been rigged in favor of the establishment candidate.

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I bet that Elizabeth Warren knows exactly what I am talking about.

Elizabeth Warren agrees that the DNC rigged the nomination process (2 Nov 2017)

And you can kiss my progressive ass, too, Neera Tanden. I saw this thing that said you are petty.

Neera Tanden, former Hillary aide, now president of the so-called Center for American Progress (15 April 2019)

Is this true? Are you? I thought you would be more mature than that. Petty is childish. Juvenile. Third grade.

You are helping to ruin America by funneling money into the political system. An ever-increasing amount.

If people want something from their government, then it is going to cost them. You gotta pay to play. (I bet that Davey and Jack know what I am talking about.) This is how the system obviously works.

» What Moral Excuses Does She Make for Herself?

The other day, I was wondering how you are able to look yourself in a mirror. I was wondering what kinds of excuses you make for what you do.

What kind of moral excuses. It's a valid question, no?

Do you feel, like 90% of Americans feel .. do you feel that there is too much money in politics? (An oligarchy of Billionaires who are out of touch with reality, or ust in denial.)

Or are you siding with the 10% who feel that money-in-politics is not a problem.

Perhaps you are with the richest 1% .. who feel that there should be more money in politics.

Your job security rests with 1%. So I bet your sympathies lie with them.

I could not do what you do. Maybe you are more evolved than I am. You certain look like you are being well taken care of.

I bet you have some health care package. I bet you have the Cadillac of heath care coverage.

What do you think of this graph, Neera?

Income inequality in America has become extreme

What does this graph say to you? Does this graph suggest that perhaps there might be too much money in politics?

The thing that makes this graph downright decadent, or something that represents » "excessive self-indulgence and moral decay" ..

.. is that these are the people who need it the least. Who need the money the least. They already have way more than they could ever hope to spend. They wipe their asses with pre-softed hundred dollar bills.

And this while so much of America goes without even the most basic necessities being met.

It's totally fucking immoral. Not that morals ever enter into your decision-making apparatus. Because, it they did, you wouldnt be able to sleep at night.

I think all money should come out of politics right away. Today. Yesterday, even.

Tell your sponsors that they are free to petition their government for whatever the fuck they like. But once they attach a bag of money to their petition ..

.. then it is no longer a petition. Now it becomes a bribe. And this gives the wealthy an unfair advantage.

You are helping to give the wealthy this unfair advantage that is ruining America.

This is why our country is so fucked up right now, and getting worse every day. You are helping America to worship the golden calf.

If you remove all money from politics today, watch how fast the slime retreats back into its dark shadows.

Then you will be left with only people who really love America .. and not the fakes who are really only there for the money.

I could continue along these lines ad infinitum .. but I want to save some progressive love for the other girls.

I am sure I will return .. to tell you more about all the reasons why you can you kiss my progressive ass.

I have a special place picked out for you .. a spot reserved just for you. I am not going to let anybody else kiss this spot.

» I Didnt Forget About You, Cheri

And dont think that I forgot about you, Cheri Bustnuts.

Smug DCCC chair Cheri Bustos trusting in the money to work for her and the Old Guard by starving representatives of the Next Generation (9 April 2019)

It is just that my title was already so big.

How's my smug girl been doing? I bet you are doing right well with all that DNC cash you've been raking in. Two hundred mil, right? Isnt that what you said? (With your trademark worldclass smugness, of course.)

I think you should get a half percent executor's fee. That sounds about right, no? What's a half-percent of 200 mil? That's a lot of broccoli.

» Riddle Me This, Bustnuts

While I have you here, Ms. Bustos, I want to ask you about something that has me perplexed.

The Riddler tips his hat

If the Democratic party says that they need Bernie supporters and AOC's generational fan base to turn out for them in November in order to defeat Donald Trump ..

.. then why would Nancy Pelosi and the DNC treat our girls with such contempt? And so disrespectfully. And with such hostility .. like they were the enemy, and not on the same team. Why would they do such things?

Did Nancy Pelosi and the DNC intend to offend progressives? Was this their aim, their goal, in attacking our girls? Or do they simply lack a basic understanding of political mathematics?

AOC and the Squad represent the future of America. While Nancy Pelosi is obviously on her way out .. to the Old Folks Home .. any day now.

It goes without saying, but an 80-year old woman should have already been retired .. in order to make room for the next generation of Americans.

Get some rest, Nanc. You look tired. I bet that Jason Bourne knows what I am talking about.

Jason Bourne says 'Get some rest, Pam. You look tired.' in the Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

You look like an 80 year-old woman who forgot her shot of Geritol this morning.

I can hear your grandkids calling you to come play with them. Take them to a museum, maybe.

So they can begin forging a society where all Americans can thrive. Where all Americans can pursue a life of happiness. Naturally, this would include things like an inhabitable planet and health care during the worst global pandemic since Russia was ruled by Czars.

And will somebody please ask the Older Generation to stop loading up the tab on the Generational Credit Card .. and giving the vast majority of this money to the people who need it least. To the richest of the rich.

So why would the DNC spend millions trying to primary them? Why would the backward-looking Democratic establishment try to end our girls, politically speaking?

That was a very stupid thing to do. Whoever came up with that bright idea should be shit-canned for malignant stupidity.

I am surprised at how you are able to gather so much stupidity all in one place. DNC must stand for the Dimwits and Numbskulls Club.

I feel like I must be missing something obvious. But it seems like the DNC is once again hell-bent on snatching failure from the jaws of certain victory.

» Sanders Would be the Nominee Right Now if the DNC hadnt Gotten Involved to Influence and Rig the Nomination Process Again

You know, Bernie would be the president right now .. if Hillary and the DNC hadnt rigged the Nomination process in favor of Hillary, and so viciously against Bernie.

Hillary and the DNC are why Trump is president right now.

Do you think they learned anything from their mistakes? It certainly doesnt appear so.

If the DNC hadnt gotten involved again in the 2020 nomination process .. by forcing all the other candidates to drop out right before Super Tuesday .. which no candidate has ever done before.

If the DNC hadnt again gotten involved in rigging the nomination process in favor of the best candidate for the interests of their wealthy donors .. instead of taking a neutral position, or simply one not so hostile to Sanders ..

.. then Bernie would be the nominee again in 2020.

Can't the DNC see how they are helping to ruin America .. by supporting only Monied Interests? And by adopting a position that is hostile to ordinary Americans?

It it so fucking obvious to me. So painfully obvious.

» The DNC Can Kiss My Progressive Ass Because I Am Not Voting for Joe Biden

Because I am not voting for Joe Biden .. not after you tried so hard to primary our girls, our heroes.

You will say, "Then we will lose to Donald Trump again .. if you Bernie-supporting progressives dont show up and support our candidate in November."

Your dumb asses should've thought of that when you came at our girls so hard .. with such malicious intent. With such bad intentions. With extreme prejudice.

You strategy wizards at the DNC seem to have a net negative political intelligence. A sack o' rocks has more political intelligence than you you dimwits.

And then you invited John-the-Union-Buster Kasich to bash our girl, AOC .. as a radical .. when progressive policies are embraced by a comfortable majority of Americans.

Fuck him. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

The biggest radical extreme in America right now is the state of inequality .. which continues to deteriorate.

Somebody ask Mr. Kasich, next time you see him .. ask him what he thinks about the relative levels of inequality that America had during the 50's, and during the 60's, and during the 70's, and even during the first half of the 80's.

Inequality has returned to the extremes of the Gilded Age

Does he feel that these levels were "radical'? I am talking AOC-radical here.

Does he feel that anybody who seeks to return to a relative inequality similar to the levels that we had during the years when the Middle Class wasnt treated like a red-headed stepchild ..

.. does he feel this represents a radical position? A radical, extreme socioeconomic position?

And if Mr Kasich agrees that the relative levels of inequality during the mid-twentieth century were better than they are right now .. then why doesnt he join the movement to transition back to those levels?

It's a valid question, no?

Perhaps Johnny Boy is owned .. by the ultra-rich. By the ultra-wealthy. Perhaps he is indebted to them. Perhaps the uber-Wealthy were smart enough to make Johnny Boy dependent on their largess?

You never know. Stranger shit has happened. Stranger shit than that happens every day. You know what I mean.

I personally do not feel like such a position represents an extremists point-of-view. (xPOV) I do not feel that the relative inequalities that existed so stably during the 50's, and the 60's, and the 70's, and even the 80's ..

.. I do not feel like these relative inequalities represent a radical POV, John.

You fuckheads at the DNC seem to be saying, "We have more in common with union-busting Republicans .. than we do with progressives."

This is what your actions say to a progressive. And actions speak louder than words.

I have seen red-headed step-children treated better. With more kindness and compassion and thoughtfulness.

I am not going to support anyone who is hostile to our people or to our cause. Because this is what an enemy does. An enemy attacks you and tries his best to end you.

Do morals and ethics play any part whatsoever at the DNC? Because I see none. If I simply missed it, then somebody please point me in the right direction.

Do they simply cater to the interests of their wealthy donors? .. And could give two shits about the weak and the poor.

I refuse to support anybody who attacks us with such hostility and disdain. Krystal knows what I am talking about.

I dont know what you were thinking .. but whatever it might've been .. it does not strike me as something that was well thought-out in advance.

» The Existential Threat to Humanity It Now Plainly Is

The nation has real, serious, existential problems .. problems that require new ways of thinking and innovative ideas.

The existential threat to humanity that global warming now plainly is by Farhad Manjoo (28 Oct 2020)

How many new tricks do you think Joe Biden has up his sleeve?

Our democracy today is dominated by the elderly (18 Oct 2019)

Or in his bag? How many insightful ideas is Joe Biden capable of producing?

Joe Biden thinks that a cozy working relationship with Southern racists is a good thing. He thinks that looks good on his resume. He was bragging about it.

He is an embarrassment. Americans are tired of being embarrassed by their leaders. We want a leader who is able to maintain their line-of-thought for more than a minute or two. This doesnt sound like too much to ask for.

I bet that Eric Swalwell knows what I am talking about.

California Rep Eric Swalwell calls on Joe Biden to Pass-the-Torch to a new generation of Americans (27 June 2019)

I could not watch any of the convention. The mere idea of it made my stomach turn.

You can't say I didnt try. You can't say I didnt try to warn them. Repeatedly.

I have some thoughts along these lines. Perhaps insightful, perhaps not. But the bottom-line is ..

I am not going down that road with you numbskulls. That road leads to places that everybody knows we dont want to go.

The signs along the road to your destination are clearly » Lamentations, Mourning & Woe.

This is the end of this page. ■

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