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» Public Support Means Nothing to Congress Because They are All About the Money

JLaw knows the type of spineless politicians that I am talking about .. the ones who care only about the money.

Public support for a bill means nothing because money means everything to Congress (RepresentUs with JLaw, 27 Feb 2019)

Check out this 12-min video titled » Unbreaking America: A NEW Short Film about Solving the Corruption Crisis (27 Feb 2019).

Public support for a bill's passage means nothing .. absolutely nothing. Because money means everything to Congress.

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» A Total Political System Failure

This is why she says that "We are witnessing a total political system failure in America."

We are witnessing a total political system failure (27 Feb 2019)

Didnt I tell you that we're cooking with plutonium now?

The Super-Rich are the bosses and rulers of our elected representatives, because this is primarily who they serve .. because the Super-Wealthy serve as their employers.

I feel like I am merely stating the obvious here.

» A Crisis of Corruption in Government

I mean, it is glaringly obvious to every American. And congress pretends like this money, that these so called 'contributions' do not influence the decisions that they are supposed to be making on behalf of the American people whom they represent. Puh-leeeze.

We are better at deceiving ourselves than others (at t=1:10)

Gimme a break.

She is exceeding expectations every day. You almost can't believe what you are seeing.

» AOC Makes Quick Work of Peggy Noonan

Did you see the way she made short work of Peggy Noonan after the SOTU?

AOC tells Peggy Noonan to go fuck herself after her SOTU comment (5 Feb 2019)

This is how you go to work for the American people. This is how you do it right here.

» Putting the Fear of God into the Older Generation

She is 28 and she is putting the fear of God into the older generation .. people such as actor James Woods (.. who was born in 1947).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's first speech on the House floor as a congresswoman quickly became CSPAN's most-watched video ever (16 Jan 2019).

His generation is on the way out .. even as she speaks. They have had their day in the sun .. and they fucked things up royally.

» The Generation Whose Values have been Warped by the Great Depression

Notice how George W Bush and Donald Trump and James Woods and the average Fox News viewer (age 70) all grew up and spent their formative years in an era where the values of their generation were warped by the effects of the Great Depression.

Dow Jones Industrial Average 1928 to 1954

And also by a World War, which helped to form and mold their severely-warped value-structure.

Line formed outside a soup kitchen during the Great Depression.

It is completely understandable to see how their values would be warped to place money at the top of their value-structure.

Evangelical Pat Robertson knows what I am talking about. (It's people like Pat Robertson who give Christianity a bad name.)

This why billionaires such as Jeffrey Epstein want to hoard their billions .. despite so many who are doing without even their basic needs being met.

Open the Jeffrey Epstein files. All of them. (Wapo 6 March 2019)

Money is the thing that makes billionaires feel safe. They are trusting in and depending on that money to meet their needs .. such as the need for secrecy.

I wonder what Julie Brown thinks of this .. there at the Miami Herald.

Julie Brown of Miami Herald says it is clear that prosecutor lied to the Judge in trial of Jeffrey Epstein (20 March 2019)

Because secrecy is the thing that allows abusers to keep on abusing.

I bet that Jason Hickel knows what I am talking about.

The Divide by Jason Hickel, A Guide to Global Inequality

Nobody complains about socialism when they get their Social Security check in the mail. Bernie knows what I am talking about.

» The Trump/Bush/Cheney/Hillary Generation (Born 1932 to 1957)

A generation is generally considered to be 25 years. (My dad, for example, turned 25 a couple of months after I was born .. while my mom was only 19.)

If you take the mid-1940's as the heart of the Trump/Bush generation (.. who were born only a week apart in neighboring states) .. then their generation would include every American born between roughly mid-1932 to mid-1957.

» Sean is a Shill for the Super-Rich

Here she is responding to a bit by Sean Hannity where she calls attention to the fact that he is acting as a shill for the super-rich (23 Jan 2019).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is tempted to frame Hannity's shill for the super-rich and put it on her desk (23 Jan 2019).

She is a political ninja and she makes it look easy.

"Go fuck yourself, Sean." This is yet another reason why you are Bad for America.

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