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Speaking of every billionaire being a policy failure .. check out what AOC says here (30 Jan 2019).

AOC the centrist says that a socioeconomic system that permits billionaires to exist amid such economic hardship is immoral and wrong (30 Jan 2019)

Where she says (at t=0:40) that an economic system that allows billionaires to exist amid such widespread economic hardship .. is wrong. It is downright immoral.

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» The Malefactors of Great Wealth Care More About Hoarding their Billions than They Do About the Public Good

I bet that Anand agrees with AOC.

Anand Giridharadas joins Stephanie to discuss the immorality of a socioeconomic SYSTEM that prioritizes Billionaires over things Health Care and Education for the Public Good (12 Feb 2019)

He makes the point that the Malefactors of Great Wealth care more about rigging the SYSTEM to continue hoarding their billions than they do about things like Health Care and Education for the Public Good.

This is why, in the last 40 years, the Top 1% have doubled their share of the nation's income .. from 12 or 13% to 25 or 26%, where we are now.

Economic inequality cartoon

This is also why, in 2017, the Top 1% took 82% of the new wealth created that year .. leaving the rest of us 300 million to fight over the remaining scraps that fell from their table.

I could continue here with statistic after statistic .. but this would just make you feel even more depressed.

» Why are You Suddenly Asking Stupid Questions, Steph?

I love Stephanie, but I thought she was asking stupid questions .. such as "What role should Billionaires play in helping to lower economic inequality?"

Stephanie asks what roles Billionaires should play in helping to lower economic inequality (12 March 2019)

Duh. I can tell you exactly what role they will be playing. They will you fight you tooth-n-nail every step of the way. They will lie, cheat, steal and resort to dirty tricks.

See Howard Schultz or Bill Gates if you have any questions. They will tell you that everything is hunky dory and that nothing should change.

Sure, everything is hunky dory for them .. while the rest of us take it up the ass on a regular basis. Go ahead and ask them for yourself if you dont believe me.

Find me more than a handful of Billionaires who feel that the Top 1% should have their share of wealth lowered back to 12 or 13% .. like it was 40 years ago. (Hint: it aint gonna happen.)

» Thank God for People Like Ray Dalio

Thank God for people like Ray Dalio. After exhaustive analysis of the data, he concludes that capitalism isnt working. See for yourself (8 April 2019).

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio says the FACTS show that capitalism isnt working (8 April 2019)

I couldve told him that a long time ago. Years ago.

I couldve told him that way back in 2008 or 2009 .. when the government bailed out the very rich, despite their foolishness .. and then hung the rest of us out to dry.

» Ray's Existential Approach (Just the Facts)

I was particularly struck by Ray's approach where he looks at "just the facts" .. because this parallels what I call the existential approach.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio says the FACTS show that capitalism isnt working (8 April 2019)

The existential approach is where you let the facts speak to you as honestly as you are able to hear them.

You do not give your own meaning to facts .. to phenomena .. when adopting an existential approach. An existential mindset.

This approach is not easy because, when the facts are saying ugly things to you .. it is human nature to couch them in prettier terms.

» Socialism for the Very Rich, Harsh Capitalism for the Rest of Us

The next time you see Ray Dalio, ask him what he thinks about this 4-min video by Robert Reich titled » Socialism for the Rich, Capitalism for the Rest (8 April 2019).

Socialism for the Rich; harsh Capitalism for the Rest, by Robert Reich (8 April 2019)

I would be lying if I said that I wasnt curious about his opinion .. because of the facts and numbers that Reich sets forth.

Such facts and numbers speak stark realities to Us-the-People.

» Stephanie Asks What Role the Foxes Should Play in Guarding the Henhouse

There were a number of statements that Stephanie made and questions that she asked that struck me as missing the mark. Badly missing.

What role should the foxes play in revising changes to how we guard the henhouse?


» Why Would Such a Thing Ever be Off Limits?

At the very beginning she says that "More-n-more voices are pushing policies that wouldve previously been off limits."

Why are policies that would restore the nation to a socioeconomic wealth and tax structure similar to what we had during the 50's and 60's and 70's ..

Inequality has returned to the extremes of the Gilded Age

.. and away from the extremes of the Gilded Era that we have now .. why would such a thing be off limits?

Such policies should never be off limits. What we happen to have now .. are policies that prioritize and benefit Billionaires at the expense of the basic human needs of our citizens .. this is what should be off limits.

Concocting fabricated claims to trick-fuck the nation into the longest war in American history ..

War Without End by CJ Chivers (8 Aug 2018)

.. now this is something that should be off-limits.

Would you like me to continue down this road? Because this is a long-ass road. If I take you down this road, then you probably want to put on your jammies first.

And it is not a pretty road, either.

» When the Hand that Feeds is Attached to a Billionaire

But no matter how ugly it gets, notice that talking about creating these tragedy-laden roads was not off-limits.

I know you feel me.

I understand that you work for a corporation .. a corporation (Goliath) that is owned and run by very wealthy people. David knows what I am talking about.

If you only watch CNN and MSNBC, you may be surprised at Bernie's political strength (David Doel, 3 April 2019)

These wealthy folks sign your paychecks. This financial arrangement is not lost on me.

I bet they pay you well. Certainly you deserve it. But you dont want to bite the hand that feeds you so well.

I know that place. I know it well. I feel you. I understand your predicament.

Should I elaborate?

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