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» Money in Politics is the Root Cause of America's Problems for 99% of Americans

Perhaps I should simply note here that, in response to your discussion here .. the root cause of the socioeconomic problems in America today .. are the result of money in politics.

Public opinion means nothing to most of our elected officials because our politicians are beholden to their donors.

You can read all the books you like about progressive vs conservative .. but until you get the money out of politics .. things are only going to get worse for Us the People.

AOC knows what I am talking about (21 March 2019).

AOC the Phenom, Time magazine cover story by Charlotte Alter (21 March 2019)

Over the last 40 years we have had progressive presidents and we have had conservative presidents. And yet, the only constant is that .. (pause for effect) .. the rich get richer while the rest of us just work harder (more productively) for the same wages.

This is because we have a government that is of-the-Rich, by-the-Rich and for-the-Rich.

This is why the wealthiest have increased their share of wealth by 100% (doubled) in the last 40 years, and yet the average American has gone nowhere economically. They are just working harder for the same thing that they earned 40 years ago.

Why is that Steph? Why is America working great, socioeconomically, for the ultra rich .. but for nobody else?

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» The Signature Defect in Our National Socioeconomic Algorithm

The guy who wrote the book that you are pimping there happens to work for the Brookings Institute. Why dont you go ahead and tell us a little bit about how and where the Brookings Institute gets its money?

Do you think that the author's political views might be influenced by the view's of his employer? How can they not?

I didnt hear him say anything about the corrosive effects of money in politics? Why not? Does he not see money in politics as a problem?

The problem of money in politics was never discussed in the press until Bernie raised it (David Doel, 2 April 2019)

Scripture says that Jesus was betrayed by one of his own for 30 pieces silver (money) from the rich-n-powerful establishment members of his day .. because he was calling bullshit on their self-serving, self-righteous bullshit.

Notice any patterns? (It'll come to you.)

Donald Trump may very well lead to the most progressive president ever .. but until you get the money out of politics, nothing will change for Us-the-People.

Care to wager?

This is why I call money-in-politics the signature defect in our society today.

» The Decisions Our Government Makes Reveal their Corrupt Values and their Dysfunctional Priorities

The decisions that our government makes says to Us-the-People that it is perfectly fine to spend Trillions and Trillions of dollars (and untold amounts of blood) .. in order to wage a never-ending war that was based on fabricated premises.

Sec of State Colin Powell arguing at the United Nations that Iraq has WMDs (05 Feb 2003)

The decisions that our government makes also says that it is perfectly fine to go into record-breaking debt in order to wage these wars that were based on false premises.

Moreover, the decisions that our government makes say that it is fine to go even further into debt in order to give one tax cut after another to the wealthiest billionaires ..

.. who already have more financial resources than they could possibly spend in a thousand lifetimes.

» The Value-Structure at Work Behind the Morality of a Generation that has No Qualms Stealing from its Kids

These decisions that our government makes say to Us-the-People that it is perfectly fine to leave this entire record-breaking debt for the next generation to pay.

But ironically, our government somehow feels that it would be too expensive to provide the rest of us Americans with the most basic things such as health care .. like the rest of the industrialized nations do for their citizens.

How can America consider itself the greatest nation on the planet .. when it does not even live to the standards that all other industrialized nations have already done for their citizens?

» Let the Next Generation Pay for the Cost of the Wars We Start and Let Them Foot the Bill for the Tax Cuts We Give to the Wealthiest Americans (Our Sponsors and Ourselves)

It is easy to wage multi-Trillion-dollar wars and to give the very wealthiest Americans one tax cut after another .. when you are leaving the bill for the kids to pay.

And when none of the kids of these decision-makers will have to shed their blood fighting a poor-man's war.

The decisions of our government says things like, "And if we leave them a planet that is not inhabitable .. what is that to us? Because we won't be here."

Shame the fuck on you spineless fuckers. Your values suck. The values of your party suck.

Torture by members of United States military

Your priorities suck .. because you suck. What happens to your moral compass when you get to Washington?

Steve Bannon puts winning above values says Alison Klayman, director of The Brink (29 March 2019)

It seems to reorientate toward money. This is exactly how the current generation is stealing from its kids.

The national socioeconomic algorithm is currently designed to work this way. It prioritizes and benefits Billionaires at the expense of the basic human needs of our citizens .. because the super-wealthy own our elected officials.

And it's getting worse every day.

» America is Strongest When All its Citizens are Healthy, Educated and Prosperous

America is strongest when all of its citizens are healthy and educated and prosperous .. and not just a tiny percentage .. who already have more wealth than they could possibly spend in a thousand lifetimes.

So that all Americans can contribute their very best to our one nation, under God, indivisible. This is how you make America strong .. when everybody can contribute their best.

This seems intuitively obvious to even the most casual of observer .. no? (How many yachts can they water-ski behind?)

Isnt more wealth than they could possibly spend in a hundred lifetimes enough for them?

At what point do they start to feel a twinge of compassion and empathy for the basic human needs of the citizenry?

When they acquire more than enough wealth than they could ever spend in a million lifetimes? Would this be enough for them, do you think?

Or would they still fight against meeting the basic human needs of the citizenry?

It's a valid question. I wish it werent, but it is. Sad, but valid.

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