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» AOC's Policy Positions have Widespread Support Among the American People

I could not agree more with the things that Anand is saying, and the things that AOC is saying, and the things that JLaw is saying.

Which is why I am citing their comments here. Poll after poll show that an overwhelming majority of Americans agree with them.

Support for the Green New Deal among Registered Voters (Poll taken Dec 2018)

Sunny knows what I am talking about (at t=5:00).

Sunny cites an Iowa poll that says AOC's policies have widespread public support (11 March 2019)

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A majority of Americans also favor a single-payer health plan commonly referred to as Medicare-for-All.

Rising support for Medicare-for-All single-payer health care

It always cracks me up whenever I hear a Republican freaking out because they feel that AOC is so far left ..

» Crazy-Looking Lady Wants Trump for Dicktator

.. when the Party-of-Trump has moved so far right.

Angry psycho lady from Cincinnati wants Trump as dictator (video posted 19 March 2019)

As if they have room to talk about taking extreme positions.

Check out the crazy look in this lady's eyes .. and also the look on the girl's face who is trying to wrestle the microphone away from her.

Angry crazy-looking lady from Cincinnati wants Trump as dictator (video posted 19 March 2019)

This lady needs to lighten the fuck up. She seems possessed .. talking this crazy shit.

I guess we shouldnt be so surprised .. seeing that Trump would like nothing better than to become dictator.

Is President Trump Fascist? by Jason Stanley Yale Philosophy (15 Oct 2018)

Then he can grab all the pussy he likes.

The political pendulum has swung so far to the right that Republicans are looking to make Trump a dictator. That's as far right as you can go.

» AOC the Centrist Advocates for Policies that Benefit the Broad Majority of Citizens

AOC and her like are simply trying to move the national pendulum back to the levels of inequality that we had 40 years ago.

This is why Nick Hanauer calls AOC a "centrist" (at t=6:20) ..

Billionaire Nick Hanauer says AOC is the true Centrist because she advocates for policies that benefit the broad majority of citizens, unlike Howard Schultz (30 Jan 2019)

.. because her policies are designed to benefit the broad majority of citizens .. and not just a handful of super-rich Billionaires .. who already have more money than they know what to do with.

A similar portion of the American people also feel that the Carried Interest tax loophole should be eliminated.

So why does it keep existing year after year? .. despite politicians all claiming publicly that it should be eliminated .. in order to make the tax laws less accommodating to the super-wealthy.

Go ahead and take a wild guess.

At t=8:00 she provides part of the reasoning and rationale behind her opinion and why she feels this way.

She makes this statement to Ta-Nehisi Coates, who is a leading educated voice representing the black experience in America. He is the guy who wrote the piece titled » I'm Not Black, I'm Kanye (7 May 2018).

» On the Cusp of a New Political Epoch

Michelle writes here (15 Feb 2019):

If we are in fact on the cusp of a new political epoch, then a sweeping, idealistic plan for social transformation is not a wild fantasy but a practical necessity.

Where she references Yale political scientist Stephen Skowronek's concept of "political time." Food for thought.

» Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson Says We Need a Moral Awakening

Speaking of our nation sitting on the cusp of a new political epoch .. check out what Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson says here (31 Jan 2019).

Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson says we need a moral awakening (31 Jam 2019)

She is remarkably well spoken. She is able to speak to, and articulate, things that are not easily put into words.

I like her .. even when she's not wearing a pair of red-soled high heels .. which is why I included her on my Quotes page.

She has her shit together .. in an impressive sort of way.

You must admit that she makes a valid and convincing argument. She says things that everybody already knows, but that no one is actually saying.

You almost can't believe your ears that you are hearing somebody say the things that she is saying.

This is why you definitely want to include her in all the debates .. where candidates are responding to questions. You want to hear her thoughts and moral insights into the issues of our time.

» Memories of Another Day with Marianne

It is another conversation entirely .. but I knew a girl who found Marianne's insights and teachings very helpful .. which is how I became familiar with her and her work.

We spent more than a little time together reading and discussing some of Marianne's books .. including the Course in Miracles, which she widely promoted.

I see her entry into the 2020 presidential race his as a good sign. A promising sign .. because she can speak to things that need being spoken to. Badly needed.

In a way, listening to her takes me back to memories of another day. I think it is her voice that is doing it for me.

When I was considering writing about her candidacy .. the voice in my head said, "Dude, didnt you flirt with her .. that time when she was wearing those red-soled heels?"

Oh .. check her out here with John (24 March 2019). I admit that I didnt expect her to be so well informed about such things.

» Why Do Republicans Glorify Ignorance?

I guess, if you run for president, then you need to be informed. But Trump seems to demonstrate that this is not the case.

Proof that Trump has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (22 March 2019, Jimmy Kimmel).

I bet that Brian Stelter knows what I am talking about.

Trump celebrates ignorance and declares that his real 2020 opponent is not the Democrats but rather the News Media (8 Sept 2019)

I bet that George Orwell knows what I am talking about.

George Orwell on political language (t=5:45)

I think this is obvious .. all too obvious.

Ignorance is Strength George Orwell 1984

I bet that Solzhenitsyn knows what I am talking about.

I get a sense of competence from Marianne. From her value-structure. From her intelligence. And especially from her ability to articulate and communicate her concepts and perspectives.

She has a smooth, stable, grounded sense to her. I feel better just listening to her opine.

And I like that she does not shy away from using direct, colorful, forceful language when necessary.

I will have to think about it more .. but it feels like she is able to go straight to the heart of the issue .. like she is able to cut through the distracting bullshit.

» Tucker Publicly Declares that Women are Extremely Primitive, Basic and Not Hard to Understand

Speaking of distracting bullshit and the need for a moral awakening in our nation .. I wonder what Tucker Carlson thinks about the idea of a woman running for President.

Tucker Carlson publicly says that women are extremely primitive, basic and not hard to understand (30 Oct 2007).

I know this is hard to believe .. that anyone would ever make such a moronic, all-encompassing statement to characterize women in general as "extremely primitive, basic, and not hard to understand" ..

.. but go ahead and listen to Tucker say this for yourself.

What a douche. At any other place he would be fired for saying such offensive and demeaning things. But at Fox he is a hero.

I would be lyin' if I said that I wasnt curious about what Gretchen thinks of Tucker, and his publicly-stated views on the fairer sex, and their refusal to accept the truth.

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