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» The Old Guard Puts Its Trust in Money as it Faithfully Serves Mammon

I could go into mind-numbing detail on this aspect right here .. where economics is used as the weapon-of-choice by those who value money above all else.

The Worship of Mammon

Here is an image of a supplicant petitioning Mammon for money.

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» A Bizarre and Disturbing Interview with Prosperity Preacher by Inside Edition

Speaking of the generation that worships money .. check out this bizarre and disturbing interview of so-called Prosperity preacher and televangelist Ken Copeland (82) by Lisa Guerrero for Inside Edition (3 May 2019).

Prosperity televangelist Ken Copeland being interviewed by Lisa Guerrero for Inside Edition (3 May 2019)

Wow .. check out the look in his eyes here. I wonder what Kyle thinks of this interview. I wonder what Ana thinks.

Note that this section about Lisa's interview with this prosperity preacher grew large enough that I moved it to its own page .. see here » Peddling an Adulterated Version of God's Message for Profit (6 June 2019).

» When the Values of the Older Generation Clash with Those of the Younger Generation

Perhaps I will delve into these discussions more later .. about people who worship money. But now is not the time for that.

Simply note here that » this means war .. economic war. The shit is on .. in a big way. Game on.

It's a War of Values. Old values vs New values.

Charlotte Alter knows what I am talking about (21 March 2019).

Charlotte Alter speaks to the factors behind AOC's authentic voice (21 March 2019)

Beautiful work, Charlotte. Most impressive. Much respect. Kudos to you.

You see exactly where people's true values lie in times like this. (This kind of thing gives me a total boner.)

» The Old Guard (the Past) vs the New Wave (the Future)

Note here that Nancy Pelosi is 79 years old (born in 1940).

Nancy Pelosi responds testily to a question about AOC's victory over Joe Crowley

How many more years do you reckon that she has left to live here in America? Here on planet earth.

» You Are Not Going to Solve 21st Century Problems with 20th Century Thinking

The next highest-ranking democrat after Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, the House majority leader, is even older than Pelosi.

House majority leader Steny Hoyer (born 1939)

He was born in 1939. He will be 80 in a couple of months.

See, here is the problem. Look at this graph here of the age of US presidents at their time of taking office.

Notice how they had to create a whole, new category (70+) for our current president.

Age distribution of U.S. presidents at time of assuming office follows a standard bell curve distribution

This is why you geriatric pols need to retire and go home. Folks your age have no vision for the future .. because they have already lived their life.

Our democracy today is dominated by the elderly (18 Oct 2019)

You should make like Dubya and take up painting as a hobby.

Or maybe do a little gardening. Grow some roses. A thousand-piece puzzle or two should keep you busy for however many years you happen to have left to live.

At 80 years old, you already have one foot in the grave. So you might want to take some time to make peace with your Maker.

You can't say that I didnt try to warn you.

Havent you octogenarians fucked-up the country enough? Your values suck.

» A Glaring Example of Biden's Shameless Hypocrisy

I bet that Eric Swalwell agrees with me here.

California Rep Eric Swalwell calls on Joe Biden to Pass-the-Torch to a new generation of Americans (27 June 2019)

A young Joe Biden called on the geriatric generation of his day to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans who were armed with a vision for their future.

But now that he is a prime candidate for an Old Folks Home located somewhere in the Catskills .. now he refuses to pass the torch to the generation that will have to live in the future .. long after he is dead-n-gone. Very long.

Hypocrisy is criticizing others for doing the very same things that you do. This is why nobody likes a hypocrite. Hypocrite was Jesus' favorite term to describe the (notoriously self-righteous) Pharisees.

Joe Biden has already lived his life and should really go home and get some rest.

The Skimm girls are sweet on Swalwell.

theSkimm girls, Carly and Danielle, are secretly democrats (28 June 2019)

(Try saying that five times fast.)

You are not going to solve Twenty-First century problems with Twentieth century thinking .. with a Twentieth century mindset.

» Our Government's Calcified Mindset of "Contemporary" Political Thinking hasnt been Working for Us-the-People for 40 Years Now

This is because your thinking and your thought-processes tend to become calcified over the years.

As you age, you tend to become "set in your ways" and less open to change and progress and improvement and growth.

The term calcified is defined as:

  1. Hardened from the deposit of calcium salts.
  2. To become unchanging or inflexible
  3. Fixed and difficult to change

It is certainly possible for an old dog to learn new tricks, and for an elderly person to adapt to a new environment and a new world .. but it is much more difficult for an aged brain than it is for a younger one.

» Money is Their God

This is why the rich continue to get richer and are able to get away with even the most hideous crimes for decades ..

.. while We-the-Regular-People work harder and harder for the same wages, and are punished with draconian sentences for even the most minor of infractions.

This is why Justice-in-America continues to come out perverted.

My point here is to say that our government has not been working for Us-the-People for some 40 years now. It only works for a small percentage of Americans which constitute the Ultra-Rich.

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