How Much Do Black Lives Matter to Today's White Evangelical?

Today is 20 August 2020. I could not resist posting an entry with such a rare, cool date.

Next year we will have » 19 August 2021. That is also a cool date.

But in order to get 3-of-a-kind on the date in August, you will have to wait 101 years for the year 2121 [ 21 Aug 2121 ].

I wonder if anybody took notice of the date back in 1919? [ 19 Month 1919 ].

We should do something extra special today .. as a way to help celebrate the day. Just you-n-me .. nobody else.

» Exploring the Entire Range of Moral Experience

I was thinking earlier about doing a little exploring today. I always enjoy the exhilarating sense-of-adventure that comes from exploring new things. From exploring new places.

Particularly when I am able to hook up with a beautiful creature who isnt afraid to join me .. and who doesnt mind getting in trouble now-n-again.

The last time I set out to explore new things .. I was joined by this dancer-chick. Ooh la la .. let me tell you. What a thoroughbred.

It always helps, I have found, to have along a super-hottie whenever you are exploring such realms. (Indiana Jones knows what I am talking about.)

» Fond Memories of Intimate Times

One of my favorite explorations .. was into a question that arose from a genuine curiosity. (On 23 Feb 2017.) She has been such a trooper. She seems to evoke a different part of me.

If you happen to run into her while you are out-n-about, tell her that I am sucking on a Godiva chocolate right now ..

I somehow feel like I am cheating on her .. every time I tear open another one of these wrappers and pop the heart-shaped chocolate in my mouth.

And especially while I am sucking on the creamy center.

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» Trying to Impress a Beautiful Creature Can Sometimes be the Motivation that Sends Me Digging Deeper

This would be the perfect place to impress a super-hottie .. of the muse-like variety.

She will be thinking, "I have never seen anything like this guy before." and probably even, "I didnt know that guys like this even existed."

» Slouching Towards Fascism

But what should we explore? These are certainly fraught times in which we live. Elizabeth knows what I am talking about.

America is slouching alarmingly toward fascism. I thought fascism was unconstitutional, no?

This is also an exciting time, a fascinating time to be alive .. from the perspective of the writer, who feels grateful at the good fortune of being able to live through such times. These socially seismic times.

Through key transitional junctures in the 240-year narrative that has been the United States of America.

[ Hemingway, you know, famously said of/to Fitzgerald and about his writing (paraphrase on) "Scott, the reason why your stories suck, and why mine are so good .. is because you were never in a war like I was."

"War is the best thing ever for finding real manly shit to write about. Too bad for you, Scott .. that you have to write about that girlie stuff. And everybody knows you have a small penis that cant satisfy . Sooo .. wanna go to a bullfight?" ]

The idea here being that living through ugly times can serve the writer because of the array of things he will see during these ugly times (war, plague, financial collapse) that us-citizens encounter only rarely.

Of course, another part of me is horrified by what it sees .. but the writer in me sees only endless opportunity .. of the juciest kind.

More things than I can share right now. Suffice to say that the writer-in-me has been pole-vaulting out of bed every morning. So to speak.

» Fuck It .. Let's Do This Thing

I can feel something inside urging me .. to explore the entire range of moral experience .. from the satanic to the divine.

Whew .. that's a long way. That's some expanse there. "Hand me those binoculars, will ya?"

And the things we will encounter along the way .. there's no telling. Just when you think you've seen it all .. life has a way of proving you wrong.

» Not for the Faint of Heart

What do you think? You up for it? If you're scaird, say you're scaird. I would certainly understand.

I should probably give you some time to think about it. I dont want to hear you crying later .. about how scaird you are.

If you sign up, there's no turning back. No opportunities to pussy-out or escape.

» You Will Need a Wide Range of Experiences

It goes without saying .. but you will naturally need a representative range of experiences .. along this continuum.

This moral continuum. This seemingly endless continuum .. the one stretching from the satanic to the divine ..

.. if you want to be able to appreciate the fullness of today's adventure .. the breadth of it and the depth of it.

I bet that Kierkegaard knows what I am talking about.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. - Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

Today's moral adventure .. is to boldly go where no carbon-based sentient being has gone before. (Cue up Star Trek soundtrack.)


You will need these experiences in order to be able to speak with the authenticity required to speak to moral things.

You will need the authenticity that comes only with plenty of firsthand experience .. which is not always fun.

While you are trying to decide if your cojones are grande enough .. I want to tell you about my experience when I learned that California had been shutdown.

» I Didnt Know You Could Shutdown a Whole State

I was in the middle of flirting with a few of these freakishly-talented super-hotties .. when I first overheard some folks saying that the state of California had just been shutdown.

I was very focused at the time I heard this news .. flirting with these super-hotties and whatnot. I mean, I never even got around to my intended topic.

But I remember the thought passing through my mind that went something like, "That's the stupidest thing I ever heard .. you can't just shutdown a whole fucking state."

When I finally came out of my writing trance, and learned the news for myself .. that the state had indeed issued shelter-at-home orders .. I thought, "I didnt know you could shutdown a whole state."

» Forced to Sit Quietly Alone with Your Own Thoughts

A lot of things changed that day. You know what I am talking about.

Percent change in visits to businesses, nationally, from last year (19 Aug 2020)

I am not even going to mention that this is right about the time that the daily coronavirus deaths really started to climb.

Chart of daily reported coronavirus deaths in the US as of 25 Aug 2020

When I finally realized the extent of the limitations imposed by this new world .. I thought of that quote by the French mathematician Pascal (1623-1662):

All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone - Blaise Pascal, French mathematician (1623-1662)

I thought how many people hate nothing worse .. than sitting quietly alone with their own thoughts.

All mens miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone - Blaise Pascal, French mathematician (1623-1662)

They would rather you stick needles in their eyes .. than sit quietly alone with nothing but their own thoughts.

Some people. Certainly not all .. but more than you might think.

If you said to one of these types, "See this pincushion here? We're going to stick these needles in your eyes .. or, alternatively, you can go in that room there and sit quietly alone with your thoughts. You choose."

They would be like, "Which eye do you want to start with?"

Pascal died, by the way, on August 19th.

I enjoy pursuing challenging activities .. not always, no. But certainly periodically, and sometimes more than others.

Challenging pursuits that cause me to grow and develop as a person, as a sentient human being .. the ultimate expression of the carbon-based life-form.

It is actually much more difficult than you might imagine .. to simply sit quietly, and just allow your inner self to get in touch with you. To communicate with you.

Or, at least, this has been my experience. (Anna knows what I am talking about.)

I delve into this topic on the page where I wrote about a cool quote from Kafka (1883-1924).

Kafka is #2 on my list of (8) totally rad quotes.

» An Organic Encounter with Quote #9

Speaking of rad quotes .. this quote here by Pascal has long been scheduled for Quote #9 on my quotes page.

Even with sparse commentary, these quotes pages are lots of work.

And if I post a quote that speaks to me in a meaningful way .. then it will be only too easy for me to get carried away with commentary on exactly why this particular quote speaks to me, and what it is saying. (To me.)

So I am cautious about posting new quotes .. even though I have a number of others that I think would be fun to share.

The reason why Pascal pegs all of humanity's problems ..

All humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone - Pascal (1623-1662)

.. on the inability to sit quietly alone with our thoughts ..

.. is because of the things that your true, inner self might say .. once you really start listening.

Perhaps this inner voice might express a sense of dissatisfaction. (Tay knows what I am talking about.)

Perhaps you might want to take things to the next level. Or maybe you just want to be a better human being.

And if someone is not able to do this .. if someone is not able to sit quietly (for 20 mins) with themselves, with their thoughts ..

.. [ pause for effect ] ..

.. then they effectively silence their conscience. How can people do such cruel things? Nobody with any kind of conscience could ever do something like that.

» The Sense of Becoming More Whole that Accompanies Regular Visits to Your Quiet Place

At least, this is how it was for me .. when I started stopping on the way home at a park by the beach. I would just park in the shade under a big tree and sit there quietly.

I grew noticeably as a person during that period (3-6 months). You can feel yourself getting in touch with your true inner self, your true inner desires.

If I would go home, then I would usually get distracted with this or that. "I'm just going to do this one thing first." And one thing leads to another.

This is why I stopped on the way home.

» Moral Responsibility of the Citizen in a Corrupt, Immoral Society

One of the areas I want to explore today .. because I have been thinking about it for some time now .. is the idea of moral responsibility, moral character, moral courage, and maybe even moral judgment.

(Tolstoy knows what I am talking about. I doubt that Albert Speer does, though.)

I never had a class in Ethics/Morality, but the professor who taught my Logic class .. she also taught a class in Ethics. And she seasoned her lectures with some interesting insights from Ethics.

I actually found the stuff she was talking about in Ethics to be more interesting than studying Logic. Much more.

She would pimp her Ethics class, saying stuff like, "You kids should sign up for my Ethics class next semester."

I mean, morality and ethics are about doing the right thing vs doing the wrong thing .. under an array of various scenarios.

The end for now. More to come, I'm sure ■

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