Exploring the Erotic Nature of the Intuitive Connection that Follows the Focused Intention of the Artistic Soul

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» Feeling a Genuine Sense of Connection with Another Artistic Soul

Speaking of sexy dancers who finish their choreography by striking a pose .. before they wrap one arm overhead with the elbow bent ..

.. check out this dancer here (23 Oct 2019). She is one of Kayla's dancers. Her performance begins about t=3:00.

Kayla Brenda dancers strike a pose at the end of their choreography to God is a Woman (23 Oct 2019)

She is performing her choreography to Ariana's God is a Woman (lyrics). I like that song. I like it a lot.

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She got my attention right away. When I saw her wrap that arm overhead at the very end, I thought to myself, "You gotta be shittin' me."

It is an unusual feeling I get when I feel intentionally provoked by these artists. Tho, I admit, I am gradually becoming more accustomed to it.

It usually takes me a while to deal with the implications of such a thing.

See .. these artists are speaking through their art. They are speaking through their strength. This girl here is speaking through her dance. Through her choreography.

» What an Elegant Gait

Everything about her here is impressive. Wait 'til you see the elegant way she struts across the studio floor.

The elegant strut of a dancer to the Kayla Brenda choreography to God is a Woman (23 Oct 2019)

I could almost hear the clicking sound of her stilletos .. echoing quietly through the marble corridors of my soul. So hypnotic.

Now you might see this girl in the library some Saturday morning .. shortly after she wakes, with no make-up, with puffy eyes from staying out late the night before.

She might be wearing a pair of baggy sweats and a beat-up pair of Ugg boots. She might even be wearing a pair of unfashionable reading glasses. And she certainly won't be dancing there at the library.

» When the Artist is Operating from a Place of Confident Strength within their Artistry

But here at the dance studio where she is in her element .. and looking so fine .. and performing so impressively .. she can walk off this dance floor and smile and have any guy she wants. No?

What guy is going to turn her down after seeing her perform like this? Show me the man.

I cannot find it right now .. but I remember writing once that I could tell that the writer-in-me has bigger balls than me-the-person.

Because me-the-person would normally never say such sassy shit, such as telling Ariana, "I so badly want to slide my writer's hand down into your warm singer's panties right now. I am told, you know, that these hands here are 'nice' .. by people who would know. And I also have been told that I know  'exactly how to touch.' I can assure you that, to my ears, she sounded very convincing. I have no reason to feel that she was in any way being misleading."

My point here is that .. when I am operating in and from my artistic, creative place .. I am a bigger, stonger and more capable man.

Nietzsche knows what I am talking about .. and I bet you do, too.

» Baby Got Back

Look at her here .. the lines. She is a total thoroughbred.

Thoroughbred dancer performing Kayla Brenda choreography to God is a Woman (23 Oct 2019)

Those are some high-performance hind quarters she has there. I bet she can really break into a full gallop coming down the home-stretch.

» The Effect I Feel from the Intuited Intention of these Impressive Artists

When I feel this intuited sense of intention from these impressive super-hotties .. from these beautiful creatures .. many different impressions accompany such a thing.

Many erotic implications present themselves .. in the most wonderfully compelling ways.

I feel something like a green light. (Certainly not a red light.) I feel encouraged to continue .. to continue with my observation and detailing my impressions of these artists and their artistry and their performance(s).

And there is definitely a flirty erotic sense that accompanies many of these performances .. where it feels like they are talking directly to me. Like they are directing their artistry directly at me.

I obviously cannot say for certain that they are indeed pointing their art in my direction .. but I cannot deny when it feels that way.

» When Confidence Levels Come into Play

When I saw you bend over (the imaginary bed) and lock both arms together behind your back like so ..

Choreography to God is a Woman featuring Kayla Brenda dancers bent over the bed with both arms bound securely together behind their backs (23 Oct 2019)

.. did I know for absolute certain that this was a provocative response to what I wrote here .. about how this position triggers in me a sense of dominant aggression?

Has such a move ever been used before? Is such a position common? I think not.

Did I know for absolute certain that these two things were related? No. But I did feel sure about it. Very sure.

» The Higher the Confidence Level the Better

In the engineering world, and in nuclear power, and especially aboard nuclear submarines at sea, we sometimes used what are known as statistical confidence levels .. to make key decisions.

  1. One-sigma » 68.3% confident (slightly better than 2-to-1 odds)
  2. Two-sigma » 95% confident (very high probability)
  3. Three-sigma » 99.7% confident (almost certain)

In nuclear power, you dont want to take chances with an operating reactor. So we used the two-sigma confidence level for almost everything.

» The Strange Sensation that Comes When the Probability of Your Very Existence is Assigned a Number that is Not in the 90's or even the 80's

When I was diagnosed with cancer, my doctors gave me a 75% chance that I would live and not die .. with the prescribed treatment, of course ..

.. which consisted of radiation x33, chemo x3, and a genetically engineered clinical trial consisting of an "attenuated" version of the deadly Smallpox virus .. administered once a week for the first 4 weeks of treatment.

Out of the 24 people who participated in this particular trial .. I think there was only one other person who completed all 4 weeks. No more than two others, if any.

What colorful dreams I had while sleeping 16 hours straight after a few of these trials being administered to the I-V sitting one of the veins running through my forearm.

» When Numbers and Probability Becomes More Meaningful

75% is 3-to-1 odds. That's slightly better than 1-sigma. Once you get beyond 1-sigma, you can rest a little easier. Death may be waiting for you outside, but at a 1-sigma likelihood of living and not dying .. means that he won't be banging on your door.

Those were odds I could live with.

My doctors told me that 20 years ago, when the medicine was much less developed than it is now, they wouldve given me shit chances (20%).

A 20% chance of living is not good odds. One-in-five is terrible. Death will definitely be knocking on your door. Probably every night ..

.. calling out, "I know you're in there. Just want you to know that I'll be right here waiting for you. Because you havent much time .. 'til you breathe your last."

People who get married today have a statistical likelihood of their marriage surviving .. somewhere around 50%. A coin flip. Those are not great odds, if you ask me.

» Higher Confidence Levels Make the Erotic Effects Feel Stronger

My point here is to say that I felt very sure that you were talking directly to me. And when I feel sure about these things, then I feel more strongly these effects that I have been trying to describe. These often erotic effects.

And when I am feeling these effects strongly .. this raises the likelihood that I will respond .. like I am doing right now.

» It Feels Like a Response Bubbles Up from Inside Me

And then, if their art touches me and affects me in a certain way .. then things will start to bubble up from deep inside of me.

The more meaningful the touch, and the greater effect that it has on me .. the greater the bubbling up of ideas that will come.

When the bubbling reaches a certain point, a certain level .. this is where I feel compelled to respond. Like I can't help myself.

Sometimes Ariana will do something that touches me in such a provocative way .. that I will think, "Oh, she is so going to get it for that. I'm gonna have to think of something really good to pay her back for that."

(She actually does this quite frequently .. and on a regular basis.)

Why do some things affect me in certain ways? Fuck if I know. But I always like to learn more about myself.

"Know thyself," urged the Ancients from time immemorial. It's not easy to escape self-deception. It's actually closer to impossible .. truth be told.

» What a Tease

Look at the big smile on her face here as she teasingly touches herself while Ariana sings in Verse 2, "Boy, if you confess, you might get blessed."

Kayla Brenda dancer touching herself in choreography to God is a Woman as Ariana sings 'Boy, if you confess, you might get blessed.' (23 Oct 2019)

Such a tease.

You should see what Ariana does in her concert when she sings the very next line » "See if you deserve what comes next."

It is some very naughty shit .. I can assure you. Suffice to say it is sexually suggestive.

When it feels like they are directing their intention, their artistic intention, directly at me .. then there is also a sense of intimacy that accompanies these feelings.

» Watch My Arm Fellas .. Watch Where It Goes

Here she is at the very end of her performance .. where she begins that final exaggerated arm sweep. The arm comes up to vertical and then bends at the elbow over her head at a 90 degree angle.

Kayla Brenda dancer performing choreography to God is a Woman final arm sweep (23 Oct 2019)

That's where I come in. My imagination went wild here.

The idea of intimacy used to terrify me. It doesnt any longer .. since I have developed my sense of self. But it is still a serious and weighty and meaningful thing .. something that I do not take lightly.

I could really get carried away on this topic .. of what it means to me when I feel this sense of intuited intention directed directly at me.

Perhaps I should lift out this section and transfer it to it own page .. because there are many things I saw in this video that I would like to respond to.

» I See You Cocking Your Arms Back .. Like You Mean Business

Such as where she cocks back her arms here.

Kayla Brenda dancer performing choreography to God is a Woman cocking back her arms (23 Oct 2019)

The last time a girl cocked her arms back at me like this .. I destroyed her bed into a thousand pieces.

There was nothing left of her come morning. Both Ariana and Jade know what I am talking about.

Candace Cane knows what I am talking about.

You have nice breasts, by the way. I would be lying if I said that I didnt like the size and shape of your breasts. Nina knows what I am talking about.

Responding to things sometimes helps me clear up and clarify my thinking on a given subject. I can't write down a feeling until I can first put it into words. And I can't put it into words until I know more clearly exactly what I am feeling and why.

But the bottom line seems to be that there is indeed a sense of connection with another soul. A living, breathing soul.

An interesting soul. Dare I say a beautiful soul?

A sentient being with a functioning moral compass and a value structure that does not suck.

I will need to off-load this section on the Kayla's dancer. But what title would I give such a page?

The end for now. ■

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