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» Taking a High-Performance Sports Car for a Spin Around the Block She Won't Soon Forget

Speaking of dancers that do it for me .. this dancer here with Brinn Nicole choreography .. she does it for me. In a curious sort of way.

Sexy dancer with Brinn Nicole Choreography Ride It Remix DJ Regard Jay Sean (17 Oct 2019)

I am not really sure what it is about her that speaks to me .. but something about her is clearly grabbing my attention.

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I have already used an image of her .. from an earlier song she performed to, American Woman by Lenny Kravitz (27 July 2019) ..

Sexy dancer down on all fours Brinn Nicole choreography American Woman by Lenny Kravitz (27 July 2019)

.. in an entry I titled » Feeling the Erotic Effects of Intuited Intention (17 August 2019).

She looks good in this new video. She looks fresh. Fresh as a daisy. Her hair looks wet. She looks good in black.

Are those a new pair of heels? It is just me .. or is she not looking very nice? I feel like I am simply stating the obvious.

» Take Me Home Now So I Can Take that Stick-Shift of Yours for an Intimate Spin Around the Block

This is an interesting choice of song for Brinn to develop a choreography to/for. This is the DJ Regard remix (soundcloud) of the 2007/2008 original song by Jay Sean (lyrics) .. which is currently experiencing a resurgence more than a decade later.

The official video (4 Oct 2019) for the DJ Regard remix features a car. A mustang. A classic high-performance sports car.

The Rolling Stone article (29 August 2019) says that this a song about » "seduction on the dancefloor" .. with lyrics like » "Won't you take me home I want to ride it."

You know, I have used the metaphor myself of taking a high-performance sports car for a test-drive .. for a full-throttled ride out on the freeway .. to describe the act of making love with the pedal-to-the-metal. With no holds barred .. while letting it all hang out. Going for broke. Holding nothing back.

So I find interesting their use of this particular song, and the lyrics of this song, for their latest choreography.

I find much about them interesting. The dancer is a curious creature. She needs to move. And then develop that movement into an art-form. A creative art-form .. is this not a very cool thing?

It makes me curious about the type of person who pursues dance .. to whatever degree .. whether first week of school or a seasoned pro.

If they are speaking through their art. then what, exactly, are they saying?

» This Position Makes Me Feel a Sense of Dominant Aggression

This is an interesting position here .. bent over with both your arms held together behind your back.

Sexy dancer with Brinn Nicole Choreography Ride It Remix DJ Regard Jay Sean (17 Oct 2019)

Your smile here makes me think that you are into this kinky stuff.

Over-the-shoulder behind-the-back leather arm binder restraint sleeve

Am I wrong?

Your position here reminds me of my earlier days as a Starving Writer .. when I decided to embark upon my journey to learn everything I could about the art-n-craft of writing .. because so many people told me I should.

It was not much different, I suspect, from what you are doing here .. seeking to perfect the art-n-craft of dance and choreography.

Along the lines of an artist learning the intricacies of a particular discipline .. I have long felt that the artist / craftsman needs to become a student of what they do.

I was wondering .. does the dancer read any classic books on the art of dance? Or is all just practice and perfecting your craft at a dance studio?

» Contributing to the Relationship in Other Ways

Since the Starving Writer will likely no longer be gainfully employed, he will naturally need to find other ways to contribute to the relationships that he develops with women who are sympathetic toward his artistic aspirations.

Anyway .. part of the duties and responsibilities of the Starving Writer is to keep his partner satisfied and smiling and destressed.

With one girl in particular, I would bend her over the bed .. similar to the position that you are assuming here.

Sexy dancer with Brinn Nicole Choreography Ride It Remix DJ Regard Jay Sean (17 Oct 2019)

Then I would pull off my belt (usually a good, strong belt made by Coach, which Selena should be happy to hear) and wrap it around one of her wrists and then around the other ..

.. and bind the two arms together so that both were bound behind her back .. similar to the way yours are pictured here. Very similar.

Similar enough that your performance reminded me of this. (Why are you smiling here? It makes me think that you can read my mind and are somehow privy to my hidden thoughts.)

It was not an ideal set-up. I did not have all the cool equipment and toys to play with .. like my buddy did. My particular approach centered more upon the imagination.

» Like Nobody's Business

But it worked for what I wanted. Then I would lift her skirt, or remove whatever happened to need removing .. and I would light her ass up like nobody's business .. giving in to that aggression.

Binding her arms behind her back like this brought out in me a dominant sense of aggression. (Or maybe it was an aggressive sense of dominance.) I normally try to keep that part of me hidden away.

(She knows who she is. She is probably reading this right now and smiling .. remembering all the times I had to help pick her up off the ground.)

» Exploring the Contours of the Psycho-Erotic Realm

I am not not going to tell you all my kinky secrets .. but sometimes, while her arms were bound there behind her back, I would move her off the bed and onto her knees on the floor. (On to a pillow, for comfort's sake.)

I bet that Amy knows what I am talking about.

ASMR Amy No Nut November challenge with both arms bound securely behind her back (3 Nov 2019)

Here you will have to use your own imagination. But you have to mix it up with them. You have to keep them on their toes. You have to keep them guessing.

Sometimes she would go back-n-forth a number of times .. from the bed to the floor. And back again. You never want sex to become like brushing your teeth » same ol' thing.

I am talking here about fully consensual play that explores the contours of the psycho-erotic realm. Dominant/submissive power dynamics. Kink.

» She was Not Complaining

She never complained about how physical I got with her whenever I was feeling this dominant sense of male aggression. Not even one time did she complain. Not even a little.

When I saw the way you were posed in this position, I unconsciously reached from my belt. It must be a case of classical conditioning.

» Manhandling

Sometimes I would remove the belt from her wrists and release her arms. Then I would wrap it around her waist and cinch it up nice-n-snug. This would give me something I could use to hold on to her with one hand and move her about just how I wanted.

With my left hand holding that belt wrapped snugly around her waist, I would snatch a fistful of her hair with my right hand. Then I could really manhandle her nicely. That makes me feel very dominant and aggressive.

I am not really thinking of anything here .. when I am wrapping belts here and snatching fistfuls of hair there. I merely following the impulses of my inner panther .. as best I can.

» Spreading her Wings and Taking Flight

This is where she would often spread out both her arms like wings and do this flying thing .. similar to what you see this dancer / choreographer doing here.

Freak in Me Sonta floorplay

Very similar. She would travel throughout the entire galaxy sometimes .. while I was manhandling her like a rag doll. She was a free spirit for sure .. at least, when I had hold of her. There was no denying this.

The first time I saw her do that, I smiled and thought, "I think she likes this."

» Feeling My Gravity Bearing Down on Her

Sometimes, if I had no belt handy, I would simply place both my hands in the middle of her back and lean forward and place all my weight onto her, smashing her down into the bed. (This particular bed sat a little higher than most.)

And then, while leaning forward, and bearing down on her, I would show her who's boss.

When I am feeling particularly dominant and aggressive .. uh, I probably shouldnt finish this sentence.

The Starving Writer does what he has to, you know .. in order to keep from starving. It's not as easy as I make it look.

It takes years of practice .. diligent practice to perfect this particular skill-set. And every girl is different. The Starving Writer must adapt to each different lover.

The best is when the Starving Writer's lover becomes his muse. Or maybe when his muse becomes his lover. But that's another story .. for another day. Maybe even two stories.

» Another Reason Why I Feel Dancers Must Make Outstanding (Best?) Lovers

Have you noticed how my writing about dancers often leads to thoughts of making love? (That reminds me .. remind me to tell you the story about the Flamenco dancer-chick. It's true what they say, you know, about girls with fiery Latina blood.)

Not every dance aims to give voice to suggestively erotic lyrics, or are intended to evoke an erotic response in the viewer .. but many of them do.

And this is where a dancer's talents can really shine .. when they employ their art to give a choreographed voice to a song that is about such things.

I guess what I am saying here is that » I know that I shouldnt be surprised that writing about dancers often leads to writing about sex .. but I was.

» I Love It When You Look at Me that Way

Anyway, I saw the very end of your performance .. where you were sending me secret messages. I liked that very much .. probably more than I should.

You pause motionless in a pose for several seconds after finishing your performance.

Dancer with Brinn Nicole choreography poses motionless for several secs after finishing her performance of DJ Regard's remix of Jay Sean's 2007 song titled Ride It (17 Oct 2019)

"What's she waiting for?" I wondered.

You dont usually see a dancer just standing there motionless for any length of time. So this caught my attention.

» Provocative and Confrontational

Then you walk directly toward the camera.

Dancer with Brinn Nicole choreography approaches directly toward the camera at the end of her performance to Ride It by DJ Regard (17 Oct 2019)

I found your approach here, coming directly toward the camera (toward the viewer, me) .. I found your approach here rather confrontational and even somewhat ballsy.

It definitely had an effect on me.

And then when you get right up in front of the camera, you bring your finger up to your mouth.

Dancer with Brinn Nicole choreography brings her finger up to her mouth as a secret message to me after performing to Tide It by DJ Regard's remix (17 Oct 2019)

Talk about being direct and confrontational. This gesture had an interesting effect on me .. especially after the approach you do directly toward the camera.

Certainly this grabbed my attention in a big way. Perhaps I will return later to flesh out a little more exactly what kind of effect this had on me. It was a very cool effect.

» Dont Think that I Missed this Provocative Thing that You Do Here at the Very End

Speaking of having a very cool effect on me .. dont think that I missed this thing you do here at the very end .. where you lift your right arm with the elbow bent as you pass before the camera.

Dancer with Brinn Nicole choreography lifts her right arm with elbow bent at the end of her performance to Ride It by DJ Regard's remix (17 Oct 2019)

Then you raise this arm up all the way while keeping the elbow bent.

Like so.

Dancer with Brinn Nicole choreography provocatively raises her right arm all the way up with the elbow bent to the DJ Regard remix of Ride It (17 Oct 2019)

I went for a walk after watching this video. While out on my walk, I was thinking about you and your performance .. particularly this part here at the very end.

I wasnt trying to think about you. It just came very naturally. You know how you catch yourself thinking about some things that people do or say that has an effect on you for some reason.

While I was thinking about these things, the voice in my head says, "Dude, did you happen to notice the way that girl lifted her arm up over her head at the very end .. while keeping her elbow bent?"

» Christmas Joy and Her Sexy Guns

I did indeed notice that ... because it very much reminded me what I wrote about Christmas Joy and her sexy guns. (20 Oct 2016). Her sexy baby pythons.

Christmas Joy and her sexy, naked guns

I was actually surprised that somebody could bring me to that intimate place like you did.

The way you did it .. the way you paused there motionless before you began your final approach .. everything just worked so well.

That was very clever of you. I felt my respect for you climb.

When you do things like this .. like this arm thing that you did here .. this says things to me. "What kind of things?" you ask?

I dont know if you could handle it.

» My Imagination Runs Wild with the Erotic Implications of Intuited Intention

I confess that I could not stop my imagination from engaging with you in this very act of arm-bending .. and everything that goes along with it.

To be honest, I didnt even try to stop it. I was very much a willing participant in everything that my imagination had to offer.

So I do indeed feel a sense of intimacy with you .. even though I dont even know your name. Of course this makes me curious about you.

Even though I know almost nothing about you, I like you. I mean, how could I not?

Anybody that could bring me to this place in my mind .. this person has my attention. Do you have insight into me? Intuitive insights? Like Shibby?

» Do You Really Love It When I Look at You This Way?

This part of the song is where the lyrics are "I love it when you look at me that way."

Do you? I love looking at you, too. I mean, how can anybody not? Any red-blooded American male.

The panther of aggressive male sexual energy when it sees something that it likes and wants badly

I like that you love it when I look at you that way. I will be sure to watch for you in the future .. to see what goodies you and Brinn will be bringing .. bringing to the table.

» I Love Your Legs

Speaking of looking at you that way .. you have great legs. Most dancers have strong, well-toned, well-developed legs. Yours look especially strong and well defined.

Sexy dancer with great, strong legs Brinn Nicole choreography American Woman by Lenny Kravitz (27 July 2019)

Sorry for chopping (cropping) off your head, but I just wanted to focus on your legs.

I have long been a leg man. Perhaps this is why I seem to have a thing for dancers.

» Feeling a Genuine Sense of Connection with Another Artistic Soul

Speaking of sexy dancers who finish their choreography by striking a pose .. before they wrap one arm overhead with the elbow bent ..

.. check out this dancer here (23 Oct 2019). She is one of Kayla's dancers. Her performance begins about t=3:00.

Kayla Brenda dancers strike a pose at the end of their choreography to God is a Woman (23 Oct 2019)

She is performing her choreography to Ariana's God is a Woman (lyrics). I like that song. I like it a lot.

Note that this section which deals with this dancer performing her choreography to God is a Woman .. has been lifted and moved to its own page .. see here » Exploring the Erotic Nature of the Intuitive Connection that Follows the Focused Intention of the Artistic Soul (23 Oct 2019).

» A Page of Your Own .. Welcome to the Club

I just noticed that you now have your own page. I didnt plan it that way .. it just seemed to happen naturally and organically on its own.

This theme on singers making the best lovers grew so large that I needed to break it up into two pages.

And you must admit that this is a cool title for a page to be about you. Who would not want to be the subject of a page with a title like this?

This puts you in something of an exclusive club with the likes of people such as » Ariana, Rihanna, Dove, JLaw, Kanye, Taylor and Little Mix to name a few.

» Ariana's Sweet Welcome

Speaking of welcoming you to the club .. you know, when Ariana finishes singing God is a Woman at her concerts .. which is the song she opens with .. she waits for the crowd to quiet down a little.

Then, while standing on the table, she calls out the name of the city that she happens to be performing in at the time .. and she says, "Welcome to the Sweetener World Tour."

Ariana welcomes Prague to the Sweetener World Tour .. before launching into Bad Idea (4 Sept 2019)

Right before she launches in to bad Idea .. with its cool guitar riff.

I like the way she does that .. the official welcoming. I was admiring that .. the economy of words. Maximum bang for the verbal buck. With its beautiful timing .. coming right after the first song. (I like everything about her.)

» Welcome to My World

In the spirit of offering a meaningful welcome .. I have sometimes told Ariana .. particularly when I am really feeling myself. » "Welcome to my world, girly .. where shit does not always make sense." 

As a symbolic graphic for this idea of my welcoming Ariana to my world .. I have used an image taken from Heinlein's » Stranger in a Strange Land (1961) by Robert Heinlein (1907-1988).

Valentine Michael Smith | Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein (1961)

I think that this image does a good job at representing graphically the idea behind welcoming people to your particular world .. however bizarre and upside-down that world might happen to be.

I bet that Ariana knows what I am talking about.

Ariana inverted on the cover of her 4th studio album Sweetener (17 Aug 2018)

Call me crazy, but something tells me that she knows exactly what I am talking about.

Ariana's upside-down Xmas tree

Nice tree you have there, girly. I have never seen a Christmas tree fixed to the ceiling before (.. but I definitely know the feeling).

A Christmas to remember, I'm sure.

Speaking of bad idea .. here is a great BNDLSS remix .. where you can hear her voice better, more clearly and closely.

Ariana bad idea BNDLSS remix (25 July 2019)

You can sometimes hear her breathing and as she takes a breath of air. This naturally makes you feel close.

Feeling close to beautiful creatures .. it has been my experience .. is one of life's special treats.

I would describe the experience as transcendent and often transformative.

A sparkly thing so good that I have been searching for something similar ever since.

The remixers at BNDLSS have remixed a number of Ariana's songs.

BNDLSS remixes of some of Ariana's songs (Aug 2017)

Who can blame them? And they obviously know how to select a nice image to go with their remixes.

» Riding Harleys in Hawaii with Super-Hotties

Dont tell her, because I want it to be a surprise .. but next I plan to write a little ditty about Katie Perry riding Harleys in Hawaii.

Katie Perry riding Harleys in Hawaii (16 Oct 2019)

Cardi B knows what I am talking about.

I happen to know a little something about what it is like to ride a Harley in Hawaii. (A black Sportster with a 'suicide' handle bar.)

Aerial view of Waikiki, the Ala Wai canal and Diamond Head (Oahu, Hawaii)

I actually know a lot about riding Harleys in Hawaii. You'll see what I mean.

I have stories about riding Harleys in Hawaii that I cannot even tell.

One time, I was writing this thing about one of these stories that I probably shouldnt tell .. and the whole laptop crashed. It just spontaneously rebooted.

While it was starting back up .. I thought, "I probably shouldnt tell that story."

The end for now. ■

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