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» Kayla Brenda Choreography

Speaking of dancers making the best lovers .. I wonder if your dancer girlfriends know this dancer and choreographer » Kayla Brenda (« 9 Sept 2019).

Kayla Brenda choreography to Earned It by The Weekend at The Playground in LA (9 Sept 2019)

Or if they have heard of her. I have never heard of her, or seen her before. Before today, that is.

She definitely got my attention right away .. with her choreo to Earned It by your friend The Weeknd. (You have the coolest friends.)

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I found her choreography to be very seductive and visually enticing.

Kayla Brenda choreography to Earned It by The Weekend at The Playground in LA (9 Sept 2019)f

Not to mention sexually alluring. Something about the way she moves .. seems to be speaking to me. And the things I am hearing from her .. oh, my. Very naughty things.

I could actually feel her sensuality radiating out from her performance.

This position here, in particular, really got to me .. for reasons that I probably shouldnt say.

Kayla Brenda choreography to Earned It by The Weekend at The Playground in LA (9 Sept 2019)

I have never seen another dancer do anything like this before. Have you?

It was like I couldnt take my eyes off her.

Then when she did that one-handed cartwheel thing ..

Kayla Brenda choreography 1-handed cartwheel to Earned It by The Weekend at The Playground in LA (9 Sept 2019)

.. that's when I said to her, "Oh, now you have my attention .. my full and undivided attention."

She had my attention before that .. but after the one-handed cartwheel (like the Wow girl did on the beach that day) .. that's when I knew I would have to write about her.

Look at the muscular development of her upper arm and shoulder area. This is a strong girl.

My experience with strong girls is that .. sex with them is like » wrestling with a python. You can feel their strength.

Her YouTube channel only has a thousand subscribers .. so I dont think that she is very popular.

Michelle Jersey choreography, for example, has some 240K sunscribers. Marissa Heart choreography has 300K subscribers. Jade has 325K subscribers. Brinn Nicole has 500K. Nicole Kirkland has 750K. Jojo Gomez has 1.4 mil.

Tricia Miranda has 1.75 mil. Aliya Janelle has 1.75 mil. Yanis has 1.8 mil. Tim Migram has 3.3 mil. Kyle Hanagami has 4.2 mil. Matt Steffanina has 11 mil .. to name a few.

This girl knows that she is very sexy .. and this position that she moves into here ..

Kayla Brenda choreography to Earned It by The Weekend at The Playground in LA (9 Sept 2019)

.. this lets you know that she knows it. [(I see you, Ms. Kayla. I am surprised that I havent seen you before. I am feeling you. Your choreo is speaking to me in a curious sort of way. I could hear something inside growling during parts of your performance. Are you doing that on purpose? It certainly feels that way. I also saw your choreo of Skin .. performed with your two girlfriends. Nicely sync'ed, I must say. And the slow-motion effect applied to the video for the dancer in the next performance of this song .. that works very well.

Kayla Brenda choreography to Skin by Rihanna slow-motion effect applied to parts of video (21 April 2019)

The effect on the viewer is strong. Kudos to your editor. It feels like this dancer is looking you dead in the eye when she does this thrust movement. I could feel that in a surpringly visceral way. Speaking of slow motion .. I should probably mention this here choreography video of Juvenile's song by Nicole Kirkland choreography.

Nicole Kirkland choreography to Slow Motion by Juvenile (Oct 2017)

Nice work there. Have you seen Maru's choreo of this same song by Rihanna? What do you think about the idea that dancers make the best lovers? I might have to lift out this section and transfer it to its own page .. if it grows any bigger. Ariana knows what I am talking about. Dove knows what I am talking about. The ladies of Little MIx know what I am talking about. There are others. Sometimes I try to impress super-hotties so much .. that I end up impressing myself. I normally resist such things .. because I am busy chronicling the end of the world. But sometimes I just can't help myself. The writing just keeps coming and coming .. as if on its own. No matter how hard I try to stop it. No matter how hard I try to stomp on the brakes .. the writing brakes. Whatever title would I give such a page? Do you happen to know Brinn Nicole? I check out most of the stuff she does. I like her. She is a good mom. And I like that she welcomes disabled people in wheelchairs. I bet that means a lot to them. Did you see this hip-gyration she does here?

Brinn Nicole choreo for I love Rock-n-Roll - impressive hip gyration (2 Oct 2019)

How is that humanly possible? That made me dizzy. Look at the big smile she has on her face here. She knows what she is doing. She is probably thinking, "This is going to fuck with his mind. He won't be able to get this out of his head. It will haunt him for days. He has never seen shit like this before .. and I'm just getting warmed up." This is why I feel that dancers must make the best lovers. I mean, I have been with some talented lovers .. but, I have never been with anybody who could do anything like this before. I could only imagine what it must be like to make love with somebody who can do things like this with their body. That was a lot of fun. She is always lots of fun to watch. And her dancers really seemed to be feeling that song. They must really love rock-n-roll a lot. And dont think that I missed this thing here ..

Brinn Nicole choreo for I love Rock-n-Roll with dancer sucking her finger after touching herself (2 Oct 2019)

.. where this dancer sucks deliciously on her finger, like she is savoring its juiciness, right after she touches herself and then slides her hand up to her mouth. While her other hand is touching her super-soft inner thigh. You know, I have hurt girls who have done things like this .. provocative things. I have destroyed beds and cracked walls with them. I was not trying to hurt them. No, ma'am. But sometimes a guy can get carried away .. especially when a super-sexy hottie is provoking him. I can hear her talking to me. And she is saying some very nasty things. Girls can be so nasty sometimes. That shit gets me going in a hurry. My imagination runs wild with shit like that. I start breathing hard. Panting. I have stories about sexy girls sucking on my fingers after touching themselves. But that's another story.

If you happen to see Brinn, tell her to add a 1080-HD resolution to her video stack. Her videos only go up to 720, and I would like more resolution, please. I mean, of course you need a camera that is capable of capturing and recording at that resolution. Otherwise 1080 means nothing.Oh, here she is with some of her dancers.

Brinn Nicole and her sexy dancers choreo for Love Dont Cost a Thing (18 Sept 2019)

Whatever camera they are using here .. this produces a quality video image. Also, brick backgrounds are not good for video, because it takes so much information just to capture each individual brick. Drape some curtains over those bricks and image quality should improve markedly. Notice how there is no brick background here. Notice how the image here for the book Cherry requires so much information (137 KB) to capture because the image contains so much fine detail because of all those stars. That image is a jpeg. An png file would lower the size to ~90KB, but that is still very large for a two-color image. If you have only a limited amount of information available each frame, and you are using so much of it to capture all the fine detail of the brick-wall background, then that leaves less information available to capture the sexy, talented dancers, thereby reducing the overall image quality of each frame. I find it interesting that you chose Stand Still by Sabrina Claudio for one of your recorded and posted choreos .. because that performance was also speaking to me in a curious sort of way. I have studied that video from numerous different perspectives. At t=0:50, for example, she leisurely rolls and exposes her entire neck and throat to the viewer. That shit gets me going and makes the vampire in me start breathing hard. Labored breathing. Sabrina just turned 23 last month. That means she was barely 21 when she released that video (Oct 2017). And she was probably only 20 while she was working on it. That impressed me about her. It made me interested in her. I have not yet watched your choreo to that song .. because, then, I might feel compelled to respond .. and I am already busy with other projects right now. You have very few videos posted, but I was struck by your se.lection of songs. What does it mean if the same things that speak to me also speak to you? I am not sure, but it makes me curious about you. For example, I noticed you also posted a choreo to Yoga by Janelle. It makes me want to try and figure you out. It's not usually a good thing for girls when I get curious about them .. when I try to figure them out .. when I try to climb inside their head and figure out what makes them tick .. figure out what it is about them that speaks to me is such a way .. such a curious way. After spending a few years with a yoga-chick, I have had girls say things to me like, "Dude, you can't do that with my leg. I'm not that flexible." I noticed that you are very flexible. Did I say very?) Along the lines of flexibility, I noticed that this particular dancer, who is one of Brinn's girls .. I noticed that she seems to bring a fuller extension to her moves. Look at the extension she gets with that raised leg.

Brinn Nicole choreo Pony revamp with impressive leg extension and flexibility (3 Sept 2019)

She is performing her choreography as a revamped version of her approach Ginuwine's Pony (3 Sept 2019) .. a very naughty song, I might add. ]

I can almost hear her saying, "Do dancers make the best lovers? Damn straight they do. Watch this."

» Many Factors Come into Play

I am no expert to the world of choreography. Far from it, my friend. But there many aspects of/to dancing and choreography that come into play.

For example, one factor is simply pure athleticism .. which helps to determine the level of the performance. Then there is flexibility.

Another aspect that comes into play is the interpretation of the song into dance. That seems to be a key aspect.

For example, during the part where the Weeknd sings "I see nobody but you," she does this cool thing where she spins around and keeps her eyes on you the whole time.

Then there is creativity and creating new moves .. that I have never seen before.

Anyway, I do indeed find dancers and choreographers an interesting lot.

My brother once told me that dancers have the highest percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers of any athlete .. because of the types of movements that they do with their bodies.

Anyway, if your dancer girlfriends on tour with you happen to run into Ms. Kayla .. tell her I said hi.

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