George W Bush is an Unrepentant War Criminal Whose Administration Established a Global Torture Regime

This page originated » here .. in an entry titled » The Moral Responsibility of Every Sentient Being to Future Generations to Speak Out Against Abusive Behaviors that Leave Lasting Psychic Scars (4 July 2019).

» The Problem With George W. Bush Is Not His Beliefs (which Suck)

This section is off-topic for this page, but I feel compelled nonetheless to comment here on the subject of Ellen's friendship with George W Bush.

Mehdi Hasan says Dear Ellen: The Problem With George W. Bush Is Not His Beliefs -- It's His War Crimes, which include torture  (9 Oct 2019)

I agree with Mehdi Hasan, who says that the problem with George W. Bush is not his beliefs (.. which do indeed suck by themselves). Rather, the problem is with his war crimes .. which include torture.

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Like Michael Brooks says » "Wearing fur is not the same thing as killing millions of people."

Michael Brooks tells Ellen that wearing fur is not the same thing as George Bush killing millions of people (12 Oct 2019)

Not hardly.

It is entirely understandable why Ellen might be ignorant of Dubya's war crimes, which have stained America's reputation and brought disgrace upon us.

This plays in with Ellen's earlier disposition to ignore and bury and suppress the abuse she suffered.

» Wearing Fur Isnt the Same Thing as Killing Millions of People and Instituting a Global Torture Regime

Well, there are others who have suffered much worse abuse at the hands (literally) of the Bush administration .. over which W had ultimate responsibility.

Michael Brooks tells Ellen that wearing fur is not the same thing as killing millions of people and instituting a global torture regime (12 Oct 2019)

He should be in prison right now for his many war crimes that have brought so much pain and suffering to so many innocent civilians

» I Wonder What Ana Thinks

I wonder what Ana Kasparian thinks of this. She always has thoughtful and well-informed insights into such things.

Ana Kasparian declares twice in a row that George W Bush is a War Criminal (8 Oct 2019)

What did I tell you? Notice how she said it twice .. just in case you missed it the first time.

You dont have a "difference of opinion" with a war criminal whose administration committed countless atrocities in the name of the American people because he didnt want to seem weak like his daddy.

Jeremy Scahill says George HW Bush was an unrepentant war criminal (9 Dec 2018)

No. Rather you call out that shit every day until he dies and then you etch it deep into his gravestone as a permanent record so that future generations will know that here lies a war criminal that brought disgrace upon America.

Prisoner Abuse Scandal of April, 2004 under the leadership of George W Bush made possible by papers signed by John Yoo

Torture is wrong. It is morally wrong. It is ethically wrong. It has been proven ineffective, as subjects will simply tell you whatever you want to hear .. so that the torture stops. They will make up whatever stories they think you want to hear.

I will say it again » torture is wrong. If you happen to disagree, then you can go over there and stand with George come Judgment day .. and we will see how things turn out for you, my friend.

It's not going to be pretty. I can almost hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth now.

» Ellen Needs to Educate Herself About the Legacy of Atrocities Committed by the Bush Administration

Here are some brief, informative features that I would like Ellen to familiarize herself with.

For sure, there are many other things that George has done that are deserving of our contempt ..

Ellen DeGeneres defending her friendship with George W Bush - now with images of torture set in the background as political commentary (9 Oct 2019)

.. but these videos should get you started on why you probably dont want to be seen publicly with him any more.

You can still be buddy-buddy with him. But meet him in private. Hang out with him and Laura in private. Be nice to him in private.

Because public appearances together seem to bestow upon him your Good Housekeeping seal-of-approval .. which he does not deserve.

» Establishing a National Truth and Reconciliation Commission to Really Deal with the Global Torture Regime that Formed Under the Bush Administration

Perhaps you could talk to George about helping to establish a national Truth and Reconciliation Commission ..

Michael Brooks says we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to really move beyond America's dark days of torture under the Bush administration (12 Oct 2019)

.. in order to help the nation really move beyond the global torture regime that formed under the Bush administration.

Let's put your friendship with Dubya to good use, Ellen. Such a commission will not only help the nation heal by taking responsibility for the war crimes it committed .. but it will also help prevent a recurrence of such an immoral thing in the future.

Hillary and Dubya share a moment at Trump's inauguration Jan 20, 2017

Trump has already voiced his love of torture. The reason why he feels so comfortable declaring such things is because the nation has never formally condemned the practice and held responsible those who were responsible for it.

If George and Cheney and Numbsfeld were all sitting in prison right now for their roles in the development of their global torture regime ..

Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld trying to walk with a tough-guy swagger at Bush's ranch Aug 23, 2004

.. then Trump would not feel so at liberty to declare how wonderful he feels that torture is.

This is why we should have a Truth-n-Reconciliation Commission .. instead of trying to bury the facts of the war crimes that were committed by the Bush adminsitration.

One of the reasons, anyway. There are more. Silence is the thing that allows such nastiness to continue for so long. The light-of-day serves as an antiseptic to such moral and ethical rot.

» George W Bush is a War Criminal Responsible for the Deaths of Millions of Innocents

We as a nation dont want to normalize the torture practiced by his administration by burying our heads in the sand and pretending like it never happened. We dont want to make that seem okay.

We dont want to overlook his war crimes .. which have brought so much unnecessary suffering and misery to so many innocent civilians.

Ellen DeGeneres defending her friendship with George W Bush - now with images from Iraq war footage set in the background as political commentary (9 Oct 2019)

Because this is the kind of shit that leaves lasting psychic scars.

Dubya was an incompetent and irresponsible president, who actually lost the 2000 election. (« see Cenk at t=2:20).

Al Gore actually won the state of Florida in the 2000 election (Shep Smith is out at Fox, 11 Oct 2019)

I wouldnt write this here if I didnt feel strongly about it. People who see no problem with you publicly giving your seal-of-approval to him obviously dont know what atrocities he has committed in the name of America.

Being a sentient being myself, I feel the need to speak out against such things.

» George W Bush was a Terrible Terrible President

Next time you happen to see him, tell him I said "Go fuck yourself, George .. you incompetent piece-of-shit war criminal who brought disgrace upon America."

I can see why Colonel Wilkerson said that George didnt know his ass from a hole in the ground.

I disagree with the Colonel there. I bet that George does indeed know the difference.

I will leave the final word here for Ana.

Ana Kasparian says that George W Bush was a terrible terrible president(8 Oct 2019)

She says that George was a "terrible, terrible president."

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This entry originated » here .. in a page titled » The Moral Responsibility of Every Sentient Being to Future Generations to Speak Out Against Abusive Behaviors that Leave Lasting Psychic Scars (4 July 2019).

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