I Can Assure You that It Won't be Wasted

Hi Dove.

I saw you on Jimmy Fallon yesterday, pimping your newly released songs » Waste (lyrics) and Bloodshot (lyrics).

Dove Cameron pimping her new songs on Jimmy Fallon (26 Sept 2019)

Jimmy is always very good at this type of thing.

I was very much excited and looking forward to hearing what you have to bring.

Rolling Stone says that this is the official launch of your music career.


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» Rocking the Bare-Chested Blazer

I have always found it very sexy when women wear these bare-chested blazers with nothing underneath.

Dove Cameron wearing a bare-chested blazer on Jimmy Fallon (26 Sept 2019)

It plays to the male imagination .. and it plays well.

I bet that Niall Horan knows what I am talking about.

Niall Horan Nice to Meet Ya (3 Oct 2019)

Perhaps it was simply a Freudian slip .. but I found it curious that Jimmy's page was titled » Dove Cameron Shows Off Her Amazing Minions...

And here I would have to agree that your minions are indeed amazing. You have very nice minions .. and I am not even a minions man. (Probably because I was never breast fed. I am more of a leg man myself.)

Not just anybody can pull off this look. You need to have the right kind of minions.

Dove Cameron rocking the bare-chested blazer with nothing underneath (26 Sept 2019)

But when it works, it really works. And you are obviously working it here. You are working it hard.

» On Fire Headlining the Final Night of Lollapalooza

When I stumbled across your appearance here on Jimmy Fallon, I was in the middle of responding to Ariana headlining the final night of Lollapalooza last month.

Lollapalooza 2019 line-up (August 1-4)

I was using this video of the entire show, but they have since taken it down due to copyright. (Fuckers.)

Good thing that I already grabbed most of the screen shots that I wanted. Not all of them, but most.

» Dont Make Me Take Off My Jacket

For example, here she is singing Side to Side, waiving around the jacket that she just removed.

Ariana singing Side to Side at Lollapalooza, waiving her jacket around after taking it off (4 August 2019)

She knows that shit gets my attention. Then Ariana tosses the jacket to her dancer girlfriend and proceeds to do one of those fully reclined lay-back sprawls on the floor.

Girly, say hi to your sexy dancer girlfriends for me. I wonder what they think about my musings that dancers make the best lovers.

» Kayla Brenda Choreography

Speaking of dancers making the best lovers .. I wonder if your dancer girlfriends know this dancer and choreographer » Kayla Brenda (« 9 Sept 2019).

Kayla Brenda choreography to Earned It by The Weekend at The Playground in LA (9 Sept 2019)

Or if they have heard of her. I have never heard of her, or seen her before. Before today, that is.

She definitely got my attention right away .. with her choreo to Earned It by your friend The Weeknd. (You have the coolest friends.)

Note that this section where I write about dancers has been off-loaded and moved to its own page .. see here » Revisiting the Question » Do Dancers Make the Best Lovers? (17 Oct 2019).

» Feeling Intentionally Provoked

Girly, that shit where you take off your pink, girly jacket and waive it around like that .. this is definitely a provocative thing. That was speaking to me.

That was speaking to me in a big way. I couldnt stop it from speaking to me. (Shibby knows what I am talking about.)

When I feel intentionally provoked .. this really cranks up my imagination in a big way.

It just engages so much of my imagination that it seems to run away with these provocative things on its own.

I think your dancers are in on it, too. From the looks on their faces, they seem culpable in this provocation.

Look at these two dancers here ..

Ariana singing Side to Side at Lollapalooza, waiving her jacket around after taking it off (4 August 2019)

.. coming together in a suggestive way. I can almost hear them saying, "You like?"

» When Dancers Trigger Memories of a Sexy Encounter

Their pose, with their bellys touching .. this actually reminds me of a specific time .. when I was getting to know this particular girl.

And this was after I had not been with a girl for a year or so. A year is a long time to go without.

So I was things like, "I need to go slow. It's been a long time. Baby steps."

This is about where she lifted my shirt (while standing in her living room).

And I remember how amazingly good her warm, soft, tan belly felt pressed up against mine. (My jeans are still on here .. belted securely.)

» It is Not Good that the Man Should be Alone

It seems to instantly transport you to a different place .. to a much nicer place. A more enjoyable place.

Sometimes you dont even know what you are missing .. until you actually get it.

It was about here that the voice in my head was saying, "It is not good that the man should be alone."

» The Last Time I Saw a Girl Take Off her Jacket in an Intentionally-Provocative Way

Anyway .. the last time I saw a girl take off a jacket in a way that spoke to me .. I ended up writing a long-ass page.

If you happen to see Ariana .. please tell her that I have never been with a woman who headlined the final night of Lollapalooza before. (In case she was wondering.)

She was on fire that night. She was flexing all over the place. She was flexing her muscles .. her international popstar muscles.

She was kicking ass and taking names and showing no mercy .. not even a little. What a talent.

» Oh, I Love this Girl

She just kicks so much ass that it's difficult for me to keep up with it all. Her poor foot. (Good thing my brother is a surgeon who specializes in feet.)

Ariana kicking large amounts of vocal ass while singing Be Alright at Lollapalooza (4 August 2019)

.. and especially since I have been so busy lately, chronicling the end of the world. So much to chronicle .. so little time left for super-hotties.

Sometimes she will do something that surprises me and just makes me feel so good that I will automatically think, "Oh, I love this girl."

How do you date someone who lives in a different city every week? Someone who goes away on tour and doesnt come back for a long-ass time. (They dont call it a 'world tour' for nothing.)

It doesnt sound very easy to me. It sounds difficult. I wonder why I am wondering about this right now?

» She Makes Me Feel Less Alone in the World

When she does shit like that .. that makes me feel like I am in love .. like I am no-shit in-love with a beautiful creature.

Sometimes she will hit a note or perform a gesture that speaks to me in such a way that it is impossible for me not to respond.

And I will think, "Oh, she is so going to get it for that. I'm gonna have to think of something real good to pay her back for that."

She actually makes me feel less alone in the world. There are very few people who make me feel that way.

That's a good trick. I am going to have her show me how she does that sometimes.

I like learning new tricks from super-hotties. I like it a lot. Most of my best tricks I learned from super-hotties such as yourself.

» I Set Ariana Aside for You (Dont Tell Her I Said That)

Dont tell her that I said this .. but when I saw that you had released new music .. and particularly that this was the first time (virgin release) you had released your own original music ..

.. I set aside my work on Lollapalooza and immediately began working on this piece that you are reading right now.

I very much wanted your initial experience to be a positive one. An enjoyable experience. I wanted to somehow encourage more of the same.

Because there is something about you. Do you feeel it? Do you sense it?

I dont really know what it is .. but I know that I like it. It feels natural and organic and right. I can feel myself struggling to find the right words to describe exactly how I feel about you.

Or maybe the words dont exist yet. Maybe I will need to create a new language .. in order to accurately describe these indescribable things.

Of course, I could be wrong. If I were to sense any negative-signaling, then I would naturally back off .. out of respect.

But my experience has been .. that girls never want me to back off. You know. Just saying.

» Both You Girls have the World by the Balls

Speaking of headlining the final night of Lollapalooza and releasing your own new music .. you two girls have the world by the balls. What does it feel like to have the world's balls in the palm of your hand?

You yourself are doing movies and plays and whatever else you fancy, I'm sure. Your phone must be ringing off the hook. No doubt you can pick-n-choose from a variety of offers.

I dont think I am able to imagine what that must feel like .. but I know that it must feel pretty good.

Speaking of having the world by the balls .. remind me to tell you the story about the Surrender Girl.

Just kidding. My huevos rancheros are not big enough to tell that story.

» She Can be Such a Sneaky Little Shit Sometimes

Speaking of things that must feel pretty good ..

Ariana kisses Dove on the cheek (12 Dec 2016)

.. uh, the look on your face here .. this look of surprise when Ariana sneaks up and plants a wet one right on your cheek ..

.. before she runs off to leave you standing there with the moist memory of her lingering affection ..

.. the look on your face here says, "Ooh .. this feels good. Surprisingly good. I like the way this feels .. probably more than I should. I am starting to feel lightheaded."

What does that feel like? She even closed her eyes. There's no telling where she might've gone to in her mind.

Something tells me that she is a good kisser. She certainly has nice lips. Very nice.

Ariana can be such a sneaky little shit sometimes. (I like that about her.) Did you happen to see her surprise the TNT Boys?

They totally lost their shit.

Ariana surprises the TNT Boys and blows their minds (19 Feb 2019)

That was priceless. This was my favorite part.

Ariana surprises the TNT Boys, hits a note and blows their minds all over again (19 Feb 2019)

Look how she got down on his level .. before letting him have it.

He is looking over at his buddies as if to say, "Holy shit .. did you hear that? That went right down into my soul."

She definitely knows how to affect people.

» Any Truth to the Wicked Rumors?

Anyway .. rumor has it that you and Ariana might be involved in a new Wicked. Any truth to these rumors?

No doubt they would be fortunate to get you girls .. to get you women .. to get you young ladies. Very fortunate.

I feel confident that Kristin would concur. Very confident.

» Art Should Offer an Opportunity

Speaking of creating your own original music .. your own original vocal artistry .. what do you think of this quote from the director Charlie Kaufman?

Art should offer an opportunity to recognize our common humanity and vulnerability.

This quote comes from a 10-min video that I was watching, titled » The Madness of Creativity - Charlie Kaufman On Facing Your True Self (16 July 2019).

Regarding the title of this video .. I have long been telling Ariana about » the "fine line between genius and insanity."

Sometimes I would ask her, "What side of the line do you think I am standing on right now?" .. particularly when I could feel myself surfing the galaxy on my solar-powered sail .. which catches the solar winds to propel you along .. just like a wind-surfer.

After you jump back-n-forth a few times .. it can start getting easy to forget which side of the line you happen to be standing on .. at any given moment.

And at a certain point it no longer even matters .. because you no longer give a shit.

I am very much into self-exploration .. in order to be true to myself and avoid self-deception.

Plus I am also very much interested in the creative process. I experiment along these lines.

Some of these explorations take you in the direction of insanity, sure .. where things stop making sense. You can take it far as you like.

And sometimes we find people who happened to elicit and evoke certain things within us .. that we did not even know were there.

Perhaps we might refer to such a person as a muse. No?

» Would You Like Me to Articulate My Experience of You?

Perhaps the most interesting idea from this video regarding » confronting and "facing your true self" .. came from the quote by the sociologist Charles Cooley (1864-1929), who said:

The sociologist Charles Cooley (1864-1929) says 'I am who I think you think I am'

You have to think about it for a minute .. but it is an interesting concept that he puts forth .. especially since sociologists study the interactions of and between people in a society. (Among other things.)

» The (Direct) Connection Between a Nation's Social System of Governance and its Economic System

I took a night-class in Sociology as an elective because its scheduling matched my (work) needs. I found it a rewarding class .. surprisingly so. I was glad I took it .. for a number of reasons.

I took this particular class, by pure chance it would seem, during the same semester that I took another class in Economics (Macro).

Taking these two classes, and only these two classes, during the same semester, allowed me to see, in a fuller way, the (direct) connection between a nation's econmic system of governance and its social system.

Communism is both a social system and an economic system. Same goes for capitalism.

This is why the hybrid term » socioeconomic works so well. Because you cannot separate one from the other.

» Who Do Others Think I Am and Why Do They Feel this Way?

I feel that people who are very much in the public eye would find interesting this quote, and the concept contained behind it.

This is one of the reasons why I detail for Ariana exactly who I think she is. Who I find her to be. What she is to me and why.

Because I feel that my impressions of her will help her deal with formulating a more accurate sense of self.

People who know who they are, and have a strong sense of self .. these people are at a great advantage over someone who doesnt know who they really are.

I do this with you, too .. but to a much smaller degree.

» Waste

Some impressions from my viewing of your video. I felt that both the song and the video had a nice degree of originality.

I didnt feel like you were trying to emulate any other particular style or theme or artist or singer. It just seemed to be you.

Dove Cameron miming a cigarette at the beginning of Waste (26 Sept 2019)

And this is the #1 thing that I look for. I want to feel like I can get a good feel for the soul behind the artist .. however they might happen to convey this. To reveal this. To display this .. which naturally involves a degree of vulnerability.

I didnt feel like you were trying to be anyone or anything but yourself.

I felt that both the song and the video seemed natural .. not particularly formulated or very structured.

I may not be saying this correctly, but there is a part where you kick dirt with your barefoot. You can't get much more natural than that.

I caught myself craving more resolution, more definition, maybe even more colors.

We want our lovers craving more of us .. especially in the beginning of the relationship .. where we reveal only a little about ourselves.

Even though I felt a degree of frustration in wanting more .. it worked that I was left wanting more.

I was struck by some of your lyrics, and some of the things that I noticed in your music video .. things that spoke to me. Though I am reluctant to spell out exactly what these things were that spoke to me.

» A Raspy Beginning with a Lit Cigarette

When you first start this song however, I notice that you begin singing with a somewhat raspy voice.

When you actually sing the word 'cigarette,' your voice goes way raspy there. I could feel my sense of desire for you cranking up here.

I am not exactly sure why, but I can feel this strumming the cords of my desire .. for what it's worth.

People suck on lit cigarettes and draw their smoke inside of them .. so they can feel the effects.

Perrie from Little Mix sometimes does this raspy type of growl-singing.

» Is She Doing that On Purpose?

One of the very first things that you do in this music video is to gather up your hair and move it away from your neck.

Dove gathers up her hair in Waste and holds it away from her neck

Then you tilt your head away from the viewer, so as to more fully expose your neck in an irresistibly vulnerable position.

Dove Cameron slides her hand down the entire length of her neck in Waste (26 Sept 2019)

With your vulnerable neck exposed like this, you slowly and casually run your free hand down its entire length .. all the way to that enticing place between your breasts.

This is like teasing and taunting a vampire. (I have hurt girls who did provocative things like this. I was not trying to hurt them, but sometimes I get carried away.)

I very much feel at home with my fangs scraping lightly along the entire length of a singer's neck.

Here is where I can feel something ancient taking over. Something primal. Something ruthless and savage.

Something so strong and powerful and unreasonable and uncivilized that I try to keep it hidden and camouflaged .. so as not to frighten and scare off sweet young things like you.

I can feel it taking me. I can feel it taking over. I can feel my breaths becoming deeper and my breathing become labored.

All the while .. while I am scraping my fangs up and down along the entire length of your neck .. I can feel something inside searching for the perfect spot to sink them deep into your neck.

Here I am searching for your weakness. I am searching for you most vulnerable spot. And all the while I can hear something saying, "Please let me out. Please let me out." It's almost pleading.

I will wait until I sense you drop your guard .. and that's when I will strike. It's all instincts from here. Nothing but pure instinct.

Uh, I think I got carried away there. Sorry. Where was I?

Here is a nice shot of you.

Dove Cameron with 4 fingers in Waste (26 Sept 2019)

I should probably go take a cold shower. I'll be right back.

» When Vampires Get Wet

Speaking of young, sexy singers who intentionally tease and taunt the vampire in me ..

.. what do you think about this sequence that Becky G does here, beginning at about t=1:45?

Becky G touches her throat in SUBIENDO album visual with light focused there (17 Oct 2019)

I mean, she first looks directly into the camera before beginning this sequence .. where she does something very similar to what you did.

Look at her here touching her throat. And notice how the spotlight is shining directly on her very exposed throat .. so much that it is the brightest part of the entire image.

And then, while the vampire in me is completely entranced .. she lets her hand drift down so that you can't help but notice her perfectly formed breasts .. all while her throat remains irresistibly exposed and vulnerable.

Becky G touches her breast in SUBIENDO album visual while her throat remains exposed and vulnerable (17 Oct 2019)

There is a difference for me between an exposed neck and an exposed throat. Obviously there may be some overlap .. but an exposed and vulnerable throat is more erotic for me.

The neck is where the blood flows .. along the carotid artery, which supplies the head and neck area with freshly oxygenated blood, and the juglular vein, which returns the deoxygenated blood to your lungs and heart.

An exposed throat is more vulnerable than an exposed neck.

And then she looks directly into the camera and throws this savage look.

Becky G stares intently into the camera after taunting the vampire in me (17 Oct 2019)

As if to let me know, "Yeah, I meant to do that. I did that on purpose. How you like me now?"

Do I feel like she is looking directly at me with intention? How can I not?

I found this sequence, culminating with this this savage look, to be very erotic and sexually arousing .. surprisingly so.

It often surprises me .. the things that really do it for me. I mean, these are involuntary reactions. They happen on their own.

You can't make them happen, nor can you stop them from happening. If something happens to turn you on, then it turns you on. You just have to deal with it. Which is probably why I am writing this section here-n-now.

You must admit that she looks like something of a boss chick here .. with this savage look. Perhaps this is why she had such an effect on me.

She is only 22. When that bank teller girl was coming on to me so ferociously .. she was only 22, too.

She took me from "Not a chance," to "Why didnt I do this sooner?" in a few months.

Every Friday she would work on me a little more .. until I just couldnt help myself.

I started looking forward to seeing her every Friday, and if she ever wasnt there for some reason, I definitely missed her.

Becky G also has out a new song titled Mala Santa (Bad Saint, 10 Oct 2019) ..

Becky G Mala Santa (Nad Saint, 10 Oct 2019)

.. where she alternates between white and black outfits. Good and bad. Sinner and saint.

Her 2017 song, Mayores, with Bad Bunny, is getting up around 2 billion views. Very few videos hit the 2 billion mark.

I reference her song Little Black Dress on this page here .. which is one of my most steamy pages.

She hits some high notes in that song when she sings the words little black dress that somehow strike a cord in me. An erotic cord.

» Bloodshot

I saw that you also released a video of Bloodshot (8 Oct 2019). I like it.

I will return later to comment on it and post a few images that spoke to me.

By the way, I picked up a bag of Dove chocolates at the grocery store recently .. so you can be sure that I will be sucking slowly on sweet things by Dove.

While I was there in the chocolate isle, trying to decide which type to get (dark), Ariana's song breathin started playing over the store's speaker system.

The music in the grocery store plays quietly, and their speakers are nothing to write home about .. but I nonetheless found it curious that I was listening to Ariana sing breathin while I was deciding which bag of Dove chocolates to get .. to suck on while I write this page.

It seemed like a curious coincidence .. no?

Oh, look at this .. a new trailer (21 Oct 2019) for a movie with the same title as your song, starring Vin Diesel. Sony Pictures.

Guys love movies like this. I particularly enjoy movies where your perception of reality comes into question.

What is real? What is merely an illusion? Is my mind playing tricks on me? (I won't even get into all the brain-altering meds that I have been taking daily since last summer.)

Right now half the country is looking at current events and seeing them in a positive light .. while the other half sees things in a negative light.

Which perspective is closer to reality? closer to the truth. The two perspectives are so different that they both can't be accurate at the same time.

To be cont'd. ■

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