Filling it Up and Sending it Back to Ariya

» Sender was a Woman

Hi Ariya.

I saw your performance in St. Petersburg on 31 March 2019. (Video posted two days ago on 17 April.)

Ariya holding an empty box in St Petersburg that she is sending to me (31 March 2019)

It very much spoke to me .. in a personal and intimate sort-of-way .. which is why I feel compelled to respond.

I found your performance both enchanting and irresistibly seductive .. for a number of reasons. A large number.

» Currently in the Process of Filling Your Box

I just want you to know that I have received your empty box, and that I am currently in the process of filling it up .. as you instructed.

When I finish filling it, I will send it back to you.

Would you like to know what kinds of treats I will be putting in your box? (I bet you would.)

Many delightful and wonderful things .. I can assure you. Maybe even some things that you have never seen before.

» I Feel Like a New Woman .. How Do You Do That?

A number of women have told me things like, "I have never felt anything like that before. How do you do that? I feel like a new woman." 

See if you dont feel a few of these things by the time I am done filling your box .. and when you have had an opportunity to examine the little treats that I made just for you.

<ignore this intentional body-text marker>

••• today's entry continues here below •••

After closely reviewing your performance a number of times, and then beginning to formulate a response .. this reciprocation has begun to feel surprisingly personal and intimate .. in an erotic sort-of-way.

Ariya reclined on the floor during a performance in St. Petersburg with a view of her inner thigh (31 March 2019)

Is it just me .. is it just my imagination playing games on me .. or does it not also feel this way for you?

The illuminated view of you inner thigh in this image here .. I can feel it working me. I bet your inner thighs are very soft.

» How did You Learn of this Song Written by Mark Sandman of Morphine?

I am curious about how you came to discover this particular song ..

Empty Box by Morphine (1997) written by Mark Sandman

.. since I have never heard of it before myself, and it was released back in 1997.

» Women Who Affect Men in Ways They Can Never Forget

The genius page says about this song »

This song is track 9 on the 1997 album "Like Swimming" which peaked at 67 on the Billboard 200. The song is about Sandman's experience with love, and one woman in particular who affected him in ways he can never forget.

Women who affect men in ways they can never forget .. this is a big topic .. and one that is not for the faint-of-heart.

Looking back with nostalgia on my experiences along these lines .. a part of me sees it as the practice of picking yourself up, and dusting yourself off, and licking your wounds ..

.. and then saying, "Is that all you got? You think that this little ass-whupping is going to stop me?"

(As you move on to find a relationship that works better for you .. for the both of you. Otherwise you may never get to the place where you encounter the one that Sandman is referring to.)

This is always a good time, a good opportunity, to improve your skill-set in some meaningful sort-of-way.

Then, see if you receive any interesting vibes using your new skill-set as a point-of-reference. (I realize this is abstract, but you feel me.)

As you move toward your next intimate encounter .. now you are a little smarter. Maybe you are even a lot smarter ..

.. both intellectually, but (even more importantly) in an existential, life-experience sort-of-way.

» The Name Ariya is Very Similar to Ariana

Speaking of men's experiences with love .. and with women who affect them in ways they can never forget .. do you happen to know my secret lover, Ariana?

Ariana singing in front of a full moon

Here she is singing in front of a full moon. Your name is remarkably similar to hers. Almost identical.

She so does it for me.

» Nobody Does It for Me Like She Does

A lot of women do it for me .. but nobody does it for me like she does.

Ariana singing Be Alright for the BBMA's (1 May 2019) from her Sweetener tour in Vancouver (27 April 2019)

I am not even really sure how she is doing it. I only know that I can feel it .. and that I like what I am feeling .. because she makes me feel good.

Ariana singing Be Alright for the BBMA's (1 May 2019) from her Sweetener tour in Vancouver (recorded 27 April 2019)

I must really have a thing for singers. Not to mention powerful women.

Ariana headlining at Coachella singing break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored (21 April 2019)

Who can resist such a thing?

Ariana finds a moment of blissful ecstasy and rapture while singing breathin' in Boston at the Garden (20 March 2019)

Show me the man.

We realize that no one single human being can possibly satisfy all our needs and desires.

So each of us are free to explore relationships with other people .. who we happen to resonate with in an interesting way.

Does a similar mind-set or mutual understanding exist there in Russia? In St. Petersburg perhaps?

I am always curious about the way that different cultures view different aspects of society. It feels mind-expanding to me.

I bet that you could expand my mind very nicely .. on the cultural idiosyncrasies of intimate life in Russia.

» I Want to Do an Extra-Good Job for You Filling It Up .. Before I Send It Back

We will talk about our good-intentioned cultural exchange more in the future .. after I send back your box to you.

And I want to do a good job and fill it with goodies that will not only delight you .. but also move you.

A part of me, I can feel, wants to do an extra-good job .. out of respect for your writers. There are so many of them.

» Writing to Impressive Russian Performance-Artists about Impressive Russian Writers

I resonate most closely with the writings of Dostoevsky .. because of the way his characters often find themselves in places where forces more powerful in society seem intent on grinding your ass into the pavement.

Did you know that The Brothers Karamazov (1879-1880) has been cited as .. "one of the supreme achievements in literature," .. by people more qualified than myself. Many people .. and far more qualified.

My dad was one of three brothers (and three sisters) .. and I was familiar with the strange behavior and quirky attitudes between them.

So it is easy for me to slide in that type of mind-set .. where deep, raw, living takes place between the dynamics between brothers and between them and their father. Their piece-of-shit father .. who really only cared about himself.

Also, my dad was very similar to the father of the brothers Karamazov .. so it is easy for me to identify with them.

It is certainly nice to hang out with Tolstoy and his aristocratic gentry-friends .. all of them with dozens of serfs at their beckon call. But this is not reality for most people.

A part of me finds it curious that I am writing to artistically-creative Russian hotties .. about Dostoevsky and Tolstoy.

Do they make you read the classics such as The Underground Man .. for your high school language classes?

Be assured that your box will be crammed full of the most delightful treats .. specifically designed to touch you in ways that you did not know were possible .. and in places that you did not know existed .. for what will certainly seem like an eternity.

I will be sure to include my unique, distinctive signature elements .. all carefully hidden from view.

Heck, I might even have to invent a whole new genre for you. (I only do that for girls I really like.)

I will be sure to wrap it perfectly and set a bow-tie on top. Do you enjoy unwrapping wrapped gifts? (I bet you do.)

» Today is a Full Moon that is Supposed to Bring a Special Kind of Energy

Speaking of singing in front of a full moon .. today is a full moon that is supposed to bring a special kind of energy.

Can you feel it? I am definitely feeling something different.

Today's full moon bringing a profound energy (19 April 2019)

I wonder what Adele thinks of this.

Speaking of a profound energy .. Happy Easter. "He is not here. He is risen, just as he said." 

» Dont Make Me Take Off My Jacket

The thing that really caught my attention was the way that you took off your jacket.

Ariya removing her jacket (31 March 2019)

This is when I thought, "Oh, this girl is talking to me. I can feel her talking to me. She is provoking me."

Ariya removing her jacket - backlit (31 March 2019)

Camila's dancers know what I am talking about. Maru knows what I am talking about.

I can see that lighting plays an important role in your performance.

Ariya Empty Box St Petersburg slipping off her jacket (31 March 2019)

I am very impressed by the way you are able to communicate through your performance.

How do you like the way I am filling your box so far? (I am just getting started.)

I might very well be the greatest writer who ever lived. At least, this is what everybody keeps telling me.

(And I make good babies, too. Even people who hate my guts admit as much.)

I might have to flirt with you.

If the KGB asks what you are doing, tell them you are conducting foreign relations at an intimate level .. and that you will be sure to contact them right away should you come across anything that smacks of kompromat.

» A Nod from Russian Pole Dancers Would Help Make My Case

If I were to attempt to make my case that I am the greatest writer who ever lived .. up there with the best of the best ..

.. it would help if I were able to show how my writing had an influence outside of the language .. the English language.

If my writing were to speak to people whose native tongue was other than English .. I feel that this would help me make my case.

Have you been to Dostoevsky's grave site? Did you smoke a joint there at midnight .. while a guy with a good reading voice .. read a variety of favorite passages from one of his books.

» I Might have to Include a Little Secret Treat in Your Box

Is cannabis legal there in St. Petersburg? Remind me to tell you about my experience going to my first-ever legal recreational cannabis store (.. not just medical-legal like before, since 1996).

Torrey Holistics legal recreational cannabis in San Diego

I was very much impressed by the number of people coming and going. All very nice looking folks, both men and women. Probably more women. All different ethnic groups. More older than younger, I would say.

Mostly professional-looking people, well dressed .. with a few sweet 'ol grannies mixed in here-n-there.

Nice cars parked out in the parking lot in the back. No junkers parked there. Under those big, beautiful trees.

Giant flat-screen mounted on the wall in the waiting area .. with a super-crisp image showing you various events around the country, such as an artistically-choreographed party that pairs the perfect pot with a particular culinary treat.

I started getting hungry watching these people eating yummy treats at a resort up high in Big Sur. But it was only 5 or 10 mins before they called my name.

Anyway, remind me to tell you that story. (I might have to put a little special-treat in the bottom of your box for you .. before I send it back your way. A California treat. Exceeding expectations on a daily basis. Never disappointing.)

» When the Female Matches the Male Perfectly .. in a Balanced and Complementary Way

The cannabis plant is very much about the male and the female. The male sativa has much different properties and effects compared to female indica.

The roots of the ancient word cannabis mean 'two canes' (bi-cane), which would be the tall thin male and the short, bushy female.

The male takes you up higher toward cerebral exhilaration, while the female calms you down and chills you out in a relaxing sort of way. All natural.

What do you women there in St. Petersburg think about the idea of a relationship, an intimate relationship .. where the female matches perfectly the properties and the characteristics of the male?

Much of pole dancing seems to be a desire to find the perfect balance .. to strike the perfect balance ..

Julia Sangria World Pole Dance Festival Moscow (10 March 2019)

.. between this-n-that .. time after time. No?

I am talking about finding that balance where the relationship is mutually-beneficial at an optimum level .. at a quantum level .. and not mutually destructive.

It is not as easy as it looks from the outside .. which is why I emphasize the part where you find the right person .. for you.

I am not talking right or wrong here, or big or small. Rather I am talking about finding somebody who is a good match for you and who complements you well .. naturally well.

And with a compatible value-structure, of course.

» The World's Finest Never Disappoints

I have heard that the people at Northern Emeralds might very well grow the world's finest cannabis. They are located up in the Emerald triangle up in northern California .. which consists of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties.

You will never be disappointed with anything you ever get from this area. Nothing but the very-finest of wares (.. just like you find in Russian pole-dancing).

Humbolt is the place for those seeking only the best of the best.

» Julia Sangria Takes Off her Red Coat

Speaking of looking for the best of the best .. and of exotic pole dancers dancing there in St. Petersburg on 31 March 2019 .. who take off their jackets and coats in ways that are impossible not to get your attention .. do you happen to know Julia Sangria?

Julia Sangria takes off her red coat in St Petersburg on 31 March 2019 (Posted 23 April 2019)

Wow .. she got my attention right away. I knew that the deal would be on in a big way .. soon as that coat came off.

Is it getting hot in here or what? Somebody please turn on the air conditioner. Turn it up high.

Look at how she is exposing her throat here. That shit makes my blood boil. It makes me feel aggressive.

It feels like she is provoking me .. like she is intentionally provoking me.. in ways that she knows will get my attention and provoke me .. in order to elicit and evoke a response from me.

This girl knows she got the goods. She can have any guy she wants and she knows it.

Historically speaking .. it is not usually a good thing for girls when they make me feel aggressive.

You could tell by the way she offered revealing erotic hints in the lead-up to the coat coming off.

I bet that she can take a man to places that he did not even know existed. And it probably wouldnt take her very long, either.

She gets a little smirk on her face right after she removes the coat and swings it over her shoulder ..

Julia Sangria tosses her red coat over her shoulder in St Petersburg on 31 March 2019 (Posted 23 April 2019)

.. on her way to dropping it on the floor right at my feet.

A mischievous little smirk. I can only imagine what humorous idea mightve passed through her mind at this time.

If you happen to run into her .. tell her that I got some sangria for her right here. (I bet that is not even her real name.)

I had a thought when I saw her take off that jacket .. I had the thought, "This is a strong girl. This would be like wrestling with a python. I should probably go do some push-ups right now."

» Deceptively Strong Women

Speaking of women who are strong enough to make you feel like you are wrestling with a python .. isnt this the same competition (festival) that Letta (Violetta) won this year?

Letta Yablokova (Russia) Exotic Generation, Moscow (10 March 2019)

She is deceptively strong. Look at that this stranding, scorpion back-kick thing that she does here .. putting the heel right between her eyes.

This comes after the impressive inverted walking-on-air upside-down thing that she does .. where she holds that inverted position with just her arms for a long time.

» Confident and Confrontational

This thing that she does here at the beginning .. where she approaches the audience in a confident and confrontational sort of way ..

Letta Yablokova (Russia) Exotic Generation, Moscow (10 March 2019)

This kind of aggressive posturing gets a guys attention .. even when they are not dressed like Wonder Woman ready to kick some ass and take some names.

» Twenty-First Century Chicks Bring a Bolder, More Confrontational Swagger

I have been thinking lately about this idea of the emergence of the strong woman. I was actually thinking about this thing for a few years now. But now, it seems to be on a whole, new level.

[ A part me feels like Ariana tricked me into exploring and writing about strong, confident powerful women .. who kick ass and take names and who look good doing it.

We're talking about girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble. Who does not know exactly what I am talking about?

She was probably saying to her friends .. you know, the ones with the tattoos .. she was probably saying ..

"Watch this, girls. Watch me dangle this dazzling, sparkly thing before his eyes.. as I summon an enchanting sound from the depths of my soul .. and send it forth with everything I have, with full, focused intention, suffused with the calm, knowing confidence that my vocalizations will not only be received, but also interpreted exactly as I intend them to be. My desired result will hit home. My desired aim will find it mark. My desired intention will have its way .. it full, complete, satisfied way. Watch what happens when I do this. Watch how he responds. I have never seen anything like this before. I did not know that guys like this even existed. And this example here wasnt even with my sparkle-factor turned up very high. He really responds well when I crank up the power-factor. He is obviously into powerful women. He has never seen anything the likes of me before. I might have mind-fuck him really good .. as I continuously adjust my sparkle- and power-factors. I will spinkle some intimacy on my next experiment. He cannot resist that. Intimacy is like his kryptonite. He doesnt even try to resist that any more. This is a lot of fun. This guy is fun to play with. He is game." ]

It is just me .. or, are women not using their voices in new and bold ways. I mean, it is sad that it has taken this long .. but let's celebrate a victory for the species whenever we can.

More women in congress than ever before. And you know that Trump the pussy-grabber would love nothing better than to slide into something a little more authoritarian. He has said as much himself publicly.

» Distilling Down Elite-Level Erotic Art to Its Essence

What about Nina? Do you happen to know her? Everybody seems to know her.

When I saw her do this guest performance here (20 Oct 2018) ... I thought, "This is a beautiful creature." 

Nina Kozub guest performance by judge, St. Petersburg (20 Oct 2018)

She looks noticeably leaner, no? Somebody please feed her for me.

» A Living, Breathing Piece of Erotic Art

Look how she begins this guest performance (St. Petersburg) .. by showing you her bicep. Her ripped bicep. One of her baby pythons. One of her guns .. one of her lean-n-hard guns.

I paused the video here to catch the shadowing that best reveals the hard, muscular contours of her bicep.

I find that very sexy. I am starting to feel lightheaded.

This is a strong girl. Strong girls make you feel like you are » wrestling with a python. (Ask me how I know.)

» Challenging Yourselves to Take this Intimate Relationship as Far as Possible

If the Fates saw fit to destine your path to cross with that of a creature like this ..

.. you would be able to (with much diligent practice, of course) .. you would be able to elevate the act of making love to an art form.

There is a very cool place that you come to .. when it becomes clear that you and your partner are very much sexually compatible .. in a nurturing environment which encourages emotional growth through exploring the boundaries of intimacy.

But you need to be dedicated and totally committed to your training .. because such an adventure is not for the faint of heart. No pussies need apply.

The longer and deeper that you are able to take this thing that you two are building together .. and the further you are able to take it .. in a functional way .. which is a relationship that works well for both partners ..

... then this signals that you are likely a functional person .. and less likely to possess issues that might affect your intimate relationships in a negative way. In a dysfunctional sort-of-way.

» You Need to Find the Right Person for You .. who Resonates Well with You on Multiple Levels

I bet that Nina could take you to any number of distant galaxies. To universes that you could never imagine even existed.

She is a living, breathing work of erotic art. Check out her precision and alignment here.

Nina Kozub guest performance by judge, St. Petersburg (20 Oct 2018)

Disciplined .. is the word that comes to mind. Some definitions are:

    1. Training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.
    2. Control obtained by enforcing compliance or order.
    3. Controlled behavior resulting from disciplinary training; self-control.
    4. A state of order based on submission to rules and authority.
    5. Punishment intended to correct or train.
    6. A set of rules or methods, as those regulating the practice of a church or monastic order.
    7. A branch of knowledge or teaching.
    8. To train by instruction and practice, as in following rules or developing self-control.
    9. To punish in order to gain control or enforce obedience.

The numbers of hours required to reach her level of skill and artistry and creativity and expression .. I would like to know this number.

Please ask her for me .. if you happen to cross paths with her. I admit that I can be curious and inquisitive, at times. I can't help it.

» We Might be Family

In exchange, I will share a little family history .. known only by members of inner family circle ..

when my mom said to me on Easter Sunday (when I was 6 or 7 yrs old) .. after I had asked her a question about my ethnic heritage .. which the older folks were talking about at the time.

When she was done 'splaining things to me at a 1st or 2nd grade level .. she looked both ways and stooped down to get close and quietly say, "Well, you might be one sixteenth Russian. There are rumors on your dad's side about one of you great, great grandmothers sneaking across the border and getting knocked up by a handsome Russian fella."

This was the first and only time I heard my mother use the phrase "knocked up."

If I was 6 at the time, then that wouldve made my mother 25. Thinking back now .. it's a miracle that I'm not more fucked up than I am.

So .. I could be related to Nina. You never know. Stranger shit has happened. We might be distant cousins. We might be family.

» Respect for the Artistry of the Artist

Respect to Ms Kozub. Nothing but respect. The caviar of Russian pole dancing. Certainly among the very finest I have seen.

I do not mean to suggest here that I am any kind of authority or connoisseur of pole dancing .. no, ma'am.

Only that » I know what I like .. and I know what speaks to me .. in a curious sort-of-way.

When the artistry of the artist reaches out and touches you in some unexpected sort of way .. well, if nothing else, this gets your attention. (And there's always something else.)

The feeling may be described as that of being both exhilarated and tranquil at the same time .. in just the right proportions .. matching in an erotic sort of way that seems to be working remarkably well .. certainly far better than I ever wouldve imagined.

So I should probably go ahead and run with this thing here .. since it is making me feel so incredible amazingly good.

And see if I can pick up any clues or intuitions about whether or not this thing might be headed in a way that could work for me .. because I can work with a variety of types. .

I say that it usually takes three months .. of diligent practice .. making love on a regular basis .. exploring and discovering the various frequencies that the two of you enjoy best .. discovering each others rhythms, and how they make us feel.

It would be fun to explore the limits of such things with a girl like this .. I would imagine.

She already knows that I am an admirer .. of her work. I mean, how can you not be?

[ Remind me to talk to talk to you about the notion sex and orgasm plays into the world of the writer.

Because it plays a big role, a key role. A surprisingly prominent role.

You cannot be discharging large amounts of energy every day (at sunset, of course).

You cannot get any writing done this way. (Ask me how I know.) You need to manage your sexual energy smartly and effectively.

There is room to play with .. depending on the cycles of the moon, and the number of oysters you eat, and a million other factors ..

.. but the bottom line is that sexual energy can most certainly be channeled into writing .. into a type of energy that can itself turned into something that can be used to fuel your creative endeavors, your artistic explorations.

But you still have the limitations associated with the physical body to deal with. You can't go rock-hard forever. The body needs its rest and care and nourishment and down time and recovery and rejuvenation. Who does not know exactly what I am talking about?

Writing is often provoked by finding yourself in a dissatisfied and frustrated place. Taylor knows what I am talking about (.. aint that right, Tay?)

I mean, if you are lying there in Nirvana .. getting the best blowjob that you've ever had .. and while the incense reminds you of something that you can't quite put your finger on ..

 .. and you feel certain that you have never had anyone make you feel this good before. So why would you ever want to get up and start writing? (You wouldnt.)

From this place of rejuvenation .. rejuvenation that you derive from this intimate place-of-trust .. this is where you find yourself thinking, "Wow .. I did not know that girls like this even existed."

» Using the Principles Found in Quantum Mechanics to Explore the Realm of Erotic Ecstasy with Beautiful Creatures and Powerful Women You Trust and Admire

You know .. on a tangential note .. this lady here » Suzanne Adams (TEDxUNO, 29 March 2019) .. she gives a talk about using the principles found in quantum physics ..

.. to transform your life on your way to achieving your highest levels of human potential.

She begins by talking about » energy. (Witl 'til Ariana hears about this.)

» This Lady is Tripping Me Out

I had to pause her there .. not even mid-way .. because she was starting to freak me out. I was thinking, "Have I not been saying this exact thing for years now?"

Every sentence that she was saying was having some kind of trippy effect on me.

I was thinking, "This is one of the coolest things I have ever heard .. and I aint even halfway through."

A part of me is freaked out.

I felt happy for her. She went from dissatisfaction to being blissed-out to the furthest reaches of her soul .. by employing the principles that you find in quantum mechanics, quantum physics.

See .. I never had quantum physics in school. I only had everything you get right up to the point where quantum physics begins. It is a whole new world .. where everything seems different.

But I have studied the principles behind the quantum physics .. and the math that is used to manipulate quantities for variables found in this quirky, strange environment.

» The Realm Where Things Work Differently (Probabilistically) .. But They Do Indeed Work

Because math and physics are all about achieving repeatedly verifiable results .. that you can count on .. that you can depend on .. that you can trust. .. that you can rely on.

And once you learn the fundamental principles behind any particular branch of physics (such as classical or quantum) isnt difficult to start recognizing things in life that contain patterns to similar concepts that you find in any area of physics.

Which naturally makes you wonder if the matching variables of your particular life can be adjusted to produce a desired effect.

Now I agree that there is indeed am element of danger in experimenting with such things .. with such concepts and knowledge and learning and formulas and ratios and probabilities.

But after a while, you start to learn a few tricks. You learn what works and what doesnt work .. and why it doesnt work .. and how you might start to get it to work, or work better. Or more efficiently.

Once you know for certain that these principles are guaranteed to work .. if you can figure out the right principles to employ, and how to best put these principles to work for you in your own life .. uh ..

.. if you have what it takes to apply these principles in your own personal life .. (.. and maybe even that of a close, trusted friend or an intimate lover) ..

.. I bet that a guy who could figure out such things .. he could probably get any girl he wanted.

I mean, if he could figure out how to consciously intention some specially flavored quantum energy directly toward and at her most sensitive and erotic sensors .. somehow triggering feelings of ecstasy and bliss in her ..

.. uh, I should probably not finish this sentence. I should not reveal all my secrets.

Because then super-hotties will learn them .. and use them against me. (Ask me how I know.)

» When Super-Hotties Learn Your Secrets and Your Weaknesses and Use Them Against You

I bet that FKA twigs knows what I am talking about (24 April 2019).

FKA twigs at the pole in Cellophane (24 April 2019)

This is her return. The sophomore return of FKA twigs .. Tahliah (31). She is known for her creativity .. among other things.

She dated Robert Pattinson for a while. When I was working with this image of Ms Twigs .. I thought, "You fucker, Robert Pattinson." (Fassbender knows what I am talking about.)

This pose here is dripping with artistic sexuality.

I have been taking particular notice lately, of exactly what I feel is a degree and expression of erotic sexuality.that speaks to me .. on a very cool level. At an intimate wave-length.

(I am thinking of one such performance right now .. where I was struck by this woman's artistic display of erotic sexuality. And she made it look easy.)

There is a degree of personal preferences involved in such attractions. What turns me on in a woman might not have the same effect on you.

And you know that I am all about the existential experience .. which means being honest with myself about why a certain woman, or a certain performance speaks my particular language of sexuality .. based on my particular

It is easy for the artist to respect and admire such dedication to the creative impulse. The creative urge.

Because that doesnt come cheap. You pay dearly for that.

She certainly got my attention right away.

This is a wonderfully artistic expression of feminine sexually. One of my favorite aspects of this many-faceted subject.

I was impressed with this music video .. by many aspects of it. I was impressed, for example, by its construction. The lighting. The shadowing. Its artistry.Many other aspects spoke to me.

You can feel her dedication and commitment coming through.

She begins the video with the clicking sound you hear when a pair of stilettos are strolling slowly down the marble corridors of your soul.

When I saw this, I thought, "Oh, I love that sound."

When I was small, my mother sometimes worked at an office .. where she wore heels. When she come pick me up at the daycare at the end of the workday .. she would walk across the long floor to get me.

Perhaps this is why this clicking sound evokes such positive feelings.

» The Hypnotic Sensation that Accompanies the Clicking Sound of a Pair of Stilettos Echoing Quietly Through the Marble Corridors of My Soul

Later, when she walks out to the pole, the camera follows at ground level several of her leisurely steps.

FKA twigs Cellophane (24 April 2019) the clicking sound of a floor-level shot of a few steps makes me feel hypnotized

I could feel myself starting to get hypnotized there. If she wouldve taken a few more steps .. who knows what mightve happened to me?

It is just a relaxed, pleasant feeling .. kind of day-dreamy and drowsy.

When I first saw the pole, I thought, "You gotta be shittin' me," because I have just taken an interest in the art form for myself.

When she drops the coat just before she steps out from behind the curtain, I thought, "Oh, you definitely have my attention now .. my full-n-undivided attention."

» You have to be Ready to Watch Something Like This

I am not even going to tell you what I thought when she bared her throat here.

FKA twigs bares her throat at the pole in Cellophane (24 April 2019)

But I could feel my respiration cranking up. My breathing became labored. I paused the video.

You have to be ready to watch a video like this.

» It is a Big Deal that Quantum Mechanics Can be Applied to the Science and Technology of Computing

I will simply say that .. the fact that quantum physics can be applied to » computing .. this says things to me.

"What kind of things?" you ask?

Very powerful things.

Things so powerful that I'm not sure you girls could handle such power. I dont know that you girls could deal with it .. with the power .. with the energy. With the sheer mind-fuckingness of it.

But I have been wrong about you girls before.

But if you girls ever got your hands on this type of power .. uh, I should not finish this sentence.

I should tease you with it. Tease you with the sheer seductiveness of this power.

Many people are attracted to power and influence. Many folks find themselves drawn to its allure.

Such a thing is certainly understandable .. as I am sure Nietzsche would concur.

See .. I happen to know a thing or two about computing and about executing procedural instructions, and the power available to the skilled programmer .. who provides the instructions for the computer to execute exactly when he tells it to.

The more skilled the programmer is .. the more power (s)he is able to extract. A programmer uses one or more programming languages in order to instruct the computer on exactly which operations to perform.

Languages are a means of communication. English is a language .. a type of language .. which is less procedurally-oriented than programming languages.

Programming languages are usually designed to specifically address a particular function, So different languages have different strengths and weaknesses depending on exactly what it is that you want to do.

I am being a little abstract here with my insights into quantum computing .. but you can see the general direction I am headed.

So the thought-process here, for the sentient carbon-based life-form know as homo sapiens, is » "Where do I want to go?" And "What language will best take me there?"

A programmer who has the skills to write (craft) his or her own language .. designed specifically to work exactly the way (s)he wants it to work .. this person has creative opportunities available to them .. that others do not.

» The Ecstasy of Feeling Quantumly-Entangled with a Beautiful Creature

I find it interesting that this particular topic is coming here in on this particular page .. because I have long been using the concepts found in quantum mechanics to flirt with super-hotties that I admire and respect.

I would say things such as, "Is it just me .. or, does it not feel like we are quantumly entangled?"

Such things spring from a desire to pursue an air of intimacy .. particularly when your admiration rises to such heights that you almost can't help self.

Where lies the line between genuine admiration and the curiosity that comes when you want to know more about how they are doing what they do? .. which can't be easy .. no matter who you are.

Where is this line? And what happens if I cross over? Into this different world? Where women make up the rules. ]

» A Sense of Restraint .. Disciplined Restraint .. Erotically Disciplined Restraint

Is it just me .. or do you not feel a sense of restraint coming from Nina's dance? Elegant restraint.

Restraint, for me, is like a state-of-mind. A cool state-of-mind. A disciplined state-of-mind.

Restraint has a clean feel to it .. almost begging you to dirty it up a little.

» The Real Treasure that I am Putting in Your Box

How do you like the way that I am filling your box so far?

The real aim here, beyond all the fun .. is just to put a piece of my heart in the box and send it back.

Much of relationships depend on, and are defined by, the piece of yourself that you give to someone who you respect and admire.

And you want your gift to be appropriate and specific to the individual. Nothing mass produced. Something personal and meaningful.

Something that touches you in a most delightful way.

I have developed myself and my skill-sets to the point where, when I decide to place a gift into a box for someone .. that is has the intended desire.

To be continued ...

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