When it Feels Like Super-Hotties are Talking Directly to Me

I hesitate to mention this, because it sounds crazy at times .. even to me. But sometimes I will see things that make me feel like super-hotties are talking directly to me.

I have been thinking about this lately .. because it feels like Mia is talking directly to me.

A Deeper Letting Go with Mistress Mia (March, 2018)

(That's a good trick, Mia.)

» That's What Crazy People Think

Sometimes the voice in my head will say, "Dude, you know that's what crazy people think, right? .. that super-hottie singers and super-sexy dancers and other such desirable creatures are directing their art and their craft directly at them. Oh look .. here come the nice men with a pretty, white jacket for you. The pretty, white, I-Love-Me jacket .. just for you. Such a handsome, stylish jacket. And so nice-n-warm, too. I bet it will fit you perfectly. Why dont you go ahead and try it on .. and see how it fits. These masculine buckles and thick straps are going to make you look so handsome .. that those super-hotties who have been talking to you will not able to resist you. I wish that somebody would bring me one of these nice jackets to wear someday."

Taylor's right eye in ...Ready For It

I am currently taking a number of brain-chemistry-altering psycho-active drugs .. so I realize that there may be some slippage here-n-there from time-to-time.

I can feel that things are a little loosen upstairs .. but I am okay with it. I deal with it.

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I could certainly cite for you plenty of examples, and go into great detail explaining precisely why I might happen to feel this way. (Valeriya knows what I am talking about.)

Valeriya ASMR | My turn for your personal attention (4 March 2019)

And my ego would like nothing better.

» Attempting to Describe the Effect that It has On Me

Whatever the case might be .. it has an effect on me whenever I feel that a particularly talented super-hottie is consciously directing her artistic intention directly at me.

Ariana singing Dangerous Woman live on SNL March 13, 2016

And when it feels like they are speaking to me in a unique (one-of-a-kind) and irresistible sort-of-way .. the effect that it has on me ..

.. uh, I should probably not finish this sentence. This is a bottomless rabbit hole .. of indeterminate proportions.

And so intimate .. so very intimate.

» The Feeling of Being in Love with a Beautiful Creature that You Respect and Admire and Trust and Find Fascinating and Irresistible and Powerful and Compassionate

You cannot venture very far down into this rabbit hole without feeling like you are in love with a beautiful creature.

I am not saying that this is a bad thing. Not at all.

Rather I am saying that this is closer to "too good." This is where your world gets turned upside down.

It feels like nothing makes sense .. and you don't even care.

Oh, there is a part of you that cares, sure, a part of you that keeps asking, "Have you completely lost your mind?"

And you know exactly what these voices are talking about. But this thing is so good that you dont even care.

Some day I may explore this thing further .. and head down into this rabbit hole with intention.

Super-hotties and powerful women love to take you down into this rabbit hole.

» Just a Toe to Test the Waters but Nothing More

Here is where you think and say to these super-hotties, "Okay, I'm just going to put a toe into the water of this pond. That's it."

Because you can see how easily it would be to get carried away.

But once they get your toe into the pond .. now they have you. Because, if she can get you to dip a toe into her pond ..

.. her intimate pond .. then she can get you to take another step. And another. And another.

» If She Happens to Have the Thing that Really Does It for You ...

But if they happen to have that thing that you want .. the thing that you need.

Or the thing that you very much desire and that you might even crave .. without even knowing that this was something that would breathe life back into you ...

Well, you cannot resist such a thing, my friend. This has been my experience.

I can't say that I really understand it. But the more you try to figure it out .. why this person is having such a powerful effect on you .. the deeper you find yourself sinking into it.

» When You Feel Like You have Found the Meaning of Life with Another Soul

Next thing you know .. you are reclining on her bed in her bedroom .. discussing the meaning of life.

(Among other things.)

Ooh .. I can already feel the thing starting to take over here. I can already feel it pulling me in this direction. Like a magnet.

No mere mortal can resist such a pull. Such a draw.

» Resisting Entrée into This Intimate Erotic Rabbit Hole .. Until I Can Resist No More and It Sucks Me In

But I am going to suspend this this exploration of this particular rabbit hole right here.

When I finally do set off on a day-hike of this particular topic .. I want it to come as naturally and authentically and organically as possible.

I want it to come at the exact-right time and in the exact-right way.

I want it to come when I can no longer help myself. When it sucks me in beyond what I am able to withstand .. when the erotic tension simply becomes too much for me to handle.

This is why girls try to take advantage of me at my low-points. At my nadir.

They learn my weaknesses and then they take advantage of me when they know I am at a low-point and will be unable to resist.

I can't really blame them, though .. especially when they are able to make me feel so good in the process.

» Is She Doing that On Purpose?

Anyways .. sometimes I am not sure if these super-talented super-hotties are indeed directing their artistic energy directly at me .. saturated with all kinds of erotic intention .. and I will catch myself wondering, "Is she doing that purpose?"

While other times I will think, "Oh, she is definitely doing that on purpose. No doubt about it."

For example:

Ariana lays back while singing Break Free at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut (30 March 2019)

Girly, when I saw you do this thing here where you lay back like this while singing Break Free at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut (30 March 2019) ..

.. I thought, "Oh, she is definitely doing that on purpose. She is so going to get it for that. I am going to have to think of something really good to pay her back for that."

This makes me feel aggressive when you do things like this. It's not usually a good thing for girls when they make me feel aggressive.

Note that this section here has been lifted and moved to its own page titled » Walking Among the Gods While the Nights Flame with Fire (21 April 2019).

You must admit .. that this is a cool title. I am very much into cool titles.

» The Sexy Fraules Dancer

Most recently, for example, I feel like this Fraules dancer in orange here is talking directly to me.

Fraules Girls Team choreo for Watchachacha (31 Dec 2018)

I have used some of her other work before .. such as HERE, where I use her choreo (8 June 2018) of a song by the Jones Project that contains the lyrics, "I didnt come to play."

I also used a remarkable high-kick that she does in a choreo to Yonce (31 Dec 2017), which has a few million views. So I am not the only one who is impressed.

So she knows that I admire her work. She is a very good dancer. She obviously got my attention.

But now, for some reason, I feel like she is directing her craft directly at me.

Check out the cool transition they have at t=0:10, where they flip their ponytails and everything changes. (I like ponytails. .. especially the kind that flip.)

Fraules Girls Team choreo for Watchachacha (31 Dec 2018) Pre ponytail flip

Is it just me .. or is she not very sexy?

Fraules Girls Team choreo for Watchachacha (31 Dec 2018) What a sexy ass she has.

What is her name? Where is she from? How old is she? Where did she learn to dance so well?

Is she really talking directly to me? .. or does it just feel that way?

Notice how she begins her choreo class to the song Lil Bebe ..

Fraules choreo for the Lil Bebe remix by Dani Leigh (25 Dec 2018)

.. by taking off her sweatshirt and tossing it aside .. not unlike what Camila's dancers do. And not unlike what I sometimes do with pillows.

I might have to flirt with her right proper.

Speaking of dancers that catch my attention.

Dancer finishes her choreo to 7 Rings with a cartwheel (29 Jan 2019).

This girl finishes her choreo to 7 Rings with a cartwheel (29 Jan 2019).

» Being Seductively Challenged to a Playful Game of Imaginative Fun

Speaking of women who I feel like are talking directly to me .. as if challenging me to a playful game of erotic imagination where they make all the rules ..

Valeriya ASMR intentionally taunting me and challenging me to play a deceptively seductive and intimately private game with her (25 Feb 2019)

It feels like this girl, this popular ASMR girl here » Valeriya (25 Feb 2019) .. it feels like she is talking directly to me. (I am not trying to think this way, or feel this way.)

It has only been a couple of days and her video already has nearly a half-million views .. so I am not the only one who appreciates her work.

» The Cutest Flirt

I have gone back and reviewed a number of her ASMR videos. She is a flirt. Sometimes she is even a big flirt.

She is very good at flirting. She has an easy, engaging style that draws you in with its adorableness.

I am something of an authority on the subject of flirting myself. Or, at least this is what everybody keeps telling me. So I feel confident to make such a declarative statement here.

I could easily tell you why I feel this way about her .. but that might take a while. Because I could cite many examples.

» She has Never Seen Anything the Likes-of-Me Before

She has never seen anything the likes-of-me before. I know tricks that she has never heard of .. because I invented them myself.

With specific goals in mind. With a focused attention to detail. Precision calibrated to exacting standards that exceed typical specifications.

This is why the girls would always say things like, "Wow .. I have never felt anything like that before. I actually feel like a new woman. How do you do that? Tell me your secret. I want to learn how to do that myself. I am not sure that I could safely get to my feet right now."

» It Touches Me and Strokes Me and Affects Me in a Personal Way

When it feels like they are intentionally directing their art, their craft, their skill-set .. when it feels like they are directing as least some of their conscious intention directly at me .. I find this is very fucking seductive.

It is like she is saying to me, "I am going to fuck with your mind here .. and I know that you know I am fucking with your mind. And you are going to love every minute of me mind-fucking you. Just watch-n-see. Keep watching. Keep staring deep into my eyes. Feel me fucking with you. Feel me fucking with your mind. Feel the desire that you feel for me. Feel my hand slide down into your jeans. Welcome to the types of games that we like to play here in Russia."

I dont like to think that I am that easy .. but I can feel it working me.

Once they learn that you enjoy playing the game .. and they hear that you have both skill and gamesmanship .. this brings out their competitive side and the players will all want to take a crack at you .. to see if you're really everything that Ariana says you are.

They want to see for themselves. They dont want to take anybody's word for it .. not even Ariana's.

» I Can Feel Her Reaching Out and Playfully Touching Me in an Erotically Personal Way

It feels like she reaches her hand down into my jeans and plays with me, asking things like, "Do you feel like you're ready for my challenge. Let me see if you are ready. Keep looking deep into my eyes .. while I continue checking here to see if you are ready for me and my playful game. Oh, I can see that you are definitely getting ready .. in a hurry. You must really like my game. I like men who rise to the occasion and accept my challenge. I like it a lot .. probably more than I should."

She is so cute and adorable and fun and playful .. that she causes you to drop your defenses. Her struggling English only makes her even cuter and more adorable.

I try to do this myself sometimes .. I try to get them to drop their defenses, or at least lower them for me .. so that I can more easily explore the wonders of their fascinating feminine inner-world.

It takes time and effort to build the trust necessary to develop such a relationship.

Not always, but certainly most of the time .. I have learned some of my favorite insights from such trusting relationships.

» She is Intentionally Provoking Me

Oh, look .. here she is (4 March 2019) saying that she especially likes it when her neck is touched.

Valeriya ASMR especially likes it when her neck is touched (4 March 2019)

The last time I 'touched' a girl there where you are pointing .. I had to pick her up off the ground.

» The Place Where Provocation Becomes a Personal Challenge

I find this very provocative. I am not sure why .. but this kind of thing makes my fangs come out. It makes my claws come out.

It makes me feel aggressive and predatory. It feels like something primal starts to take over.

I have hurt girls who have done things like this. (Dove knows what I am talking about.)

I was not trying to hurt them .. but sometimes my hormones get the best of me.

Later, when I am helping to pick them up off the ground, and while I am helping to clean the pebbles out of their hair ..

.. I will think, "Why do these girls provoke me like this?"

But the thing happens when they are provoking me on purpose, and they know that they are provoking me on purpose .. and they know that I know they know .. this is like a direct challenge .. to your very masculinity.

Daring you to do something that she knows you want to do .. if only you had the balls to seize it .. a direct challenge to which only a big pussy would not have the balls to accept. The huevos rancheros.

This is an interesting place.

» Have Me Any Way You Like

Notice how she tells me here that I can do whatever I like with her, and have my way with her.

Valeriya ASMR says I can do whatever I like with her and have my way with her (4 March 2019)

The first time I ever heard a girl tell me that I could have her any way that I liked .. I thought, "Surely this girl does not know what she is saying."

But she did. (Ariana knows what I am talking about.)

» She is Definitely Teasing Me

Oh .. check her out here (14 March 2019) in a video titled » You will be on top ... of relaxation. (Notice the three dots that she used in her title .. just like Taylor did with » ...Ready For It?)

Valeriya ASMR feeling the weight of my presence on her (14 March 2019)

When I saw the beginning of this video, the voice in my head said, "Dude, you might have to give this girl her own page."

I normally try not to give a girl her own page .. because then it can be easy to get carried away .. once I get going.

You must admit, though .. that she is very cute. Playful. Fun. Sexy. Teasy. Beautiful skin .. which I bet is very soft. Please stop me.

Also notice how she is wearing pink over black. I do not know why this affects me the way that it does. But clearly, it does.

She is obviously sensing my presence .. the weight of my presence.

I find it a curious thing that it feels like I am making a meaningful connection with a beautiful creature who lives somewhere on the other side of the planet.

» Would You Consider this a Curious Coincidence?

Oh, here is something that I find interesting. I just got back from an hour-long walk today, and I was sitting on the bed, resting.

It was maybe 5 o'clock and I was thinking about fixing myself a glass of chocolate milk, deciding whether or not I should add a little protein powder.

And while I am thinking about fixing myself a glass of milk after my walk .. I checked the latest on YouTube .. and there was an image of Valeriya holding up a glass of milk .. as her thumbnail for a video that she released just today (18 March 2019).

Valeriya ASMR knows that I would like some milk (18 March 2019)

It struck me as a curious coincidence .. because I saw the thumbnail for her video while I was thinking about fixing myself a glass of milk.

I dont know what such a thing could mean .. but it definitely makes me feel like I am feeling this girl in a curious sort of way.

Valeriya ASMR with a glass of milk (18 March 2019)

[ Notice how she is holding the glass of milk right above her full breasts. I am not even a breast man .. probably because my mom never breast fed me. But this got my imagination going right away. ]

It makes me feel like we are connected in some unseen sort-of-way. And who would not like to be connected to her? (The nicest girl ever.)

I just fixed myself a glass of chocolate milk without adding the protein powder. I sipped the milk slowly while I watched her new video.

It was the best glass of milk that I ever tasted. (There is nothing cringy about any of your videos.)

» Upside-Down Text

Notice also how she uses upside-down text in her title .. just like Ariana did.

When they do that talking thing .. where it feels like they are talking right inside my head .. that affects me in a powerful sort of way.

It makes me melt on the inside.

» The Nicest Girl Ever

I also saw this other video that she did with another ASMR girl, Pelagea, who calls her "the nicest girl ever" .. where she speaks Russian.

That really turns me on .. when a girl speaks another language. I am not sure why it has such an effect on me .. but it does. It clearly does .. even though I have no idea what they are saying.

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