Exploring the Entire Range of Moral Experience with a Beautiful Creature

It probably means nothing to anybody but me .. but the time right now here on the Left coast is » 11:58 PM, and this page is live.

I am not really sure exactly what I will be writing here in this entry .. but, with such a title, I can't wait to see where this thing goes.

There is not much that you cannot fit into the space that lies within the entire range of moral experience .. from the satanic to the divine.

(I bet that Ariana knows what I am talking about.)

» Connection is Why We're Here

There is no telling where this thing will end up .. but I know where I want to start » with this remarkable 20-min TED talk (Houston) by Brené Brown (3 Jan 2011) that I recently stumbled across.

Brené Brown| The Power of Vulnerability, TEDx Houston | Connection is why we're here (3 Jan 2011)

She says that » "Connection is why we're here."

Notice that Brené is wearing brown .. a brown shirt.

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She says that connection is what gives meaning and purpose to life.

Brené Brown says that connection is what gives meaning and purpose to our lives (3 Jan 2011)

Connection is the meaning of life.

I have found this to be true in my own life .. although the most intimate and satisfying types of connections tend to be rare and elusive .. for a number of reasons.

» Ruined for All Other Romantic Relationships

But once you experience such a connection (with a beautiful creature, of course) .. nothing else seems to satisfy.

Once you have tasted prime rib, then all those baloney sandwiches no longer satisfy .. no matter how much mustard you might happen to slather on there.

Sometimes you wonder if it wouldve been better to never have tasted that prime rib .. because now your taste buds seem forever disappointed and constantly searching for that flavor you experienced with the prime rib.

» Increasingly Intimate Degrees of Human Connection

A handshake is a common type of connection.

Putin's hand on top (dominant position) with Trump's hand below (submissive position)

A warm embrace is a satisfying sort of connection.

A passionate kiss is certainly one the more intimate kinds of connection.

Girls kissing erotically in Press by Cardi B (26 June 2019)

I have heard it said that kissing is considered even more intimate than making love ..

Rad outdoor bedroom on a bluff above the ocean with 4 candles under an infinite sky at sunset

.. as hookers will have sex with clients, but refuse to kiss them on the mouth.

Few however, will deny that love-making which also involves passionate kissing is one of the most intimate forms of human connection that there is.

I would argue here however, and it has certainly been my experience that .. there exists is a type of soul-connection (with a beautiful creature, or course) that surpasses even the sacred act of making love with a beautiful creature that includes passionate kissing.

I have found this to be the most satisfying and fulfilling type of connection .. this soul-connection with a truly beautiful creature .. beautiful both inside and out.

It is a transformative thing. The person who comes out the other end is not the same person who entered at the beginning.

Once you have experiences such a soul-connection .. then nothing else seems to satisfy.

"Why even bother?" you wonder .. with a romantic relationship which does not include such a soul-connection?

Such relationships, of which I speak, tend to be elusive .. for reasons which Brené masterfully lays out.

» Vulnerability

Her talk is titled » The Power of Vulnerability .. which, on the surface, is a seemingly paradoxical title. (I bet that Shibby knows what I am talking about.)

Vulnerability is not easy. It can be extremely difficult. I am always impressed by people who are able to let themselves be vulnerable .. and share stories that include a substantial degree of vulnerability.

You need to come to a place where you are secure enough in your sense of SELF before you can allow yourself to be vulnerable.

This is not as easy as it might sound. Not hardly.

Allowing yourself to be vulnerability requires courage .. the more vulnerable, the more courage it requires.

It feels remarkably satisfying when you are finally strong enough and secure enough in your sense of SELF to let yourself be truly vulnerable.

This is the end of this page. ■ (To be continued ...)

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