The Superior Morality and Compassionate Humanity of the Gay American Male

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» Mayor Pete's Impressive Bravery

It is off-topic for this page, but on the subject of being struck by bravery .. this thing by "Mayor Pete" ..

.. I dont care who you are, or how brave you might be .. that is not easy to do. You almost can't believe your own ears.

» My Experience has been that Gays are Typically More Compassionate Human Beings with a Better Moral Compass

I have said it before, and I will say it again .. it has been my experience that your average gay person is simply a better human being, with a better moral compass ..

.. than the average polite social Christian that you might happen to encounter on the street.

Susan Cottrell knows what I am talking about. Anderson knows what I am talking about.

Anderson says that even pretending to care about another human being who has suffered wounds that Trump himself has long been encouraging .. even this was too much for Trump. Me Me Me Trump. (8 Aug 2019)

For example, check out Don Lemon's interview here of 2020 Presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg .. regarding the issue of tackling racial inequality (28 June 2019).

Don Lemon interviews 2020 Presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg about the issue of tackling racial inequality and about Joe Biden being out of touch with reality at the 1st debate (28 June 2019)

» What a Dick .. Trying to Take Away What Little the Poor Have

Compare their conversation with that of Jake Corman here.

Jake Corman shouting over Pennsylvania state senator Katie Muth as she read a letter from a formerly homeless man (28 June 2019).

What a dick .. trying to take away what little the poor have.

I wonder what the Apostles think of Jake the Dick.

I can guarantee you that Jake is not gay. He makes my point for me.

Thank-you, Jake. Thank-you for making my point for me.

Dude, you need to chill the fuck out. Take a yoga class or something. Try some deep-breathing exercises. You're obviously wound way too tight.

It surprises me how vigorously you fight to take away what little the poor have.

You must want very badly to take away what little the poor have .. it seems obvious to everyone.

What happened to your soul?

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Katie Muth is my hero. (Like Katie Porter.) And she asks good questions, too.

Pennsylvania state senator Katie Muth asks her fellow senators, 'If you are not here fighting for the most vulnerable, then why are your here?'

Why are they there? It makes you wonder, doesnt it?

If politicians are not fighting for the most vulnerable .. then why are they here?

Something tells me that Neera Tanden knows the answer to this question.

I lived in Pennsylvania for six years (in Lancaster) .. so I feel a sense of connection with her and with the state.

» Living Life Congruent with Your Values Requires Courage

Megan Rapinoe is a good example of what I am talking about .. how members of the LGBTQ community tend to be better human beings, with a better moral compass .. than your typical white evangelical.

Megan Rapinoe follows Colin Kaepernick by taking a knee and telling the Trump administration to go fuck themselves (17 May 2019)

Megan doesnt pretend like fucked-up shit is okay. She is not going to drink your Kool-Aid and fall in line with your social dysfunction.

That's not easy to do. Go ahead and give it a try and you'll see what I mean. (Colin Kaepernick knows the deal better than anybody.)

It feels good when you are living your life congruent with your values.

Most people dont even know what their values are .. beyond money.

» Friends Who Make You Feel Less Alone in the World

Oh, speaking of Megan Rapinoe .. check » this out (4 July 2019). Her teammate, Ali Krieger, has her back against Trump's tweats.

U.S. Women's soccer player Ali Krieger defends her teammate Megan Rapinoe against Trump's Twitter attacks (4 July 2019).

Such things might seem small or insignificant, but I can assure you that support from friends in a time of need .. means a lot.

They help to make you feel less alone in the world. (Nathan knows what I am talking about.)

You remember these people, who stood with you, when you were feeling very alone. (I bet that Andrew McCabe knows what I am talking about.)

» First Trump Came For ...

When I saw this supportive tweet from Ali Krieger, I thought of that famous confession from the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller (1892-1984).

A confession from German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) about the cowardice of German intellectuals and certain clergy (including, by his own repeated admissions, Niemöller himself) following the Nazis' rise to power and subsequent incremental purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

This confession is about the cowardice of German intellectuals and certain clergy (including, by his own repeated admissions, Niemöller himself) following the Nazis' rise to power and subsequent incremental purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

I wonder what Ben Sasse thinks of this famous confession.

» Striking Parallels

Speaking of cowards who fail to speak out against immoral atrocities that dont affect them personally [ pause for effect ] ..

.. here is a great book (2018) that draws striking parallels between the rise of the Hitler and the Nazis in Germany and the rise of Trump and the White Nationalists here in America.

» Why is the "President" Doing Nothing to Combat Russian Interference in Our Upcoming Elections?

Notice how Ali put quotes around the word "President" ..

U.S. Women's soccer player Ali Krieger defends her teammate Megan Rapinoe against Trump's Twitter attacks (4 July 2019).

.. as if to indicate that Trump's presidency is illegitimate .. due to Russian interference in our election.

» Jimmy Carter Says that Trump Actually Lost the 2016 Election and is Therefore Illegitimate

I bet that Jimmy Carter would agree with her.

Jimmy Carter says Trump actually lost the 2016 election, but Russian interference won him the White House illegitimately (PBS, 28 June 2019)

I bet that Russian-born expert on Russia, Julia Ioffe, would also agree with her.

Russian born expert on Russia Julia Ioffe says Trump knows that Putin helped him win the election (28 June 2019)

Does this mean that all the judges that Trump appointed are also illegitimate? (I wonder what Merrick Garland thinks.)

» "Russia, If You're Listening..."

This is why the Republicans are doing nothing to combat Russian interference in the next election .. because they want Russia's help again .. to help them win again.

Coffee Joe calls out 'Moscow Mitch' for preventing a vote on a bill that would shore up election security

Ali made a point of saying that she very much appreciated Obama's tweet. Trump is going to hate that .. because he is jealous of Obama.

Trump is against anything with Obama's name on it. He is more against stuff than he is for stuff.

The only things that Trump actually seems to be FOR .. are Putin and MbS and pretty much every dicktator and autocrat that you can name.

Erdogan of Turkey, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, Trump, Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt

Such as » Erdogan of Turkey, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt.

» Presidential Candidate Mayor Pete vs Vice President Mike Pence Engage in a Healthy National Dialogue

This national dialogue between Mayor Pete and the socially polite, but politically-homophobic, Mike Pence is starting to get interesting .. you must admit.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg says that Mike Pence is a socially polite Christian who advances homophobic policies that discriminate against targeted citizens.

Some journalists are calling it an escalating feud .. but this kind of dialogue is healthy for the nation. For our society.

» Gays are Less Likely to Fuck You Over

My experience has been that .. gays are less likely to fuck you over. They are less likely to steal from you. They are less likely to lie to you.

And they are definitely less likely to inflict lasting psychic trauma on children as a matter of policy. (Mike Pence, the ultimate Trump-Loyalist, should take note.)

I could certainly continue along these lines .. but you feel me. This has been my experience .. on a consistent basis. You can trust them more easily.

If Ben Sasse could muster just a fraction of that kind of bravery .. the nation would be better off for it.

» Some Kind of Sign?

While I was inside today (Saturday, 29 June 2019) close to sunset, I noticed that there was a strange color outside .. kind of yellowish.

At the time I was trying to think of a title for this page that you are reading right now .. because I wanted to offload this section of text and graphics .. because the subject had strayed so far from the original theme of the source page. (I do that a lot.)

And I also wanted to clearly declare the nature of my experiences dealing with gay men over the course of my life .. and how I consistently found them to be better human beings with a better moral compass .. than your average person.

They tend to be funnier, and smarter, and have better social skills, and are more culturally-aware.

But I was struggling to come up with a satisfactory title .. and I wanted to see what was causing the strange color outside.

This was when I heard people outside yelling things like, "Wow .. look at that. I'm going to go get my camera."

When I went outside, there was an impressive rainbow right there .. soon as I stepped ouiside .. toward the Palomar mountains to the east .. perhaps the most impressive rainbow I have ever seen.

But it wasnt raining. It hadnt rained at all today. I think there was simply lots of moisture in the air.

I thought this rainbow a curious coincidence .. at the exact time that I was trying to come up with a title for this page .. and I wondered if it was some kind of sign .. that confirmed that I was indeed supposed to write this page today.

I have been experiencing many such curious coincidences lately.

» Mayor Pete Calls Bullshit on Mike Pence's Use of Religion as an Excuse to Discriminate

Oh, check out Mayor Pete here (16 April 2019).

Mayor Pete calls bullshit on Mike Pence's discriminatory policies against the LGBQT community (16 April 2019)

What a piece of shit Mike Pence is. He does not even have the balls to answer George's question. At least, he can have the balls to own his discriminatory position.

Go fuck yourself, Mike Pence.

» Bryan Tyler Cohen

And then Brian Tyler Cohen lays into Pence. Brian throws down with the best of them. He always finishes strong and he never disappoints.

I can feel my respect for him. I appreciate his style. He does both nuance and savagery remarkably well.

Here he is seizing upon the irony of Trump's comments at the so-called Faith-n-Freedom coalition.

Bryan Tyler Cohen seizes upon the irony of Trump's comments at the so called Faith-n-Freedom coalition (26 June 2019)

He is saying here that they pretend to be patriots .. but they are really just a bunch of pussies.

He kicks much ass .. on a consistent basis. On a remarkably consistent basis.

I like the way his segments begin with the content to be discussed and finish with his commentary.

And I like the way he clearly presents and highlights his supporting facts .. be it from a video source, or a text source, or wherever.

That takes time to fetch and assemble all those associated facts. This is why he is able to cram so much into so little space.

His attire is always muted and understated, which causes you to focus more clearly on the content itself.

If you have limited time, you can be best informed by watching his videos.

» theSkimm Girls, Carly and Danielle, Helping Millennials Stay Informed

I have not yet read after theSkimm girls, Carly and Danielle ..

theSkimm girls, Carly and Danielle, are secretly democrats (28 June 2019)

But something tells me that they also provide maximum bang for the time you spend trying to stay informed during this critical period in our nation's history .. when everything is moving so fast.

» Elevating Voter Suppression to an Art Form

This joke here that Stephen makes about them secretly being democrats .. it works because everybody knows that the Republicans are all about » voter suppression.

Here is the » Wikipedia page on Voter Suppression here in the States. Here is » Historian Carol Anderson with Vox (24 Jan 2019). Here is » Timothy Smith with the Nation and a nice video (11 March 2019).

Republicans have elevated Voter Suppression to an art form. They have been hard at work, honing their craft for many years now.

There is so much information out there on the topic .. because there is so much voter suppression going on for so long.

Stephen got a good laugh from theSkimm girls .. but voter suppression is really not that funny. It is one of the most anti-democratic things you can do.

» theSkimm Girls Like how Swalwell Called On Biden to Pass-the-Torch to a New Generation of Americans

I noticed that these girls liked how Eric Swalwell (38) called out Joe Biden (76) ..

California Rep Eric Swalwell calls on Joe Biden to Pass-the-Torch to a new generation of Americans (27 June 2019)

.. to "Pass the torch to a new generation of Americans." .. because Biden's mindset is obviously stuck in the past.

I agree with Eric there. It is exactly this kind of backward-looking thinking that got us into this mess.

You cannot solve 21st century problems with 20th century thinking.

» Doesnt Biden's Candidacy Offend the Women of the #MeToo Movement?

Speaking of 20th century thinking .. I dont want to speak for women of the #MeToo movement .. but dont they find Biden's candidacy offensive?

Joe Biden tells Anita Hill that any committee member can ask her any question they like, no matter how degrading it might be.

Doesnt it bother them that Biden told Anita Hill, "It is entirely appropriate for any member of this all-male committee to ask you any question they like .. no matter how demeaning or degrading or insulting or offensive you might happen to find it."

I wonder what Ana thinks.

Ana responds to Biden's bullshit statement that he tried to protect Anita Hill from inappropriate and degrading questions (7 May 2019).

Ana is obviously not happy with Biden's statement that he tried to protect Anita Hill from inappropriate and degrading questions from the all-male committee members.

She is calling bullshit on him. "Roll the 1991 video and let's see Biden in action."

I wonder what Anita Hill herself thinks.

Anita Hill eviscerates Joe Biden's 'apology' in scathing interview | Vanity Fair, 25 April 2019, by Alison Durkee

The point she is making is that Biden's so called apology means nothing .. because nothing has really changed. Women are still being treated like shit by male members of congress and not being believed.

Matt Damon knows what I am talking about.

SNL cold open skit of Kavanaugh Senate hearing (29 Sept 2018)

Both Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh are still sitting on the Supreme court right now .. probably joking about grabbing pussy.

The male members of the Judiciary committee couldve easily come up with another nominee who had no such allegations levied against him .. but instead, they chose to dismiss the women who made these allegations and confirm the accused justices anyway.

Actions speak louder than words. Somebody should tell Biden this. Such apologies are meaningless .. if they are not accompanied by meaningful actions. (Duh.)

» Biden Would be the Oldest President Ever (OPE) .. by Far

I wonder where Joe Biden would fall on this list of oldest U.S. presidents (at the time of their inauguration).

Oldest U.S. presidents at time of their inauguration (by Jennifer Rosenberg, 25 May 2019)

Joe Biden represents the establishment .. just like Hillary Clinton did. He represents the status-quo .. just like Hillary. You wouldve thunk that the establishment democrats wouldve learned their lesson by now.

Krystal knows what I am talking about.

Krystal Ball says 2% of voters under 45 say they are with Biden - two percent

I bet that Michael Moore knows what I am talking about.

This is why Trump so badly wants to run against Joe Biden.

Trump says it would be a dream to run against Joe Biden in 2020 .. because Biden ran for President three times and never got more than 1% of the vote | CBS Evening News (19 July 2018).

Trump says it would be "a dream" to run against Joe Biden in 2020 .. because Biden ran for President three times and never got more than 1% of the vote (CBS Evening News, 19 July 2018).

Trump says it would be a dream to run against Joe Biden in 2020 .. because Biden ran for President 3 times and never got more than 1% of the vote | CBS Evening News (19 July 2018).

I wonder what Emma thinks.

(I like Emma. I agree with her on pretty much everything. If you want to know what I think about any given political topic, ask her.)

Hillary represented the establishment. Hillary represented the status-quo.

Our democracy today is dominated by the elderly (18 Oct 2019)

The establishment and the status quo have not been working for Us-the-People .. not for a long time now.

Nor has so called "capitalism" been working for Us-the-People. Not for a long time. Ray Dalio knows what I am talking about.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio says the FACTS show that capitalism isnt working (8 April 2019)

The establishment only works for itself, and it's wealthy donors.

Income inequality in America has become extreme

This is why We-the-People need to get money out of politics.

It is the signature defect in our government today. If we dont get money out of politics, then all other efforts will be for nought.

As long as the wealthy are able to buy the decisions of our elected officials, then our government will never work for Us-the-People.

Socialism for the Rich; harsh Capitalism for the Rest, by Robert Reich (8 April 2019)

(Neera knows what I am talking about.)

It is fine if these multinational corporations want to petition our elected leaders for things that they would like. But it is not okay for them to give them money .. which effectively makes it a bribe.

Biden helped make the Bush tax cuts permanent. The Bush tax cuts benefited the wealthy and placed these benefits on the nation's credit card (debt) for the next generation to pay.

This was effectively a generational transfer of wealth .. of huge sums of wealth.

That was downright immoral. Shame on him for doing that.

Inequality has returned to the extremes of the Gilded Age

Most generations sacrifice for their kids. But not Biden's generation. Not Trump's generation. Not Hillary's generation. Not Dubya's generation. Not Pelosi's generation. Not Copeland's generation. Because they are all part of the same generation.

I am talking about the generation that was born between the early 30's to the late 50's .. being centered in the mid-40's. (A generation is typically considered to be 25 years » 1933 to 1957, inclusive.)

I am talking about the generation that worships money and serves Mammon as it steals from its kids.

This generation might be the biggest bunch of pussies in American history .. trying their best to destroy our democracy and our institutions. Charlie Sykes and George Will know what I am talking about.

Shame on them. Shame the fuck on them. Their values suck.

Anyway .. I very much appreciate Brian's understated sense of humor. I have never regretted watching any of his videos.

Each of his three names, Brian Tyler Cohen, contain 5 letters and 2 syllables .. so there exists a satisfying sense of symmetry there.


This is the end of this page, and the end of this theme. ■

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