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Speaking of spineless politicians .. Ben Sasse likes to criticize the shortcomings of the youth .. but he has yet to grow a constitutional spine and stand up to Trump's executive overreach.

Ben Sasse likes to criticize the shortcomings of the youth, but he has yet to grow a constitutional spine (14 March 2019).

This is what senators are supposed to do, Ben. They are supposed to act as a check and a balance on executive overreach.

This is how the Constitution was designed to operate .. to thwart to corrupting effects of power.

I know that you know this, Ben .. because I know that you call yourself (at t=1:20) a constitutional conservative.

All that you need to do now is to grow a spine .. a constitutional spine .. and stop abdicating your constitutional responsibility.

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I bet that Walter Dellinger and Jonathan Adler both agree with me here.

Walter Dellinger says that the Senate should be stepping up and providing a Constitutional check on Trump's persistent pattern of lawlessness (10 April 2019)

I bet that they both wonder how you are able to look yourself in the mirror.

» Helping to Shovel Coal into the Raging Furnace of Trump's Racist Locomotive

You have hopped onboard a bad train .. which came from a bad place .. and which is heading to an even worse place.

President Trump identifies with and defends hate groups in America

Steaming ahead at full speed .. serviced by an inner-circle of felons.

Being a felons used to be considered a bad thing .. but now you Republicans seem to consider this a badge of honor .. pinned on a bona fide hero .. who lies for Trump.

» A Cohort of Liars Led by the King of Liars

Speaking of an inner-circle of admitted and convicted felons .. can we talk about the lies for a sec? All the lies.

With Trump as their leader .. perhaps you can see how this administration could be characterized as » a cohort of liars and cheats .. led by the King of Liars and Cheats.

» In 1989 Bill Barr Stonewalled Congress's Request for Full Opinion and Instead Provided Them with a Duplicitous Summary

Speaking of a cohort of liars surrounding this president .. what do you think, Ben ..

.. about the way Bill Barr stonewalled congress's request back in 1989 for the full opinion, and instead provided them with a duplicitous summary?

In 1989 Bill Barr stonewalled Congress's request for the full opinion and instead provided them with a duplicitous summary (15 April 2019)

Déjà vu all over again? Can a leopard change its spots? I think not.

Charlie Crist says Bill Barr lied to Congress during his testimony under oath on 9 April 2019 (posted 1 May 2019)

I wonder what NYU Law professor Ryan Goodman thinks.

NYU Law professor Ryan Goodman describes Bill Barr's 1989 act of duplicity toward congress (15 April 2019)

The word duplicitous is defined as » Given to or marked by deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech. Deceitful.

Is this something that your book encourages the youth to aspire to? To emulate?

Think about it.

» One Iron Rule » Logic is an Enemy and Truth is a Menace

Perhaps you would be more inclined to listen to someone like Rod Serling. Notice where he defines » the One Iron Rule.

One iron rule » Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace (Rod Serling, Twilight Zone)

Which is » Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.

The term menace is defined as »

  1. The show of an intention to inflict evil; a threat or threatening; indication of a probable evil or catastrophe to come.

  2. To express or show an intention to inflict, or to hold out a prospect of inflicting, evil or injury upon

Does this perspective not accurately describe Trump's approach to the truth?

Fake, Fake, Disgusting News says Trump the fascist

This must be why Republicans glorify ignorance and hate the "Fake, Fake, Disgusting News" so much.

You know .. what Trump calls the "enemy of the people."

I bet that Brian Stelter knows what I am talking about.

Trump celebrates ignorance and declares that his real 2020 opponent is not the Democrats but rather the News Media (8 Sept 2019)

I bet that Shep Smith knows what I an talking about.

Shep Smith says Trump decries fake news that isnt and disseminates fake news that is (6 Sept 2019)

I bet that George Orwell knows what I am talking about.

George Orwell on political language (t=5:45)

I do not see Rod Serling's statement as prophetic. Rather I see it as simply obvious.

Ignorance is Strength George Orwell 1984

All too obvious.

I bet that Solzhenitsyn knows what I am talking about.

The lie led us far from a normal society says Solzhenitsyn

The only time that truth is considered a menace .. is when it is calling bullshit on your lies.

I bet that Voltaire knows what I am talking about.

Voltaire says that those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities (t=6:40)

He's the guy who said » Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

» Is this Admin an Example of the Values and Ethical Behavior and Moral Character You Feel the Youth Should Live Up to?

What men of such exemplary conduct and moral behavior and language and integrity. Do such things mean anything to you?

Are these values that you hold and strive to live up to?

Would you call Trump an honorable man? Is this a term you would use to characterize the behavior of the leader of your party?

» As Trump Tears Off Another Piece of the Constitution to Wipe His Ass With ...

And there you are, Ben .. helping to shovel coal into the raging furnace of Trump's racist locomotive .. pitching in and eagerly contributing your fair share of the work.

I bet that Tim O'Brian knows what I am talking about.

The great lesson from this is that you dont get on the Trump train and stay clean says Bloomberg's Tim O'Brian (30 Sept 2019)

You are helping to shovel corrupt coal into Trump's racist locomotive while Trump sits on his golden throne .. wiping his ass with the Constitution on a daily basis.

Trump calls part of the Constitution phony (21 Oct 2019)

One would think that those who claim to be patriots and who claim to honor and support the Constitution .. would be among the first citizens rushing to its aid .. to defend it against all threats, both foreign and domestic.

» Cowering in Fear at the Prospect of Confronting Trump's Choice of Toilet Paper

Because Trump knows that senators like you dont have the spine to challenge him on it. He knows that you dont have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to him.

I bet that Jon Meacham knows what I am talking about.

Jon Meacham says folks in elected office should ask themselves if they have the guts to stand up to Trump's repeated assaults on the Constitution (4 July 2019)

Meacham says (at t=4:00) » "If I were in elected office right now, or thinking about elective office, I would be thinking very hard about what I wanted posterity to say about me. Do I have the guts to stand up and say, 'This will not stand,' .. when it comes to much of what the president is trying to do."

Well, Ben .. do you? Do you have the guts that Meacham is talking about?

Because right now .. everybody sees you there, cowering in fear .. and hoping to god that you dont anger Trump and incur the wrath of his tweets .. a fate worse than death for Republican senators like yourself.

Matt Welch says that Trump has brought the so-called 'Freedom' Caucus to heel and made it his bitch (12 June 2019). But dont take my word for it .. rather, listen to him say it for yourself.

Libertarian Matt Welch says Trump has brought the so-called Freedom Caucus to heel and made it his bitch (12 June 2019)

Trump knows that you are too scared to challenge him in the Constitutional arena .. even though you claim to be such a stickler for, and a supporter of, the Constitution.

» Actions Speak Louder than All the Words Written in Books to the Youth

But you are no such courageous man .. possessing the guts and intestinal fortitude that the times require right now. At least, this is what your actions say. Your actions say that you are a toady for a president who wipes his ass with the Constitution on a daily basis.

When you get right down to it .. your decisions define who you are .. much more than your words.

At some point, the lies and the facts on the ground catch up to you .. if your words do not match the facts of your actions.

» The Ethical Behavior and Moral Character You are Actively Supporting

The tax-cheating narcissistic bully who punches down ..

Trump's suspect tax schemes (NY Times, 2 Oct 2018)

.. right after he grabs whatever pussy he might happen to feel like grabbing.

I am not even going to mention him being a racist xenophobe who loves Putin more than he does the Constitution (.. which he is probably using this very moment to wipe his ass with).

I know that you know this. It must be eating you alive. I dont know how you are able sleep at night.

» History Will One Day Come Looking for Today's Spineless GOP

One day history will come looking for you, Ben .. for you and your fellow spineless republicans. It will not be pretty.

Jake Tapper says history will one day come looking for today's GOP like it did for Maine senator Margaret Chase Smith and Ohio senator Bob Taft, who were lawmakers in the era of Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy (6 Oct 2019)

It will be a study in how much republican lawmakers like yourself were willing to take. (And everybody knows exactly where you were taking it.)

They were silently taking it because they were afraid of Trump turning his sights on them. They were afraid of his wrath. So they continued to cower in fear.

Former CIA Director John Brennan says republican senators such as Ron Johnson of Wisconsin are running scared of Donald Trump (Meet the Press, 6 Oct 2019)

Senators such as yourself and Ron Johnson were too scared to stand up and confront Trump over his flagrant misuse of power.

Bryan Tyler Cohen says the question now becomes whether the GOP will manage to grow spines and put country over party before Trump takes them all down with him (6 Oct 2019)

Your name will be written in the history books of the future. Would you like to know the name of the chapter? (Probably not.)

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