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» Elite-Level Hypocrisy and the Sad Lesson of Paul Ryan's Speakership

Check out this review and fact-check of Paul Ryan's speakership done by Ari Melber (6 Dec 2018).

Paul Ryan's Speakership reviewed and fact-checked by Ari Melber (6 Dec 2018)

He is not putting words into Paul Ryan's mouth. Ari is letting Paul Ryan speak for himself .. and then looking at how Paul did relative to those statements that he publicly uttered himself.

» Nobody is Even Close

I wonder what Charlie Pierce thinks of this.

Paul Ryan is the biggest fake in politics says Charlie Pierce .. nobody is even close (19 Dec 2018).

You could spend the rest of your life trying to identify and document all the hypocrisy in our government .. and still not capture it all.

I bet that Michael Moore knows what I am talking about.

Michael Moore says Donald Trump chaos makes him frightened for the country (20 Dec 2018).

Have they no shame? Do they just say whatever they think that people want to hear? It certainly appears that way.

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» Meritocracy is a Joke .. a Bad Joke

Meagan speaks to » The Banality of Brett Kavanaugh (28 Sept 2018) .. a thought-provoking piece. Meritocracy Is a joke.

Kavanaugh is the punchline.

Her title made me think of Eichmann is Jerusalem (1963) by Hannah Arendt .. which is subtitled » A Report on the Banality of Evil.

Her idea is striking .. that meritocracy in America has turned into a joke. A bad joke.

You dont want to admit that she is right .. yet it is hard to deny that she makes a valid point. Nicholas Kristof knows what I mean.

It's a sad day for America. Very sad. Mika knows what I am talking about.

» The Saddest Story in Washington

Meritocracy in America mightve become a joke .. but Lindsey Graham is still the saddest story in Washington (6 Oct 2018).

Lindsey Graham Is the Saddest Story in Washington (6 Oct 2018)

His fight for Brett Kavanaugh completed his transformation into Donald Trump's slobbering manservant.

It was indeed a very sad thing to see. A sad day for America. Fareed knows what I am talking about.

It speaks to his values and priorities and morals and ethics. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Has he lost his final shred of self-respect? Has he totally caved in abject submission to his true master?

Certainly seems that way. This is why it is so sad. You almost can't believe it .. even while you are seeing it.

» Almost Certainly Dishonest

Speaking of a sad and disappointing day for America .. Michelle says that Kavanaugh was "Almost certainly dishonest," during his testimony. (at t=4:50.)

Kavanaugh almost certainly dishonest says Michelle (28 Sept 2018)

I agree with her there. And I am not the only one.

I like her. She kicks much ass. She joined the Times just last year. She was a good add. She writes about cool stuff.

This is the first time I have seen her on a TV show.

Speaking of displaying an obvious dishonesty while answering questions under oath .. isnt there a name for that?

» Lying Under Oath

Maybe Liz Swisher could help me find the correct term.

Liz Swisher says she knows for a fact that Kavanaugh lied under oath (28 Sept 2018)

Nothing like the testimony of a percipient witness to help set the record straight.

» Nasty Drunks Represent an Advanced Stage of the Disease

When happy drunks drink too long .. they become nasty drunks. Being a nasty drunk is a sign of an advanced stage of the disease.

[ I heard that George Bush could be a nasty drunk. But I dont see George as nasty. ]

Charles Ludington knows what I am talking about.

Former Yale classmate Charles Ludington says Kavanaugh was often a belligerent drunk (1 Oct 2018)

Nobody likes to be around a belligerent drunk.

After seeing his temperament during his testimony, it is not difficult to imagine Kavanaugh as a nasty, belligerent drunk.

SNL cold open skit of Kavanaugh Senate hearing (29 Sept 2018)

John Oliver knows what I am talking about.

» Mom and Dad and Alcohol

I might note here that I never saw my dad drunk .. ever. Not even one time. Not even a little tipsy.

He had some whiskey in the cabinet and would sometimes have a shot with a friend who had stopped by to visit. On rare occasions they would have two shots each. But never more that two, and even that was rare.

One time, at a wedding, my mom got pretty tipsy. But that was the only time. She was so funny, and seemed the happiest I ever saw her.

When I was small, my dad often had a beer with dinner. Always in a glass. Never more than one. He would often pour some into a small glass for me .. so it became like no big thing for me.

I have never had problems with alcohol. After two beers, the beer stops tasting good and I dont even want any more. So it is difficult for me to understand the alcoholic's mindset.

The last time that I had anything to drink was before treatment .. where I had half a bottle of pumpkin beer for Halloween. And I was definitely feeling it.

So I have not had a single drop of alcohol in more than four years.

» Giving Existential Voice to Actions

Look at Blow go here in a column titled » Victimizing the Victims, Again (30 Sept 2018) .. which includes a passage where he gives voice to actions. See here:

The message that the Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee sent to survivors, mostly women, but also many men, is this:

Your pain is not our problem. Your bodies are not your own. Your voice, even at its strongest, is still weaker than any man's, no matter how sniveling and snide. We are here to protect the order, an old order, in which men rule, even when unruly and reprobate.

They are saying to survivors: Your word and your credibility may be all that you have, but they are not enough for you to be believed. They are saying that fear and trauma may have shocked you into silence, but in the end, you will be punished for that silence. They are saying that the failure of survivors, including children, to properly report and document their victimizations will be viewed later not as evidence of fear and shame, but as evidence of concoction and deceit.

I was very much impressed by this. The voice in my head said, "Blow is learning your tricks."

After I read that, I said both, "Holy shit," and "Wow."

That's the best thing that I've ever seen Blow write. Seems downright inspired. Which is why I mention it here.

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