The Moral Responsibility of Every Sentient Being to Future Generations to Speak Out Against Abusive Behaviors that Leave Lasting Psychic Scars

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» A Moral Responsibility to Future Generations

As a side-thought here, on the subject of » things best left unsaid ..

What do you think about the idea that everybody, every sentient-being, who is made in the image-n-likeness of God .. the Living God Himself ..

.. what do you think about the idea that every such creature has a moral obligation to speak out? .. in whatever way they choose.

Alexandra Waterbury shares her experiences at NYC Ballet with Amanda Knox (29 March 2019)

.. in whatever way they deem right and proper.

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In ways big or small. But in some way. Some meaningful way.

Zora Neale Hurston says that there is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you, from her autobiography titled Dust Tracks on a Road (1942)

.. and that every child of God has, not only the right, but also a moral obligation .. to speak out against injustices and nastiness and the types of transgressions that tend to leave lasting psychic scars ..

Jennifer Araoz says that Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was 15 (10 July 2019)

.. visited upon them at an age when they were too young or too small to defend themselves against such things.

There were rumors for many years .. so why didnt the Epstein story break earlier? (12 July 2019)

Kudos to Jennifer Araoz. Wow. She is a strong woman .. very strong.

I bet that Kimberly Lerner knows what I am talking about.

Jennifer Araoz's lawyer, Kimberly Lerner, says that Jennifer is one of the strongest women she has ever met (11 July 2019)

I like her.

» Ellen Knows

I bet that Ellen knows exactly what I am talking about.

Ellen DeGeneres talks with David Letterman about her experiences of sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather when she was 15 years old (31 May 2019)

Good for you, Ellen. Good for publicly sharing your story of abuse at a young age. You can see the pain on your face, and in your eyes.

Ellen DeGeneres urges victims of sexual assault to speak up (7 June 2019)

I am proud of you .. and I'm not the only one.

» Speaking Your Truth for the Benefit of Future Generations

It is certainly a therapeutic thing, in the long run, to consciously revisit these places of trauma in a mature way .. when you are older and stronger and wiser and smarter and possess many mature life-experiences.

I bet that Aly knows what I am talking about.

Always speak your truth says Aly Raisman's shirt in Girls Like You music video (30 May 2018)

I see you Aly. You look good. You look happy. You look healthy. Much better the last time I saw you. Good for you.

» Aly Raisman Taunting a Vampire with her World-Class, Olympic-Grade Neck

And dont think that I missed the way you were taunting the vampire in me here. (I am very observant, you know.)

Aly Raisman taunting a vampire with her world-class, Olympic-grade neck in Girls Like You (30 May 2018)

I could read your mind here. (Vampires can read minds .. everybody knows this.)

You were thinking, "I will tease him with some of this world-class, Olympic-grade neck. Surely he will not be able resist such a thing."

» Is She Doing that On Purpose?

When I first saw this video, I said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa," and I paused it and went back and watched it again.

"Is she doing this on purpose?" I wondered. "Is she teasing me here?"

After watching it a few times, I concluded that you were indeed doing this on purpose. "No doubt about it," my ego chimed in.

» Making the World a Better and Safer Place for Future Generations of Girls

It made me happy to see you looking genuinely happy here.

Aly Raisman smiling in Girls Like You (30 May 2018)

You and your amazing teammates have done a major service for an untold number of athletic girls in future generations to come.

Please convey my best to them .. especially Mattie and Olivia and Rachel and Kyle.

You have literally helped to make the world a better place .. a safer place .. despite all the opposition arrayed against you. (Fuck them.)

Suffused with a righteous feminist fire (Mary Shelley)

The next time some fuckhead thinks about touching athletic girls inappropriately .. they will remember what happened to Larry, and they will surely be dissuaded.

And the next time some gymnast happens to report questionable behavior to an administrator, they will certainly take those allegations more seriously.

Michigan State will pay 500 million dollars to victims of sexual abuse

Much more.

That must feel good .. very good. When you lie down to sleep at night, I bet you are able to rest more easily and sleep more deeply.

I bet that the sheets feel a little softer and the pillow a little cooler.

This was a nice touch here .. where you join hands with tattooed Adam while standing back-to-back.

Aly joins hands with Adam in Girls Like You (30 May 2018)

Nice camera work .. though I am not really sure how they did it.

» Cardi into Harleys and White Porsches

I hope you said hi to Cardi for me.

Cardi B coming to rev it up like a Harley in Girls Like You (30 May 2018)

I couldnt help but notice her singing about Harleys and white Porsches.

Cardi B thinking more white Porsches and karats in Girls Like You (30 May 2018)

You must admit .. that is some kind of coincidence there.

I was impressed by the way she assembled these bars (lyrics) .. or whoever happened to write them.

I don't really want a white horse and a carriage
I'm thinkin' more a white Porsche and karats

She is huge. She is blowing up. She obviously has the thing.

» I was Scared of Her Popularity

I was hesitant to mention this back when I first heard this song, and these lyrics .. because she is so popular.

For some reason which I do not really understand myself, I am wary of celebrity. I have always felt this way and try to avoid the spotlight.

Perhaps this is because whenever the spotlight has found me in the past, it was usually accompanied by negative things.

But I can now see that this is indeed the right time. Because this is the right place .. and for the right reason.

I have seen a few interviews of her over the last several months, and I was struck by a number of her responses as coming from an enlightened place. (Good for her.)

» Bernie Gets Love from Cardi

Oh, look .. here she is (16 July 2019) showing love for Bernie ..

Cardi B tweet supporting Bernie Sanders as a man who fights for the Us-the-People (16 July 2019)

.. as a man who fights for Us-the-People. 

You must admit that Bernie does indeed get lots of love from Us-the-People.

Bernie gets an affectionate love-pat on the shoulder from a UPS passerby while recording a message on Wall Street about standing with the working man (12 July 2019)

He would be president right now if Hillary and the DNC didnt rig the nomination. Neera knows what I am talking about.

Donna Brazile found solid proof that Hillary rigged the primary nomination process against Bernie (t=2:50)

They stole Bernie's nomination from the youth and gave it to Hillary the elderly Establishment queen.

Is anybody really suprised?

This is why I feel that the youth-vote should be weighted more heavily .. because they will naturally be living with the consequences of political decisions for much longer ..

.. long after the likes of 79-year old Pelosi have become food for worms.

Results of 2016 Democratic primaries and caucuses among voters under 30 (at t=4:30)

Fuck them .. fuck them all.

I am not going to tell them to go fuck themselves .. but I admit that it's pretty hard not to.

» Bernie Gets Nothing but Corporate Hate from Sydney Ember and Smears from the Times

Though he gets lots of hate from the corporate-backed establishment. And nobody hates Bernie like Sydney Ember.

Katie Halper's article on Sydney Ember, the Times' Senior Anti-Bernie Correspondent (2 July 2019 at Jacobin)

Katie Halper knows what I am talking about.

» Girls Like You Gets More than Two Billion Views

Anyway, your video has more than 2 billion views. I do not know how many videos have exceeded the 2 billion mark .. but I know it is not a big number.

Obviously the song is speaking to people. To what do you attribute such unusually large viewing numbers?

» It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

These mature life-experiences that we encounter while growing up can now help us deal with these injustices in ways that we were not able to handle back when we were small and defenseless.

Though I admit that, in the short-term, it can definitely suck gigantic goose eggs. You are staring at these ugly scenes openly and honestly and feeling all the effects come swarming back from the abyss.

Ellen DeGeneres falls into a thousand mile stare while talking to Letterman about sexual abuse she suffered 45 years ago at age 15 (31 May 2019)

You are simply swirling in strong and threatening currents of emotion .. just trying to hold on to what little seems left of your life.

If you enjoy riding roller coasters .. then you'll absolutely love the raging undercurrents of traumatic memories that you didnt even know were still there.

» You Cannot Deal With (Process) the Effects of Psychic Wounds that You Refuse to Even Acknowledge the Existence Of

Because you have been intentionally ignoring and denying the effects and consequences of these childhood traumas for so long ..

.. burning much unnecessary energy dealing with never-ending symptoms that arise from these open, festering wounds.

Max Strom knows what I am talking about.

Max Strom TEDx Talk Cape May (posted 7 Dec 2015)

Making one excuse after another why you cannot seem to rid yourself of these recurring problems .. which you probably blame on others.

Because you cannot even acknowledge these psychic wounds .. much less actually deal with them and finally put them to bed.

» Speaking Your Truth Serves as a Deterrent to Future Fuckheads

You do this not only for yourself, and for the people who share your life .. but also for future generations. Especially for future generations.

How many priests do you reckon would have been touching young boys inappropriately had they a thought in the back of their head that these kids would grow up to tell the whole world of their experiences? (Publicly.)

And call out names and dates and years and ages and locations and actions and behaviors and the consequences of these actions and these behaviors.

See my point?

» Silence Encourages Fuckheads to Continue Their Abusive Behavior

This is why I feel that every sentient being has a moral obligation to speak out against such things .. when they are able .. and speak their truth(s) .. including and especially the worst parts of their truth(s). As ugly as those truths might be.

Mind you that I am not saying that such things are easy. Such things are incredibly difficult. You will certainly need all the support that you can find.

I bet that Nikki Klieman knows what I am talking about.

Legal analyst Nikki Klieman talks about Jeffrey Epstein's case involving the sexual assault of minors (7March 2019)

Because, if fuckheads think that they can or will get away with such things .. because the fuckheads who came before them got away with such things ..

.. then, they will feel at liberty and encouraged to continue with their morally repugnant behavior.

In such a way it is the silence itself that speaks to them and says, "Go ahead and do that nasty shit to those defenseless little kids who are currently in their formative years."

This theme here, where I speak to the moral obligation to speak out against injustices visited upon those too weak and too poor and helpless to defend themselves against an older, wealthy, powerful people ..

.. who threaten to harm them if they dare speak their truth publicly.

» Dont Shrink Back (Cower) in Fear at the Idea of Speaking Your Truth

This theme here reminds me of what Paul wrote to the Hebrews, where he is quoting God Himself from Habakkuk the prophet, saying (paraphrasing) »

"My righteous one shall live by faith. But if he shrinks back and pussies out (from living by faith), then I will not be happy with him. His spineless ass will definitely bum me out. I surely hope that he is ready to start growing a spine pretty soon. A righteous spine. Because he doesnt have much time left."

I would never say that such things were easy. But what is the alternative?

» Speaking Your Truth is How You Kick the Devil's Ass

Notice what it says in the book of Revelations .. that speaking your truth ( the "word of your testimony" ) ..

.. is how you kick the devil's ass ( in v11 "triumph over, overcome and conquer" ).

The suggestion here is that .. if you dont speak your truth ( the "word of your testimony" ) .. then you will not kick the devil's ass.

Maybe you are too scared to kick the devil's ass? Maybe you'd rather not piss him off?

You wouldnt be the first .. and you won't be the last..

» He Who Delights in Executing Righteous Deeds of Vindication for the Oppressed

Scripture says that the Lord » performs righteous deeds of vindication for all who are oppressed. He told Jeremiah that he "delights" in exercising justice.

In other words, he gets off on it .. on exercising justice by performing righteous deeds of vindication.

The term vindicate is defined as »

    1. To defend or support against an enemy; maintain the cause or rights of; deliver from wrong, oppression, or the like.
    2. To support or maintain as true or correct, against denial, censure, or objections; defend; justify.
    3. To demonstrate or prove the value or validity of; justify.
    4. To avenge; punish; retaliate.

When the Eternal One exercises a righteous deed of vindication on your sorry ass ..

Artist sketch of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (66) wearing a blue jumpsuit in federal court, New York (8 July 2019)

.. this is not something that you recover from .. ever. (No matter who happens to call you "a terrific guy".)

Jeffrey Epstein (66) denied bail due to being a flight-risk and a danger-to-the-community pictured here in Palm Beach, Florida (1992) with his good friend Donald Trump, who called Epstein a terrific guy.

You'll see what I mean.

Palm Beach county State Attorney David Aronberg expects Jeffrey Epstein (66) to spend what's left of his sorry-ass life behind bars (19 July 2019)

Sooner or later.

» The Affluenza Defense Perfected in Upscale Tarrant County

I wonder if Epstein's lawyers will use the Affluenza defense that worked so well for Ethan Couch.

Ethan killed 4 people while driving drunk with a blood-alcohol level that was triple the legal limit.

As punishment, he was sent to a resort in Newport Beach where they ride horses as a form of therapy.

That sounds right up Epstein's alley.

» Speaking Your Truth: the Male Perspective vs the Female Perspective

I can see better now how many women have a fear of speaking out against abusive behavior ..

.. that they mightve suffered at the hands of men in positions of power and in positions of authority over them.

The more powerful the man, the greater the fear.

My existential perspective is naturally that of a male familiar with positions of power and authority and autonomy and influence.

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