The Moral Responsibility of Every Sentient Being to Future Generations to Speak Out Against Abusive Behaviors that Leave Lasting Psychic Scars - Page One

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» A Moral Responsibility to Future Generations

As a side-thought here, on the subject of » things best left unsaid ..

What do you think about the idea that everybody, every sentient-being, who is made in the image-n-likeness of God .. the Living God Himself ..

.. what do you think about the idea that every such creature has a moral obligation to speak out? .. in whatever way they choose.

Alexandra Waterbury shares her experiences at NYC Ballet with Amanda Knox (29 March 2019)

.. in whatever way they deem proper and appropriate.

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In ways big or small. But in some way. Some meaningful way.

Zora Neale Hurston says that there is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you, from her autobiography titled Dust Tracks on a Road (1942)

.. and that every child of God has, not only the right, but also a moral obligation .. to speak out against injustices and nastiness and the types of transgressions that tend to leave lasting psychic scars ..

Jennifer Araoz says that Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was 15 (10 July 2019)

.. visited upon them at an age when they were too young or too small to defend themselves against such things.

There were rumors for many years .. so why didnt the Epstein story break earlier? (12 July 2019)

Kudos to Jennifer Araoz. Wow. She is a strong woman .. very strong.

I bet that Kimberly Lerner knows what I am talking about.

Jennifer Araoz's lawyer, Kimberly Lerner, says that Jennifer is one of the strongest women she has ever met (11 July 2019)

I like her.

» How Many Girls Wouldve been Spared the Psychic Trauma that Jeffrey Epstein has Become?

Just because you speak out against abuses that leave lasting psychic scars .. this doesnt necessarily mean that such abuses will cease.

Maria and Annie Farmer know what I am talking about.

Maria Farmer at Jeffrey Epstein's estate in Ohio in 1996

They reported Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell way back in 1996, but nobody would take any action.

They say that the New York Academy of Art helped enable Epstein's abuses .. because he donated money to them.

It's such a shame that administrators are often more about the money than they are about protecting vulnerable young girls.

How many young girls wouldve been spared the psychic trauma that Jeffrey Epstein has become .. if people would have taken action on the reports that Maria and Annie Farmer made?

Somebody please calculate that number for me. I will wait. I will be here waiting with Maria and Annie.

That must be so frustrating .. where you go through the trouble of reporting abusive behavior, but nobody listens to you.

They still deserve kudos however, for summoning the courage to speak out and report Epstein's abusive behavior.

I bet that Mattie Larson knows what I am talking about.

» Have Any of These Abused Girls Actually Seen a Dead Jeffrey Epstein with Their Own Two Eyes?

When I saw that Jeffrey Epstein was heading to jail, the thought passed through my mind » "They are going to fake his death and whisk him off to some Caribbean island somewhere."

This would be too easy for them to do. He will have a new ID and a new passport post haste.

I dont think Epstein is really dead. He has become accustomed to manipulating the system his whole life. Do you think he going to play by the rules now?

I think not. I would be surprised if he were really dead.

He is probably hanging out with Ken Lay right now. They are probably sipping a margarita at sunset, watching the sky change color.

I mean, if they were really serious about bringing justice to these abused girls, then why isnt Ghislaine Maxwell in custody right now?

Why is she walking around free?

This is yet another reason why justice in America comes out perverted. The criminal justice system in America is a joke .. a bad joke.

» Ellen Knows

I bet that Ellen knows exactly what I am talking about .. regarding the need to speak out against things that leave lasting psychic scars.

Ellen DeGeneres talks with David Letterman about her experiences of sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather when she was 15 years old (31 May 2019)

Good for you, Ellen. Good for publicly sharing your story of abuse at a young age. You can see the pain on your face, and in your eyes.

Ellen DeGeneres urges victims of sexual assault to speak up (7 June 2019)

I am proud of you .. and I'm not the only one.

» The Problem With George W. Bush Is Not His Beliefs (which Suck)

This section is off-topic for this page, but I feel compelled nonetheless to comment here on the subject of Ellen's friendship with George W Bush.

Mehdi Hasan says Dear Ellen: The Problem With George W. Bush Is Not His Beliefs -- It's His War Crimes, which include torture  (9 Oct 2019)

I agree with Mehdi Hasan, who says that the problem with George W. Bush is not his beliefs (.. which do indeed suck by themselves). Rather, the problem is with his war crimes .. which include torture.

Note that this section on Ellen's eyebrow-raising friendship with Dubya has been offloaded and moved to its own page .. see here » George W Bush is an Unrepentant War Criminal Whose Administration Established a Global Torture Regime (13 Oct 2019).

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This page originated here in an entry titled » Sublimating the Soul-Fucking Torment into a Creative Outlet (29 Oct 2018).

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