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» Feeling Strong Intention from the Choreo Girls

It is a trippy thing when I can feel the intention behind the performance.

Speaking of feeling the intention behind the artistry .. these choreo girls. There are a number of main studios.

I shouldnt even be mentioning this here .. because it would be only too easy for me to take a writing journey down this road .. like I did here in an entry titled » Do Dancers Make the Best Lovers? (6 May 2018).

I know a lot more about them now. I havent been writing about them, but I have been watching. I wonder if they can feel my gaze.

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» I See You

This dancer here .. who concludes her performance of American Woman (stay away from me) by bringing her finger up to her mouth .. this is a provocative gesture.

Sexy dancer finishes her performance to American Woman by putting her finger to her mouth (27 July 2019)

She knows that I am sweet on Brinn Nicole and her girls.

Sometimes, before bed, I will relax by watching some of these choreos. I am continually impressed.

These girls, these dancer-chicks, these choreo-chicks .. they bring the kinetic energy. They bring the ooh la la .. and they know it.

A girl who can do these things with her body, these remarkable things .. and who express an inspiration from the song in dance ..

.. this seems like a special type of woman, no?

She will probably have a lot of energy. She will probably wear your ass out. You will be crying for your mommy when she is done with you.

» I was Saving You Like an Ace for this Exact Moment

I was saving you .. for the perfect place to bring you out and craft this piece about you and your riding crop.

You know .. I went back and looked and there IS NO riding crop in the original.

What do you think about my placement of you here in my story? It was a very organic and natural thing, no?

It felt very organic to me .. nothing forced before its time. (Inserted at the place where I mention how it feels like Shibby is asking me if I wanna be more 'productive' and make a baby with her .. if this is something that speaks to me .. if this is an idea that sparks something in me. Fucking eh right, it sparks something.)

You just fit so naturally here .. that I can hardly stand it.

» Timing is Important

I had seen the video earlier. I grabbed the images and waited for the right time to use them .. in my story.

If a particular thing has a lot of energy behind it, sometimes I will set it aside ,, because I dont want to get carried away with a topic.

And there is much energy behind Moulin Rouge for me.

We always want to keep an Ace in the hole, so to speak .. in case we might stumble unexpectedly into something where we will want to have an Ace to play. (Timing is important, no?)

You were my Ace. My Ace in the hole. Not just any ol' card can be an Ace, you know.

I bet that vampire-chicks know what I am taking about.

Eyes on Fire, verse 2

Notice how it must be » just in time, and » in the right place .. if you want it to have the effect that you intended.

Here is a very nice pole dance to this song » Eyes On Fire. (It's a vampire thing.)

Pole dance to Eyes on Fire by Intimate Spin (Feb 2014)

That can't be as easy as she makes it look. She is feeling it. She is feeling this song .. which is why I included this image of her.

» Consciously Focusing My Full-n-Undivided Attention on a Single Object with the Passion Dial Set to Maximum

I can consciously direct my attention at people, too. They will be thinking, "I have never felt anything like this before."

Ariana knows what I am talking about. Here she is singing about feeling things she's never felt before.

Ariana singing about feeling things she's never felt before | The Wizard and I (29 Oct 2018)

Who can blame her? This is why she makes me feel less alone in the world. One of the reasons.

The end. ■

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