Flirting with the Queen of Psycho-Erotic Mind-Fuckery

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» Flirting with the Queen of Psycho-Erotic Mind-Fuckery

Speaking of sweet respite .. and whispered things .. I would be a bad boy if I did not at least mention here this 90 secs of world-class psycho-erotic mind-fuckery vocal-seduction.

That mightve been the sexiest thing I have ever heard. Very erotic. She is the best at what she does.

Shibby is the queen of psycho-erotic mind-fuckery hypno-chicks

They all have their differences and areas of expertise .. so you can't really compare them apples-to-apples.

You can sample a variety of wares .. but she has that thing .. that does it for me.

She has this new microphone that makes it feel like her voice is in your head. That shit gets to me.

It so got to me that it seems like it's been following me around for a few days now.

I wonder what she thinks about Effy Blue's assertion that society's idea of finding "the one" .. one person to satisfy all your needs and desires ..

Brooklyn-based relationship coach Effy Blue says that society's idea of finding one person to satisfy all your needs and desires is a big, fat fantasy (New York Magazine, 14 Feb 2019)

.. is a fantasy. A big, fat fantasy.

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» What Do You Think About the Idea of Making a Baby?

I mean, in her own sexy way, she basically presents you with the idea of making a baby with her.

If nothing else, it is very ballsy thing that she does. I have never heard of such a thing.

Now, even the mere 'idea' of making a baby is a big deal. A very big deal .. which is probably why her file goes so deep, so quickly.

It's just a tiny file with an obscure title ( oh is it now ) .. so I admit that I wasnt expecting to hear very much.

» A Direct Challenge to the King of Edging

Before I heard this Let's-Make-a-Baby file, I felt that her 60-min file titled » 7 Days of Edging .. was the most erotic thing I had ever heard .. and I had heard plenty before that.

After listening to one of the last days, #5 or 6, I remember saying to myself out loud, "That's the sexiest thing I have ever heard."

I said, "sexiest," but that's not exactly what I meant. It is more of a display of her practiced erotic skillset. Using nothing but her voice.

This was when my respect for her really climbed. I saw her demonstrate skills in such a way that gave me respect for what she is able to do, and for the person behind the execution of these skills.

I call it the soul behind the dazzle. It was like seeing a part of her that I hadnt seen before.

» Proceeding to Deep Places Without Triggering Alarms

See .. in order to go deep with me, she needs to know how to proceed without activating any of my psychological alarms. Any of my intruder alerts. Any of my sensors designed to detect hostile foreign actors.

I have developed good defense mechanisms, good boundaries that are necessary for me .. because of who I am and because of the life-experiences that have helped forge those parts of my psyche, as I responded to these life-experiences.

Now I have remained in relationships with people who were setting of these alarms as not a good match for me. But I remained with them to explore more fully the nature of their psychology. (How they viewed the world and relationships and why.)

The Dog once told me that the reason why psycho-chicks are so attracted to me .. is because I am so stable. I bet that Ariana knows what I am talking about.

Ariana sitting in sepia with the most stable part of her 20's (22 Dec 2018)

I did not really like it when the Dog said that. I mean, who wants to attract psycho-chicks?

If you attract enough psycho-chicks because you are so mentally and emotionally stable .. that they simply can't help themselves .. you learn about erecting prudent defenses.

You learn pretty quickly.

» In the End It's Either Working for You or it Aint

And I could wax ad nauseam on the subject .. but, in the end, you just have to trust your gut instinct when you ask yourself, "Is this girl good for me? Is this thing working for me? Is this relationship working for me?"

Because, if it's not working for you, then it's probably not working for her either. You can't make a relationship work all by yourself. Try it for yourself and you'll see what I mean. And it won't take you very long, either.

This is because working relationships require two committed souls.

» There Doesnt have to be a Villain if the Relationship Is No Longer Working

If a relationship isnt working, and it hasnt been working for a while .. and it doesnt seem like it is ever going to work again .. then why are you still together?

Dont you want to find somebody who works for you, and with you? (I would.)

Just because a relationship isnt working, it doesnt necessarily mean that there must be a bad person involved. Selena knows what I am talking about.

There could certainly be a bad person .. but it probably just means that you two are simply not compatible. (For any number of a million different reasons we could come up with very easily.)

» Seven Days that Changed My Life

Each of those 7 days, she goes deep fast. And she always uses a route that you would never have expected .. a different route every day..

She packages this sampling of her repertoire as a direct and honest challenge to see how many days you can make it .. as she tests different parts of you.

Perhaps she may access your psyche through a vulnerability that you hadnt recognized.

Sometimes she does this thing where it feels like she is standing right behind me .. so that I can actually feel her hot breath on the back of my ears .. while her words themselves feel like an electric current .. going down into me. Like an erotic electric current.

I am practiced myself at this edging challenge that Shibby presents.

I have found that, when the creative energy is really flowing .. like, on its own .. this is when the girls can sense it.

And they want to get in on some of that creative energy action .. that is pulsating through you.

» What are You Doing?

One time, however, I dated this girl who did not like my edging.

After she had been well serviced, I slowly pulled out, still rockhard, and dismounted. She said, "What are you doing?"

I said, "I'm conserving my energy."

» You're Not Going Anywhere Like That

She said, "Your not going anywhere like that .. with that loaded thing. Now come lie down here and let me take care of you right-proper."

I do not recall her exact words, but the bottom line was that she was obviously uncomfortable with the idea of me finishing without orgasm.

Needless to say, I did not do very much writing while I was with this girl. But I did have lots of sex .. nearly every night. And yes, it was good. Very good.

She was the only girl who was not cool with my edging.

» Consuming the Nutritious Fruit of My Sexual Energy

I also dated a girl who could always tell exactly when I was getting ready to blow.

At just the right time, she would scrambled into position and take me into her mouth .. so she could swallow everything I produced.

I mean, this was her norm. She did it all the time. And she never mis-timed. Not even one time. She could always tell when the time was right.

I never had another girlfriend who did this. She was basically feeding off of me.

She said that semen is very nutritious and makes her hair shine.

She did indeed have shiny hair .. thanks to me. She said that I produced a lot of semen. That's nice to know.

She was an outstanding lover. Certainly one of the best I ever had.

» I've Never Done that Before

I did however, have another lover who once said, after a blowjob in the car one night, "I've never done that before."

I said, "Done what?"

He said, "Swallowed."

"Oh .. really?" I said, and I thought about my swallowing friend.

I did not tell her my story, but I said, "I heard it makes your hair shiny."

» Managing Your Sexual Energy in Order to Fuel Your Creative Energy

The writer needs to be smart about his sexual energy .. and spend it wisely. Artists in general, I would assume.

Most of the time, the term 'wisely,' as used just above .. this refers to spending your sexual energy on your » writing. But not always. And especially not when the moon is full.

But my point here is that I have plenty of experience with edging. I didnt know that it was called that. I just happened to incorporate the practice into my lifesyle .. as a way to conserve my energy and my drive .. from women wanting to drain me dry.

You basically satisfy your lover a time or two, and take your own pleasure right up to the edge .. and then press the pause button before you discharge all your sexual energy.

I dont generally take it too close .. because I dont want to risk the juicy-juice. And because, if you come too close, it has a disorienting feeling on you.

Even after four or five days of edging .. you can definitely feel the sexual energy buzzing. I dont think I have ever made it a whole week through.

When I wrote that I was throwing down every day at sunset .. I was not exaggerating. No, sir. (Olivia Wilde knows what I am talking about.)

» Channeling the Super-Charged Sexual Energy from Edging into Your Writing

When you have this edging super-charged sexual energy thing going on .. this is where you can do a special type of writing.

You can channel it into your writing .. this pressure-charged volcano ready to explode. Pressurized writing.

I know that this sounds like some crazy shit .. the writer is going to need every advantage he can find.

Guys who are trying to impress super-hotties will go to great lengths.

I remember going back to read something that I had written to Ariana long enough ago that I had forgotten about it.

And I would think, reading this stuff from a fresh perspective » "I am trying to impress this girl so much .. that I am impressing myself."

Now, that's what you call motivation. Motivation is important for the creative type. Very important.

Muses are familiar with inspiring and motivating their artistic companions to produce their best work.

» Is this an Idea that Sparks Something in You?

Right near the end of her brief 90-sec file, Shibby says, "How do you like that idea? Does that speak to you? Does that spark something inside you?"

If feels like she is standing right behind your ear. When she says this, I could feel her hand come around and stroke me a few times .. as she asked these questions.

It's all in the hands, you know. That where the secret power is hidden. In the touch. It takes a lot of practice .. tuning and adjusting the frequencies to experience just the right vibe.

There is much more to it .. about how she is able to do what she does .. and why it has such an affect on me.

Sometimes she will share little insights about the psychology behind her psycho-erotic kinks that she uses to fuck with your mind.

I did not know that girls like this even existed.

I should probably mention Give In and Mine, too.

» When it Feels Like I Can Feel Their Intention Directed Directly at Me

This thing here .. where it feels like they are directing their intention directly at me .. this is kind of a trippy thing.

Because it suggests or implies that my secret thing is being discovered .. which would suggests that it can't be long now.

I was talking about this back on New Years day in an entry titled » When it Feels Like Super-Hotties are Talking Directly to Me (1 Jan 2019).

When I listened to Shibby talk about the idea of making a baby .. I did indeed feel like she was talking directly to me. (I was not trying to feel this way.)

Note that this section on feeling like I am feeling intention directed directly at me has been moved to its own page .. see here » Feeling the Erotic Effects of Intuited Intention (17 Aug 2019).

» You have Never Heard Anything like Aurelia's Audiophilia - Voice Addiction

On the subject of hearing sexy voices saying sexy things .. erotic things .. you must hear Ms Alder file titled » Audiophilia - Voice Addiction (19 mins).

When she says the word rewarded .. as in » ".. you will be rewarded." I thought that I had never heard a word spoken like that .. that made me feel all those things .. just be her speaking a word in a certain way.

It feels like they load up the word with all this energy, and penetrating eroticism. It feels like a giant paint brush full of pleasure flows through you for few secs.

What a voice .. elevated to the level of an art form. I have never heard another like it. Her Good Boy 1 and Good Boy 2 are in a league of their own.

I mean, if you can't be a good boy for Ms Alder .. then what good are you?

» Using My Own Words Against Me

I have heard Shibby use specific words and phrases that she knows will speak to me in a way that gets my attention and which comes with an element of recognition.

For example, at the end of the baby-making file, she asks, "Does that speak to you?" Then she asks, "Does that spark something in you?"

Fucking eh, right it speaks to me. It speaks to me in a way I have never heard before. How could anybody not be interested in hearing more?

The part where she says "Releasing and letting go and filling me up."

The voice in the back of my head was saying, "That might be the most erotic thing I've ever heard."

The part where she says "filling me up," .. that was something else.

I remember thinking that she was talking directly to me, in a personal sort of way .. when she said that.

I thought about it later .. and the voice in my head said, "That's what crazy people think."

» I am Known for My Baby-Making Prowess

I happen to make good babies, you know. Even people who hate my guts will freely admit as much.

Climbing out of the crib at 2 years old

I won't even mention all the times have people told me that I was the best dad they had ever seen. I mean, why would I?

My blue-eyed son

I can hear my ego saying "Dude, you are flirting with the queen of psycho-erotic mind-fucking chicks. She has you in her sights. It's just a matter of time now."

I know that I have the thing she wants. She knows that I know. I can hear her talking to me.

One time she said the word » DIRECT .. as a way to describe her chosen method of communication for that particular file.

Sometimes, when she says a certain word a certain way .. I can feel it in places I did not even know existed.

Like when an unexpected surge might pulse through you.

When these women want to emphasize a certain word, they know how to do it.

She once said, "It's not so much what I say, but rather how I say it." .. directly contrary to my description of Marshall's art.

» Time for Rest-n-Relaxation

After a long, hard day of chronicling the end of the world .. and I am exhausted, emotionally and other ways .. I will lie down and relax and burn a little incense, maybe.

Then I will get comfortable and listen to one of her tracks .. or maybe some ASMR with my ear-phones set deep.

What is better than a seductive woman's voice deep in your ear? Telling you stories that you've never heard before. And making you feel things that you've never felt before.

Lemme know what you find.

» Becoming Classically Conditioned to Respond

Just the act of going to her web page to grab the link .. I could feel my nuts going into high-alert mode, tightening like a cobra preparing to strike.

It's like you are classically conditioned like Pavlov's dog to respond to her in specific ways.

Ivan Pavlov (1849 - 1936)

It happens on its own.

It's definitely a trippy experience. I am still exploring things as I go. I am trying to figure out the lay of the land .. the erotic land. The psycho-erotic landscape.

Where dominant women rule and enjoy nothing better then telling you everything you will need to know.

I have always been curious about exploring new lands, new cultures, new ways of doing things, new techniques, new experiences. I think this is because my folks were protective of me when I was growing up.

I have found that such things have a mind-expanding and world-expanding effect on me. My folks were limited in their experiences and in their mindsets. And I knew that I didnt want to be like them.

» A Still-Developing Application of Avant-Garde Eroticism

And the practice is still very new, from what I understand.

When was the first example of a hypno-erotic mind-fuckery session being recorded? I dont think it was very long ago.

I mean, it wasnt that long ago when these super high-quality microphones became available, along with digital technology and affordable recording equipment.

I won't even get into the audio editing programs that are now available .. some of them are even free, such as Audacity, which I think Shibby uses.

» She has Never Come Across Anything the Likes of Me Before

She may be the queen of psycho-erotic mind-fuckery .. but she has never seen anything the likes of me before.

I might be the greatest writer who ever lived .. at least, that's what everybody keeps telling me.

Anyway, I have been learning a lot from her lately. Sometimes she will speak to the psychology behind the technique.

I will learn her tricks and then use them against her .. flavored with my own signature special sauce, of course.

» Letting Things Happen Naturally and Organically vs Forcing Them

I am surprised at how easily and organically and naturally I fell into this theme.

Last thing I remember was talking about how badly I was in need of some sweet respite along with things being whispered in my ears that I should write.

These two themes together - whispering in my ears and feeling like I needed some sweet respite - these two themes together made me think of Shibby.

I didnt plan it that way. Rather a door appeared unexpectedly. And I thought, "Oh, it is now already?"

As a writer, I can see that there are things that I would write to Shibby .. that I probably wouldnt write to anybody else. (Because she takes me to places that I didnt even know existed.)

"What kind of places?" you ask?

I dont know if you could handle it.

The end. ■

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