Bad Things are Bound to Happen When Safety Takes a Backseat to Corporate Profits

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Speaking of folks who elevate the value and the importance of money, a man-made thing, to a value and a status higher than it deserves ..

.. I want to ask Nancy Pelosi what she thinks about the way Corporate Profits at Boeing sent Safety into the backseat.

This here is a classic example of fucked-up values on full display for all the world to see.

Boeing's 737 Max a Saga of Capitalism Gone Awry by David Gelles | A corporate culture that privileged profits over safety had terrible consequences (24 Nov 2020)

Do you think that the decision-makers in this case .. do you think they are embarrassed by being found out?

Do you think they feel any sort of contrition? Over the lives lost? The lives lost because of the poor decisions made regarding this commercial aircraft.

The obviously poor decisions that seemed of be more profit-centric than safety-centric. Than life-centric.

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Do you think they are even capable of such an emotions? Such as embarrassment and contrition and remorse and regret?

Boeing's Fatal Flaw, the 737 Max by Frontline yellow barrier tape surrounding crash site PBS (14 Sep 2021)

I mean, somebody who happens to see their profession more in terms of Corporate Profits, and less in terms of Safety .. and less in terms of the value of the Lives riding on those planes .. this begs my question.

Or do you think that they only really care about the money? The money and (especially) the bonues .. and everything else is just collateral damage?

I mean, this is certainly the way it appears. Does it not?

» Privileged Here is an Interesting Choice of Word

David Gelles, who wrote this piece (24 Nov 2020), this kick-ass piece .. he uses the word » privileged in his subtitle.

That is an interesting term to describe the relationship and priority of Profits over Safety.

I probably wouldnt have used that word myself .. but I can see how well it works. It strikes the consciousness in a cool way.

The word privileged as spelled is actually an adjective. But he is using it as a verb .. a past-tense verb.

Yet the word still evokes some of that adjective flavor. I am trying to figure out why that word speaks to me the way it does.

When I read that subtitle, I can almost hear the CEO at Boeing saying, "My profits are more important than your safety."


This is a very sad story about corporate culture at Boeing, and at other corporations.

I mean, it is certainly nothing new .. but when that dysfunctional value-structure infects even places like Boeing ..

.. a company that builds planes that carry people, lots of them, from one place to another by flying high in the sky .. this is a sad thing.

It speaks of a sad value structure. It certainly carries moral implications .. because of the consequences of relaxing standards to levels more prone to failure.

Especially when failure means the death of hundreds of people.

I feel like I have some insight into these things .. these things where different values compete with one another for priority and placement and precedent and even privilege.

Because I came out of the military (Naval) nuclear power program .. where I helped a crew of dudes operate a reactor plant on a submarine.

After six years of that, I transitioned to commercial nuclear power, working at various different plants and sites around the country.

Money is no object to military-grade, nuclear-grade, power plants. Safety is far-and-away job #1. You are not there to turn a profit.

Not so with commercial nuclear power sites. In the end, they are there to make a buck. Probably in the beginning, too.

Sure, they want to be safe. And they may even stick the word 'Safety' in a catchy slogan that they mount on a big sign somewhere near the entrance to the facility.

But the corporate culture is quite different from what you find in the military world.

At least, this was my impression. Things are certainly more competitive in the commercial world than the easy camaraderie you find among a crew trained to operate a reactor plant on a submarine.

A guy who I worked with told me that aerospace was the only other industry to rival the nuclear industry .. in terms of complexity.

Industrial-grade complexity. Nuclear-grade complexity. Space-age complexity.

I do not know for a fact that he is correct, but it certainly sounds plausible. How would you even go about measuring such complexity?

I am disappointed in Boeing .. for letting their standards slip to a level where Safety takes a backseat to corporate profits.

On their hierarchy. On their corporate hierarchy. Their corporate totem pole.

The idea of that bums me out. Does this insight not evoke a ting of sadness? I can feel my respect for them waning.

More on this later. But first, I want to save some progressive love for the other girls.

It's so easy to get distracted here .. because everywhere you look are signs of decay. Signs of corruption.

Signs of an advanced degree of decay. Signs of an advanced degree of corruption.

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