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» Our Current Form of Government has been Designed (Corrupted) to Respond Only to (Worship) the Whims of the Wealthy

Our current form of government really represents only the Wealthy .. because it responds only to money.

This is how it has been designed to operate, to function, over a number of decades.

The degree to which our government responds only to Money, instead of the Citizenry .. this is a measure of the degree of corruption in our government.

What number would you assign to characterize corruption in our government? On a scale from 0% corrupt (responds to citizenry) vs 100% corrupt (responds only to Money » "Fuck those jobless citizens who lost their healthcare during the economic fallout of the deadly global pandemic.").

You are leaving a form of government so corrupt that it has been totally captured by the wealthy, and responds only to money.

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» The Soul of America's Government has been Completely Captured by Mammon

I am talking about the soul of our government. It bows its head submissively as it serves Mammon in the most reverential of ways .. in a million different ways.

Every day. Without fail. Devoted doesnt begin to describe the dedication that I am talking about. You know what I am talking about.

Because everybody knows what I am talking about. How are We-the-People going to return our government back to the citizenry?

The System itself is corrupt. It is beyond broken because it actually works in a negative sort-of-way.

I can hear a voice in the back of my head telling me to quit this particular direction .. because it is a depressing thing.

And because I am already max'ed out on my anti-depressants. Two hundred mg Zoloft. "Wheee."

Sometimes I would tell cousin Patti, "I know I should probably be freaking out over this thing, Cuz .. but I am so well medicated that I really dont even give a shit."

I had my first sips of an alcoholic beverage recently. Wine. A local cab. The first time since treatment. Five years.

A little red wine is supposed to act as a tonic of sorts. I had maybe five or six swallows over an hour or two.I was feeling fine. Maybe even a little better than fine.

The single-page handout for Depression that I was given by my therapist lists a number of things to do and things to avoid. Chief among the things to avoid is alcohol.

Later on, a few hours after I had finished my first imbibe since before treatment .. I felt a cloud of depression come over me. Probably a chemical-based depression.

And I thought, "Oh, that was not a good idea. I probably shouldnt drink any more wine for a while."

» Joe Biden Can't Even Take a Piss Without Some Billionaire Somewhere Signing Off On It

Is Joseph Biden going to be the One who eliminates the corrupting effects of money in politics? Is Joe Biden going to be the people's hero .. the one who returns the government to the people?


Joe Biden is owned by Billionaires Inc. He is owned lock, stock and barrel. He is owned completely, heart-n-soul.

Joe Biden cant even take a piss without some billionaire somewhere signing off on it first. In order to take a shit, Joe Biden needs the prior approval of an entire committee of billionaires.

I am using disgusting metaphors here because it is a disgusting thing that is happening to our country.

» The Moral Compass of This Generation Seems Permanently Stuck in the Direction of Money

Joe Biden's actions reveal this. His values reveal this. His moral compass reveals this.

Joe Biden tells Anita Hill that any committee member can ask her any question they like, no matter how degrading it might be.

I wonder what Professor Anita Hill might think.

Anita Hill eviscerates Joe Biden's 'apology' in scathing interview | Vanity Fair, 25 April 2019, by Alison Durkee

I am not really surprised. Are you? If he really meant it, and he was sincere about it .. he wouldnt have waited until deciding to run for president. Seems obvious to me.

It seems like the moral compass of that entire generation .. has been permanently fixed in the direction of money .. no?

And this is why our socioeconomic algorithm is so fucked up right now. So immoral. Even inhumane at times. The polar opposite of a fair-n-just society.

It is totally understandable .. because this is the generation who spent their formative years growing up in shadow of the Great Depression.

Line formed outside a soup kitchen during the Great Depression.

That was some serious mind-fucking shit that lasted a long-ass time. They didnt know if things would ever get better.

The Grapes of Wrath era. It is hard to even read about .. so living through it must've been hell.

Joe Biden has never known a day in the Senate that wasnt informed by the wealthy. Well informed. He knows only how to respond to the desires of his donors.

You are also leaving to the next generation a Rule-of-Law that does not apply equally to everyone. Not that it ever has, mind you. But now it does not even pretend to.

This is part of the joke that has become justice in America. (It's a bad joke, I admit.)

» A Politically Tone-Deaf Look into the Pretty Bubble that is the Life of the Rich-n-Powerful

Things are in crisis mode for millions of Us-the-People and the situation only appears to be growing worse by the week.

Daily new confirmed CoVid-19 cases in the United States growing exponentially (as of 21 Nov 2020)

When was the last time that you were in financially desperate straits, Nanc? Do you even know what that is like?

Do you know what it is like to be in survival mode? In financial survival mode?

Soup kitchen during Great Depression of the 1930's

I doubt it. Someone with an extra-wide freezer fully stocked with $400 worth of expensive gourmet ice cream ..

Nancy Pelosi shares her freezer full of expensive gourmet ice cream with James Corden (13 Apr 14 2020)

.. this person is simply not going to be able to appreciate what I am talking about.

The fact that you were willing to share this .. this says to me that you do not understand the sense of hopelessness and desperation that is being experienced by so many Americans.

This clip reveals that you are obviously tone-deaf to the suffering being experienced by millions of struggling Americans. Either that, or you simply dont give a fuck about their desperate condition. Either way, you suck.

Besides, everybody knows that Tillamook makes the best ice cream. Duh.

You need to get out of you pretty rich-person bubble, Nanc .. where all you seem to care about are the whims of the wealthy.

You need to get out and spend some time with your constituents who are really struggling and suffering.

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