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» When Man-Made Things Become the Deciding Factors in Your Life

Dont you know, Nanc, that capital is merely an accounting construct? (Probably not.)

Floating Tree represents the illusion of material reality and fiat capital

It has no real, intrinsic value.

This image of the floating tree is telling in the sense that a tree is not a man-made thing. Trees were here long before man ever arrived.

The floating tree is an illusion in the sense that it certainly looks real .. but alas, it is not. It is actually a man-made thing you are seeing.

It is a cool illusion, no?

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» Money is a Man-Made Thing

Jacob knows what I am talking about. I think he said that it all started with Genghis Khan, Mongolia.

Money: The true story of a made-up thing by Jacob Goldstein (8 Sept 2020)

It is a fascinating story .. the story of money, and how it came to be. You should check it out.

It is a man-made thing. It's a thing created by men, for men. But not for all men, no.

Rather only for a small sliver of society. The rest of you serfs must fight like animals for the crumbs that fall from our oh-so lavish tables.

» When Money is Used as a Weapon to Enforce Compliance with a Corrupt and Immoral Socioeconomic System

Money today is used as a weapon. The psychological stress that accompanies severe financial distress is no small matter. No, ma'am.

More of it is given to those who hold and conform to a similar set of values. While less or none of it is given to those who do not share the same values.

There are a number of problems associated with this particular paradigm. This socioeconomic paradigm.

Problems that affect the healthy functioning of our society .. in a negative sort-of-way. Corruption is what you call it when things go from bad to worse.

» What an Asshole

Even better, you know, is to take away what little a poor person might have. Katie Muth knows what I am talking about.

Jake Corman shouting over Pennsylvania state senator Katie Muth as she read a letter from a formerly homeless man (28 June 2019).

Jake, Jake, Jake .. what are we going to do with you?

Where are your manners? Is this how your mother taught you to treat women?

So disappointing. It's assholes like you who give the male sex a bad name.

» Jake Doesnt Want to be Reminded for 3 Minutes Straight What a Soul-less Fuck He Is

The reason why Jake here does not want Sen. Muth to read this letter from a formerly homeless man ..

.. is because the entire time while Katie is reading, it will remind Jake what a soul-less fuck he is.

A part of me wants to ask Jake what he thinks about this verse of scripture » The Lord performs righteous deeds of vindication for all who are oppressed.

Maybe something to think about in one of your quiet moments, Jake. Because, when the Eternal One executes a righteous deed of vindication on your sorry ass ..

.. pause for effect ..

.. then you will know the true meaning of the word regret .. in ways, and with a fullness, that you cannot even imagine. But then it would be too late.

Dont say I didnt try to warn you, Jake. You can lead a horse to water, you know.

What happened to you, Jake? To make you like this? What happened to your soul? Do you even have a soul?

» Give them Nothing, Take from them Everything, Hear their Lamentations

If they are not willing to bow down before the golden calf .. and they dont share your values and pledge their allegiance .. their undying allegiance .. then take from them everything.

Taking away what little they might have squirreled away will only serve as a warning to others in the community .. about what kinds of economic repercussions await those who dare defy the golden image. The man-made image .. though it is no longer golden.

Today money is a man-made thing that is used as a means to exert socioeconomic control.

» Their Land is Full of Idols .. They Worship the Work of Their Own Hands

Isaiah says that man-made things which people worship and spend their time serving .. such things are called 'idols.'

Isaiah 2:8 Their land is full of idols; they worship the work of their own hands.

Now your grandchildren's generation will be forced to eat the fruit of your lack of vision beyond the money.

The Worship of Mammon

It is completely understandable .. given the fact that you grew up, and spent your formative years, in the shadow of the Great Depression.

Which was a very sucky thing to have to experience .. a sucky thing that lasted a long-ass time.

It was an experience that left lasting scars for most everybody who lived through it.

But there is also the fruit of your political negligence. And of your environmental negligence. Of your economic negligence. Your moral negligence.

I could continue along these lines .. but you feel me. And you cannot blame the psychic-scarring effects of the Great Depression on these short-comings.

(This is why you suck. Part of the reason, anyway.)

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