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» The Elderly Die Alone, Their Lungs Filling with Fluid

The thing that got me thinking along these lines .. was when I heard doctor Rob describe the nature of the death experienced by those infected with the virus.

He is an emergency room doctor who is there when patients die. He says they die alone, their lungs filling with fluid .. until they can no longer breathe.

ER doc Rob Davidson describes harsh reality of dying from CoVid-19: 'You die alone, your lungs filling with fluid.' (6 Oct 2020)

Doctor Rob is there when patients take their last breath .. when they take that final gasp before giving up the ghost.

We all come to the place in life where we take our last breath. Nobody is exempt. Nobody gets out of here alive. But this is a horrible way to go.

That is a particularly disturbing way to die .. not being able to breathe.

I happen to know a little something about what it feels like when you simply cannot catch your breath. It feels like you are suffocating.

It is an extremely distressing feeling. I dont think anyone can really appreciate the sensation of not being able to catch your breath .. until you have actually experienced it for yourself.

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» Why is This Thing Coming Now?

Back on Dec 12, 2017 .. all I knew for sure was that the Spirit was moving on me in a big way to write that thing.

There is nothing like the manifestation of the Spirit. He has a unique, self-validating signature that gets your attention right away.

The feeling behind this thing was » "If you do not do this, if you do not write this thing, you will surely die."

So I wrote it. I did the best I could.

I even went above and beyond the call. I explored that whole area, trying to glean as much insight as possible about the nature and workings of this thing.

If I did not get a red light, and I didnt, then I let my curiosity have free reign to explore whatever things might strike my fancy .. all the while trying to figure out why this thing was coming now.

Speaking of things coming now .. I wonder what time it is. Let me go check.

Timestamp Worldclock Tues, 20 Oct 2020 10PM San Diego PDT

It's 10 PM.

» Wondering What It Might Mean

If you read that entire section that I added to that page on that day .. you will see that I was trying to describe it .. to describe the working of the Spirit. How it felt .. how it was affecting me.

I was trying to figure out what it might mean. Peter knows what I am talking about. I knew something was up .. but I didnt know what.

You know, God could have simply told Peter that the Gentiles were now cool and that he accepted them and welcomed them. But that is not what happened.

The vision left Peter scratching his head, trying to figure out what it might mean. So my pattern matches here. I was definitely scratching my head.

I knew something was going on .. I just didnt know what.

» The Part of Me that Sits Quietly on a Stool in a Dimly-Lit Corner Calmly Watching What's Going On

It was like a part of me was sitting back on a stool at a tall table in a darkened corner. And this observer was watching all this stuff going on.

And this observing part of me was wondering what the rush was all about .. because this thing had a definite urgency to it.

Urgency might not be the best word .. but I could sense that the deal was on right now and it was on in a big way.

» Why the Sudden Sense of Urgency?

And I remember thinking, "Why the sense of urgency?" Because I had long known this story.

I could have written this thing any time .. any time after the day that page was originally published.

But it had to be now. "Right now. Today. Before the close of business. Or you will surely die."

That's when the detective geek in me started trying to figure things out. And I wondered, "What's going on today? Anything special?"

You know the rest.

I should probably lift out this section where I reflect on the nature of the pandemic .. in light of what I wrote a few years prior.

» Don't Think I Forgot About You, Nanc

I dont want to get distracted while I am telling Nancy "Cha-Ching" Pelosi all the reasons why she can kiss my progressive ass.

Nancy Pelosi shares her freezer full of expensive gourmet ice cream with James Corden (13 Apr 14 2020)

I should transfer it to its own page. But what title would I give such a page? I will have to think about it.

This is the end of this page. ■

This is also the end of this theme.

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