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» Historical Points of Comparison

Here in the US, we are already approaching a quarter million deaths from the virus.

CoVid-19 deaths in United States as reported by CDC on 14 Nov 2020

As a point of comparison, the Vietnam War, which lasted some 20 years (1955 to 1975) took the lives of 58K Americans.

This includes all deaths, such as accidents, homicide, and "self-inflicted".. whatever that might mean.

So we already have more-than-quadrupled the total number of deaths suffered during the entire 20-year Vietnam War .. and it has not even been a year yet.

For another point of comparison .. the total number of U.S. casualties, from all sources, during World War II, which lasted a number of years, was » 400K.

That should provide some historical context to the size and scope of this pandemic we are currently experiencing.

These are huge numbers. They are huge numbers and they are climbing so quickly. In other words, this coronavirus is a big deal.

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» The Deaths of a Hundred 9-11's in a Single Year

As another point-of-comparison, recall that on September 11th, we lost 3,000 souls when those two hijacked passenger planes crashed into the World Trade towers.

Remember that?

At 9:03 AM hijacked United flt 175, a Boeing 767 from Boston, crashes into south tower (2 WTC) on 11 Sept 2001

The nation went to war in a big way over those 3,000 lives. We spared no expense. Heck, we are still at it today .. some 20 years later. Two decades later.

I dont know why we dont exercise a similar sense of urgency and importance over these coronavirus deaths we are seeing today. Especially because so many more people are dying every day.

Does anyone know the answer to this question?

No matter what the nation did in response to the attacks of September 11th, we could never get back the 3,000 souls who perished that day in those burning towers.

But we could still very well save lives today .. if we approach this global pandemic with a coordinated strategy.

(Is this not intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer?)

» They Repeatedly and Knowingly Lie with a Straight Face About Matters of Life-n-Death

Speaking of stupid wars that were poorly conceived and poorly planned and just bad ideas from the git-go ..

.. somebody please ask Obama and Biden why they felt the need to consistently and knowingly deceive the American public regarding the war in Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan Papers | At War with the Truth by Craig Whitlock | How the government knowingly deceived the American public (9 Dec 2019)

Let me know what they say.

You might expect them to feel a sense of shame .. for being found out as the serial liars they were.

Their actions speak volumes about the real (grossly inept) workings of government. The things that this reveals says ugly things about our government. [ Key word » our. ]

As if confidence in our government wasnt already shaken. The corruption in our government is so bad .. that it is literally killing citizens on a daily basis.

Does our government factor in moral considerations (at all?) in their decision-making process? If so, please point out this for me. (I won't be holding my breath.)

» The Times Editorial Board Talks About the Importance of Honesty in the Management of World Affairs

The Times editorial board talks about "the importance of honesty" in the management of world affairs.

Well said. But why dont they ask Obama and Biden why they repeatedly and knowingly deceived (lied to) the American people. How are we supposed to believe anything from these known serial liars?

On the subject of honesty in the matter of world affairs .. I wish that my friends there at the Times .. I wish they wouldve been a little more honest about the way they handled Bernie's candidacy, and the progressive movement in general.

I am disappointed in the way the Times skewed so harshly against Bernie. You kept trying to paint him as an extremist when his positions reflect the opinions of a comfortable majority of Americans.

I am disappointed in Coffee Joe, and even Mika. (But I still love Willie. Who doesnt love Willie?)

I am disappointed in all the women at the View. Even Joy. For the way they treated AOC and Marianne Williamson.

I havent watched the View since. Not even one time. I am not dead set against it .. I would watch a segment if I wanted to. I simply have no desire to hear what they have to say.

I am not even going to waste my time-n-energy telling them all that they can kiss my progressive ass. That's how much I dont care.

» It's More Important that We Don't Look Inept .. than the Lives of the Soldiers Dying Daily

I can see, however, why the government fought tooth-n-nail for years to keep this information under wraps. To keep it from getting out.

Nobody likes to be discovered as an inept manager who had no clue about what the hell he was doing. So they just lied and said everything was hunky dory. "We keep making progress. The war couldnt be going any better."

Shame the fuck on your cowardly asses for not owning up to your managerial ineptitude. We need leaders who have the balls to be honest with assessments that involve matters of life-n-death.

I know that these matters of life-n-death do not affect our leaders directly, but they should still deal honestly with their obvious failures .. especially when people die needlessly as a result of their ineptitude.

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