I Feel Your Sense of Frustration at the Lack of Any Kind of Progress Whatsoever

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» I Feel Your Sense of Frustration

When I talk about the sense of political frustration I feel when I see Joe Biden bragging about his ability to cozy up to Southern racists ..

.. while, at the same time, treating progressives from his own party like they are some kind of pariahs ..

.. Emma knows what I am talking about. Heck, she probably knows this better than anybody.

Emma calls out Joe Biden's bullshit excuse for why he continues to embrace the worst aspects of the Republican value-structure | Rebel HQ (20 Oct 2020)

I appreciate you, EmVig. I appreciate what you do. Certainly more than the four-ninety-nine I sent your way.

Oh, look .. now you have your own page. This is my way of showing my appreciation. One of my ways.

I feel your sense of frustration .. at the lack of any kind of progress whatsoever.

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Say hi to Ana for me. I noticed that she seemed to really come into her own .. ever since the pandemic hit.

More herself. Full-strength commentary. More fiery. Hard to describe, but I think you know what I am talking about.

After the pandemic hit, I would watch some of her videos and think, "Look at her go. This is the new-n-improved Ana 2.0."

Sometimes we need to come to the end of our rope .. before we can really discover who we are.

Oh, look .. Philosophies-for-Life brings an 18-min video titled » How to Find Yourself (Existentialism, 1 Nov 2020)

Whatever the case might be, it is obviously working for her.

There are other girls, too, who kick ass and take names like you. Do you know Katie Halper? How about Nomiki Konst? They both kick large amounts of ass.

(Did you notice that Nomiki's last name sounds exactly like "Constantinople .. without the -antinople part."?)

Re: the global pandemic, I thought that this would be a great time to read The Decameron (1350-ish) by Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375) .. especially since it is listed as one of the Hundred Bests Books Ever by one of my favorite lists.

» Might be the Happiest I have Ever Seen You Look (Say Hi to Sam for Me)

Oh, look at this. I see that you are heading over to the Majority Report with Sam and the Gang. They are fortunate to have you. Anybody would be.

I think this might be the happiest I have ever seen you look. It made me feel good to see you looking so stoked.

Everybody is happy for you. Good for you. And I saw your replacement. Big shoes to fill, I know, but she seems up to the task.

I think that she might have the most beautiful teeth I have ever seen. No?

I miss Michael Brooks, too. Though probably not as much as you.

That was a big loss. A big loss for the cause.

I like everything you do. I have never seen one single thing of yours that I disagreed with.

Perhaps more than anyone else, I feel your sense of frustration. You can see the pained look on your face in the image above. Completely understandable. There is much to be sad about, and frustrated about, for progressives and the progressive agenda.

An eco-sustainable planet proved to be too much to ask for. AOC's agenda of sustainability .. in order to avoid consequences that the science and the scientists all say are becoming irreversible.

Anyway, say hi to Sam for me.

This is the end of this page. ■

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