The Zeitgeist as Manifested in the Earth Today as We Prepare to Enter the Autumn of Twenty-One

It is still only Saturday the 18th, but I am posting this entry with tomorrow's date » 19 Sept 2021.

Worldclock timestamp San Diego 9:19 pm Saturday 18 Sept 2021

I want to get a headstart. I want to hit the ground running.

The term zeitgeist is defined as » The spirit of the age; the spirit characteristic of an age, or a period, or a generation.

Some synonyms offered are » The feel, the feeling, the flavor, the spirit, the tone.

Looks like autumn arrives Wednesday, 22 Sept 2021 at 12:21 pm local time. Look at all the 1's and 2's there.

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Gatsby is often held up as a prime example of a zeitgiesty novel. While you are reading it, it is easy to get a feel for the spirit of the age in which Fitzgerald lived, and in which he wrote his masterpiece.

The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald, 1925

It is easy for the reader to get a feel for what it was like to live back in the 1920's. You can sense the hopes and dreams they held so dearly. You get a flavor for the fears and the anxieties of their age, of their generation.

Flapper reads a ticker tapeAs you read Gatsby, you can feel yourself being transported back to that time.

To that age, to that era.

The folks at Modern Library rank Gatsby #2.

In the their list of the 100 Best Novels of the Twentieth century. (English language.)

Gatsby was published in 1925. Scott spent the years of '22, '23 & '24 writing it.

More or less. Off-n-on.

This means that Scott, as Hemingway calls him, was age 26 when he starting writing this novel.

And that it was published when he was 29.

» Fuck if Fitzgerald wasnt Trying to Impress Himself a Sparkly Super-Hottie with His Writing Skills

And fuck if Fitzgerald wasnt trying to impress himself a sparkly super-hottie that had caught his eye.

Male peacock with its feathers fanned out, trying to impress a super-hottie girly peacock

He was all kinds of dazzled and twitterpated by the flashy, sparkly Zelda.

She laid the zap on his writer's ass from the moment she saw him .. standing over there, trying to mind his own business.

Zelda Fitzgerald (1900-1948)She got his attention right away.

Heck, she got everybody's attention right away.

She clearly inspired him .. in a number of meaningful ways.

Did she serve as his muse?

(You will have to answer that for yourself.)

Zelda's daddy was big judge. He was a big deal, politically speaking.

This makes a huge difference. In the relationship, this going to play an over-sized role.

I bet that Harry and Meghan know exactly what I am talking about. When you marry, you marry the whole family.

There are naturally going to be both positive and negative aspects to this formal, binding agreement.

You dont really know somebody very well .. until you get into their family, and their family history. That's where all the really bizarro shit hangs out. All the eyebrow-raising statements live large there.

Zelda herself, you know, ended up in a loony asylum. The whole saga is a fascinating story. For many reasons. I would by lyin' if I said that I couldn't relate.

» The Story of Fitzgerald and Zelda is Full of Practical Lessons for the Aspiring Writer

There are cautionary tales and lessons to be learned at every turn. It almost makes you not want to go down that road. Because the road to Crazytown is fraught with many obstacles.

(How many do you want to know about?)

» The Bottle has Led to the Demise of Many a Talented Writer

This is why, for me, the #1 rule of being a writer, is to stay away from the booze. Alcohol is a chemical that literally destroys the brain, which is mostly fat.

This renders your mind less effective. Deterioration only becomes more pronounced as time progresses.

Alcohol can certainly numb the effects of the pain that you might encounter as you proceed to deeper depths of yourself, or your soul .. to places where the real ugly, the real nasty shit might be hiding.

(It is smart enough not to hang out in broad daylight, where folks might point and say, "What the fuck is that ugly thing over there?")

So it is not like I don't understand the lure. But the writer needs to find something that works for him. (Because you are going to need it.) Because alcohol comes with a demon.

I see nothing wrong with a beer or a glass or wine. Or two. But realize that that road has led to the demise of many talented writers .. because of the nature of the work.

» 19 Sept 2021 Last Sunday of the Summer

Oh, look .. the 19th has arrived. (I knew it would.)

Worldclock timestamp San Diego 9:34 pm Sunday 19 Sept 2021

I was trying to get away sooner, so that I could grab the screenshot for today at exactly 9:19 pm.

I admit that this is something of a quirk of mine .. synch'ing the time-of-day with the date.

Seems like such a harmless quirk, so I give in to it now-n-again .. as the spirit moves me.

I was trying to get away .. so that I could indulge my quirk. But a super-hottie was hindering me again. She knows who she is.

I said, "I gotta go chronicle the end of the world."

She said, "Just five more minutes."

I said, "You said that ten minutes ago."

She said, "I know. But this time I really mean it."

» Why Does Justice Continue to Come Out Perverted for So Many Women Who were Sexually Abused as Young Gymnasts?

For our first stop, dear reader, on our tour of the zeitgeist today .. we will be heading to Washington DC.

There we will find Simone Biles testifying before senators about the disastrous mishandling of the Larry Nassar case by the FBI.

Simone Biles (24) testifies before congress (15 Sept 20210 about the FBI's disastrous mishandling of the Larry Nassar case (17 Sept 2021)

Simone Biles is 24 years old. Making these girls continue to go through this shit time-n-again is not helpful.

It forces them to relive all the nasty shit that they would much rather forget. 

Simone Biles (24) testifies before congress (15 Sept 2021) about the FBI's disastrous mishandling of the Larry Nassar case 'To be clear, I blame Larry Nassar, and I also blame an entire system that enabled and perpetuated his abuse' (17 Sept 2021)

But when you refuse to conduct an independent investigation, this tells the girls that you care more about protecting your own ..

.. than you do about them, or about all the young, teenage gymnasts who will come after them.

The term disastrous is actually something of an understatement here. The untold psychic trauma that the collective group of these young girls must feel .. who can calculate this value?

They must feel like the people who are most responsible for protecting them .. were actually their predators.

This is something of a coordinated, long-lasting pattern-of-abuse .. between these two agencies that are most responsible for seeing to their health-n-safety .. despite a chorus of complaints.

How can these girls go forward in their lives without suffering from the effects of trust issues? Particularly when the accountability that they are obviously seeking so earnestly remains stubbornly elusive?

It is like they are getting a big middle finger from the people who they trusted.

I heard one of these senators saying that the problem has been fixed. No it hasnt.

Your actions here are broadcasting to all future abusers that they can do pretty much whatever they like .. and that they will not have to face any real accountability. At least, not along the lines of Martha Stewart.

They might get a pretend tongue-lashing for getting caught in the act .. and they might have to pay court costs. Maybe even a fine. But even a single day in jail is something they will never see.

Only Martha Stewart will ever see what the inside of a jail really happens to look like. And she will probably find a way to capitalize on it, if I know Martha, and make a buck or two on the experience. (Because she is very much about the money, her daughter has said.)

I wonder what Andrew McCabe thinks of all this.

These girls, these women, they are simply not going to have it. They are Olympians. You will not outlast them. They will just keep coming .. (pause for effect) .. until they get what they want.

Just watch-n-see if you don't want to believe me. This is what Olympians do .. they keep coming .. until they perfect (« verb) the thing it is that they are after. The thing that they are seeking. The thing that they want. That they obviously want.

(Please don't make me tell you that I told you so.)

And what they want is » heads on a stick. They want testicles in sack. It doesnt even need to be a very fancy sack.

They want to make sure that everybody there at the FBI knows that what happened to them is not cool .. and that it will not be tolerated in the future going forward.

They are here to make sure that everybody knows that there will be hell to pay for anybody who even thinks about doing what was done to them .. to so many of them.

When they were scared little teenage girls, they did not feel like they could not tell Larry Nassar to take his nasty fingers out of their teenage vaginas, no.

But now that they are grown-ass women .. they want heads on a stick. They want the next FBI official who field a call from some scared young gymnast .. they want the folks there at the FBI to remember what happened to that fucker who decided (for whatever reason, we still don't know) to protected their abusers.

They want the image of that fuckhead's decaptited cranium sitting on a stick .. to remind them they had better follow the fuck through on their investigations into the complaints of sexual abuse made by scared young, teenage girls.

My friends there at the senate there should ask these girls who they would like, who they would feel comfortable with, who they would prefer, to conduct this investigation. This thorough and comprehensive investigation.

They are going to want somebody who will gladly sign their name to this report .. because they will feel confident that a professional job was done .. when they produce this report.

And I can tell you right now .. in case you were wondering .. that that these Olympians do not want an investigation that is conducted by a white, all-male panel .. who will try to put the blame on them.

I know that this seems obvious, but you fuckers have proved us wrong before so many times.

I am talking here about very basic, fundamental concepts of morality and ethics that any sentient-being, who is still warm-to-the-touch, should possess a grasp of.

These girls are going to want a team of women who arrive armed with flashlights and magnifying glasses and precision tweezers to conduct their independent investigation.

They are going to want detailed inspections of the anuses of every motherfucker who had any involvement whatsoever in making so many of these shitty decisions.

Because only then can they really know that they have done everything possible to preclude such a thing from ever happening again.

If you fuckers there at the FBI would've done your job the way that you should have .. (pause for effect) .. then many innocent girls would have been spared this abuse .. which never really leaves you.

However many sticks you might happen to need in order to mount all the heads that will need to roll .. then this is what you need to do.

Because you need to do the right thing. Either that, or resign to make way for somebody that has the cojones that you obviously don't.

For the life of me, I can't understand why the FBI would assign such a case to a male. That was a very stupid idea, whoever made that decision.

I mean, these are not difficult decisions to make. It seems like anybody with any kind of functioning moral compass would never assign this case to a male.

If anybody there at the FBI really can't or doesn't understand why this is, then they should quit right away .. because they are obviously in the wrong job. In the wrong field. In the wrong profession. In the wrong calling.

You can certainly ask the Olympians for yourself, but if any of the guilty fuckers (male or female) get away without facing any real accountability .. then this will send a bad message to the girls.

This would send a bad message about how you folks there at the FBI will treat defenseless young gymnasts in the future .. and for generations to come.

This sends a message that the FBI thinks it is okay to sexually abuse scared, young, defenseless girls, and that no real consequences will be required of those who happen to make such disastrously shitty decisions.

I mean, why did Martha Stewart end up going to jail? Surely the consequences of what happened to these girls far outweights anything Martha Stewart might've done. No?

Then why do not your actions continue reflect this gross disparity? This is not the message that the FBI wants to send .. is it? (« rhetorical question)

The only answer that is going to work for these girls is a complete and thorough investigation by a reputable organization. (And not like the corrupt assholes at TimesUp).

The girls are going to want to feel comfortable with a reputable organization that will promise do a thorough and comprehensive job for them. (And not just protect all the guilty fuckheads who were so complicit in their sexual abuse.)

They are going to want all the guilty heads sitting on pretty sticks, all nicely lined up in a row. (They know who all the guilty parties are.)

If people at the FBI there did stupid shit, then they must suffer the consequences of their stupidity. This is the only way that anybody is going have any degree of trust in the FBI or in the independent investigation.

If somebody at the FBI has already been recommended for criminal prosecution twice, and you refuse to even conduct a thorough investigation .. then this says that you are protecting this fuckhead.

Actions speak louder than words. Everybody knows this.

This fucker's head sitting on a pretty stick, mounted there in the lobby of the FBI building .. this will tell the girls that you are no longer protecting him.

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